Recapitulation of KnightWar PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Saturday, 25th September, 2021
Time: 8:00 AM UTC

The KnightWar PROJECT team was represented by @Harris_page and @ThinhhLuu who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about KnightWar PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on Knightwar?

ANS: Got cha, I'm Harris, COO and Cofounder of Knight War The Holy Trio. I play a lot of games and I have been studying blockchain since 2017

Knight War The Holy Trio is produced by a dedicated team with a great passion for games and cryptocurrencies.

The team was started by our veteran game-developer Mike Ta and gamer-at-heart Harris Nguyen (that's me). The team has also enlisted Phong Nguyen, also a hard-core gamer and Marketing Professional as the CMO.

The game development team is supported by 3 gamers/developers who have worked with Mike for a long time: Vien Ninh, our Unity Developer; Dennis Tran and Nhan Ninh, our Game Designers, who all came from a strong mathematical background.

On the blockchain side, all of the work is led by our dear Tony Vu, often regarded as “The Monster'' by many, Tony is not only a master in Solidity but also a full-stack developer. All of our Landing Page, Marketplace, Litepaper, and Banners are designed by Duy Tran, Phuong Smile and Tham Luong. They work super hard to make sure every content we publish is well presented to the public.

⭐✨ @ThinhhLuu Thinh here has been in charge of the team's content - game story, technical documents under my supervision

With a combined of more than 50 years of experience in the industry, we are confident that we can deliver the best game to our players.

⭐✨ @ThinhhLuu you play Dota right? or League of Legends?

I play both lol, but mainly League recently!

Just so you know, our team members are also very dedicated so you can expect there will be a lot of new content and developments in the future! Once everything works smoothly, we will gradually hand the control to the community!

Ok, so I and Thinh met in university. We both went to Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, an International University in Japan, where we experienced a wide range of cultures from all over the world. And we hope to bring all of those experience into the game.

So our team is pretty balance with folks from all backgrounds. To be honest, I was afraid they might not work well together but, it turns out wonderfully!

On The Game side, Mike has been very fluent in Game Design, having been running TDCGames Studio for 6-7 years

They are famous for Knight War Idle Defense, Zombie Idle Defense, all major hit on Google Play and Appstore, with a total of more than 13 million downloads

Q2: Can you introduce Knightwar, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: ⭐✨ @ThinhhLuu You wanna introduce the game first? And I'll handle the other one.

Yes, sir! So Knight War: The Holy Trio is an upcoming and the first Play-to-earn game in the Idle Defense Genre. We plan to launch KW on multi-blockchains but firstly on Binance Smart Chain to leverage the large and developed NFT Play-To-Earn communities here. In the future, we will expand to Polygon because Polygon also enables cheap, fast transaction as well as a rapidly growing community.

With the mission to provide a simple and fun game, we have designed an NFT-enhanced product with a focus on diverse weapon systems. Unlike other blockchain games, Knight War players can enjoy the game and earn income without too much stress and frustration.

Because we aim to provide a friendly game to everyone, regardless of their investment, you do not have to worry about the initial capital required to join the game.

⭐✨ @harris_page your turn now boss!

Ok, so a game doesn't solve any critical problems. Playing games is a total waste of time.

....Or so people said

And that's a CRITICAL problem

I haven't had this question in previous AMAs so thank you for the opportunity for me to tell the story of our team.

I think Millenials, Gen Y, you know, those born between 1980s and 1990s, all play video games. And those people, you and me, and Thinh, we grow up and take over the labor force.

It's just weird that even though we've been playing video games for a very very long time (almost all of our lives), people tell us, "It's a waste of time".

And the sad truth is that they are right. All of the time we put into our games are gone. We cannot take them anywhere else. A few of us, I think the number is very small, may become Game Streamers, Professional Players, but the larger number who plays game are not at all respected.

So we believe that we ourselves, and all other blockchain game developers want to cchange this.

Because blockchain gives digital items and currencies the ability to hold value against real world objects, everything you do in game, with the help of blockchain, will generate True Value.

So that's the first mission that we are striving for here, along with other blockchain game projects.

