Recapitulation of MetrixCoin AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB


Date: Wednesday, 14th October, 2020

Time: 03:00 UTC

The MetrixCoin team was represented by Trent Richards, CEO of MetrixCoin project. He judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself, and your background? Also if you have a team, please introduce the team.

Ans : Thanks for having me on this AMA. It’s fantastic to reach out to the AMA LOVERS CLUB audience and share some information about our AMAZING COIN & TEAM.. Metrix Coin (MRX)!

I offered to assist the Metrix team with my skill set as a CEO of many companies over the past two and a half decades and I started in a volunteer BDM role. In a short period of time I stepped up to the CEO role as this is where I am the most comfortable, however I am still very keen to continue in my BDM role as well to ensure that the coin is continually growing.

My team are highly experienced in their fields and most are in a volunteer role as they are driven by what has inspired them at Metrix.

Q2 : Can you please introduce METRIX COIN, what critical problems are you solving that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the utility of MRX and competitive advantage?

Ans : Metrix is a Proof of Stake (PoS) coin that has just recently been forked from the QTUM chain. The Metrix Dev team have then coded the chain to suit the requirements of Metrix. This allows for super-fast, low cost transactions. The proof of stake ability allows a holder to earn interest when holding the coin in a wallet provided in multiple forms by the team.

It’s a currency that uses a decentralized ledger meaning its available 24 hours a day. We are changing from a team run project to a community run project through our new Governor protocol. The team will be here to grow the coin and to assist our community at all times though.

The reason it is different to other coins is through the partnerships Metrix has in hand. These partnerships will allow MRX coin to be used as a form of payment in Casino’s through to Shopping centers and even for telecommunications. As we grow these partnerships, the real world use case for MRX will continue to expand.

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and the future milestones you want to achieve with timelines? Also share your roadmap.

Ans : As a team we are looking to partner with real world use case to allow MRX coin to be used as a payment system.

To date we have partnered with Grudge Match Gaming GMG with will allow you to have a wager on online games against your mates and even challenge the leader board. All powered by MRX!

We have also partnered with a company that digitizes money which will open the flood gates for MRX to be integrated throughout all types of industries

We have more recently also just structured a strategic partnership with AFO Foundation allowing MRX to be used to pay for telecommunications on a global scale

The rod map we have produced is for OCT only currently as we are going through a chain swap currently. Once this is completed, a new White Paper and Road Map will be shared. For now though please check out how busy we are in October below

As you can see we are not sitting on our hands. We are proactively building Metrix!


Q1 : Most of the priorities of the cryptocurrency community are symbolic pricing. How will Metrix solve the negative problem when the MRX price drops? What are your plans to strengthen and develop the community so that more people see the product than the price?

Ans : We are extremely hard at work on building this coin

Good question and not that easy to answer as price means different things to different people. Some people buy a coin at 5 sats and it goes to 10 sats quickly and they are very happy and sell out of their position. Others are happy to buy at 5 sats and wait for a fair amount of time to realize the longer term gains.

Most are extremely upset if they buy at 5 sats and the price quickly goes to 2 sats. But folks, this is the reality of crypto investing/trading. The price does not always go up and certainly not in a straight line.

Since I started investing in Metrix (previously LINDA COIN) the price was around 20 sats and we watched it grow to an ATH of approx. 94 sats.

Since I joined the team we have seen price starting at approximately 0.5 sats (sub sat level) and grow to 5 sats. We are currently bouncing between 2–4 sats. As a team we are doing everything we can to ensure the long game price will be there and the market to have liquidity. After all, 500 sats doesn’t mean anything if the market isn’t liquid.

Through our partnerships and exchange listings coming over the next three weeks we certainly expect to have a lot more eyes on Metrix and as we grow our community, I’m sure that the price will follow. Later today we are going to announce a listing for this Friday on a top 100 exchange. Then the coming weeks another two more exchanges will be announced.

There are plenty of positive events lined up currently at the Metrix shop, it’s just crazy to watch!

Q2 : Can you explain to us what the Think Tank Thursday (TTT) will be? What exactly will it be and will all Metrix users be able to participate?

Ans : Okay — Sounds like you have done your research! Thank you!!

We believe our project is more than just a blockchain project. It is a community-driven effort connecting with everyone for everything. TTT program is an exceptional platform that will provide a voice to the community to bring about change, growth, plan and strategy that guarantees off-chain development with Metrix.

