Recapitulation of KOTH AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Thursday, 21st January, 2021
Time: 16:00 UTC

The KOTH team was represented by @Wizarddaoking who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about KOTH project.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the project KOTH?

ANS: I have been in crypto since 2015 with 5 years of freelance blockchain work. I also do web3, java and some small marketing and team building work. In the real world (if we can call it that) I work as a software engineer. King of the Hill, KOTH, was inspired by the Bomb token. It had interesting deflationary aspects, but we wanted to add something more. Thats when we came up with the "Slaughter Button", which on top of the 3% transaction burns, any holder can come and slaugther the bottom 50 wallets at 3% burn while transferring 3% to the top 50 % of wallets. This creates almost a piranha effect for holders to stay in the "warzone" ( the middle ground between the top 50 and bottom 50). We also wanted to add traditional staking, as well as NFT staking which in both cases SHIELD a holder from slaughter. Theres honestly alot of gamification going on with the token, but dont want to give it all away just yet.

Q2: What critical problems does KOTH solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitive advantage?

ANS: So, our project is not a technologically ground breaking product. We wanted to explore the idea of building just about anything on the Ethereum blockchain and thats what we have done. As far as critical problems, we DID have our contract fully audited, while most other deflationary tokens HAVE NOT. WE do have a competitive advantage to any copy-cats by being partnered with FERRUM network who is now partnered with BITBOY if yo know what I mean...

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines?

ANS: Sure, so our top milestones were building out our smart contracts including slaughter and NFT staking. Also partnering with Ferrum network was huge for us. Our target milestones is to run our presale, launch on uniswap, launch VIP koth staking, join a major exchange and then start our NFT shield and treasure chest staking. More info on that can be found here :

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: These days, new projects, especially anonymous ones rug pull after Presale and blame it on developers or hackers.

Why is KOTH anonymous?

KOTH’s presale 1 starts on 23rd, what assurance do we have that there won’t be a rug pull after Presale 2?

ANS: So , funds will be locked in a audited smart contract. The same code has been used by 100s of legitimate projects throughout the space. We have spent months building the CODE and website to launch this token. We have 0 intention in doing that and trust our smart contract cannot be hacked. We have made every measure we can to gain trust from the community! But we totally understand your concerns, so we are doing what we can to calm those fears! Thank you for the question Abdullah!

Q2: I tried so many times but can't able to access on your website. Is your website down for any hacker attacks? Or your services only limited to some countries? Kindly tell us the reason behind this?

ANS: No Issue with website, simply go to ( it has been down periodically for changes), other than that , it stays up. Just make sure you LEAVE out www.

Q3: What's the use case of NFT? Can I earn NFTs?

ANS: All of the information regarding our NFT staking can be found here:

Q4: From the story of the Koth, the treasure hunter was not greeted kindly by other explorers and had to fight to the end for the token. What is so special about the Koth token that worths a user to be willing to fight to the end to get it?

ANS: In our eyes, the treasure chest, we will be partnering with my NFT artist and other projects to load them up. We have already secured 10 since the beginning of January. If you are a LONG term hodler of crypto, you could also be King of the Hill.

Q5: Explain to us your defletionary token mechanism. How is the defletionary mechanism works in KothToken? Will you implement burn mechanism into per transaction or it will be work as quarter basis?

ANS: There is a 3% burn on every transaction. For example if I send you 100 KOTH 3% or 3 KOTH is BURNED forever. There is also burning from the Slaugther button, that can be pressed once a month (but only 1 time) at RANDOM. This will burn 3% of KOTH from the bottom 50 wallets (IF THEY ARE NOT STAKING) and transfer 3% to the top 50% of wallets.

Q6: I understand that you have already completed the first audit and the public beta time. What code does KOTH Token implement in your chain so that the connection between other projects can be achieved?

ANS: quite simply we are erc20 token. Not outside coding is required other than tying to website.

Q7: Koth Token announced that their Audit with Solidity Finance passed with flying colors. My question is, Can you explain the King of The Hill (KOTH) Token Audit report? And can you explain the results of the King of The Hill (KOTH) Token Audit?

ANS: Sure so the audit showed that we cannot mint tokens or take tokens from wallets or staking contracts. It does show that we can RESTRICT wallets from being burned ( this is to add smart contract wallets, such as our presale smart contract so that it doesnt burn tokens as we send them out). Other than that, we passed on every level. our contract is secure and we challenge anyone to "find a bug" :D

Q8: I only have $100 Is there any chance for me to join KOHT presale ?

ANS: We will have a strict.1 ETH minimum in presale 1, but all presale info can be found here:

🗡👑Announcing King of the Hill Presale 1 & 2👑🗡

🔘Presale 1

⚜️Date: 1/23/2021 9pm UTC until 1/25/2021 9pm UTC (or until filled)

⚜️Where: Link will be posted on official website,

⚜️Info: 1 eth = 1500 KOTH

⚜️Details: Guarantees whitelisted VIP KOTH staking Powered by Ferrum Network and NFT Shield/Treasure Chest Staking. Any unsold tokens will be merged into presale 2

🔘Presale 2

⚜️Date: 1/26/2021 – 1/29/2021

⚜️Where: Link will be posted on official website,

⚜️Info: 1 eth = 1400 KOTH

⚜️Details: Sponsored by Dextools and guarantees entrance into early NFT Shield/Treasure Chest Staking.


Honestly it's hard to pick, lots of good questions ☺️ thanks everyone.

If you want to know more, head on over to our Telegram community we can answer any further questions you might have!


🩸⚔️🩸Welcome to the King of The Hill Token🩸⚔️🩸
💥KOTH Staking Powered by Ferrum Network for Presale Holders Only 💥

👉 Website: 🔊

👉 Contract address: 🔊

👉 Medium: 🔊

👉 Twitter: 🔊

👉 Telegram: 🔊

👉 KOTH news: 🔊

💰 Presale 1: 1/23/2021, Presale 2: Immediately follows

📌What is KOTH?
A Deflationary Token with the world’s first SLAUGHTER button that allows any holder to take control of their destiny. KOTH holders will also be able to stake KOTH tokens to unlock loyalty shields and treasure chests filled with extraordinary valuables!

📌How does this work?
👉 3% burns on every transaction and when the God’s have called the slaughter, 3% will be shifted from the bottom 50% of peasants to the top 50% of champions with an additional 3% burned eternally.

500,000-Initial Liquidity Offering
200,000-Team (Locked w/ Trustswap 6 months)
100,000-Staking (Ferrum & Shield/Treasure Staking)
100,000-Uniswap Liquidity (Locked w/ Unicrypt)
50,000-Development (Locked w/ Trustswap 6 months)
50,000-Exchange Listings



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