The 2nd mission is that, among all the games that we are playing, there is not one game that is chill, fun, simple but decent enough for casual gamers.

So Knight War The Holy Trio is trying to do that. We are trying to be the product that makes people laugh, give people some time to chill, not spending hours and hours grinding PvPs, etc.

And then got burn out and delete the game

We try to be there in your Library. The app that you open everyday, to play, and to feel you haven't wasted your time.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: ⭐✨ @ThinhhLuu will help you answer this one.

Yes, so I think the first most important milestone that we have achieved was that we were able to form a team and build up the product from scratch. You know, sometimes it is really hard for a group of veteran devs and professionals to sit together and together build something. And thanks to @harris_page, we were able to do that.

Furthermore, we also managed to attract many reputable investors and VCs in the industry. At the beginning, we did not expect that our project would receive that much support from the community. We just focused on building stuff and the moment we looked back, our backers are "quite" impressive, I must say!!!

a few moment for self-promotion lol!

Next, we also realized that community is a vital part of any game. Because without gamers, games can not survive. Thankfully, we have enlisted biggest gaming community from all over the world. Currently, our strongest places may be Vietnam, China, Phillipines, Indonesia, etc with the top KOLs eager to support our game.

Q4: Finally on the introduction segment, Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics, and UTILITY of $KWS token?

ANS: Thank you for your question!

Knight War: The Holy Trio is fueled by 2 tokens: The Ecosystem and Utility Token, Knight War Spirits (KWS), and The Gameplay Token, Meteor Remnant Essence (MRE). All players can earn MRE from the Game by playing the Singleplayer as well as Multiplayer modes. MRE can be listed on Exchanges by the community (not by the developers) and become fully tradable once there is enough interest and circulation.

The other token, KWS, can only be earned in special Community Events such as Ranking, World Boss Hunt, PvP Tournament. There will be a limit on the maximum amount of MRE earnable per day to prevent inflation.

For KWS, because it is much more difficult to earn so the value of KWS is also higher than MRE and you can expect the value to escalate as the game grows

Currently, with KWS, you can use your token to stake to earn passive income or you can use to trade NFTs on our Marketplace. A fraction of KWS will be deducted as a fee (4%) of this trading: 3% for dev fund and 1% will be burnt.

Nope, this has been updated, no KWS burned

Oh yeah, sorry, my mistake!!!

1% will be transfer to those who stake the token

Yes, we do that to help create more value to our believers!

Yeah, so Knight War is not a blockchain, so stakers do not have to validate anything

And you can always trade KWS on CEX like Gate io or DEX like pancakeswap too

This is to incentivize you to HODL, if you don't feel like playing the game.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: You've designed an interesting P2E game, What must I do in order to progress further in the game? Will the game be fair to players with little or no capital or is it only players with large capitals that have more advantages? Why did you decide to make only your weapons NFTs and not the characters itself?

ANS: Well, to progress in the game, it takes efforts and time. Imagine now you are a strategist, not a fighter, and your mission is to find the perfect team for every level. Also, you need to play & progress to get better ingredients to craft god-like gears. This means you are also a collector in the game, and the items you collect are nearly unique and belong to you only.
Secondly, players with little capital can play the game, because they can earn MRE and stuffs to craft. However, this usually takes more effort to do. We also provide a low-cost option is to rent our NFT at one of our partners, DareNFT, to gain an advantage in early game.
The reason we want to focus on weapons NFTs because weapons can be separeted in parts, which contribute to our algorithm to create more than 12 million NFTS in the game.

Q2: There are so many RUGPULLS and SCAMs in crypto. Why should we trust your project will not be a scam? How are you going to make investors believe on your project?There are so many RUGPULLS and SCAMs in crypto. Why should we trust your project will not be a scam? How are you going to make investors believe on your project?

ANS: Yes, we also understand SECURITY is paramount for any blockchain project, so we have done an audit with Certik, one of the big names in the industry. Combining with the reputable backers and VCs, you do not have to worry about we are a SCAM!

Q3: To keep players engaged in playing games. There should be one interesting thing that attracts them to play. Can you tell which thing will make people play Knightwar?

