Recapitulation of MOON FINANCE AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB group chat

Date: Wednesday, 16th September, 2020

Time: 18:00 UTC


The MOON FINANCE team was represented by Buzz and MoonDev. They judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 — Can you introduce yourself and the MoonDeFi project to the group?

Ans — So hi all I’m Buzz, i am lead marketer at team MoonFinance.

Hey how’s it going thanks for giving this project the opportunity to talk more about its plans!

We are a team of developers that came together from various projects and decided to create our own. We’ve spent a lot of time within the de fi Market and picked up a few ideas of how we could make things a little better perhaps a little fairer and most importantly keep on innovating within this space. We really do feel this is just the start!

Q2 — What problems does moondefi solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s your competitive advantages?

Ans — So currently our entire focus is on deploying the yield pool for farming that will be essential to the long term success of Moon token and the platform. But one thing that sets us apart from other yield pools is that we plan to host our own Automated de fi exchange that will set a cap on the impermanent loss that is a big issue at the moment when it comes to bringing liquidity providers to different token pools. Once we have completed the staking reward pools we will start to add usability to the Automated exchange that is currently under development.

We have forked the uni swap code and are currently making alterations to set a limit on The amount of slippage possible per transaction. We really believe this will help the long term success of the de fi Space

We want to allow new projects the time they need to build their market before any large downsides in price can take place

Q3 — Can you explain the milestones you have achieved and the top milestones you have plans to achieve going forward as well as your roadmap?

Ans — We have spent 6 months building the initial tokenomics and yield pools. Testing different methods we believe we have found a good balance.

All of us come from a background in developing projects for the de fi Space and now after six months we have come together to execute our plan.

The next steps are to list on UNIswap and then to deploy the yield pools for staking rewards while we finish testing on the automated exchange


Q1 — Many DeFi projects come out & attract a lot of attention from investors, but they look very risky because of the very high price volatility, even more than just an ordinary cryptomarket. so, how will MoonFinance improve its risk image about DeFi to investors & cryptomarket?

Ans — So that’s actually a main focus of the team.

For us we don’t see a future for de fi unless markets can have a more long term outlook with our exchange, token creators or Devs and liquidity providers have the option to limit slippage giving much stronger investor confidence. It should be up to the project to chose where and how drastic slippage should occur as an option to protect liquidity providers and the project.

Q2 — As I read in your website, I see in your Roadmap Q4 2020 that you will start staking for Venus,Pluto and Saturn Staking pools. So why do you choose just this planet? What are the significance? Can you explain more about those 3 staking pools?

Ans — So the addition of new staking pools will be implemented but we chose these pools to start with. So we chose planets in accordance
To distance from earth as a bit of fun with our marketing, each pool
That is further away from earth should initially result in a higher yield but will have to be locked for a longer duration! Space travel isn’t easy

We love to bring a bit of fun to the community we like space and all the talk of Moons made it an easy choice for us.


Q1 — What is the approximate amount of reward that both buyers and liquidity providers can get?

Ans — The potential rewards vary but you can yield up to 760% as the highest return in a single yield pool but the time of locking varies from each pool you add liquidity too. Buyers benefit from knowing that potential projects could be set to have a maximum slippage rate which can give confidence to the longer term of a tokens life cycle

Q2 — COVID 19 has rendered a lot of project unsuccessful in the year 2020 !
How were you able to have a successful project?

Ans — We kept costs low and have been working on other things as well as this every thing was just Dev work before we decided to come together and actually launch a couple weeks back

Q3 — Now a days lot of craze on Yield farming. i am not familiar with yield farming,can you explain in detail how Yield farming works? and How we can start Yield farming on MOON FINANCE?

Ans — Yield farming gives you the opportunity to put your tokens to work for you instead of just sitting in your balance. You can stake your moon tokens in a yield pool and then farm the underlying token either Pluto, Saturn, earth, mars or Venus as each pool becomes available and you can then transfer these tokens for more moon tokens and sell these for eth on UNIswap or eventually within our own exchange

Q4 — What exact problem are you trying to solve in the blockchain industry that other project can not solve ?

Ans — We are aiming to solve problems with slippage and issues surrounding liquidity in DE fi markets

Q5 — What plans you have to spread awareness for MoonFinance in different countries where English Language is not spoken well? Do you have local communities for the them to let them better understand about your project?

Ans — We have tried to gain exposure by utilising marketing with influencers from different social reach as best as we can. we will continue. everyone should know about this project :)

Q6 — If MoonFinnace currently has a close relationship with Hemmingbot, how can these two impact the market for liquidity fund providers?

Ans — Hemmingbot is looking into market making algos for the de fi Space We are fascinated by this and want to work closer towards a partnership that allows us to integrate their services in a de fi structure

Q7 — How will MOON, PLUTO, VENUS and MARS work? Could you give us a brief summary of the properties of each one?

Ans — Moon token will be the underlying token you must stake to gain the reward token from each pool that we set up. The pools are named after planets and will have different yields and lock times

Q8 — What problems exactly will MOON FINANCE solve in DeFi?

Ans — Price slippage and lack of liquidity for smaller projects

Q9 — How experienced is the team and for how many years?

Ans — 5+ years in crypto and a combined 25+ years in coding

Q10 — What will be the first trading pairs allowed on your platform? Also, how will arbitration groups work??

Ans — On our platform it will begin with our existing moon token and Eth and moon to all yield pool Tokens. Pluto Saturn etc

We will be bringing in functionality soon with an option to find price differences for moon token on other exchanges. And the opening this to other pairs as new tokens join the eco system

Q11 — Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is Moon Finance strategy to attract new users and Investor to your platform and keep them long term.

Ans — The yield pool we hope brings market participants and the max slippage function should help bring liquidity providers that are tired of suffering impermanent loss.

Q12 — What advantages do they have over their competitors? Can you tell me 3 advantages to choose MOON FINANCE?

Ans — 1) Max slippage function
2) yield farming
3 the ability to give more options to liquidity providers and token projects


Q1 -Do you have any Final Words or Important information you would like to give the community?

Ans — Yes, our private sale has ended. we are now into our pre sale 1. A 20% bonus is available during this time! :) we wont shill too much here, feel free to come over to our group and ask as many further questions as you like :)

Moon Finance Pre Sale 1 (48hrs remaining)
MOON Finance — an AMM arbitrage service, minimising the potential for slippage and impermanent loss with algo bot trading.

Pre sale address — 0x74A37ECA87807e12bf3d4d088fb6B6186A630926

Pre sale 1: 20% Bonus allocated

Join now!! It is selling like crazy

About MOON :
Smart Contract : 0x9e45759d6944A79E575C64E3fA8E8e5D9a35D8be
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MoonFi Bounty Program:

1 MOON for 1 Follow & Retweet
1 MOON for 1 r/Moonshots REPLY or 1 Bitcointalk REPLY
1 MOON for Forwarding pinned Telegram message to 10 Telegram Crypto/DEFI Groups

3 MOON for 1 r/Moonshots or Bitcoin/ETH forum Thread

Complete all tasks and earn a total of 10 MOON.
(Pre Sale round 2 Value of 0.13 ETH/$50)

Tokenomics/Token Burn:

80,000 Total supply
All tokens that don’t get sold will be burnt at end of pre-sale
80 ETH Softcap
400 ETH hardcap


1 ETH = 100 MOON tokens
Min Purchase — 0.4 ETH
Max Purchase — 40 ETH

Come join us on our way to the Moon





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