Recapitulation of MeDIAeYeNFT PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Friday, 17th September, 2021
Time: 16:00 UTC

The MeDIAeYeNFT PROJECT team was represented by @VICTORYTHREEFOLD who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about MeDIAeYeNFT PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on MeDIAeYeNFT?

ANS: sure, To introduce myself and our team, my name is Victor and I am co-founder of MeDIA eYe, I have been involved from the inception of the project with our team of highly skilled developers, designers, managers and influencers involved in the creation and promotion of MeDIA eYe NFT platform.

I have an extensive project management background in tech and industrial development, leveraging my years of experience to drive projects to success. I have been working in crypto and blockchain tech for close to two years. Helping protocols such as ASKO, Mogul and others to design, develop and bring to market their innovative platforms.

Our team consists of highly skilled developers, marketers, designers and content creators, that all work together to develop MeDIA eYe, which is a multi-chain non-custodial NFT protocol designed to reduce the complexities around using NFTs by creators, gamers, entertainers, advertisers, businesses, media, crypto protocols, collectors and newcomers to the crypto space, alike

Q2: Can you introduce MeDIAeYeNFT, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: MeDIA eYe NFT Portal brings an extensive range of functionality and utility to the NFT space, incorporating multi-chain services for ETH and BSC with the other blockchains to be added in the near future. We have developed the first cross chain subscription model that is cost effective allowing users to also subscribe cost effectively for services on Ethereum even when gas prices are spiking.

Users can register on MeDIA eYe by also using their Google or Facebook account. Further, minting is free for both 721 and 1155 NFTs, plus users gain access to our extensive NFT Market Place with customizable auctions & bidding features.

Users also gain access to the NFT Gallery, featured content, popular content, NFT bundling, and are able to create Individual, group and community collections, boost selected NFTs and more.

We follow a strict philosophy of ensuring that MeDIA eYe platform is easy to use and intuitive, what we call frictionless even with many unique smart contract interactions going on behind the scenes, inexperienced and experienced users alike will find that our platform is easy to use and has extensive utility. We believe that we are highly competitive as MeDIA eYe brings a broad range of functionality to the NFT space and can compete with the largest players in the market on range of services and utility.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: We have now completed the full design and coding of the of the platform and are in process of completing the front end build and back end admin features. The platform will soon come to the market, as you will per our roadmap. We have worked tirelessly to develop over the last 7 months a leading multi-chain NFT protocol.

We are also creating a very unique in chain NFT Canvas project which which will greatly complement the launch and coming to the market of MeDIA eYe called Millions of Pixels "The ONE"..

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: We have partnered with creators, artist groups, DeFi technology companies, and NFT based protocols for which partnership arrangements are currently in final stages. Many announcements are coming this month. We want it to be surprise, so wont give too much away at this stage but will say there is substantial interest in MeDIA eYe from many strategic and creative partners. Of course we are working with leading content agencies as well that will also play a big role in bringing MeDIA eYe platform to the digital media content markets.

Q5: Can you give an overview of YOUR Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the eYe Tokens?

ANS: Sure,

so eYe tokens are the native token driving the MeDIA eYe platform with which can be purchased numerous services on the platform with our subscription model, featured content, NFT Gallery usage, NFT boost and more. Also eYe tokens will offering competitive staking at the launch of the protocol and will then be used in our cohort farms that we plan launch before the end of this year which will allow eYe token holders to mine liquidity, thus sharing in the fees generated by MeDIA eYe Platform

Also there will be eYe token buybacks and eYe token burn. As 25% of the fees generated on the platform will to go to QUAI DAO the creator/developer/investor of MeDIA eYe, an equivalent amount of eYe tokens will be burnt monthly.

This gives the overall picture but as MeDIA eYe develops eYe tokens utility will continue to increase as the functionality and services of the platform will continue to evolve.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Looking at the Market condition, you would see that there is lack of frictionless user friendly platform which offers all in-one create, mint and launch NFTs capability, built on a fully automated decentralized platform, offering it’s users.. ease of use, practical application, flexibility and high impact within their focus groups and target markets. I am aware that MediaEye platform also recognise this problem and already has a solution developed. What are the current solutions that you can proffer to the highlighted problems ?

