Recapitulation of Lord Arena PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Wednesday, 10th November, 2021
Time: 13:00 UTC

The Lord Arena PROJECT team was represented by @CharlotteGrace_2712 and @Entm0704 who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about Lord Arena PROJECT.


Q1: Could you please provide a quick self-introduction for the community?

ANS: Introduction
Lord Arena is a blockchain-based action RPG game built and run on Binance Smart Chain where anyone can play and earn tokens through intellectual gameplay and ecosystem engagement.
In Lord Arena, players recruit and train heroes to join campaigns and battle with each other. Heroes can reach more than 50 with their own strengths and weaknesses. Heroes can become stronger throughout the game as they level up or are equipped with NFT items.
Lord Arena’s NFTs can be bought or sold both in the in-game exchanges (auction houses) or in 3rd party NFT exchanges outside the game world.
Players can stake their NFT character so that the index and experience of that character will increase, and they can receive Lorda Token.

Let me introduce myself one more time, I'm Mark and am a PA of Lord Arena project!

It's a pleasure for me to be here, talking with all of you!

Q2: Can you briefly introduce the project LORD ARENA? what are some of utilities of $LORDA? How do you think you stand out among the competitors if there are any?

ANS: hi because we have share with you guys brief introductio. so i will move forward utilities of lorda.

For $LORDA, people can use them to buy our NFT to play game and earn rewards from winning games, completing daily missions and joining events and tournaments.
- Farming, players who own NFT can have Hash power to boost mining Token in a mining farm. Farming LP token to earn $LORDA.
- Players can sell NFTs on the marketplace to earn $LORDA.
- Or they can put $LORDA into our staking pool to receive Points, then exchange Points for NFT.

First of all, Lord Arena is the NFT game with advanced graphics and a variety of gameplays compared to other famous games.
Secondly, our characters and items are built with futuristic technology aspects, players can relate them with world-renowned sci-fi movies. We have more than 50 characters and dozens of different maps for players to experience.
Thirdly, we have 5 sides for players to choose, and each side have their own strength and different playstyles.
Finally, our game is a Mobile Game and it's already available on both IOS and Android platforms.

Q3: Can you share the achievements the team has made so far ? what are the major achievement target LORD ARENA is yet to achieve. If possible, also share your roadmap.

ANS: I'll take care the rest from now 👌 Starting with this question, my answer is

As you can see in our pitch deck, our team has created some games and gained popularity with them such as: Idle Arena, Tank Destroyer, or Baking Dash.

And speaking of Lord Arena in specific, we have successfully called a lot of investment from popular funds across the industry to keep pushing the project forward. Our aim is to create not only an interesting playground for players but a game where players can benefit from in terms of finance. And of course we’ll try our best to list $LORDA on Binance!

Q4: Could you share a bit about security and also what benefits you provide to incentives user's choosing your platform?

ANS: In the first place, we planned to make a game which provides you with as many interesting features as possible. Specifically, we created more than 50 characters and dozens of maps for players to experience the game. And for those we pay a lot of attention to gameplay and graphics, and love futuristic technology, you can’t miss out our game.

And for us, players and investors are the ones who hold the destiny of the project, so that we have voting system for them to take vote and change our game’s feature to benefit themselves the most. And holders with the most $LORDA in hand will be more powerful in this system, they can definitely call the shot.

Q5: Whats the total supply of the token ? Could you share a detailed tokenomics of mainnet token's supply distribution?

ANS: Total supply: 1,000,000,000

50% of all tokens will go to our Game Pool, which can be understood as Staking and Farming

20% will be spent on Seed Round

15% will be held by our advisors and our team

7,5% we have spent and will keep spending on Marketing and Strategic Partnership

5% Liquidity

1,5% for IDO

And only 1% for airdrops which were held and ended few days ago, the reward will be distributed to winners on November 20.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: I had Watched the Complete Trailer of the Game and Is It Really Awesome , and I am Interested in Joining this Game , Can you tell me the Various Ways by Which I Can earn a Passive Income from this Platform?

ANS: Thank you for this interesting question. We offer many ways for holders and players to earn passive income, including:
You can stake $LORDA to get $LORDAX, from which to mint characters.

And you can use that character to play games or trade on the marketplace to make a profit.

Or you can stake your character to receive $LORDA, the amount of $LORDA received will be based on the strength of the character you use to stake.

Or when you don't want to play the game, you can still receive rewards based on our AFK mechanism.

Q2: I found that In Q4 2021 , You will Launch the LORD ARENA STAKING AND FARMING PROGRAM , Can you please tell me more about your Staking Feature and What Incentives and Rewards I will get by STAKING my Token ?

ANS: So, seems like you already went through our pitch deck, appreciate that!

We allow players to stake both NFT and token!

For NFT, players can stake their heroes to get $LORDA, the amount of $LORDA they get bases on the strength of their heroes.

For token, players or holders can stake $LORDA to get our other token which is $LORDAX, and they can mint NFT with that token!

Q3: Lord Arena is built and runs on BSC and Sol, this shows that the project development team is very experienced on blockchain platform, can you tell me if your project is intended to run on the network any other?

ANS: BSC platform is a long-standing platform, and SOL has a very strong number of holders. At the moment we'll only focus on these two platforms well before thinking about others. If there're any changes, we'll notify you guys as soon as possible.

Q4: Might you describe Lord Arena's gameplay and how gamers can profit from it?

ANS: Lord Arena builds on the play-to-earn and RPG model. Players who participate in the game's features will receive rewards, or even if they AFK. Those rewards are very valuable, can be used to upgrade heroes and items, can be exchanged on the marketplace to make a profit.

Q5: What plans do you have about partnership to promote your project in the near future"?

ANS: Appreciate your question

Currently all of our partners are starting to FOMO Lord Arena project on their community through various ways. Furthermore, there are many strategic partners who also prepare a lot of quality content and advice to help maintain the hype throughout the development of the project. We believe that shaking hands with leading experts in the field of marketing and investing will bring great results whether in the near future or in the long term.

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