Recapitulation of LockDex AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Thursday, 24th December, 2020
Time: 15:00 UTC

The LockDex team was represented by @lockdex_0xther and @realLocky. They judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the Team working on LockDex project

Ans : At LockDex, we are a group of developers and security experts from various places in the world. For now, we are introducing ourselves as anonymous group.

We have decades of experience in building secured apps for clients and companies alike. Of course, we have been watching the evolution of the DeFi tools and all their potential—we believe in DeFi.

In the last years, we have followed and used blockchain tools, so we know that there is plenty of room for growth in the sector, more development to be done and more challenges to pass with ETH 2.0 and the growing blockchain community.

So, we want to encourage newcomers to generate 100% passive income by staking tokens. We want to make it happen with our DEX. 👍

Q2 : Can you introduce the LockDex project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitve advantage

Ans : LockDex is a secure DEX. Seamless staking, plenty of rewards, and more features to come soon.

We will keep continuous development to improve the quality of our DEX; learn more here:

We are willing to minimize the hassle of setting LPs to uses, teach newcomers how to stake and provide high APYs — these are the main points that make our DEX stand out.

For a period of time, 10x APYs for all users who deposit and lock

And always more rewards for locked LPs but unlocked also get rewards. Also, our focus is on security and user-friendliness since day one.

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap

Ans : Our current roadmap has some milestones we have already scheduled, we will be expanding in upcoming posts:

Presale ➡️ ️ LDX Listing ➡️ App Launch ➡️ LDR Listing ➡️ More features

Today, we have started presale stage 1 with the best pricing for $LDX token, more info in this post:

Also, we already have our staking app ready to launch and published at

Our team is working on adding more features to be ready when launch takes place after presale

Our two tokens, $LDX and $LDR (reward token) are deployed

And, we will keep a constant communication throughout the presale and further work

Also, we want the community to take part in key decision so that our development is community-driven eventually.

Stay tuned for updates on bounty, airdrop and more programs we will start 😉


Q1 : What really is the long term vision and mission of Lockdex for its users and supporters

Ans : We want to make DEX seamless as possible for all users so we will keep working on more features

Q2 : Is it possible that I get my rewards in any stablecoin or in what tokens can I get my rewards when I deposit a Uniswap V2 LP token? And does your platform support staking?

Ans : Yes, staking supported and any Uni V2 LP tokens is compatible

Q3 : LockDex allows users to deposit any Uniswap V2 LP token to get rewards. But what about the APY? Is the APY same for all tokens?

Ans : APY is the same for all tokens, we have special program with 10x at start (launch) so everyone has chance to stake a lot of tokens quickly

Q4 : In order to access App Lockdex, what wallets can I use? Or rather what wallets are supported for accessing Lockdex.

Ans : Metamask, we are going to add other types of wallets soon.

Q5 : Can we get profit with our LP tokens when we provide liquidity to one of the liquidity pairs, and is there a lockout period to get LP tokens back when the profit runs out?

Ans : Yes, you can lock if you want, not mandatory and then you can withdraw when lock ends
You receive rewards in LDR and can swap for LDX or other tokens in the future so it’s safe to stake

Q6 : LockDex inspires as its name says "locked finances". How are your users assets secured? what consists of your security protocol? will be audited?

Ans : We are working to have all contracts audited, for presale we are using bounce app so that the swaps are guaranteed according to ToCs of that platform

Q7 : How efficient and organized is lockdex’s plan for how to improve and evolve the strategic objectives over time?

Ans : We will expand in our 2-token tokenomics very soon, basically all tokens will able to swap so it’s major comfort for users

Q8 : What additional benefits do users get when locking LP at LockDex?

Ans : You boost rewards 2x
For a short period of time since launch, 10x APY for all

Q9 : Token burn” is beneficial for any project, in being able to control the number of token circulation and to provide greater incentives to investors. Does your great project have a plan about token burn?

Ans : LDR token as 1% transfer tax, and tax will be burned. We will burn some LDR tokens to control token circulation

Q10 : Tell us a little bit about security? Have you done an audit of the platform? Are the smart contracts error-free? What are the test results?

Ans : Already sort of replied, we are having the contracts audited and our devs have checked that all works fine — also, using Bounce app for presale which already adds another layer of security that the purchases will work fine

Q11 : "To achieve the milestones we have included in our roadmap, we open LDX presale for a short period of time"
When will you close the presale? Is there any bonus for new buyers of your token?

Ans : Bonus is the current price, that is the best one for LDX
In stage 2, the token will be a bit more expensive and we plan to do bounty, airdrop and more reward programs for users to incentivize the staking

Q12 : Does Lockdex have any plans for Uniswap V3 and ETH2.0? Please share these plans with us.

Ans : Main swap idea is comes from Uni V2, but we are going to update in our own way to make more safe and secure DEX


Do you have any Final Words for community? Also can you elaborate the details involved in Participating in the Token Sale? Also share every useful links to Project so we can follow up and be in constant communication.

Ans : Nice! pls stay tuned for updates and check our posts at
* 10x APY, don’t miss out on this one!
* bounty, airdrop and rewards coming this/next year :))
* Have a Merry Christmas everyone 🔓👋

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