Recapitulation of KawaiiSwap PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Thursday, 21st October, 2021
Time: 15:00 UTC

The KawaiiSwap PROJECT team was represented by @SenpaiTech who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about KawaiiSwap PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on KAWAIISWAP?

ANS: With pleasure. I'm Dmitry Kaminsky, CEO & Lead Dev of KawaiiSwap project.

IT specialist by education and profession, with over 10+ of work in development, architecture, business analysis and team leading.

In crypto I think it's about 6-7 years now. Started as most of community with investments and gradually switching to experiments with blockchain, smart contracts implementation and integration.

Now I'm leading the dev process of the team as well as this project visionary - moving it forward to the right direction.

We have 4 core team members at the moment. So other KawaiiSwap members are:

Alla Tisko - our artist responsible for platform design and content creation.

Aleksandrs Jemeljanovs - our full-stack developer.

Karan - networking head responsible for partnerships, articles and also helping with marketing.

Beside KawaiiSwap members mentioned above there are 2 more developers working on NFT game implementation, but they are not involved directly with KawaiiSwap platform. More on NFT game - later when our plans and roadmap is introduced 🙂

Q2: Can you introduce KAWAIISWAP , what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: If we speak of critical problems - KawaiiSwap field of area is not in solving global economical problems and saving the world. We can leave it to the "Safe" and "Doge" - something coins 😁

While KawaiiSwap is in the entertainment area. We connect DeFi yield farming and gamification protocols and making it into unified interactive ecosystem.

As example - our community is able to play different betting games on our platform.

Games are provided through Treasure Key, our official partner, and collection of games is regularly enhanced. Soon the Casino is getting added that includes 3500 different play to win games.

To participate in these games our native token, Calcifer, can be used.

In addition, the BTC prediction game is getting released on Monday.

At the beginning BTC prediction will support BNB, but in scope of one month Calcifer token is also going to be supported. And that will be the first BTC prediction game that supports native currencies.

Further the roadmap we are adding our own lottery-type games: 'Fortune Cookies' in November and 'Prayer Room' in December, that extends Calcifer token use-cases even further.

And later Quests functionality gets released - a separate section on the platform that contains missions that user should pass to receive APR boosts (+5% to all users farms and pools) or other type of reward.

Aside from yield farming platform gamification though, the ultimate goal is the release of browser games with NFT ownership and battle system. And the connection point between standalone browser games and yield farming platform will be 'Layers'.

These layers are getting added to KawaiiSwap platform with option to harvest specific in-game currency, use it in lottery-type games on the platform and also win NFTs specific to this particular browser game in loot boxes.

This way token receives a lot of use case both in the game and outside the game (on KawaiiSwap platform).

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Sure. Our achievements to be noted so far:

1. Having successful Fair Launch event and raising x10 from our softcap

2. Listing on Coingecko in 2 days after farming platform launch and around 3 days later - CMC

3. First partnership with Treasure Key 5 days after farming platform launch.

Treasure Key provide us with betting games integrated on our platform.

4. Today, with project being older a bit more that 2 weeks we have announced new partnership - with LoveSSwap.

For cross-farms and pools that brings our communities mutual benefit.

5. Next Monday - with our collab with Candle Genie project, BTC Prediction game going live on KawaiiSwap.

It is actually integrated and is working, but finishing touches are required for it to look great.

Upcoming major milestones:

November 2021
- lottery-like game "Fortune Cookies"

December 2021
- Second lottery-like game "Prayer Room"
- In-browser RPG mechanics development

Q1 2022
- Release of governance token KAWAII
- Release of dividends platform
- Introducing Quests feature
- RPG game alpha test

Q2 2022
-RPG game mechanics finalization
-Game beta testing

Q3 2022
- Official release of RPG game
- KawaiiSwap AMM

Q4 2022
- Release of NFT marketplace

Our full roadmap can be seen here:

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: Our partners were briefly mentioned before, but here are more details:

1. Treasure Key - they are biggest betting games provider on BSC.

Soon Treasure Key releases Casino with 3500 different games on it. It also gets integrated on KawaiiSwap with option to use Calcifer token to participate in games.

2. LoveSSwap - our new partner that was announced just few hours ago.

On 23 October we are launching Farm pools on both side, so communities will be able to:


3. Collab with Candle Genie project.

They provide us BTC Prediction game. As was mentioned at the beginning BTC prediction will support BNB, but in scope of one month Calcifer token is also going to be supported.

There are already discussions in progress for new partnerships, so stay tuned - news are coming very soon.

Q5: Can you give an overview of YOUR Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $CALCIFER?

ANS: The CALCIFER token is a native token on KawaiiSwap platform.

It is used for farming and staking, as well as participation in Quests and Lotteries. Access to loot-boxes, Games and other functionality on KawaiiSwap platform also requires token ownership.

