Recapitulation of MOBIUS FINANCE PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Tuesday, 4th May, 2021
Time: 11:00 UTC

The MOBIUS FINANCE PROJECT team was represented by @Corfucinas who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about MOBIUS FINANCE PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on Mobius Finance?

ANS: My name is Pedro Torres, I have an interesting background of philosophy and computer engineering. I got into crypto in 2016 (interestingly enough by mining some Dogecoin in an old PC). I loved the fundamentals of the entire ecosystem and the values it stands for, as well as its supporters

I've been involved in numerous projects as an advisor, mainly doing a technical role as a programmer (hope people here love Python just as much as I do)

While this time, I developed various trading algorithms for a number of strategies

Mobius Finance was born out of the idea of having a platform that can handle anything you want to throw at it

I design it with scalability and performance in mind

My team is also quite broad,

We have people from US, Germany, Uruguay, China, for example

If you go to our website

you can see more information about us.

Q2: Can you introduce Mobius Finance, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: If I would ask anyone on this chat, "What is the biggest market out there today?"

A lot of people could easily answer, stocks

which is not

it's just the most popular

bigger than this, you have other types of assets, for example, the commodities market

Corporate debt

But in reality, the biggest financial market globally is the Derivatives Market

which is at least 10x bigger than the stock market (it's huge!)

Mobius Finance aims to expand this market within the Cryptocurrency ecosystem

Just so you have an idea, Crypto marketcap is 2.1~ Trillions give or take

Out of this, Defi is just a small part

and out of this small part, Derivatives is even smaller in terms of total marketcap

If DeFi is going to take over the traditional finance world, we can agree that the derivatives market will be at least 10 times bigger than DeFi

This will be a huge opportunity for everyone, since we're still in the early days

Mobius Finance solves a few things as well.
We solve the global debt problem from other synthetics, we will allow multi-collateral from the very start, we will have an quote-model for settling trades (no more impermanent loss nor low liquidity)

We will also allow people to tokenize anything. Gold, Silver, Tesla, Google, etc

On top of this, we have developed the product to have a layer-2 solution, for cheap transactions

and fast execution.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: In the past few months we have successfully raise capital from various important VCs, just to mention a few, we have supporting us Magnus Capital, Blockhunter, Chain Capital, Lotus Capital, Oasis Capital, Raptor Capital, X21, AU21, Pantera

Among other partners we will be announcing as well

We have also completed most of our development for smart contracts, and are in the process of testing our systems, we have a working product

Our goal is announce soon our IDO Date!

So that people can invest in something that is valuable for the ecosystem, and on the edge of innovation

So stay tuned to the announcements for your opportunity.

Q4: Can you talk about the product?

ANS: Mobius Finance is a platform designed for the EVM ecosystem, this means that we are also compatible with the BSC and Huobi chain

The platform will solve the global debt problems when it comes to synths, and allow users to post a number of collaterals that will adopt to their trading strategy.

The platform will be decentralized


And we will have our governance token, the Mobius Token (MOT)

The idea is to give people control of the product, so it is in the community hand on what direction to take

We will also offer multiple incentives, such as liquidity mining, ability to create proporsals, our token will have a buy-back program and scheduled periodic burning

In order to assure a healthy price discovery

We have algorithm risk control in order to avoid any risk for profitable positions from liquidations

Our prices will be powered by oracles, which will allow us to have an powerful price feed for any asset

And we have started development to adjust to layer-2 ethereum, we will be one of the most powerful products in the next big leap of DeFi.

Q5: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: Above you can see a list of some of our investors, we're currently working.

We're working with the top IDO platforms currently, and once a date is secure we will announce it. Besides this, we are also holding conversations with various layer-2 solutions and sidechains solution to integrate into their ecosystem.

We also have important KOLs that will be making annoucements shortly that they will also be supporting our project

if you dont want to be left behind

be sure to join our telegram channel for the announcements.

Q6: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $MOT Token?

ANS: For our IDO we will be selling the Mobius Token $MOT

This will serve to govern the protocol.

As I mentioned, I want to build so people can use and enjoy and expand their assets.

