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Recapitulation of Listen Token PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Tuesday, 31st August, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The Listen Token PROJECT team was represented by @Createmoore who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about Listen Token PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on LISTEN TOKEN?

ANS: sure :) So my name is Andrew Moore and I'm the Head of Listen Token Community, I'm responsible for looking after the LSTN token community and am also the bridge between the Listen Token and Listen Campaign teams, and the community. I've been in the crypto space since 2016 and have been building online communities around various interests since 2010.

As for the team, the founder and director of the Listen Campaign is Tony Hollingsworth, who has produced nine of the world’s largest global broadcast events and campaigns, with each reaching over 500m people. These included 'Nelson Mandela’s 70th Birthday Tribute' which called for Mandela’s release, 'The Wall - Live in Berlin' which celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of the two Germanies, and 'Nelson Mandela: An International Tribute to a Free South Africa' which celebrated Mandela’s release. Marcelo Salup heads up the media section and he has run many ad agencies and led the media teams in 15 brand launches for Fortune 500 companies. Chris Spurgeon is the CFO and he has run one of the UK's largest film companies and has over 30 years of executive experience. Preeta Singh is the commercial director in India, has over thirty years of experience working with regional, national and international brands. Sivan Pillay is the Executive Producer in South Africa and has over 25 years of experience in the music and television industry, having Executive Produced over 125 major TV series.

Q2: Can you introduce LISTEN TOKEN, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Definitely, The $LSTN token supports the Listen Campaign, which is solving a really important problem that can be broken down into a number of layers.

The first is our lack of knowledge of the nature and extent of the problems vulnerable and disadvantaged children face, and the solutions that are already out there that need to be scaled up or replicated. There were 1 billion very vulnerable or disadvantaged children around the world before Covid, and it looks like there are now 20% more.

We don’t hear about the scale of the problem because each charity/NGO is just looking at a small part of the overall situation (e.g. malnutrition in Bangladesh or kids dropping out of school in Chicago), and they don't have the funds, expertise or manpower to raise awareness and draw attention to the problems they are addressing and the solutions they are successfully implementing.

Listen asks the public to listen to these children. By working with these charities all over the world it will bring together a picture of the totality of the problem—but it will not stop at the problem. We don't want to stop at merely 'raising awareness'. For every problem revealed by a film star listening to a child’s story (note: not talking for them) we are celebrating a solution—a solution provided by a children’s charity project that has already been proven to work and is ready to be scaled up or replicated.

It’s a very positive campaign showing what can be done and asking people to participate, donate, create and perhaps push for a kids project in their town, state or country.

As for our 'competitive advantage', in terms of what gives the Listen Campaign an edge over past attempts to help this many children, I would just say that the Listen Campaign is headed up by Tony Hollingsworth, a man that has already produced nine of the most historic international broadcast events with the world's most recognised superstars, reaching audiences of 500 million people for each event—and that was BEFORE the internet and social media! So the Listen Campaign is being led by someone with the experience, credibility, and connections to reach an audience of 500 million people once again.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Ok, so on past Listen Campaign's we have already worked with huge stars like Samuel L Jackson, Natalie Portman and Kurt Russell… and this year we are already in talks with over 80 globally recognised stars who are interested in being involved.

We have already booked The LA Coliseum, one of largest stadiums in the world, for June 20th, 21st and 22nd, for the center piece of the Listen Campaign: "Listen Live", and secured partnerships with the world's largest broadcasters and streamers to bring the event to an audience of 500 million around the world.

We are gearing up to launch the $LSTN token on Launchpool at the end of September.

Then in October the 'Listen Collectibles Auction and Shop' is launching where we'll be auctioning off NFTs made from Tony Hollingsworth's media archive taken from his past nine global broadcast events (some of which I mentioned above).

These auctions will take place every few weeks until we get to the end of March 2022 when we will announce the stars involved in The Listen Campaign, and then we will start to auction off NFTs from their contributions. These will be top film and music stars, visual artists and novelists; 80 that are famous internationally and then 20 that are big in India, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

Then as the campaign roles out we will ask the community to also create for the campaign too and many of these pieces will also be made into NFTs, and gain exposure to 100s of millions of people—so creative careers will definitely be launched!

