Recapitulation of MeetPle PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Friday, 5th October, 2021
Time: 10:00 AM UTC

The MeetPle PROJECT team was represented by @Jakets21 and @koo2017 who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about MeetPle PROJECT.


Q1: Could you introduce yourselves and also introduce the MeetPle project?

ANS: “MeetPle”, a combination of “Meet” and “People,” is a global video call application with excellent scalability and compatibility based on WebRTC
Based on MeetPle's technology, we have built a platform that can be used as an opportunity to connect with new friends around the world through the powerful function of video calls.
💪 MeetPle currently has more than 1.1 million users around the world, and it is a project where you can communicate and express yourself through video calls with various people from all over the world.

MeetPle, which can utilize MPT coin, a utility token, within the MeetPle platform, is the world's first blockchain-based video call platform. You can share your daily life and memories.

📍 Based on the MPT coin, a utility token of the MeetPle project, you can use MPT tokens that are rewarded for in-app payments and various events to be converted into jewels that can be used in the app when making in-app payments. You can use various functions such as selection and paid services.
You can escape the restricted network environment or create a secure network communication environment by using the PNS function in the MeetPle Wallet, a wallet dedicated to MeetPle.
When you deposit MPT coins using the MeetPle staking system, you can receive daily rewards according to the annual interest rate.

With the continuous further development of the MeetPle project and the expansion of the number of users and services of MeetPle through platform expansion, the value of MeetPle increases exponentially.

In addition to in-app payment revenue, internal data collected while users use the service can be used as big data to predict global trends, fluctuations and market preferences, and continue to create added value.

In addition, the sales and circulation of MPT Coins will increase in proportion to the expansion of the service and the rate of increase in users.

Q2: Thank you but could you please introduce yourselves as well? 😎

ANS: My name Theony Koo , Meetple Coo

Yes, let me tell you something simple.
I'm Jake, currently serving as the Vice President of the MeetPLe project :)
Stay tuned for Meetple's progress!

And Google it.

Q3: Could you tell us about the competitiveness or strengths of MeetPle compared to other projects?

ANS: Compared to other platform-based projects such as the MeetPle project, our competitiveness and strength

✅ First, the scalability of the platform.
While most of our similar platform-based projects are limited to knowledge sharing platforms based on social network services, MeetPle projects can add various functions such as PNS, country choice, gender selection, emoticons, profile access and social commerce, educational content, and live commerce, and most of them are still easy to use.

✅ The second is excellent technology.
It has its own developers who can develop and build platforms directly with various web developers, Android/IOS developers, server management, and UI/UX designers, and MeetPle Global Video Call Applications based on WebRTC can use faster and more stable video call services in poor Internet environments.

✅ The third is securing global users.
In the case of a new platform-based project, the platform is in the initial stage of growth, where it must secure start users at the same time as the platform is launched. It's a project based project.
Numerous users around the world who are using the existing MeetPle platform have potential MPT Coin users around the world who will be converted into MPT Coin users, a utility token dedicated to MeetPle in the future, through various rewards and marketing rewards paid within the MeetPle platform.

Q4: Please tell us about MeetPleApp and what parts does it consist of?

ANS: We have put a lot of effort on developing MeetPle system that can overcome the deterioration and limitations of the current social media platform. It was developed under the idea of “creating a system that allows many users to express themselves more freely and comfortably while communicating and having a deeper relationship with others”. With the powerful video call function of the MeetPle system,
it allows the users to connect and communicate with new friends around the world which may open up new opportunities. In addition, in order to support a fast and stable connection regardless of internet speed restrictions, a blockchain-based PNS service is operated in the MeetPle system.

MeetPle's PNS system overcomes the limitations of Internet access in the world including the MeetPle system. This system plays a role in dramatically reducing various risks by preserving both security and stability, especially in high-speed Internet service countries such as South Korea. All of the above services are provided through MPT coins on the blockchain in MeetPle. It supports various platforms simultaneously, allowing users around the world to easily use all of its systems without concerning about security.

