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Recapitulation of LASER SWAP PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Sunday, 14th March, 2021
Time: 9:00 UTC

The LASER SWAP PROJECT team was represented by @Manwithwarmhug who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about LASER SWAP PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the Team working on the LASER - SWAP Project?

ANS: First of all, my position in the team is CM. I often help community members answer some project-related questions.

I have absolute confidence in LaserSwap. Also everyone in our team also has great confidence in LaserSwap.

In fact, the establishment of our team is based on a beautiful coincidence.

The backbone members of our team came together at a gathering a few years ago, when we were very optimistic about the future of blockchain industry and cryptocurrency.

Even more coincidentally, each of us is talented in programming, and we are all madmen with a lot of crazy ideas.

In general, such a crazy and excellent team was born.

Q2: Can you introduce the LASER - SWAP Project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitve advantage?

ANS: If you have participated in LaserSwap before, you will know that this project is the project that is not allowed to leave.

And everyone needs to contribute liquidity to the project before they participate liquidity farming.

I believe that many people will be dissatisfied with this rule, but everyone should know that if you want to get something good from this world, you need to pay a certain price.

If something is completely free for you to take, then this is not a Good project.

LaserSwap is definitely not a free project, so it is destined that LaserSwap will not be an ordinary project.

LaserSwap solves the problem of insufficient liquidity.

All the fund will be used to add liquidity and pump the price of the token.

In this way, all the community member will benefit from others who participates in the farming.

Every community member does not need to worry about insufficient liquidity, because in LaserSwap, liquidity will always exist.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Well, I think our biggest achievement at the moment is to prove that our tokenomic is very successful.

In fact, many user has already made huge profit thanks to LaserSwap tokenomic.

The initial price of LaserSwap was $1, and within 24 hours the price soared to an astonishing 21 dollars!🚀

Yes, this crazy pump is a testament to LaserSwap’s tokenomic success.

And it also means that we will continue to follow this path.

When the total liquidity of laserswap exceeds 5 million, LaserSwapV1 will end. In a new era, LaserSwapV2 will be opened.

When LaserSwapV2 starts, the vault of LaserSwap will also be opened.

At that time, the user's funds will automatically enter the profit-maximizing farming pool for farming, so that everyone can participate.

I can tell you that it only took a few days, the liquidity of LaserSwap has reached two million dollars, which means that V2 is not far away from us.

If you have not participated in the liquidity mining of LaserSwap yet, then I suggest you participate as soon as possible before the start of V2!.

Q4: Partnership is important to projects for growth, so let's talk about LaserSwap partnership?

ANS: Of course, we have applied for coingecko and coinmarketcap. We believe that within a few days we will be approved to list these two platforms.

This will be good news for us, because it will bring more new users to LaserSwap.

when V2 is launched, we will start to contact CEX to be our partner.

According to the liquidity of LaserSwap , We will not choose a small CEX as our future development platform.

We hope that V2’s 5 million dollars liquidity can attract some larger CEX with a large number of users as our partner.

Q5: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the LASER - SWAP Token?

ANS: Alright! Tokenomic is my precious!

Of course, as I just said, the past few days has proved that LaserSwap's tokenomic is very successful.

As long as you reserch and study LaserSwap's tokenomic, it is very easy to make a profit.

First of all, LaserSwap absolutely does not allow you to unstake, all the liquidity will be used to pump the price, which is the main reason why the price of LaserSwap can be multiplied by 20 times.🚀

I believe that everyone has done enough research before participating in the farming, because no user will not be responsible for their own funds.

If a user does not like our tokenomic, he can leave LaserSwap at any time, of course, at the cost of leaving 99% of the liquidity to be distributed to other community members.

The extraordinary tokenomic of LaserSwap will also doom its extraordinary future.

As the LaserSwap community continues to grow, I also hope that we can get more loyal fans and more attention.

Yes that's what make us unique and extraordinary.

Q6: What's the supply of the TOKEN?

ANS: 1 million total, 200K as initial liquidity, 800K from liquidity mining, 30K everyday and halve every 10 days

Q7: Was there any sales?

ANS: There is no presale, we believe the extraorinary project should start with fair launch

Now you can purchase LaserSwap on Pancakeswap

Kindly drop the Contract address before we round up

Contract Address: 0xeD741dB80bA7C18454E674B8230364511782f5fa

😊Type this address on pancakeswap to purchase LAS people!

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Attracting long term investors, Increasing Token price , Building Community Trust..
From above aspects, Which side you're mainly focus on at this time ? Which one the most important , Which one that Will you do first?

ANS: Based on our tokenomic, long-term investor will be the only investor in LaserSwap for sure. The tokenomic also can be used for increasing token price, time already told me Laser is an successful project.

Q2: According to LitePaper, Laserswap has a bonus and penalty regime for users that provide LP liquidity. So can you explain to us when will be rewarded, when will be penalized? If the commitment is violated, how will the fined person's money be handled?

ANS: if you provid liquidity, you can harvest your reward from liquidity farming pool, there is 30000 LAS produced everyday and has your name on it! Once you join the farming, you are in for life, otherwise you will lose all your liquidity, the liquidity will goes to liquidity pool distrubuted to other members.

Q3: Liquidity mining is one of the major mathod of transaction for LASER SWAP. So can you tell me how can i be a part of this? What's the conditions i have to fill for mining? And how you ensure liquidity Providers security?

ANS: First of all, you need an wallet can be connected with binance smart chain. Then you can stake your lp in your favorite farming pool. Different farming pool have different APY, make sure you figure out which one is the best pool for you.

Q4: LaserSwap has 20 pools at the moment. Could you tell some shining use statistics about them? Any plan to make it more than 20 pools soon?

ANS: Yes we been hear the suggestions from LaserSwap community about add in new pools in LaserSwap. i have to say this is a very interesting way to get more people's attention, And we will think about bring in more new farming pools in the next few days.

Q5: So far, what major achievements has Your Project achieved? What difficulties and risks did you encounter in the process of project implementation, and what factors prompted you to overcome the difficulties?

ANS: what make me proud most is our tokenomic which I explain before, it already pump the token price 20 times! That is not something you can see in DeFi everyday. The difficulties is that make people realize the beauty of our tokenomic, it's diffcult to understand for sure. But I just know that people can understand our tokenomic, just give it some times.

Q6: LASER SWAP already launched v1. It has some very attractive features. That's good. But my question is do you guies have any plan to launch v2 in future. If so what will be the most attractive features of V2?

ANS: Thank you for your kind word the king in the north😊I'm excited to see V2 as well, I'm sure it's not far away from now, the LaserSwap vault will be open during the V2. At that time, the user's funds will automatically enter the profit-maximizing mining pool for farming, which will bring the user max profit.


Thank you so much for having me here, it's so much fun to share all the information with you guys!

Thanks to all of you and I hope I can see some of you in LaserSwap.😘

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