Recapitulation of MetaGuardians PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Thursday, 9th September, 2021
Time: 20:00 UTC

The MetaGuardians PROJECT team was represented by @Antubelm who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about MetaGuardians PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on METAGUARDIANS?

ANS: My name is Antubel Moreda and I'm the lead game designer in Guardians of the Metaverse. I have 17 years of professional experience in video games at Flaregames, Electronic Arts, PopCap and other companies; where I've been fortunate enough to have leadership roles in commercially successful, critically acclaimed games like Bejeweled, Plants vs. Zombies, Nonstop Knight or Zombie Gunship Survival.

At Metaguardians, we currently have a lean and experienced, 8-people team. Today I'd like to introduce Alvaro Gasco and David Kampa. Alvaro is our concept art director and has 18 years of experience as a 3D artist in movies like Wonder Woman 1984, Venom, Pacific Rim: Uprising and many more. David is our technical art director and has a career as a 3D artist going all the way back to the mid 90s; primarily in advertising but also movies such as Chico and Rita, which was nominated for the Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

Q2: Can you introduce METAGUARDIANS, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Guardians of the Metaverse is an NFT and blockchain-based, entertainment and financial project with a long-term vision. At the very core, we have the collection of 10,000 Guardians that we're releasing this week. From this starting point, we will continue to expand our universe with additional collections that will eventually make their way into existing metaverses as digital property. In parallel, we're developing a play-to-earn game where the Guardians will have a protagonist role with VIP benefits.

We believe our competitive advantage is the experience of our team; the high, triple-A production quality of our content; and our long-term, comprehensive vision for the project.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: We're a relatively new project that started 4 months ago - but they've been so intense that we feel like we've achieved a lot! From assembling the original team to planning our roadmap to producing our first, tentpole collection.

We feel our top achievements so far have been building an already pretty strong, growing community. Despite having only started about 2 weeks ago, our Discord channel has already over 24k members, our Twitter account has 12k followers and we recently launched our Twitch channel. We're also quite proud of the ongoing presale process, which is something that we hadn't planned for but our community requested, and we managed to put together quickly and smoothly. Lastly, our biggest milestone so far is just around the corner, with the collection dropping this Saturday, the 11th of September - the public sale will open at 11AM EST (4PM UTC).

In terms of roadmap, there are 4 things happening in the immediate future, within the next month and a half:
1. We're already working on our second collection, which existing Guardian owners will be able to claim for 0 ETH + gas in 45 days after the public sale.
2. We're working on fully rigged 3D models in Blender, which will be made available to Guardian owners to do with them as they please.
3. We're starting to explore adding the Guardians to the various metaverses, with some early work-in-progress that we've already shared with our community.
4. The game will enter the pre-production stage, where a detail design specification will be created and a concrete timeline for the game announced.

Q4: Can you give the process to participate in the public Sales?

ANS: The public sale will be open for everyone this Saturday, the 11th of September at 11AM EST. Minting will cost 0.08 ETH + gas. All the details are available on our website and other official channels.

We also still have another presale scheduled before the public sale. However, to qualify you have to level up in our Discord community, and it might be a bit hard for a new user to achieve the required level in time at this point.

Q5: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: Being such a relatively new project, we haven't announced any strategic partnerships yet. We've done small collaborations with other projects for giveaways and similar stuff; and we're always open to collaborate with others and see if it leads to longer-term, more strategic partnerships.

That said, we all have extensive professional networks in the film and video game industry, and we're currently negotiating with potential partners - especially for the game development and publishing. These include well-known angel investors in these industries as well as big, popular companies. We're really excited about these and can't wait to share more, hopefully we can make an announcement in the near future.

Q6: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the Guardians NFT?

ANS: On the one hand, Guardian NFT ownership will unlock access to a wealth of content for the metaverse and beyond. As mentioned, we're already working on our next collection, a fully rigged 3D model in Blender and metaverse avatars. All these will be available to Guardian owners at no additional cost (except gas); and this is just the start!

On the other hand, Guardian NFT owners will be able to use them in our upcoming play-to-earn game. In the game, Guardians will be the protagonists and receive VIP treatment - including bonus benefits, or yield, from the various play-to-earn and staking mechanics that we're planning.

Lastly, the game will also feature NFTs from future collections as well as its own tokens. The main one, Guardianite, has already been announced - and, of course, Guardian NFT owners will receive a Guardianite airdrop when released.

That said, it's a bit early to go into more detail about the game's tokenomics.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Can you tell us more about the play-to-earn game that you guys are designing, what features will the game have to make it worth playing and will it include all characters the team develops as NFTs? Does owning your NFT give us full derivative rights to your Guardians and further collections?

ANS: Hi Abu, thank you for your questions. I can't go into too much detail about the game yet, but there will be more announcements within the upcoming weeks. What I can say is that it will include the existing NFT collection as well as other collections that we'll be releasing in the future. Feature-wise, I can confirm it will feature a combat system, core play-to-earn mechanics inspired by Axie Infinity and other popular titles, and DeFi-like staking built into the game mechanics.

As per the second question, yes, we grant you full derivative rights as long as you hold your Guardian.

Q2: I understand that as an owner, I can download my Guardians in .png format. But I saw that I can also request a high resolution image of my Guardians with 3D models. Is this currently available? What are the requirements I need to fulfill to request for it successfully? And what are the benefits I will be getting as an Owner of a Guardian NFT?

ANS: Hi Hakeem, the high resolution images are ready but not claimable yet, we will be announcing how to claim them shortly, after the public sale.