Q5: What makes your MeetPleApp special and what are the main functions?

ANS: MeetPle is a platform where people from all over the world can say hi to their friends, communicate, and express themselves through video. Through MeetPle's platform, people get a powerful means of self-expressing with video while breaking the limits of static photography. The vlog, which refers to a video
blog, has been continuously developing since 2010. MeetPle’s Vlog is an innovative form that provides an opportunity to get closer with people through video call as well as make video blog. MeetPle’s video call function allows users to add other connected users as friends, and keep in touch with them through video call just like any mobile messenger.

Its social media platform supports to maintain long-term relationships between users in a more evolved way by sharing memories and daily life in the form of vlog. In addition, by simplifying the use interface, MeetPle made it easy for anyone to use the app allowing more people to share their various daily lives and memories.

✔️ Video Call:
MeetPle supports video, not chat or voice calls. You can introduce yourself and talk with people around the world through video calls. Unlike existing video calls, MeetPle video calls provide high accessibility and fun experiences by connecting with random MeetPle users.

✔️ Friends:
MeetPle video chats can help make real-life friends and keep in touch with them by adding them on the friend list.

✔️ Chat:
MeetPle supports users to continue daily conversations through messenger with people who have been added as friends. As it is not always easy to carry conversations only with video calls, we have various approaches to maintain users’ relationships with their friends.

✔️ Vlog:
You can share your daily life and precious moments through videos, photos, and short texts. The Vlog allows you to post stories and experiences in a simple form of blog with the use of video which is more realistic and specific approach.

✔️ Emoticons/emoji:
Emoticons are important in a way that it can effectively deliver user’s feelings to their friends. MeetPle supports various emoticons to allow users to exchange their emotions as close as their real feelings.

✔️ Diverse selection:
MeetPle is a worldwide service platform. You can find and join any group of people by selecting a country, region, gender, etc. It helps you to find the social group where you can perfectly fitting in.

MeetPle video call service enables fast and scalable communication based on WebRTC. WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is an API designed to allow web browsers to communicate with each other without plug-ins.

Q6: What is MeetPleWallet and what are its features?

ANS: In cryptocurrency, wallet service is the most basic interface of the ecosystem. A safe and easy-to-use wallet is the key to the spread of cryptocurrency use. The reason why we need to focus on wallet is that it is a key service that can expand the scope of cryptocurrency investors and blockchain users in the future. If cryptocurrency is compared to the fuel of a car in the blockchain ecosystem, the wallet is acting as a lubricant for the car to run smoothly.

Cryptocurrency wallets are very significant for countries trying to achieve the economic innovation. When talking about wallets, China, Southeast Asia, and developing countries are often mentioned. These countries are trying to effectively combine finance and blockchain technology as their financial industry is weak. MeetPleWallet intends to start a business in Southeast Asia based on its three features: convenience, simplicity and reliability. We create new innovative values by providing a friendly experience of cryptocurrencies for consumers using PNS. As important elements of the wallet such as trust, security, and user experience are resolved, the cryptocurrency wallet and the platform are naturally connected.
MeetPleWallet is a safe and easy-to-use mobile application designed with simplicity in mind to make cryptocurrency easy to use for all users, regardless of the different level of blockchain knowledge that each user has. It provides a complete security monitoring system that can transmit, receive and store digital assets including various cryptocurrencies such as ERC-20 tokens, BTC, ETH, Tether, etc. enabling multi-chain asset management, DAPP browsing, and secure exchange of value between individuals.

MeetPleWallet allows you to enjoy digital content beyond a means of storing cryptocurrency. It is also easy to expand users as there are no restrictions on experiencing digital contents through PNS in foreign countries (regions where the Internet is not smooth).

Q7: What is WebRTC and how does it help in MeetPleApp?

