Recapitulation of MetaCelo PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Wednesday, 5th January, 2022
Time: 14:00 UTC

The MetaCelo PROJECT team was represented by @Devil_cMETA who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about MetaCelo PROJECT.


✨✨QUESTION1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on MetaCelo?

ANS: Hello everyone. I'm Devil - the MetaCelo community manager. For my background, I've been working in the fields of cryptocurrency and blockchain for years.

At MetaCelo, I'm in charge of maintaining the society, increasing engagement, implementing the marketing plan, and more in order to help MetaCelo get the greatest members and outcomes

In regard to MetaCelo team, there are 7 people who are profoundly knowledgeable and experienced in the cryptocurrency at the present including 1 founder, 2 developers, 1 designer, 1 community manager and 2 people in charge of marketing.

The number of team members will possibly increase as additional work becomes. Many of our core members have been involved in the crypto community since Ethereum's first products were released in the near future, especially after launching and we will hire more people that time.

Is the MetaCelo team doxxed?

No, we are annonymous as we want to focus on developing our project.

✨✨QUESTION2: Can you introduce MetaCelo, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: MetaCelo is The First Play-To-Earn Metaverse NFT Game built on Celo Network where players become monster trainers and experience their own adventures in an open-world role-playing blockchain game.

MetaCelo, with its vintage design and nostalgic feeling, is a metaverse formed from childhood dreams of Pokemon on the Game Boy Advanced portable game device which is a nostalgic and delightful experience. It was founded with the intention of creating a place for players to mingle and connect while exploring the cryptocurrency metaverse. As a community-driven project, we would like to provide our users a secure and pleasant environment.

Our goal is to establish the Metaverse to connect individuals in the DeFi sector, assist them in earning money via game features, and simplify DeFi by utilising our dapp as a one-stop shop for all DeFi platforms.

MetaCelo is integrated with two main features. DeFi features include DEX, Farming/ Staking, NFT, Launchpad. The other is Game Feature.

DEX: We will integrate SushiSwap and cLASwap, the two biggest decentralized exchanges on Celo Network, where users can directly purchase cMETA to participate in MetaCelo world without opening any other application windows.

Farming/ Staking: People joining in MetaCelo are able to add a liquidity pair of $cMETA and $CELO in Farming Area to start earning passive income. We would also integrate more liquidity pairs in this metaverse.

NFT: In MetaCelo, people may mint NFTs from other projects building on Celo Network and may trade these NFTs to each other.

Launchpad: MetaCelo will have its own launchpad to assist our gamers discover new and potential projects and invest in them. Furthermore, we will integrate different launchpads so that our users may access numerous projects at the same time.

Game Features: Store, Flea Market, Monster Release, PvE, PvP, Items,..

As mentioned, besides the DeFi applications in MetaCelo, it is also integrated with the Play-To-Earn features where investors become the monster trainers and may earn cMETA throughout the adventure.

And finally, all these things I have already mentioned are our competitive advantages.

✨✨QUESTION3: Any plans for expansion? What can you tell us about what’s to come in 2022 for MetaCelo?

ANS: About the roadmap, our plan is divided into 4 phases:

Phase 1 - Hadean
-Team Formation
-Website Development
-Building Community: Telegram, Twitter, Discord
-Whitepaper/ Docs
-Game Development

Phase 2 - Archean
-cMETA Token Contract Deployed
-Whitelist/ Airdrop Competition
-[Game] Testnet
-Smart Contract Audit
-DEX Listing
-Coingecko, CoinMarketCap Listing

Phase 3 - Proterozoic
Staking LP to earn $cMETA
[Game Feature] Monster Shop
[Game Feature] Monster Marketplace
[Game Feature] PvE

Phase 4
-[Game Feature] Monster Release
-[Game Feature] PvP
-[Game Feature] Items

So far, we have got the ideas, formed the team, and developed our own website as well as our game. We have also built many communities on Telegram, Discord, Twitter. We are still on our way to reach the upcoming targets that I have already mentioned.

✨✨QUESTION4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS and BACKERS so far?

ANS: Up to now, we have been going in partnerships with Celopunks and Cla.Labs, in which Cla.labs is the incubator with many supporting sources (partners, kols, community,…).

Also, we have been discussing with other partners and influencers. So please follow our social channels to get the latest information.

✨✨QUESTION5: Finally on this segment, Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics and Utility of $cMETA tokens?

ANS: MetaCelo ($cMETA) token is developed on Celo Network which is a secure, fast, and incredibly low-cost network where you may battle and earn rewards without hesitation of fees.

With the total supply of 100.000.000, our tokennomics is divided into 4 main categories:

1. Public sale:
- Private Sale 9%
- IDO 18%
- Community Sale 5%

2. Team and Advisor: 9%

3. Marketing:
- Marketing 9%
- Airdrop 2%

4. Liquidity and Farming:
- Liquidity 7%
- Reward Pool 41%

$cMETA is used as a currency in this Metaverse to purchase items such as monster eggs, outfits, mounts, hairstyles, energy potions,..

It also is utilised for Staking and Farming in Farming Area. The last utility of $METACELO Token is to join Arena and battle with other monstSegmenter trainers.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

✨✨QUESTION1: Nft is trendy topic in blockchain gaming nowadays, Is your team also planning to launch your own Nft for mint or use in games?

ANS: Yes. In MetaCelo, people may mint NFTs from other projects building on Celo Network and may trade these NFTs to each other.

✨✨QUESTION2: Does Meta Celo have any plans to have a "Testnet" for its games?
If so, when and how to participate?

ANS: We will host a testnet competition as a competitive playground where people not only could experience the game but also earn the reward from it. The reward will be kept as secret until the testnet is released.

✨✨QUESTION3: I saw an Airdrop notification to .NOM domain holders on your Twitter handle, can you tell us more about this? Is it too late for us to participate? What's the relationship between Metacelo and CeloPunks?

ANS: The airdrop is for users who own .NOM domain at least 1 year. The snapshot is on 5th Jan 2022, 16:00 UTC. Don't be late.

✨✨QUESTION4: Staking is main feature for any project so do you have any plan to launch your staking program,if yes then what will be The staking mechanism of Metacelo project?

ANS: People joining in MetaCelo are able to add liquidity pair of $cMETA and $CELO in Farming Area to start earning passive income. We would also integrate more liquidity pairs in this metaverse.

✨✨QUESTION5: What security audits have been done so far? What strategies have been used to ensure the protection of the MetaCelo platform from cheaters, hackers and any kind of insecurities?

ANS: We are working with other audit service and in the finalization. We will announce the result on our social media when it's done. Keep following our channel.

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