ANS: Our goal is to create an enjoyable game to everyone. We don't want to make people addicted in our games but our main goal is to make playing Knight War like a way of relax and earn income. I hope that it would become a routine to people rather than just an overnight thing.

Q4: Knightwar is already on Bsc and Polygon and you have scheduled to launch it on Ethereum and Cardano in Q4 2021. So do you intend to launch it on Solana too? As it has amazing features and booming right now.

ANS: Yes, the reason why we choose BSC and Polygon is because of their security and community. Because games must have a community to grow so if Solana has every good conditions, we will re-consider in the future. Of course, new blockchains like Solana or Avax are not bad choices tho, they also provide best supports to their projects!

Q5: How does Knightwarp2e generates revenue to carry out projects??

ANS: Our revenue generates from the trading activities players make on the Marketplace. 4% fee: 3% for dev funds & 1% to our stakers. Is there any other source you want to add @harris_page?

Yes, Currently we have 3 sources of Revenue that we have submitted to our investors. We have plans to be profitable right from the start, not just burning money.

1. NFT Sales fee. We have kept for ourselves a certain amount of NFT to sell initially. Don't worry, this amount is super super low compared to the total amount of NFT you can mint/craft over 5 years
2. Transaction Fee. All Nfts are traded on our Marketplace, incurring 4% fee. (like Thinh has mentioned). Once all the initial NFTs are sold out, we will focus more on this stream of income
3. NFT Crafting Fee. A certain amount of KWS will be needed for every creation of NFT. This will be transferred back to the Ecosystem.

Q6: What is the KNIGHTWAR STORY BASED ON ? How difficult is the game, most games now are too difficult to play and players usually break lots of sweats on these games ? How adaptable is the game ? Are the NFTs on KNIGHTWAR upgradable ?

I observed that Knight War has a huge communal following and stronghold in Southeast Asia and my friends in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos has spoken about the Knightwar. Are you solely or entirely focused on this market ? Knowing the huge acceptance/adoption of blockchain technology in most African localities, do you plan on breaking into this market ?

ANS: Hello Olamilekan. You ask too many questions, therefore, I'll only answer one

The world is boundless now, so it's just the language barrier. African countries can absolutely join the project. For promotion, we do aim to go global. But South East Asia is currently the hottest zone for GameFi, especially Vietnam and the Philipines, so It is obvious that we must hit these regions first.

Q7: For the PvE campaign, I learnt that players who are beaten can consume "Raid Pass" to earn a percentage of the full rewards from that stage. How do you calculate the percentage of the full rewards that players who consume the raid pass will get? Additionally, why did you decide to NOT use the "Raid Pass" feature in the PvE Boss Hunt?

ANS: Thank you for reading our Pitchdeck!

This is not final yet but The Raid Pass feature wouldn't be interesting in Boss Hunt since we plan that the rewards will be different from Campaign.

Q8: Your project does not have an official game yet. So how do you keep investors for a long time until the game is released? During this process, do you have an event to test the game before the official game release?

ANS: How can you be so sure that we haven't had a game yet?

And yes, we are planning to enlist some lucky supporters to try the game out. We will announce this soon.

Q9: Since the Knightwar ecosystem has been designed around an NFT weapon manufacturing system for users to use it, could you briefly explain what steps a user should follow to create their own weapons that later equates them to the characters of their team and on the other hand there is a limit on the type of weapons they can create?

ANS: So for the Weapon Crafting System,

There will be a limit on how many a player can mint/craft per month to prevent inflation of NFT value.

Not an actual limit but rather a pay barrier. We increase the cost to an amount where it would be unreasonable for you to craft. But that "unreasonable" might not apply to some of the deeper pockets.

We have set this barrier to enable a fair and competitive balance among all players.

But do understand that our product is not purely a game but rather a mix between a game and a blockchain and finance solution, so there will be risks and returns for investors.

The game also features an Upgrading System. You can upgrade your Characters, Castles and Weapon NFTs as well. These upgrades do not cost you KWS!

To wrap up, let's watch a video

I think you've read enough

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