ANS: The background of WebRTC is as follows. Since the advent of the streaming era, we are watching real-time videos online, not by downloading the videos. Active-X or Adobe Flash Player caused a lot of inconvenience to the point that service users do not feel comfortable using them. Countless installed programs, unstable networks slowing down PCs and mobiles, and serious security problems are what make users' devices getting hacked. This method of video transmission has been commercialized in HTML5 and can be applied in different forms, but some people are pointing out that it is an open protocol with weak security. The project developed to solve these problems is WebRTC.

MeetPle's video call service based on WebRTC is a very simple application that has eliminated all the inconvenient features that existing service had. For instance, it does not require installation of additional software and even relieves the burden of operating system. WebRTC’s mission is to enable high-quality RTC applications to be widely used across all protocols, such as browsers, mobile platforms, and IoT devices. In the future, along with the growth of MeetPle, new services based on excellent scalability and usability will be added, which increases expectations and hopes in this industry. In addition, the MeetPle coin (MPT Coin) is installed to help easy payment. With its constant service updates, MeetPle is expected to take a powerful step forward and move on to the next stage.

Q8: Since MeetPleApp uses Private Network Server (PNS), could you tell us more about it? How does this help the application work?

ANS: In general, typical PNS companies provide services to clients by utilizing third-party’s unauthorized software, utilities, or applications. However, overflowing PNS service providers makes users feel inconvenient and complicated to use their services as they barely resolve server or environmental error and implement self-improvement check.

TITAN PNS built its own server and software based on IKEv2, the latest PNS standard protocol. There are very few engineers who can develop IPSec-Strongswan, which is the basis of IKEv2, in South Korea.

Typically, the network is greatly influenced and restricted by the environment in which the internet is used. Although it is possible to simply build IKEv2 Server and IKEv2 Network using OpenSourceꠓbased Strongswan, it is actually a difficult research task for detailed system control and accurate logic processing in various environments and situations. TITAN PNS is one of the few Korean companies that can apply professional knowledge to operate service despite of a lot of variables. TITAN PNS is under development to enable PNS communication in more environments by deploying WIRE GUARD, which is attracting attention as a next-generation protocol, or Shadowsocks’ excellent Socks5 proxy communication network method. Unlike other companies that simply provide PNS equipment and a given environment to customers and self-claim as a network specialized company, TITAN PNS is actually resesarching various environments and variables to solve the problems.

With the use of TITAN PNS technology for MeetPle platform, it can help with platform security work. In order to avoid static analysis that analyzes the application of the computer or devices, it is necessary to use obfuscation solution of the application part (APP Part).
In addition, if we try to keep all data and information safe by checking the security of each server and network, which operates separately from the blockchain and communicates with the outside of the platform environment, at regular intervals, it is possible to enhance the security level of MeetPle service operated in various environments through cooperation with TITAN PNS, which holds unrivaled technology to research and develop various platforms.

Q9: What can you tell about Titan PNS and its usage in your app?

ANS: With advances in data mining, people are being watched for everything from surfing the Internet to using credit cards and transacting online. If you pay by cryptocurrency, you can keep all your financial transactions anonymously and securely online. As cryptocurrency is being known, there is a side effect: the number of cases of cryptocurrency wallets being hacked has increased with the rapid growth of network attackers. Since all cryptocurrencies are completely digital, all data transmitted over the network must be encrypted in order to securely connect to the network.

If a cryptocurrency wallet is used through PNS, the user’s real IP address is not exposed. They can avoid from IP tracking and private information & funds getting hacked. Few wallets might create a list of accessible IP addresses. But with an address provided through PNS, MeetPleWallet is unlikely to get hacked. People who often travel abroad access the internet with public Wi-Fi. In such a public network, it is much easier for hackers to access users’ devices and information. However, cryptocurrency protocols can make crypto-transactions data inaccessible and protect them safe against cyberattacks. The use of a reliable PNS service is very significant for cryptocurrency wallets. It is because even if a hacker or cyber spy finds the PNS, they cannot access the PNS connection. National censorship is blocking more and more sites to the point that some countries are even blocking the entire social networks. At this point, it is strongly recommended to use Titan PNS for business or cryptocurrency purposes other than just internet surfing since restrictions such as national censorship increase the demand for PNS.

