Recapitulation of MOBIFI PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Thursday, 1st April, 2021
Time: 18:00 UTC

The MOBIFI PROJECT team was represented by @Xyd945 who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about MOBIFI PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on MobiFi?

ANS: I’m Yudi, live in The Netherlands. Business informatics background from Utrecht University. Working as a data scientist and then IT CTO advisor in Shell headquarter. Basically what I was doing is to screen all emerging technologies and startups in IoT, AI, blockchain space. pretty cool job i like it

The team consists Toon, Vishal, Furqan and Philip and Catherine at the moment

Toon has over 20+ years experience in the banking industry, security, all kinds of IT stuff. He is one of the senior guys in the ING bank blockchain lab, where they incubated a lot of startup. VAKT, Komgo, he became the CTO of Komgo later. We were connected by my Shell mentor in 2019.

Vishal is a brilliant developer, he has a lot of experience coding in Ehtereum, Hedera, etc. We knew each other in the Hedera MVP program. We are the MVP of 2020. He has built EarthTile, EarthID, Minuteman capital.

Furqan is an experience substrate developer who has been working on polkadot project since 2017

Philip and Cat are our markeing and PR managers.

Q2: Can you introduce MobiFi, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: the critical problem we are solving is actually to bridge the trandtional business that lives on permissioned ledger to the public blockhains that have all kinds of DeFi, NFT and crypto applications.

We are the first one thhat is building the Corda-Polkadot bridge that will offer a cross-chain solution to bridge Corda.

The bridge is just a tool. So powering by the bridge, we are able to link our mobility platform that lives on Corda to the DeFi world. where we enable users to invest with their dormant mobility credit to earn more money with DeFi.

Q3: Can you talk about the mobility platform?

How does it work?

ANS: that's simple

it just acts like other mobility service platform, we integrate with exsiting mobility service providers like e-scooter, parking, charging or car rental. The difference from those traditional mobility service platform is that we build this on top of Corda ledger.

Corda provides all the immutability, transparency and data privacy you need.

btw, because of that, we have a Dual token solution

The Smile Token is a Corda internal value token only exists in Corda. When people top up it, they get the SMile Token, thus is like a stable coin peg to dollar and Euro etc. User uses this token to purchase mobility service. Even without the $MOFI token, the whole mobility system will still work – technically.

$MOFI token is the key to DeFi,using the Corda bridge we are building, we enable user to swap their SMile to $MOFI and then tap into the crypto world just like you hold your $ETH.

Q4: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: we have developed MVP of the mobility part during our incubation program in Switzerlan last year. The mobile app is in TestFlight, we still need to integrate the digital wallet and DeFi protocol. but should be ready soon. will let TestFlight user to try it out,

The focus now is really on the Corda-Polkadot bridge development, that is a completely open source project. Btw, we will be releasing the testing version of Corda-ETH bridge together with our partner as a service.

Q5: So people have access to the TestFlight now?

ANS: No, it;s just for our internal testing

it only contains the mobility part

once we add the wallet we will invite more external users

it will come

we want to ensure the quality

but so far there is no major delays I would say 😂

Q6: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: we have established... I don't remmeber the number haha, many of them are not annoucned yet.

such as Kylin, API3, Razor, Apron, SpiderDAO, Umbrella, R3, Union finance etc

we will be covering these areas:

data oracle, data market, layer 2, infrastructure, insurence DeFi market, maybe NFT in the future 😜 and digital idenity.

Q7: Who are the major partners for the data oracle?🤔

ANS: That's API3, Razor and Umbrella

Kylin we see them more as the data marketplace, but yeah, they provide data oracle as well.

Q8: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $MOFI Token?

ANS: 💥 According to our IDO on Trustswap on the April 2nd, we are pleased to uncover the Mobifi's Tokenomic.

- TOTAL SUPPLY: 150.000.000 $MOFI;

🔥 Smile token ($SMile) will stands as the reward token, pegged to fiat currencies and will act as a stablecoin.

📈 By providing this token, built on Corda's blockchain, we will incentivise people to change their transportation's behaviours in favor a sustainable environment.

🔥 Mofi token ($MOFI), wrapped on Ethereum's blockchain (and others then), will enable users to join the DeFi ecosystem,
trading and earning interest on their unspent funds.

📊 We will use the dual token model to ensure that the solution is compliant with large regulated companies and mobility service providers.



token metirc can be found there

The regarding the utility of the $MOFI token.

there are many ways how the token can be used

1) this is the most important one of course: As a utility token to swap back and forth between SMile and $MOFI to purchase mobility services to invest in DeFi

2) rewards for bridge node runner/staker

3) rewards for eco-travel behavior

4)LP Program incentives

and recently when we were talking one of our partners - Kylin. we think of a new way to create a MOFI-KYL pair so that our user can "stake" their mobility data into Kylin's data market to earn more money

so there are many ways we can create to use $MOFI in all kinds of ways.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Why Mobifi plans to use trustswap?why not uniswap sir?

ANS: trustswap is just for IDO, we will of course list on Uniswap. the initial listing price is the same. 😉

Q2: Kudos to the Mobifi team for coming up with such an amazing project that aim to solve the problems users face in the traditional transportation system. I would like to know how affordable are the mobility services you offer?
Hope the fees are not as insane as that of the traditional counterparts like PayPal and the likes?

ANS: good question.

So that's actually one of the pains that one of our parking partner told me a few weeks ago.

They are using a tradtional B2B payment solution which eats up most of the profits.

We change that payment scheme into on to the permissioned ledge on Corda. There is no transaction fees for all small micro transactions. Not like ETH's high gas fee.

Q3: How can I Join $MOFI IDO in Trustswap? What is needed in this IDO? For participate Need KYC? Give me the full details....

ANS: please join our telegram group, our guys can help you there:

Q4: What Mobifi rescues with the Corda system to offer new opportunities where all participating companies have the same right to evolve beyond just financial sectors and provide the level of trust between various organizations?
How commercial contracts are managed in corda to register an automated system without any type of error through Mobifi to solve problems inside and outside the platform?

ANS: Good question. and I hope I understand it correctly.

Corda is famous for its comprehensive design to streamline businesses, there are many good use cases in trade finance, supply chain, banking etc. You can build Cordapp (smart contract in Corda) to facilitate this. Via our bridge, we will be interchange those info between Corda and the public blockchains to ensure things are consistant on both side.

we will not limit to just financial companies, mobility companies are the ones we will be onboarding first, that's also a very intereting case when I chat with the R3 guys, We were selected into the final round of their 5G challenge recently. Those telco companies are eager to see what we can do in mobility.

Q5: One of the most interesting functions of MobiFi is the implementation of this bridge between the private Corda blockchain network and the public Ethereum network, can you explain to us what has been achieved through this bridge and what is its long-term scope?

ANS: we and one of our tech partner will be releasing the beta version of Corda to ETH bridge for testing soon. that will enable the flow start to roll between Corda and ETH.

the long-term goal is on the Corda-Polkadot bridge developmeent, we intend to create a cross-chain capbility of DeFi services to those applications live on Corda.

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