Deposit Fee
Non-native Farms/Pools deposit fee is 2%
Native Farms/Pools deposit fee is 0%

CALCIFER emission:

Current is 1 Calcifer per block.

From this point onwards emission reduction goes per following schedule:

01.11.2021: 0.75 CALCIFER per block
01.12.2021: 0.5 CALCIFER per block

From 01.04.2022 onwards: 0.25 CALCIFER per block

Calcifer token is mintable, but with the release of the Layer 2 of the platform (Browser RPG going live) - it is not going to be minted anymore.

We brainstormed a lot on how to make it sustainable and attractive in long term, and came up with solution we think will be received really well by community.

So here how it goes.

Aside from farming app, our team is working on NFT ownership game with the target release of Q2-Q3 2022.

Upon it getting released the in-game currency becomes mintable token and added as Layer 2 on KawaiiSwap platform.

And Calcifer token is affected in the following way:

- CALCIFER becomes a deflationary token
- Its supply gets capped at around 5M
- CALCIFER token Pool is added on Layer 2 of the platform

Calcifer is also a mythological creature, fire demon from the Howls Moving Castle animation movie 😁

So we decided that with the release of the Browser RGP, Calcifer becomes in-game character.

When player kills Calcifer character in the game - part of rewards is used to buy-back and burn a portion of Calcifer tokens, therefore tokens become even more scarce 😌

So this is a way to get it much more interesting in term of user interaction with the platform and also make Calcifer token sustainable and attractive in the long term.

Currently part of the team is working on the details of gaming world as well as preparing monster scratches.

Here is one of examples we would like to share:

Game is being prepared according to Dungeon and Dragons universe. I'm sure fans know well this fellow 🙂

We plan to share more details and sneak peaks by the end of this year while work on KawaiiSwap platform is also being in progress, so look forward to more news on this 😎

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: You have released your buyback protocol. Can you explain more about it? What is Buyback Protocol? When it comes to action?

ANS: With Buyback Protocol users can stake our native token Calcifer and at announced time buyback event triggers, exchanging native tokens to BUSD at the fixed price.

The price is set higher than on the exchange. User wallets are drawn randomly until busd pool is drained, afterwards users are able to claim rewards.

This goes a secondary option with manual buybacks as main though. We already had both of these events and will be having these events from time to time, but currently we are more concentrated on providing marketing and partnerships as more efficient means to popularise the project and new use-cases for our native token to make it more attractive.

Q2: I Found that Soon you are planning to Launch the "Dividends Platform"
Can you tell Us the Main Purpose of Launching this Platform and how it will benifits the User ?

ANS: Dividends Platform - it will use dividends pool (our treasury wallet) where 5% from CALCIFER daily emission is transferred to and 5% of KAWAII token trading fee will also go there.

The platform utilizes our governance token KAWAII. So, all KAWAII holders will be eligible for dividends payment 2 times per week.

When date hits, snapshot of holders is taken and smart contract will be transferring dividends according to the rate/amount of tokens one is holding. Dividends are planned to be paid in BNB. The rate is yet to be decided as it will requite a lot of testing and depends on the platforms profit/ amount of users/ planned initial amount in dividends pool etc.

As Dividends Platform gets released together with Kawaii token - it is currently planned for late January 2022.

Q3: I see on your roadmap next month you will launch a second lottery-like Game "Prayer Room". So Are you going to provide Beta or Testnet until then so that people can already know and give some feedback about the "Prayer Room" Game?

ANS: Prayer Room game is of a lottery - type, so beta-testing is not really required.

But it may actually be good idea to attract small part of community to have bigger coverage of functuinality and ensure everything works smooth. Thank you for the tip.

On the game itself -

In the Prayer Room there is kind of 'altar' where donation to gods can be placed

and right after you have donated specific amount of Calcifer tokens (it is one-time donation) - communication with gods is established 😁

if your prayer is heard, you may receive reward. (Calcifer tokens, some other tokens, upon getting released - also NFTs or NFT sets)

- it is random reward drawn by the contract, as per loot-box concept
same as if you have opened reward box in the game

However there is around 5% chance of not being heard, as gods are tough to deal with 😑

Q4: I have understood that Kawaiiswap will launch their own NFTs, that's amazing, but apart of be collectibles, this NFTs will have any uses case?

ANS: Our NFTs are going to be closely related to upcoming play to earn browser game.

So it will be: game characters and in-game items: potions, weapon, armour etc.

We don't want to release any useless pictures with no other use cases, so NFTs will also be released closer to the release of the game itself.

Q5: When will it be launched your beta gameplay? Will it be open to all or there exist requirements to become a beta tester?

ANS: There will definitely be beta-gameplay and we would love to have as much beta-testers as possible.

Currently target dates is set as Q2 2022.

Can't say yet on particular requirements, so for now - just follow our official announcements. When our beta is ready to be published there will definitely be prior announcement on how anyone can join 😌

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