Recapitulation of KAMARI PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Wednesday, 2nd June, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The KAMARI PROJECT team was represented by @RayZRay, @Magnitobit, @Kampay727 and @George522 who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about KAMARI PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on KAMARI?

ANS: Hello everyone, I’m Chris and I’m CEO But we have a phenomenal team of seasoned professionals and crypto guys

After completing a law degree at Kings College London LLB, Chris was called to the Bar in 1990, following which he established Trafalgar Chambers on Fleet Street, becoming "the youngest head of barristers’ chambers in the last century" according to the Sunday Times. During this period Mr Cleverly was a regular presenter on Channel 4 and contributor to the other main channels, radio and newspapers. Since then he has been board member of a number of companies in UK, India, China and Africa both listed and private in a number of sectors. As CEO of Made In Africa Foundation, Mr.Cleverly was co-architect of the $1.5 billion Africa50 fund with the African Development Bank which has been lead investor in a number of large scale renewable energy projects

Chris has advised a number of UK plcs on their entrance into African markets, including negotiation of oil blocks, mineral concessions and banking licences. He also advises the UK Government on development issues and African governments on investment issues. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Reading University in 2014 and has recently completed a course in Circular Economy and Sustainability Strategies at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School.

Hi, I'm George. Very blessed to having been with a great team on this journey. Collaborating on partnerships all over the world to make Kamari even better for the Continent of Africa.

Hi, my name is Dov Marcus and I am the Coo of Kamari, a little bit about my self, I've been in the crypto space since 2012 as a trader and investor, prior to this I've managed built and invested in several successful multi million businesses, for me this project is all about making a difference in the world, we have the ability to change lives of millions in Africa, let's do this together...

Hi I'm Ray and i'm one of the co founders of Kamari and have been in the online gaming industry for over 15 years. I've Led many companies from Asia, Europe and Africa also spent time in my last role as The head of games at Been in Crypto for a long time and have been always working to deliver beter technology through blockchain.

Q2: Can you introduce KAMARI, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: We are a team of seasoned professionals that have operated in the African space for over 20years
during our time in Africa we identified that many needs and services that we were accustomed to in the rest of the world was not being addressed on the african continent. This is from where Kamari concept was born
Unlike in developed countries, blockchain has a clear path to become the underlying financial rail across the African continent. There is a significant chance to leapfrog traditional finance. We don’t have a developed banking system to prevent its growth. We DO have a HUGE need without a common currency Africa will struggle to progress. And Africa no longer wants aid it wants decentralized finance and it wants an independent system.
We have developed our own Wallet KAMPAY and on it’s our own currency KAMARI. Nearly two-thirds of our Africa population is under the age of 24. And millions more will come of age knowing nothing but a world with smartphones, NFTs, and crypto. The wallet will be a sleek, mobile-friendly digital tool for daily use. To start, the wallet will serve as a holder for Our tokens and as a portal for users to participate in state-sponsored lotteries. No one else has this support.
How many crypto projects have a decentralized solution with government partnerships? very few. That’s why we are unique. And with our token you get a chance to win a lottery but it also has a utility: it can be used as a currency in countries.
That, unlike the UK, USA across Europe, China etc that don’t have currencies capable of cross border transactions or suffer from hyperinflation and so can’t afford to borrow the money needed to develop and improve their lives and we will launch in Cameroon and Zimbabwe. In weeks we will start a unique strategy with real people with real issues. It’s a very exciting and important journey.

Around 57% of the population of Africa, around 95 million people, do not have a traditional bank account. This high number of unbanked people undoubtedly causes problems, as there are limited economic options to serve its citizens

Sub-Saharan Africa, with about 350 million unbanked adults, accounts for 17 percent of the global total.