With $MOT, users will be able to vote and submit proposals

Only 100 millions max supply will ever be created

This supply will slowly be decreased once we use token burn

In adition

The token can use as a collateral for the platform, users will be able to collateralize their MOT token in order to get moUSD, our stable currency

The token will also have various other mechanism, such as liquidity mining, buy-back program

and community rewards system

we want to make sure that the entire supply is controlled by our community.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Where will host $MOT IDO? Where can i biy $MOT token? What is vision of $MOT token? How to participate in IDO?

ANS: Our IDO will be within less than one month.

I suggest that you subscribe to our telegram channel for announcements.

We will have all details on our official channel as well, so stay tune, the mobius protocol will be live within a month.

Q2: The goal of Mobius Finance is to create a decentralized trading protocol that includes off-chain assets such as ETFs, commodities, stocks, bonds. But, how do you plan to get traditional users who are outside the chain to want to participate and invest in the project? Because these users do not tend to use the crypto space.

ANS: Saludos Antonio, contestare tu pregunta

This questions does not only applies to "us", it applies to everyone here as well.

We're a younger generation that is looking for economic opportunities, and the best way to get people from traditional finance to join this ecosystem is by creating good, reliable products that can accommodate different backgrounds.

Part of the reason we havnt seen a huge influx, it's because -we need to accept it- blockchain technology is complicated as it is fascinating. Innovation is hard to accomplish, that's why I'm doing something new, that still have a lot of room to grow, where people can learn and take advantage.

The best thing we can do to get traditional users, is by enabling good products, with a powerful community to support it, the rest, it's just time.

Q3: Projects that are not traded on major exchanges remain unnoticed. What do you think about listing the token on the leading exchanges?

ANS: I'll answer this one. The reason I've picked this question is due to the fact that everyone wants to know if Mobius will be listed in a traditional exchange. The answer is yes.

We will have announcements into that after our IDO, since it is too early to be released, but I have already established discussions with 3 major exchanges.

Q4: Some project now are promising big incentives to communities, just to attract more investors. Which later turns out to be fake How do you assure us that you won't do the same and do is #mobius benefitting to both crypto experts and professionals?

ANS: I'll answer this one. If anyone here has been long enough in crypto, you will remember that during 2017, this was as well the case. It has not diminished, rather adjsuted

I suggest to everyone, not just future supporters of Mobius Finance, to do their due dilligence

Not just on the project, but also into their investors

Money is cheap, reputation is expensive

Mobius Finance has all resources in our website, all of our VCs have a proven track record.

Q5: Mobius Finance is able to offer low transaction fees on layer-2 Ethereum... How is the platform able to have low fees being on ETH knowing that this blockchain is each day more expensive?

ANS: I'll answer this one. We will adopt a solution, we are doing our test on Optimistic Rollups

It is quite a brilliant solution, but even more complicated

I suggest to everyone here reading more on second layer solutions, since that will be the future

specially in the near team (this year)

I can give you a concrete example

If I was going to send ETH to a friend on ETH layer-one

it will cost be 21,000 gas

multiply that by GWEI,

and ETH price, and you will get the transaction fee

On layer-2, if I was going to send you an ETH

it won't cost me 21,000.....according to some papers approximations, it can cost me....98 gas...

I suggest everyone here checking more on that

I'm building Mobius in order to be part of the next wave of innovations

For the last question

and the winner.

Q6: It's no doubt that the current crypto- derivatives has many good products,however, only few are usable due to the scalability restrictions of Ethereum. In spite of that Mobius still went ahead to build it product on Ethereum. Don't you think this could hinder your dream of becoming a platform where both traditional and non-traditional investors can benefit from the full potential of decentralized derivatives? Or would you consider migrating as time goes by?

ANS: Congratulations, The difference of a dream vs a goal is a timeline

While a variety of other products exist, they suffer from imperfections that we have solved in Mobius, we are also a new product able to accommodate for the most recent technology in the market, so we're starting from an advantage right from the start

In a short amount of time, we will think of the problem of scalablity on ETH as something from the past

We need to think of the future

The reason we are building on ETH, it's because it's the most robost and most mature system

Mobius Finance will be rock solid, so we're choosing ETH as a initial chain.

We are EVM compatible, so we will also consider having a presence in other chains as well in the future

What's most important now is to build good quality products

The investors will join us, what we need to do, is be here earlier than them

Thanks everyone for your time!

I had a lot of fun on this AMA

Don't forget to join our channel!

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