As mentioned in the introduction earlier, the benefits as an owner of a Guardian NFT are plenty - from access to additional collections and content at no additional cost, to being able to use them (and earn interest) in our upcoming play-to-earn game.

Q3: Out the of those new collections created to fill our universe
Are they accessable by owners of Guardians?
2.Does having a guardian NFT give me the right to change the price of those claimed NFT?

ANS: 1. Yes, Guardian NFT owners will be able to exclusively claim the new collections that we're planning. With the first next collection dropping in a month and a half.
2. Absolutely, you're the owner of the NFTs and are free to sell them at whatever price you want :)

Q4: I'm a fan of good art and I appreciate one when I see it which is why I say your Guardian NFTs are indeed dope designed character collectibles. You're designing a play-to-earn game, what are the requirements to play this game? Will the incentives/rewards be in NFTs? Do I need a separate wallet to hold your NFTs? When should we be expecting the release of the game?

ANS: Hi Zekejay, thank you for the kind feedback! Our current plan is to release the game for mobile and PC, so it requires owning one of those platforms. Guardian NFT owners can play with their Guardians, but others will also be able to play with other, not-so-unique characters that will be announced in the future. We want to make the game as accessible as possible, so we want to remove as many barriers to play as we can. Incentives will be primarily in NFTs and other tokens (including our game token, Guardianite) but potentially others too. A concrete timeline for the game will be announced within the next few weeks but, based on our current concept, we're expecting development to take 12 to 18 months - but an early access version or beta might be released earlier than that.

Q5: I was discussing with a friend and he listed some of the reasons to be Uber Bullish on Metaguardian as to include

1. The pioneer 3D #NFT with superheroes

2. Metaguardian consist of an experienced team within 3D, gaming and blockchain

3. New collections for 0 ETH + gas every 45 days in which only owners of Guardians can participate

4. The coming of an actual play-2-earn 3D game

5. Compatible with

6. Exciting tokenomics to be released

7. Possible integration with @THORChain and other #DeFi protocols

8. Revenue sharing with Guardian owners

9. Full derivative rights to one's Guardians and further collections as long as you hold your #NFT

10. Ability to access different metaverses with a users avatar

11. Ability to produce 3D models in a real life

12. He said Metaguardian has 22,000 Discord members

These benefits seem unbelievable. Can you please confirm whether this information is true. If so, I am jumping on Metaguardian and bringing a large Crowd

ANS: I can confirm most of these benefits are planned. I'm not sure we have any concrete plans regarding point #7 (THORChain and other DeFi protocols) but it's definitely something we want to explore too.

Q6: There are millions of NFT lovers out there and that makes me wonder why you chose to create just 10,000 NFTs. Are there plans to further create more so that most NFT lovers can actually have at least 1 or perhaps, can the male and female Guardians mate to create more guardians? Finally, is it possible to own a fraction of an NFT or do users have to purchase the full NFT?

ANS: We will be releasing more (still limited) NFT collections in the future. Moreover, for the game, we will release an unlimited type of NFT so everyone can play, even those who don't own Guardian NFTs or NFTs from our other limited collections.

It's not possible at the moment to own a fraction of a Guardian NFT, but this is something that's on our list and we want to integrate such mechanic inside the play-to-earn game.

Q7: One of the things that struck me the most about Metaguardians was that you mention that you are designing a game to make money. Could you give us more information about this game and the team and investors you work with to achieve this? Given the beautiful design that your NFTs have, it can be a very attractive game, what advantages will you have compared to so many competitors with NFT games?

ANS: I've already give a few details about the game in other answers, so I won't repeat them here. However, in terms of our advantage, I believe we have one of the most experienced teams in video games and we will have strong partnerships to announce in the future.



✍️ ✍️ ✍️ I read on your website, that owning a NFT Guardian, grants all commercial rights to that character, but, in the future will it be possible for me to trade and sell it to other users of the #GuardiansOfTheMetaverse ecosystem? For financial gain.

ANS: Absolutely, you will be able to sell them if you wish, same as any other NFT. That said, we really hope people choose to hold them - we're planning to bring a lot of additional value to Guardian NFT owners.

Q9: Guardians are stored as ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Owners can download their Guardians in .png format, they can also request a high resolution image of them, with 3D models coming soon for everyone. What type of token do you have for this type of game? Are there different NFT cards and tokens for each tutor?

ANS: The game will use both ERC721 and ERC20 tokens, including Guardian NFTs, Guardianite and more to be announced.

We're running out of time, so I will try to answer 1-2 more questions from the ones still unanswered.

Q10: There are 10,000 unique 3D NFTs of GUARDIANS, all priced at 0.08. 0.08 what? $USDT, $BUSD, $BNB, $ETH? There aren't any NFTs more than or less that price 0.08?

ANS: What we're planning to do is a 10 ETH giveaway after the public sale. More details to follow.

Q11: Currently many NFT projects base their potential only on art, but I see that the METAGUARDIANS team, is broad in experience and their art is incredible however, you say that your vision is comprehensive and long term, what do you hope to offer unlike other projects that only feature art? Your NFT will link to the real world, will you develop games, what real potential do you as a team see in the NFT?

ANS: The Guardian NFT is what brings all our metaverse and play-to-earn game plans together. Guardian NFT owners will benefit the most by holding, getting access to new content and earning yield in the game.

Q12: 😎 Since Guardians of the Metaverse focuses on blockchain, the NFT space and all its development, will be limited to being available and useful within the virtual space or go further by bringing their products to the physical world to help bring content to the real world?

ANS: This is something really interesting for us. We're already working on merchandising and there's been discussions about preparing models for 3D printing. But we'll definitely explore other real world connections in the future!

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