In Africa we need cryptocurrency

In a way in which it is not needed in the developed world

It does not just increase efficiency

Then can be NO progress without it

That’s why KAMPAY has such momentum.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: The beginning of any project is always the hardest, These include travelling around all the different countries to have meetings and discussions with people from all walks of life including heads of states to the farmers and labourers we are assisting in their everyday lives.
We travelled the length and breadth of continent many times over
Met presidents, Princes and businessmen
And worked and built businesses there ourselves from the ground up.
Obtain the licenses with our partners and developing the knowledge of cryptos in country proved challenging so it took us a bit longer than even we expected. We have been around for a few years now developing our connections and products and now we are ready to launch and take on the next exciting milestone of launching to a continent of 1.4bn people
It is a journey that will continue for a long time and we are excited to see how much more products and services we can bring
we are an organisation that thrives when faced with challenges and we have a strong and experienced team that can deal with most of what comes up. In Crypto and in Africa, everyday is different and the challenges we face are evolving.
Looking ahead, with our multiple partnerships, which include telecoms companies, financial and insurance operations, lotteries and farmer associations, we believe that the Kampay wallet will be widely distributed throughout the countries. We are addressing everyday needs for purchases, financial and entertainment. All to be done through the wallet interface
We believe that the biggest adoption of crypto will come when the user does not even know or care whether they are using crypto or not. They are using our interface to address everyday needs
Our latest partnership is to build a crypto to fiat wallet with one of southern Africa’s most important payment gateways
This is a FIRST for AFRICA
Blockchain technology just makes the process faster, easier, more accessible, and cheaper!
We are also looking forward to taking Kamari beyond Africa and are currently in talks with not only 21 countries in Africa but also LATAM, Caribbean and Asia.
The solution is applicable to all countries. Our business model is working with local jurisdictions in order to facilitate mass distribution so anywhere where we have distribution and partners we are there. Crypto is a borderless industry and connects the world and so will we.
We want to be the wallet of choice for millions addressing their everyday needs. And the more we understand and hear what our users want, the better we become.

Pay your bills abroad
Pay your bills abroad, online and less than the cost of money transfer. Pay utilities, insurance, healthcare, school fees, grocery bills and more.

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: We are working with partners like
The Bonded platform was created to incubate and deploy experimental, high-yield, smart-contract-driven financial instruments that push the bounds of open finance. Bonding is an algorithmic model that aims to unlock, aggregate, and de-risk ~50 billion in dormant value distributed amongst untapped digital assets by allowing supporters of qualifying altcoin projects the opportunity to borrow against these assets or pool them and start earning.
That will change Africa and give access to the unbanked and the under banked
This is the first time this has happened in Africa
It will mean lower interest rates and liquidity for merchants and farmers
In collaboration, Kamari and Bonded are working to enable decentralized finance (DeFi) borrowing and lending services for all users of the KAMPAY token. This partnership also means that, in time, millions of people across Africa will have greater access to microfinancing.
The combination of KAMPAY, a mass customer acquisition strategy centered around partnerships with seven African national lotteries, and Bonded’s exotic DeFi instruments, all equates to huge growth potential. Initially, Kamari will roll out in seven countries where there are relationships with gaming authorities. We will also launch with African Grain and Seed ( in Zimbabwe with 50,000 farmers as the pilot.

Kamari & Africa Grain and Seed Association Blockchain Test Case in Zimbabwe
Africa’s COVID-19 aftermath is, to say the least, a complicated puzzle to solve. With marginalized communities spanning the entire…

KamPay Wallet and Kamari token, a new payments cryptocurrency, marketed through lottery incentivisation, will be launching a DeFi platform in Zimbabwe with partners African Grain and Seed with an initial 50,000 farmers in Zimbabwe is testing a groundbreaking use case for microfinance and blockchain technology - reducing interest rates, allowing cross border payments and increasing food production in one of the worlds poorest countries. African Grain and Seed will roll out the KamPay solution to its 1 million farmers with the intention of impacting 10 million lives for the better.

KamPay has now agreed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate to enable fiat on and off boarding for Zimbabwean farmers and merchants with Zympay, a leading Southern African payments gateway. ZymPay’s platform is a robust and highly scalable bill processing, payment collection system. The system is built entirely on the http://Microsoft.NET technology stack, with the architecture based on industry best practices. It serves a remittance platform with innovative products between its customers and local Zimbabwean merchants including supermarkets and groceries.

This will give KamPay a unique advantage on the African continent.

Q5: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $KAMPAY Token?


2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Market capacity,partnership, marketing strategy all are very important for any project.... I noticed that $KAMPAY is also a very good project because its have very nice mission and vission and also partnerships...but sir we dont know about $KAMPAY Marketing strategy... Can you please share us about $KAMPAY marketing strategy???

