Recapitulation of Majin Shiba Inu PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Sunday, 9th January, 2022
Time: 14:00 UTC

The Majin Shiba Inu PROJECT team was represented by @Majinshib who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about Majin Shiba Inu PROJECT.


✨✨QUESTION1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on Majin Shiba Inu?

ANS: My name is Abdel, I’m the owner of the majin shiba inu. I’m living in Belgium, small country of Europe. I created the majin shiba inu to bring something new to the crypto space. A project involving all community members as team members and working hands in hands like one !

I already worked for safemooncash, grumpy finance and babychowchow.

I’m partnered with « dawns of crypto » specialized in marketing and finding true gems ! They are managing the marketing part of the project and they are doing that very good.

✨✨QUESTION2: Any other member of the team, we need to know?

ANS: No, every other peoples are hired just for doing a job. The graphic designer, web designer, and game developer are only hired. That’s a matter of trust. I’m fully doxxed, fully transparent and fully honest and prefer not bringing people in the team cause I don’t know who they are and can assure the transparency and honesty of other people.

✨✨QUESTION3: Can you introduce Majin Shiba Inu, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Majin shiba inu is the game changer project

It will bring a new vision of crypto. The reality ! The project want to make people aware that communities are the real central point of the crypto world ! We want them to ne able to decide with us where we will go and what to make.

We’re innovative ! Every decision is taken with community polls. So they can decide everything.

We’re in a red market. All cryptos are red ! It’s the best time for us to show the power of a unified community ❤️

✨✨QUESTION4: Any plans for expansion? What can you tell us about what’s to come in 2022 for Majin Shiba Inu?

ANS: You can as well share your roadmap

We have all the utility part coming up !

- a staking plateforme already in development

- a merchandising store

- a majin swap to list doxxed project

- a multiplayer p2e game

- more partnerships

- burns after burns

- and cex listing

But we decided to work first on real utilities ! Staking platform is almost finished and tested

We really have lot of things to bring in the first quarter of 2022.

✨✨QUESTION5: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS and BACKERS so far?

ANS: Our first and biggest partners are dawns of crypto

They came very early in the first days of the project cause they saw how transparent and doxxed I am. They are the best marketers I know !

We also have a partnership with Valhalla calls that are always looking for the most promising projects. Kyle came also very early and never asked any money for this.

We’re now working and more partnership with real marketing companies that can add some value ! We’re really active and are looking deeply into any partners activity !

We’re in discuss with Caesar, venom, we already have travladd with us

After that we will target larger marketing with real application, sponsoring events etc…

✨✨QUESTION6: Finally on this segment
Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics and Utility of $MJSHIB tokens?

ANS: Our tokenomics is simple

4% auto buyback fees
6 % marketing fees
3 % redistribution in shiba inu !

13% buy/sell tax

Our utilities

Staking plateform with high apr, bnb reward and governance token that will he useful for voting !

Our own swap that will only accept fully doxxed project to create a safe place where trading will not ne stressful and avoir people to be scammed

A merchandising store to let people have goodies from majin shiba ! People will ne able to win stuffs on it and the sells will support the liquidity

A multiplayer game, it will be a fighting game involving all cryptocurrencies ! À kind of street fighter but with majin shiba. It will be a p2e game only playable between holders. It will be related to our nfts usable in the game

À nft collection for majin shiba inu and an nft marketplace !!

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

✨✨QUESTION1: Many Meme get vanished during the Bear Market, Do You agree with me,
How differently You're going to move in this Market?

ANS: For me, the bear market means nothing else that a opportunity ! À opportunity to buy more while waiting for the bull market !

Also if you have a great community, holding strong. You can face all bear markers finger in the nose.

That’s a pint of our project, showing people that community is everything !

✨✨QUESTION2: Most platforms renounce contract ownership. However, I am surprised that the #MajinShiba developers did not renounce the ownership. Why did you retain ownership of the Smart contract ?
What are the Keys Of The Majin Shiba Inu Power

ANS: We can’t renounce it ! As you know lot of project renounce it and scam people. That’s not a problem.

Here, the community decide everything. If something have to be changed by community decision, we need to be able to get in the contract and change what community ask for.

But we have a liquidity Lock! And it’s locked for 10 years !

✨✨QUESTION3: The way you described about your project i feel confident about MAJIN SHIBA INU. I want to invest in this project. Can you tell me from where and how i can buy MAJIN SHIBA INU token?

ANS: Thank you ❤️

At the moment, majin shiba inu is tradable on pancakeswap by using our contract adress:


It’s the only real adress

✨✨QUESTION4: My biggest fear is investing in projects that will exist scam in the future. How can you guarantee us that Majin Shiba Inu is free from rug pulling? How can you assure safety of our investments?

ANS: I’m fully doxxed with my ID card, personal social medias and phone number. I’m showing my face everyday in the chat.

We also have a kyc and audit.

It’s the safest project on bsc

It’s important cause it is your money that you are putting in the project ! So you have to know who you deal with !

Every project have to be doxxed and KYCed.

✨✨QUESTION5: There are other Shib-like tokens out there but can you tell us the main reasons why you think Majin Shiba Inu will surpass these other Shib-like tokens?

ANS: Cause we’re different ! We’re not targeting to make a pump and dump project. We target to have to best project of the decade !

✨✨QUESTION6: Can you give us any information about the audit of the platform so far? Can we entrust our funds with the Majin Shiba inu platform?

ANS: We’re audited since the second week of the project ! Before launching anything.

Dessert finance was chosen for the audit cause they are very professional and independent.

✨✨QUESTION7: Hii 🌸
You have mentioned in Q4 2021 that you will burn the 48% percent of the supply. So i want to know have you done that? What is the update on it?

ANS: We did more ! If you check on bscscan and in our chat, we burnt more than 70% of the tokens

Every burn now come from team wallet ! That’s what we called sacrifice and show people we’re dedicated to our community.

✨✨QUESTION8: Hello 🌛
Marketing plays a big role in the progress of a project. Can you tell us about your marketing plans?

Do you have plans of promoting Majin Shiba Inu through big Influencers?

ANS: We have already been promoted by the biggest influencers. We target to have all of them on our side ! No matter how much they cost.

✨✨QUESTION9: **Can you please tell us the benefits Attached to Holding your token?
What advantages is presented holders of Majin Shiba inu?**

ANS: If you’re holding, you’re a part of our project, you have a chance to be a part of the biggest challenge that crypto have to experience. The mind changing.

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