Q3 : What about BA Consult collaboration? When it starts?

Ans : BA Consult are still working through the roll out of the integration. At this stage we have the first of their clients, being a casino with slot machines initially, to be live in Quarter 1, 2021. As casino’s have had huge restrictions on them due to COVID-19, we are envisaging that there could possibly be further delays, but we can only work on what we can, to have this ready to meet out timeline.

Once the first operation goes live, there will be plenty more to come onboard being powered by Metrix.

I won’t go too much into other businesses that we are currently in talks with, but what I will say is that the concept of being powered by Metrix, has been surprisingly accepted amongst many businesses.

I think the reason behind this is that we are a microcap coin with an experienced team and explosive potential compared to a major cap coins. We also have the products and capabilities to make it a fairly simple integration with the businesses that we are in talks with.

I am really looking forward to seeing where all this can take Metrix in 2021.

Q4 : You recently rebranded from Linda coin. What necessitate the rebrand? How would you ensure Metrix project become a huge success and grow rapidly in terms of building a strong community, developing partnership and exchange listing?

Ans : Yes it was about 18 months ago that we completed the rebrand from Linda Coin to Metrix Coin. This was done prior to my time as the CEO, however I was an avid community member at the time. I was really excited to hear that the team wanted to complete a rebrand at the time as Linda didn’t sound good and it really didn’t look good in my opinion. The only thing LINDA had going for her was her return on investment (ROI).

These days the Metrix name sounds great and our graphics (that some have been community fed to the team) look amazing! Our partners also were very excited about the rebrand and we have not looked back.

New partnerships are coming on board each month and we are about to build our Business Development team to bring even more opportunities to work with.

As far as rapid growth is concerned, we are listing on four exchanges in October. Three of these are already top 100 exchanges and I’m sure that the forth exchange Barter Trade will also make this list after its operations commence!

We have a huge amount of community involvement and activities around these exchange listings to really get the METRIX name out there. I will be announcing the name of the exchange that we are listing on this Friday later today through our socials!

Q5 : As a beginner in blockchain community what are struggles you have made into it? Can you tell us about the origin and future plans of $Metrixcoin? What are the challenges faced by $Metrixcoin to enter into a cryptoworld?

Ans : Sure! Prior to the chain swap we were operating on an old chain that has a lot of issues. Our dev team were spending most of their time updating and repairing than building which was not a great outcome for their time invested nor the future of the coin.

Now that the chain swap is in the process of happening, our devs have a brand new chain that was a hard fork of the QTUM chain and it has been coded to suit Metrix and our partners moving forward. This chain allows us to run Smart Contracts on it which will give us endless possibilities moving forward to grow our partnerships and business.

We can even run Defi projects on our chain with ease, which allows even more eyes on Metrix Coin which is certainly in line with the current craze.

We will be on several top exchanges as mentioned and we will be growing our partnerships to bring Metrix into the realm of real world use cases.


Q1 : What are the benefits of “Metrix is moving to a new chain”? how to swap my MRX coins to the new chain?

Ans : Great question. The answer is that there are absolutely unlimited benefits on the new chain based on the new structure allowing for governance and smart contracts. We are able to build all sorts of businesses on our chain which simply opens up endless opportunities to grow our coin.

Q2 : A lot of people will want to know what the strength of MetrixCoin is but I want to know the weaknesses and problems MetrixCoin faces? How do you plan to solve it?

Ans : Really good turn around of a question. I Like it. The strengths we have discussed today already but I know that is not what you are asking. The weaknesses we face or faced was an old chain that could not keep up with our future plans. This has now been sorted to an unlimited edition of a chain that was forked from QTUM. Another major issue for some of our partners has been a little issue going around the world known as COVID-9. This will not stop us though. We are continuing to build business partnerships and continuing to grow our coin.

Q3 : We all know security is now a concern of every cryptocurencies project, can you explain what security system Metrixcoin uses?

Ans : I would love to answer this question from a tech prospective however I am not a tech. What I can assure you is that our wallets have been built from scratch and our flagship wallet MyStakingWallet has never been compromised. We run the latest security within the wallet as well as full encryption that only the user has access to. The flip side of this of course is if you lose your keys you will lose your coins, however this is what we must accept as crypto holders to have the highest level of security.