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: Sure. Well the media partnerships I just mentioned are with some of the largest broadcasters in the world, for instance in the US our largest media partner is ABC/Disney, in India it is Zee TV, in sub-saharan Africa it is Viacom, and in the MENA it is DMI. Our token launch partner is Launchpool, and we are running an AME (Allocation Mining Event) with them at the end of September.

Q5: Finally on this segment, Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $LSTN Tokens?

ANS: Sure, the token allocation is as follows:

The ticker is $LSTN
The network is ER20
The total fixed supply is 1 billion.

The allocation is as follows:

- 9% are for Community Rewards
- 13% for the team
- 37% for the Listen Campaign
- 29% was for private sales
- 10% is for the Launchpool AME at the end of September
- 2% is for the Public IDO in October

As for the $LSTN utility, I mentioned that the first Listen NFTs that go on sale in the 'Listen Collectibles Auction and Shop' at the beginning of October are from Tony Hollingsworth's digital media archive from the past nine global broadcast events he produced. This archive includes special live performances from about 200 major musicians including Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, David Bowie, Whitney Houston, Mary J Blige, BB King, Sting, Phil Collins, Dire Straits - the list goes on and on. We will be starting the auction of these special NFTs at the beginning of October and will carry on until March 2022, and to be able to participate in the auctions you will have to hold Listen Tokens ($LSTN).

Holding $LSTN will grant the following benefits:

- The right to bid for the Star Creative Artist’s NFTs in the monthly auctions (which are only open to $LSTN holders), and the more tokens you hold, the better access you get.

- ‘Silver Badge’ status for every 250,000 to 499,999 $LSTN staked for 30 days, entitling the user to a five percent discount on their purchases in the Listen Collectibles Auction and Shop.

- ‘Gold Badge’ status for every 500,000 + $LSTN staked for 30 days, entitling the user to a ten percent discount on their purchases in the Listen Collectibles Auction and Shop.

- The right to vote for the winners of The Listen Creative Arts Awards.

- The accrual of Listen Points (Listen Points are the loyalty reward system of the Listen Campaign and provide each holder with exclusive benefits and prize entries, including discounts on tickets, merchandise and Pay Per View streaming):

-- Users who “stake” 5,000 $LSTN on the official Auction and Shop site will earn 100 Listen points per month (per 5,000 $LSTN staked).

-- Users who purchase Collectibles in the Auction Site and Shop will be rewarded with Listen Points.

- Automatic entry into a lottery to win two 'Private View' tickets to watch the whole of 'Listen Live LA' involving at least 28 Star Musician, 12 Film Stars and world leaders on Monday, June 20th, 2022 at the LA Coliseum, whilst dancing and having a banquet on the field, with the stars, their friends and families. $LSTN holders are allocated 100 tickets.

- A free ticket for the global streaming of Listen Live Plus on June 22nd 2022 if the token holder has staked over 10,000 $LSTN for the 30 days preceding June 15th 2022.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: - I read about the Listen Campaign on your website, a global campaign working for the world's 1 billion vulnerable and disadvantaged children and i must say, this is one of the most noble cause I've ever seen, Kudos to the team. The Listen Collectibles Auction and Shop is very crucial to the Listen Campaign in terms of revenue generation, however, usage of the NFT landscape remain low as barriers to entry are high for the average consumer - complex process involving multiple wallets, gas fees while purchasing NFTs, all of which might be burdensome for an average user. How do you plan on solving this problems?
- I love the work you're doing, do you accept donations for the Listen Campaign?

ANS: Thanks, it's an exciting project to be a part of :) The Ethereum gas fees is actually why we chose to build on Flow instead of Ethereum - not only is it faster, more scalable, and far more energy efficient (“greener”) than Ethereum, users who buy, sell, and trade Listen NFTs on Flow will not have to pay high transaction fees like on Ethereum. With Flow we can also natively-integrate fiat payments, as the Campaign is appealing to a global audience, we did not want to restrict our user experience to only those who own ETH and already have an Ethereum wallet. We will be reaching an audience of 500 million people, and so we are designing the entire experience to be as user friendly as humanly possible! Re: donations, we're not calling for donations yet as the media campaign hasn't kicked off yet - but when it does the world will know how to donate ❤️

Q2: With reference to the Listen Creative Arts Awards; As a digital artist, what's the maximum number of entries that I can submit to Also, can a user be allowed to submit entries in different categories? Finally, in a situation when there's a tie between two or more entries in a particular category after the $LSTN token holders have cast their votes, who will be incharge of breaking the tie?

