Recapitulation of MOONLIFT PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Wednesday, 28th April, 2021
Time: 16:00 UTC

The MOONLIFT PROJECT team was represented by @Fallinclimbingsucceed who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about MOONLIFT PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on MOONLIFT?

ANS: Of course! My name is Richie and im the marketing strategist at MoonLiftprotocol. Ive been in this space for 5 years and most of those years i offered my services and worked for a vechain ecosystem based exchange. Starting as global community manager and ending up as being responsible for the european BD. Besides this i have and still are advising some other blockchain startups

The MoonLift team holds many former Vechain eco project people. From developers to operations. We will slowly introduce the full team along the way. There is plenty of experience and well known people involved in moonliftprotocol

Right now a few are already visible on the website like the former CEO of safe haven.

Q2: Can you introduce MOONLIFT, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Moonliftprotocol is a community driven passive income generation protocol. We aim to become THE one stop place to be for people who are looking for diversified and innovative features that offer a passive income

We feel the DeFi space is too complicated for newbies entering the space.

We want to solve that by offering simple features with an ease of use

Delivering new and simple innovative products like the auto invesment fund is one way to keep attracting new people

We have a lot of things planned that are nowhere to be found in defi so thats where we will mainly focus on ( besides the standard staking and yieldfarming).

Q3: Can you give an insight into some features on Moonlift that allows users to make passive income?

ANS: Besides the standard/ old products like staking and farming, we are going to offer many more new products. One that im personally looking forward to is the auto investment fund which will solve a problem for many small investors.

Also the staking is with ease of use. No complicated staking contracts. Hodl in your wallet and we will take care of the rest. We also have an NFT market planned for later this year and more passive income features. I can not share too much details because i know some people are watching and we dont want those people run away with those ideas😉

Small thing to add

We will try to implement as many products where you participate without the funds being inside a contract

Hold in your wallet and you will be auto entitled to new those new features.

Q4: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Well we started this project only 10 days ago and our community is expanding soooooo fast without our marketing engine into full force haha. A major milestone was the presale as well. We achieved to raise 750.000 dollar in a matter of hours without a single exposure

It was unexpected but id say thats a big milestone

Now first on our list is to launch moonlift

Are contracts are currently being audited by hacken and we already received the report back of which no single major or critical issue was found. Only 2 minor things that we also first want to solve before resubmit. Unlike many other projects these days, we are NOT rushing into a launch before we can say its 99.9% for our community. Its safety first!

100% can never be garantueed in this space

Let me share you the roadmap.

Q5: It's a good start for Moonlift

Your roadmap follows till Q4 of 2021

What happens after then?😁

ANS: Hahaha we have many things lined up and we want to deliver. Our moonlifting community is the CEO. They have the biggest voice at the table

We deliver what they ask for after that and of course during this year( if we are able to fit it in😉)

Q6: From what you have said, the community takes a very large share in deciding what happens to Moonlift

In a situation where the interest of the community conflicts with the interest of the team, who prevails?

ANS: Not a large share, they will have the full share. Every decision we make is based on community. We will have a governance model as well for that and we do nothing without asking community if they agree

Without a community you can not succeed. Many projects forget that after they manage to make a succesfull project and decide to mute critisism or even use censorship

Nothing of that at moonlift

Its by the community and for the community

If the majority of the community wants me to step down as marketing strategist today, ill do it

I think thats clear🤗

Q7: What if the community want you to airdrop the remaining supply of $MLT tokens?

ANS: I hope they wont ask us for that because such a move would have massive consequences. If we run out of funds because of that, we cant continue to build what they ask for and the project might bleed to dead. Ive seen this several times before

And i can tell you its not cheap to built

We were able to make a good kickstart with the funds we raised but a project needs revenue to survive long term. Most will understand that.

Q8: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: We are still working hard on partnerships. We have some lined up because most ask for a product that is live and kicking. The team has a lot of knowledge and network from the vechain period........ we have things lined up but first thing is first. Launching is prio, all the rest will be revealed.

Q9: Any official date for the launch of Moonlift yet?

ANS: Not yet. As soon as possible but not earlier than we know for sure the contracts can be deployed safely. We are not rushing into a launch at a possible cost of our communities safety

Like i said, hackenai is our auditing partner

They do the audits.

Q10: Finally on this segment, Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $MLT Token?

ANS: The basics are the same. Its hold to earn

Every tx on buy/sell mlt charges a fee. 50% of the fee is distributed automaticly to all token holders. 25% is put back into LP creating a liquidity and price floor. 15% gets burned creating deflation and 10% goes back to moonlift wallet so we can use is for more marketing/partnerships etc

Let me show you the structure

Now these tokenomics are designed for hodlers. The reason for doing this is to give everyone a chance to get as much MLT as possible before our other utility hits in

A dex is build, governance model, nft markets, auto investment fund and much more. ALL features will be utilized by the MLT token

So yes, tokenomics are similar to safemoon but if you look further, you will notice a large difference🤗

We are also creating a pretty heavy deflation at the same time......

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Why have you not disclose your developer and security engineer and say to be announced? Don't you have them already?

ANS: Want to answer this one 100% since most projects will probably avoid to answer it but i will tell you the exact reason:

We have not disclosed the full team yet for some peoples safety. Let me clarify, we do not want people to just ape into moonlift. ALWAYS DO YOUR RESEARCH even with moonlift. Because the team holds some well known people with large followers base, we know there are many people who would just buy without doing a single page of reading. We can not prevent it 100% but we also dont want to push. When you go to you will see that we are slowly announcing everyone. So the reason:dont ape into a project because there are well known people in the team. Do some reading firstm you like moonlift? Sure go buy some. If you dont, we can still be friends😉

Q2: I learnt that about 244 individuals invested during the seed sales (information not confirmed). If this is true, given that MoonLight is still very young and only few weeks old, how were you able to get such much investor for the seed round?

ANS: The questions will probably have the same answer. Some knew who is in the team already so..............

Q3: When $MLT token listing Coin marketcap, Coingecko, Delta.... Also when BSC dex? And Cex?

ANS: We will launch on pancakeswap and sushiswap at a price of $0.0001.coingecko, cmc etc will follow shortly after.

Q4: "Integration Auto Investment Fund at MoonLift DEX" caught my attention on your road map. Is it possible for you to share details about this fund? What will be its unique and advantageous features?

ANS: Auto investment fund will basicly solve a problem many small investors have. I cant tell too much but as a small investor have you ever tried to get into a pre or seedsale of a new project? Most of those ask big amounts to enter. We are going to give a solution to small investors and bigger ones. Cant disclose too much but i cant wait to full go public with the details

I think that was about it.


For sure, the space is growing really fast guys and so is the amount of ruggs. Some of the teammembers have been a victim of the popcornswap ruggpull (48500bnb was lost) so we know how it feels. We have KYCed with several parties including BSCnews! The team might still be partly anon to the public but they are full KYCed to the service providers.

My piont is, whatever you do, always do your research even with moonlift. It would be a great pleasure to have you in our community but please do some reading first.

Be safe and take care if your beloved ones!

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