Q4 : How will the Grudge Matching Game work? Will the GMG be be powered by MRX? What kind of games will be on the GMG?

Ans : Great question — You can actually check it out currently although its running in beta. Our devs are working on bringing this to life with the most up to date games. You can wager against friends and family or wager on other live matches as well as challenge the leaderboard. This platform is cutting edge and something we are extremely excited to discuss. We plan to have it running live in 2021

Q5 : Partnership and Community are the key to the success of projects, can you tell us how MetrixCoin will expand the partnership?

Ans : At Metrix we are about to employ a BDM department to really bring to life new partners that can offer what is needed to take the coin to the next level. This is something that we take very seriously as it will assist in getting the name of the coin out to new communities and at the same time increase the liquidity of the coin which is great for all involved. This in turn will make the coin more attractive to new investors and traders alike as well as open the gates for more people to get involved in this cutting edge space with METRIX!

Q6 : What is the user interaction strategy of #METRIX ? Do you have a way to make it easier for beginners? And Why should we invest in $METRIX?

Ans : Really good question. We are currently in the process of building Metrix Academy where we will have short 1–3 minute videos teaching our Metroids community how to do simple to more complex things in this space. This will include setting up and encrypting your wallet through to buying MRX on an exchange and sending the coins back to your wallet. Not to forget the security of backing up your wallet and private keys. All this will commence in the coming 6 weeks as we are working through our chain swap currently.

Q7 : What are the exclusive benefits that those who own Metrix Token receive? What role does the Metrix token play within the Metrix ecosystem?

Ans : There are HUGE benefits in buying a microcap coin whilst it’s under 5 Satoshi’s but this is not financial advice. It’s pure mathematics. If a coin reached 94 Satoshi’s with very limited partnerships and products and now in comparison the same coin with an updated team is bring on more and more real life partnerships and use cases for the coin, as well as being on 4 major exchanges then to me it’s a no brainer as the upside is blue sky compare to a minimal downside. Again not financial advice.

Q8 : No project can survive on its own. Can you tell us some of your partners and who you plan to collaborate with, in the nearest future?

Ans : Absolutely — We have a partner who can digitize money through their specialist Cashinow machines that already operate all over Italy. We will be incorporating MRX into these machines to give MRX as a payment option. We have GMG that we have discussed already allowing the player to wager MRX on games. We have AFRO Foundation allowing MRX to pay for telecommunication across the Vodaphone network globally. And we are not stopping here. There are plenty more partners that we are currently working with to bring MRX to them as a payment system. 2021 will be an extremely big year for Metrix. 2020 is just a time for us to be gearing up!

Q9 : When countries start accepting cryptocurrencies, which direction will MetrixCoindevelop? What is the target that MetrixCoin will aim for in 2020 and long term?

Ans : MRX will be used as a form of currency through our partner network. Through our smart technology and the use of exchange API’s we will be able to simply and efficiently choose to spend MRX rather tan cash in many application. Most of which will be incentivised if you pay with MRX.

Q10 : I know Metrix partnered with BA Consult and TI that would benefit users who bet what benefits Metrix offers and what bonus it offers to withdraw by MRX?

Ans : Yes absolutely — That’s the plan. We will be incentivising MRX as a payment to introduce it to a new audience which is incredibly exciting.


Q1 : Before leaving, could you please do good to drop every useful links to project including market where MRX is trading?

Ans :

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: — Main Website — Feedback Portal


HELPFUL DOCUMENTATION/GUIDES: — WIKI Documentation — MSW Swap Procedure — Altitude Swap Procedure

WALLETS/SOURCE CODE: — Github — Graphical User Interface — Daemons — Multi Coin Mobile/Web Wallet (App also available on App Store & Play Store)

IN HOUSE PRODUCTS: — Official Staking Pool — Multi Coin One Click Masternode/Staking Solution — Grudge Match Gaming

EXCHANGES: — Altilly — Crex24


EXPLORERS (Old Chain): — Metrix Explorer 1 — Metrix Explorer 2

COIN STATS: — Coin Market Cap — Coin Gecko
SOCIAL: — Metrix Twitter — GMG Twitter — Medium — Announcement Thread — Metrix Discord (You Are Here) — My Staking Wallet Discord — Grudge Match Gaming Discord — My Node Pool Discord — Official Metrixcoin Telegram

Telegram Group:
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