Recapitulation of LEAF DeFi AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB group chat

Date: Friday, 18th September, 2020

Time: 12:00 UTC


The LEAF DeFi team was represented by a core member of the project. He judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 — Can you introduce yourself and the LEAF DeFi project to the group?

Ans — Hi everyone

Thanks for giving us this great opportunity

The LEAF token (ticker: LAF) will be a utility ERC20 token directly used to interact with the protocol and use all its products. Here we can see some use cases:

- tx fees
- staking and Nodes
- use LEAF products (example: DMCP)
- Participate in the governance (DAO)

Our SC is already published and Team’s token already locked.

More details on SC: Well this is the first release especially designed for the public sale that will start on the 20th of September, by the way we will use a wallet to collect ETH in a more cheap way for our contributors. Team’s token are locked and all unsold token will be burnt!

Q2 — Can you tell us what problems leaf DeFi is solving that existing solutions are not solving and what’s your Comparative advantages?

Ans — The advantages offered by our protocol can be seen as a combination of two different aspects: the technical part (the DMCP technology) and the optimisation system (to reduce energy and money wastes).

More details on DMCP: DMCP means automatic lending yield maximization. And it will be our most disruptive framework that connects your funds to all the available lending protocols at once and maximises compound interest, thanks to a patented optimization algorithm. We are going to publish a paper especially to explain how it works in details.

Q3 — Can you tell us what milestones have you achieved and what future milestones do you want to achieve as well as your roadmap?

Ans — Well! We are happy to have reached a lot of interest in private founds investors and to be ready for our public sale too.

Then this in our Roadmap:

(Q4 2020) LEAF Token sale: we’ll issue a presale to give investors the possibility to support the project and be part of our journey, as well as take advantage of the potential value creation of the company.
(Q4 2020) Uniswap LP & other major Exchanges listing: right after the token sale, we’ll list the tokens on Uniswap (providing the starting liquidity to trade) and all the major exchanges.
(Q4 2020) LEAF Multi-assets wallet v1: shortly after the token listing, the first planned product will be released, our disruptive wallet application, together with the staking and lending protocols integration.
(Q1 2021) LEAF Decentralized money custody protocol (DMCP):
this will be the key step towards LEAF superiority in terms of smart asset management.
(Q1 2021) release of the full LEAF protocol: upgrade capabilities to all the existing products, including the LEAF chain and multi-asset wallet.
(Q2 2021) LEAF DAO: the final step of the LEAF journey towards a sustainable blockchain framework, starting from here investors and users will be able to take part in the active management of the company and decide its future developments.


Q1 — You have a rather ambitious project with great goals on the roadmap and the market in this field definitely has some big room to grow. What kind of plans do you have to get some big institutions and companies to adopt LeafDeFi’s decentralized technologies in the future?

Ans — Interesting question!

Our idea to attract investors is to give them the consciousness that the actual system will not be sustainable for long, you can have a prove of that by simply looking at how expensive transactions have become on the Ethereum network. More over we are taking contacts with some very big institutions not yet announced.

Q2 — Why is the LEAF token necessary for your ecosystem? What kind of a value does it bring to LeafDeFi and in which different ways is it used within the project?

Ans — A good part of the funds already raised have been allocated to the legal side. We try to always be compliant with all the regulations while releasing all our updates and implementing our protocol. In this view LAF in going to be a utility token needed to keep all the ecosystem working and sustainable

Q3 — How secured and safe is the LeafDeFi’s platform for the users? Have you done constant security audits by a third party? How about the transparency regarding the team behind the platform?

Ans — Security is one of the most important points in our work. We a team working only on these points, our SC has been reviewed many times before releasing it

Q4 — Are there some notable funds supporting the LeafDeFi project? Could you please name a few?

Ans — Thanks for asking, we have two big funds taking part in the project, but we can not unveil them yet these kind of information are strictly private before the fund decides to unveil them!

Q5 — Who are the partners that support the LEAF DEFI project? Also, what are the features that LEAF wants to introduce in DeFi? What’s new at LEAF compared to the hundreds of DeFi projects out there? Thank you!

Ans — Current version of LEAF uses state of the art integrations to link our network to the Ethereum Blockchain, reducing transactions costs using our fee minimization alrogirhm, that process transactions in batches. This for us is the main hurdle of all current PoW Blockchains.
In 2021 we’ll release our proprietary LEAF Chain that will once for all solve the tx fee and sustainability issues.


Q1 — What are the plans to educate and raise awareness and adoption among the community to make more people understand about the project easily?

Ans — We need people to understand the situation is not good in Blockchain technology. We need to give importance to sustainability and community opinions!

Q2 — What is the presale price and the listing price of Uniswap $LAF?

Ans — Sale price is 0,0016 ETH/LAF and listing price will be 0,0040 ETH/LAF. Unsold token will be burnt.

Q3 — Do you have support from the government or Start-Up in your country? What is the regulation on governing the Blockchain?

Ans — No, unfortunately no support from the State. But we found some big funds and grups of investors that helped us in the past months to grow the project fast.

Q4 — At this point, do you think you need exchanges as a binance to keep growing? Or is it better to forget those things and focus on other activities?

Ans — I do not completely agree. It is for sure important to go to big exchanges, but if a project is good it will keep visibility in any case. Let’s think about the Uniswap study-case.

Q5 — Where does the project name come from? What does it mean for you and why did you choose that name for your project?

Ans — Project’s name comes from the idea of sustainability, we thought that a leaf was a good idea to keep high this sentiment. We really need to care about this very actual problems.


Q1 -Do you have any final word or important information or links you would like to give the community?

Ans — Many thanks!

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