ANS: No there won't be a limit to how many entries you can submit, and you can submit to as many categories as you like. A tie won't happen because the voting will go through three stages that will ensure a winner: first the community votes, then the $LSTN token holders vote, then the stars themselves choose the finalists. In the extremely unlikely event that our stars cannot decide between two entries then we'll let them both win :D

Q3: I saw the Allocation Mining Event (AME) on your platform. Can you tell us what kind of an event this will be? Where will it hold? What are the criteria that will qualify a users to participate in this event? Will the even benefit only Listen Community alone or will it be of benefit to any other community?

ANS: So, Listen Token ($LSTN) is launching on Launchpool at the end of September with something called an AME, which stands for 'Allocation Mining Event'. We have allocated 10% (100 million $LSTN) of the total supply of LSTN (1 billion $LSTN) to the Launchpool AME, and to be one of the first in the Listen Token community to get your hands on some you need to hold Launchpool's native token $LPOOL, and then when the AME kicks off you stake your LPOOL on the Listen Token AME and are then given the ability to purchase $LSTN tokens of an equal value to the $LPOOL you staked. So if you stake $100 worth of LPOOL, you will be able to buy $100 worth of $LSTN. When it's all over you will receive your $LSTN tokens and also your staked $LPOOL. Hopefully that makes sense 😅

And by the way, anyone who wants to take part should 100% head over to and register for our guestlist—we'll be sending the guestlist all of the information you need to take part when it's all bout the kick off! :) And make sure you've joined out Telegram group: @ListenNFT :)

Q4: 🌟The Listen Token is contributing in a big way to help enhance the lives of millions of children, but regarding the economic side of the project, how beneficial is for users to invest in this project? As a long-term investment, how would users benefit from holding $LSTN?

ANS: Well, regarding viewing $LSTN as an investment, this is a token that is going to be exposed to an audience of 500 million, and will involve over 100 of the world's most recognisable stars. And the Listen Campaign is annual… so this is going to be happening every single year from now on 🚀🚀

Q5: It was mentioned in your introduction that A Listen Campaign will be conducted for nearly a year with the aim of reaching an estimated 500,000,000 individuals using various channels and media outlets. Is this achievable ? Knowing how huge 500 Millon audience is and the efforts it takes to reach them, I hope this isn't some phantom or white elephant project amounting to wanting to build castles in the air ? Can you give us a working plan or blue-print of how you intend to how do get across to so many people across various areas of the world ? When was Listen established and what are the examples of areas where Listen charity has impacted ? Talking about the Listen Carnival, is it's a program that would be conducted on yearly basis ? Meanwhile, would the $Listen token be available for purchase all year round or only when the Listen campaign and auction is at hand? What would the Listen team be up to before and after the Listen Carnival and while the carnival headline your goal, who are the major artist collaborating with Listen on their agenda

ANS: Lots of questions here, but I'll try to answer the top one… yes, 500 million is a huge number, and if anyone other than Tony Hollingsworth was saying it then it would sound questionable. The simple answer here though is that Tony has already done it NINE TIMES in the past - each of his historic music events were broadcast to audiences of 500 million. It was made possible by the world's top superstars performing at his events and partnerships with the world's largest broadcasters. And as I said earlier, you have to appreciate that this was BEFORE the internet and social media. So, put simply, he's done it nine times before, and he, and the team he has put together, are going to pull it off again, this year, and every year to come. As I mentioned before, we already have partnerships with the world's largest broadcasters: ABC/Disney in the U.S, Zee TV in India, Viacom in sub-saharan Africa, DMI in the MENA, so for Tony this is a blueprint he has followed many times :)

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