Recapitulation of MASQ AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Monday, 23rd November, 2020
Time: 20:00 UTC

The MASQ team was represented by @macvaughan and @KauriHero. They both judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the Team working on MASQ

Ans : My name is KauriHero and I am the Product Owner and Head of the Committee running the MASQ Network project. My background is quite diverse - I have a masters in Industrial Engineering, 10 years experience in the Finance Sector and 4 years intimately in the cryptocurrency space.

I have a passion for working in teams, and delivering exceptional results in a highly demanding environment requiring a deep understanding of technical knowledge.
I personally am grateful to be surrounded by other highly skilled and passionate individuals.

We VERY GRATEFUL to have Dan our Technical Advisor who works specifically on the software code in Rust-lang

Grateful to have Mac who is the Head of Marketing, providing a modern and energetic approach to branding and creative design – he is supported by a team of highly qualified professionals volunteering their time

We have several other important advisors – Marcus who has been in business for many years with important strategic input and networking across the globe

Andre who is well connected in the space too and able to provide research and communication support

And several others who you will get to know as time goes by.

Q2 : Can you introduce the MASQ project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitve advantage

Ans : MASQ Network is working to deliver a networking solution for the world, where users can leverage the network for Internet Freedom – when we say Freedom, we mean that they won’t have to be worried about censorship by the government or ISP watchdogs. Imagine a world where China, Russia and Iran (for example) can communicate information and communication freely with their Western brothers and sisters, without worried about Policy delivering them a notice for using a VPN?!

We know its possible to do this, and with more testing and development we will deliver this mesh-networking solution for the world to appreciate.

The best part about MASQ is it is decentralized in nature of blockchain itself, and provides a solution most people can access – its open-source and will be designed to run in any browser and on most machines.

We have many advantages over traditional products like Tor and VPN.

To name a few:
There won't be a central point of failure
You won't have your data logged and inspected from a central company/server
you can share your own bandwidth to earn MASQ tokens on the network, to then use for your own services!

I will describe them a bit more

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap

Ans : Here is our Milestone Marker graphic, but just outlines briefly our first set of goals.

Because we are a group of volunteers, we don’t use definite deadlines on some of these, but have internal project management plans to help us deliver these milestones.

We are very grateful to have achieved milestone 1 – 'Relaunch GUI’, and soon to have milestone 3 – 'Liquidity' (25th Nov on Linkswap!)!

The GUI is now open source on our Github


Q1 : Will the design of your token rise and fall with the success of the platform, does it include any scarce paths, such as equity, storage or burning?

Ans : our token is purely utility token, so we have discussed options like these in great detail.

We strive to get input from our greater community whenever we look at things around the token itself, but our main driver is always “What is best for the product solution, and it’s users?”

I don’t like saying never, but we don’t have plans for burning tokens.

As far as storage (staking?), we are actually looking into easy options to leverage this feature/dynamic for users.

One area that this can be done soon, is on our upcoming listing with Linkswap after the 25th Nov!

Q2 : You @MASQ_ai have 3 Power goals namely Encrypted, Untraceable and Clandestine. so, Is this the solution to the Blockchain problems like in Decentralized, Security and Scalability?

Ans : Nice.
Someone has read the website which is great! (shout out to our amazing Web dev)

While the areas of the blockchain solution do share some similar things with our project, our power goals are based around privacy and security.

With the Encrypted area, users on the MASQ network have all their data traffic encrypted with standard internet level encryption – traffic will not be able to be inspected for content unless your own machine is compromised.

With Untraceable, the MASQ network will operate in a way that allows traffic to flow between Node users, and the nodes themselves don’t know where the traffic came from to start with.
This also means that anyone watching will also not know where the traffic starts and ends

The Clandestine part is the tricky and most advanced part!
What this really means, is that anyone ‘watching’ or intercepting the traffic will NOT be able to tell that its using MASQ at all!
Exciting right!
That’s the main difference from VPN and Tor – watchers can tell from the traffic that the user was using VPN or Tor from the data packets

But our network solution will also be decentralized, secure and scalable!

Q3 : "When you connect to the MASQ network, your Node is switched on and ready to help others." How do I get my computer/device onto MASQ network?

Ans : Good one - I know people really want to run their MASQ nodes in the network!

Right now we have a private testing phase.

People who are more technical can download the binaries and the GUI and test it on their machine if they want, but it's still an alpha phase

We will be releasing guides and a public beta as one of our milestones

But we want the process for users to be easy - open the browser or software, input your settings you need (many are now automated), make sure you have MASQ tokens and you are good to go!

We hope to have plugins designed too, so it could run in Chrome or your browser as a background software to use when you want to switch it on! 🤩

Q4 : How do you plan to build a censorship-free Internet?

Ans : Wow, yes this is the key isn’t it!

Our vision is one day to have 1 million users.