ANS: Yes, you are right we recognize this problem and so made it a priority to address driving adoption of NFTs by new users. We have also chose to establish markets on both ETH and BSC, as inherently these markets are independent from one another, even though they may congruent in some ways, we offer our users to take advantage participating in both markets, and taking advantage of the best that each market has to offer. We will also introduce cross-chain transfer of NFTs and will of course allow users to take advantage of the lower gas costs of BSC while not sacrificing access to the Ethereum market with their offerings and activities.

We see our solutions as being very robust and addressing key issues that still have not been addressed by other NFT protocols as a complete solution that is easy to use and can drive NFT adoption in the broad sense..

Q2: What are the main requirements and/or parameters that require any project or company inside and outside Blockchain that want to become partners of the MeDIAeYe NFT ecosystem?

ANS: Parameters are quite straight forward, relevant technology, synergy, similar philosophy, security of our partner projects - meaning that they are stable and safe for investors and of course innovation..

Q3: I saw an article about the meDIAeyeNFT portal registration for sI saw an article about the meDIAeyeNFT portal registration for sees round funding of Quai Dao, can you explain the relationship that exists between you and how important it is to your project?
What critical struggle did encountered in this course of developing this project and how have you been able to solve them?
Can any other coins be used on your platform aside the eYe token?

ANS: QUAI DAO is the creator and developer of MeDIA eYe also the lead investor, thanks to QUAI DAO the MeDIA eYe NFT Portal was made possible. We greatly appreciate all the investors and token holders of QUAI that have patiently waited and supported us. The greatest challenge I would say is making sure that the technology and security of the platform is at the highest level, MeDIA eYe is a non-custodial protocol and the smart contract architecture, design and integration always posses a challenge when done right. We have taken out time to test and retest our contracts, even though often we were asked why aren't we launching earlier to take advantage of the NFT hype. Our philosophy is build it right, we don't rely on third part developers, we intimately know every line of code and are confident in the security of our platform.

Q4: Everyone cares about the real life application of the project, What are the most prominent application of your project?

ANS: The real life applications are numerous, ranging obviously from art, to various types of digital media, but we have build MeDIA eYe also with the advertiser and marketing agencies in mind. hence we developed a unique Campaign/NFT Launcher which is able to launch an unlimited size campaign, allow for both one-off and mass market promotional capabilities on multiple blockchains. Also we have designed in such a way that even mass promotions and marketing campaigns using NFTs can be cost effective on Ethereum. We of course have many other features which play into helping create brand awareness by using NFTs and create unique events right on our platform. All these features will further support adoption and expansion of real world use cases for NFTs..

Q5: Your project is awesome,i have no doubt.... But you know that gift or send a collectible to someone is a very important for any my que is can I gift or send a collectible to someone?????

ANS: Of course, you can do that easily using MeDIA eYe platform, and you can do it on multiple blockchains. So either you want to suprise someone by launching an NFT directly to them or simply share an important occasion, all this can be done on MeDIA eYe platform..

Q6: By becoming a Creator Can I buy, sell and launch NFTs that were not created on the eYe MeDIA NFT Portal? If so, how?

ANS: yes, you can, you can simply add your NFT to the platform that is up to you, there are not restrictions or limitations for doing that, we have taken this into account..

Q7: Could it be said that the MeDIAeYe NFT ecosystem has a great focus on the provision of its services and that therefore it could also provide advertising and marketing services through its NFT's to companies in the process of development that require a marketing boost or not?

ANS: Yes, companies can use the MeDIA eYe Platform to perform a myriad of marketing and promotional activities creating brand awareness for their products and services. So we do see MeDIA eYe becoming very popular for promotion of crypto protocols, their tokens, brand and services and for traditional digital content agencies and businesses using MeDIA eYe platform to address a huge and growing audience on the blockchain..

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