Q10: Could you give an overview of the MPT coin and its use cases? Where is the coin available for purchase?

ANS: In general, WebRTC-based service, which is a typical service that support real-time mutual communication, has the advantage of enabling faster access compared to the existing API method. The most effective way to generate additional revenue is to replace the traditional payment method and find the alternative method. For the traditional payment platform, users should install several programs on their devices at all cost in order to achieve centralized security and access to the server network. In addition, uses must go through step-by-step authentication procedures to execute the program. However, MeetPle provides fast and convenient service within MeetPle's platform through its own blockchain coin.

MeetPle is available not only in certain countries, but also anywhere across the world where use MeetPle’s platform. It means that the coin supported by MeetPle can be served as a public currency all over the world. MeetPle plans to update features of MPT coin through continuous development.

📍 After purchasing MeetPle Coin on Bittrex and Dcoin exchanges, users can use it in MeetPle Wallet or inside and outside video call app. When coins are transferred from a wallet or exchange directly to a video call app, they are automatically converted into MPT points and displayed as MPT coins in the wallet. You can enjoy the real 4th social network service by using these points and MPT coins in the following situations.

Let me tell you some of the main examples of use.

✅ Within the MeetPle Chat app, the world's first blockchain video call application, MPT tokens paid for rewards and various events can be used as rewards for in-app payments and converted into jewels that can be used in the app. You can use various functions such as gender selection and country selection and paid services.

✅ Even if you have a certain amount of MPT in MeetPleWallet, you can use the Private Network Server (PNS) specialized for security for free, so you can manage hacking and asset protection, which has always been emerging in other wallets, differentiated.

✅ When depositing MPT coins using the MeetPle staking system, you can receive daily rewards according to the annual interest rate.

✅ In order to purchase products necessary for real life other than video calls through MPT Mall, an MPT exclusive shopping website that will be opened soon, MeetPleWallet and MeetPleChat are linked so that various products registered in the shopping mall can be purchased with stable MPT coins in the wallet. You can use it to pay. Part of the payment amount is paid with MPT coins, and the remaining amount is paid in cash, so you can purchase products necessary for real life using MPT coins.

As such, MPT Coin plans to continuously expand its use through steady additional development.

MPT coins can be purchased through the Bittrex Exchange (USDT-MPT pair), which was newly listed 🎉🎉 on November 2, and the Dcoin Exchange, which was previously listed. Additional listings are planned on cryptocurrency exchanges in various countries in the future.

Q11: Finally, let's talk longterm 😎
What are the future plans for your project and application?

ANS: We are working on the MeetPle project with an emphasis on updating additional features of video call applications, expanding platforms, and listing on global exchanges in the future. It is believed that the continuous promotion of the platform and the effect of global marketing can bring about a synergy effect between MPT coin users and MeetPle users. To maximize this, we are planning to expand services of additional platforms such as advertising platforms, educational contents, live commerce, and exclusive shopping malls, starting with blockchain-based video call platforms for various customers around the world.

The MPT coin-only shopping mall mentioned earlier is expected to open in mid-November 2021 when the development is completed.

In order to continue to expand the platform, we are currently focusing on additional development of educational content, entertainment services, and video call A.I.Matching systems.

The educational content will add native conversation and professional education content from each country to utilize not only video call functions but also extensions, and to transfer or cooperate with MeetPle's technology based on WebRTC where the education platform is needed.

Entertainment services will provide various live contents such as performances, plays, concerts, and K-Pop through agreements with domestic and foreign entertainment companies, and allow payments through MPT coins, providing a place for communication between MeetPle users and live broadcasts.

The video call A.I Matching system will utilize artificial intelligence designed to match calls between users with matching interests, to improve AI proficiency and service quality and collect and utilize service data based on big data collected through continuous service operations.

As such, we will continue to do our best to further grow our MeetPle project through continuous platform expansion and exchanges and cooperation with various companies. Please look forward to MeetPle and MPT Coin. Thank you 👏.:

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