The only way this works is if it is easy to use, and people will see the benefits of it instead of VPN or Tor

We know that VPN and Tor are now quite traditional, but that also means it’s the easiest to track for governments to find out who is using them, and shut them down or log them

So to make our MASQ Network secure and one of a kind, the solution for a censorship free Internet has to be based on the users themselves!

The more users we have, the stronger thr network will be

Also once your traffic hops through 6 nodes, then in effect no one can discover you are using the network.

Once nodes are running around the globe, then almost everyone (unless you live in the North Pole with Santa and only have cell signal) can access the decentralized MASQ Network and browse without fear!

So the keys to the censorship free Internet is:
Ease of use
User participation around the world
Incentive to run Node (which there is as you can earn MASQ just by running Node on your machine)

We also see it as sharing of the freedoms from Western countries to Eastern countries, since that is where many citizens are repressed

Q5 : Can you list some great features of MASQ that makes it ahead of your competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

Ans : We have many features so will try to cover the main ones!

Many users think - "what’s in it for me, to run this software"
If you live in China for example, the answer to that is easy - I want to view Facebook or YouTube.
They use masq to do this, (once we have clandestine part finished)

For someone in USA or Australia, there aren’t many censored things to worry about.
So these users are incentivized to run masq as they earn tokens when other users connect to them to retrieve and route their traffic to get YouTube or Facebook (for example)

We are confident this model makes MASQ and the software competitive

Also, since the network is P2P and decentralized, it is better in design than VPN and Tor, as there is no logging or central point of failure, and there is no public list of exit nodes on the Internet (Tor)


Q1 : What is your plan for 2021? For expanding the list of big exchanges?

Ans : I can answer this. We are currently reaching out to other exchanges now and in the process of getting more listings.

Q2 : I’m curious about the name #MASQ . Why did you choose this name? Can you explain to everyone the meaning behind of the name #MASQ?

Ans : The name was born out of a brainstorming session where the initial idea was that the NODE would "Masquerade" as normal data. So we chose MASQ for short. 🙂

Little did we know that the word mask would have such an impact in our lives this year 2020!😱

Q3 : Is it possible to configure which dns server we like to use when using Masq network?

Ans : yes I believe this is possible @KauriHero correct? Yes that is correct

By default we have Cloudflare set up ( but the settings allow you to add or change these before you run the software.
Some people add Google as well (

Q4 : I like your H2 description “Earn crypto. MASQ tokens power connectivity, and when people pay for your shared bandwidth, you’ll earn tokens.” in google search. Very motivating. You are very assertive indeed. Is there any rival in your league?

Ans : As far as we are concerned. NO. no one is doing what we are doing and about to do.

Other solutions out there in crypto are simply a p2p vpn service that runs on OpenVPN protocol.

This is not new in technology

Q5 : You mentioned that you have a passion for working with teams, so tell me about the partnership MASQ has currently?

Do you have plans to partner in future? What opportunities are available for partners/marketers/ambassadors to explore?

Ans : The short answer is yes. I have plans to reach out to quite a few other projects that would not only align with our vision but would also be a huge benefit to their endeavors a well. There are many projects in this space that would greatly benefit from having our platform built into theirs as an automatic safety mechanism.

Yes, you can imagine some of the big names that would be very motivated to leverage our technology

I can name them, as it would be an ultimate partnership goal for us:
Brave, Mozilla and Metamask to name the big dogs! 🐕🤩

One day we will approach them with full confidence of our success

Q6 : MASQ’s mission is to abolish censorship, but how, by providing access to "a censorship-free Internet," do they control and prevent the distribution of illegal material?

Ans : This is a very very good question and very technical in nature. But I would like to try to answer as its important

Because this software is P2P, we can't completely control what users will do.

If we ourselves are doing censoring from the beginning, then it's a slippery slope of control, when the project is supposed to be decentralized.

Our options here are to provide ways to mitigate these risks.
Here are some we will explore in development

User can define what regions of nodes they wish to connect to/from

There can be a decentralized ledger of IP address that are blacklisted by community governance/vote that won't be accepted

Users can choose to have a firewall so certain traffic won't be served to their machine

Q7: “We are very grateful to have achieved milestone 1 – 'Relaunch GUI’, and soon to have milestone 3 – 'Liquidity' (25th Nov on Linkswap!)!”

What is this milestone 3 and why did you chose Linkswap instead of Uniswap used by most Defi projects?

Ans : This is a great question. LInkswap has so much more going for it than Uniswap. Linkswap will have a built in Rugpull feature along side a proper platform where you will be able to set up limit orders. 🙂 Please see Linkswaps blog here:


Thanks for great answers you can share where people can buy the Tokens and social media please for follow..!

Ans : LInkcheck - grading system
Unilayer - Limit orders
Linkpad - Lending

NOVEMBER 25TH MASQ will be available on the LINKSWAP platform!! - Set your alarms and head to:

You will be able to stake and buy MASQ ! ❤️

Another item I’d like to share with everyone

More than happy to answer more questions. We have an amazing team. Head over to


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