ANS: We launch the lending farmer initiative in about a month from launch followed quickly by the Cameroon national Lottery. We will continue to launch a country every 6-8 week and look to have as many as 20 countries in operation within 18 months. During this time we will continue to develop partnerships and additional products such as Defi, insurance, products and entertainment to deliver to our users in one seamless action
busy year ahead but we are ready as a project now to go and make a change.

Q2: Nigeria is the most ideal and strategic market in Africa and one with lots of potentials for growth and important for anyone looking to establish dominance in Africa. However KAMPAY is rather making waves in Cameroon and only recently entered entered into a partnership with Cameroon Lottery License holder Verise Limited. Why did you overlook Nigeria in your attempt to make waves in Africa. is Nigeria not important to your endeavours or u are experiencing some entry barriers ?

ANS: Nigeria has a fantastic crypto community which is growing and is definately a Country we will look to enter very soon. As of today the legal framework in Nigeria is as such that the framework is not clear. We are working with our team to deep dive into what is possible in the territory. You cannot enter Africa and overlook the Nigerian community and we will update you all on this once we have clear direction from the Juristiction.

Q3: In crypto many good project fall because of lack of marketing and poor marketing strategy. On the other hand many project create great hipe by proper marketing but because of no improvement of the project they can't stand for long time. So combination of this 2 is very important. So how KAMARI aim to combine this two very important part of crypto?

ANS: Through our team we were able to use our time effectively in securing these partnerships so we have successfully secured 7 national lottery partnerships along with a partnership with African Grain and Seed to supply seed, fertiliser and equipment to 50000 farmers in Zimbabwe for a pilot program which will soon extend to 1000000.
Our marketing teams have previously worked on the launch of Ethereum, Zilliqa, Superfarm amongst others
so all in all we have a very seasoned team with a good mix of real world business and a great handle on the crypto landscape.

Q4: I was reading on your website that Kamari will be implemented with licenses in more than 7 African countries. What are these 7 African countries? Why did you choose these countries? Do you plan to expand in the future to the whole African continent?

ANS: Cameroon
Central Africa Republic
Sierra Leone
And more in negotiations. Beyond Africa into the Caribbean and LATAM.

Q5: You use telephone credit and offer $KAMPAY in stores, being a project of global scale and with a vision without borders, don't you consider that Kamari's expansion modality is sectorized? don't you plan as a team or with business allies other more global methods?

ANS: We are onboarding fiat to crypto partners as well and expand our reach. We are first focused on Africa and creating solutions to fit the teritories where we believe we will have the faster uptake. The KamPay wallet wil be available globally. As our partnership network expands we will cover more and more of the global market. Crypto is a true global movement!

In Nigeria where I come from, the price of goods is on the increase daily thereby making our fiat currency useless as each day passes by. This rising inflation has made the lives of millions of people miserable as they could not afford most things they have access to before. Could Kamaricoin be of help in situations like this? What solutions have you come up with to help people have access to financial products and services from a low access point?

Estimates show that of the top 10 countries for trading volumes, Nigeria ranked second place after the US and ahead of Russia since February. Nigeria is key to our roadmap
DeFi is theSolution to avoiding the “interest rate trap” that Africa is presently in.

We are building a phenomenal stack

Crypto to Fiat with Zympay
DeFi with Bonded Finance

And we will be building our Microfinance roadmap daily with launch on the ground of a pilot for 50,000 farmers

Scaling to 10 million

Based on best of breed partners

Q6: What kamari project will do about population of African people that the team mentioned in their website? What is your solution? What are you planning for them?

ANS: Launching in both Cameroon and Zimbabwe, the pilot will quickly scale from 50,000 farmers downloading the KamPay wallet from September to several millions with the support of our partners African Grain and Seed ( who will provide the financial inclusion and agribusiness support model.

The key to mass adoption for KamPay, is that the company has SEVEN state lotteries to use for the mass customer acquisition model. Many will download the wallet to just participate in the lottery others, for example, farmers will discover our other services and be loaned Kamari with our DeFi solution to purchase seeds and seedlings to grow vegetables for sale to our selected local shops that will be able to also accept Kamari as payment.
Kicking off a REAL user case for cryptocurrency.

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