Recapitulation of MoonNation PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Saturday, 3rd July, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The MoonNation PROJECT team was represented by, and who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about MoonNation PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on the Moonnation Project?

ANS: Its our great pleasure to introduce the team.

Ben, our CEO, has great experience as successful entrepreneur. His degree in International Marketing from The London School of Economics and Political Science coupled with his deep understanding of crypto space makes him great leader to lead this.

Jay, our Technology Director, has been running a software firm since last 12 years. His experience and Master’s Degree from University of Houston, Texas makes him ideal candidate to understand, design and implement vastly different and advanced tech required to build this project. This project involves bringing together teams from Game Design, 3D graphics, Smart Contract Programming, Web Development, Apps and builds the complete solution.

Kain is marketing manager. He is involved in social media marketing for over 4 years, growing and creating various communities’ online presence and his real life and crypto experience is helping immensely.

Zyral, our graphic designer guy, has the natural talent to come up with creative and eye catching graphics.

Lieutenant M aka Murad, our very own Moon Nation Community Leader. Economics Grad, former Investment Analyst at JP Morgan, now leads projects for Challenger Banks entering the U.K. Experienced stock day trader, long term ISA investor with a keen interest into the crypto space.

Joseph, Our Community Manager is Engineer and has deep understanding of tech to answer community questions. With his polite, helping and compassionate nature, he is driving our community engagement.

Graham Rhodes - He is story writer for Moon Nation Game. He has already wrote 2 of europe's best awarded games.

Then we have lot of other team members working continuously in content writing, video making, community mod, and social media campaigning and so on.

Wargs (Mobile game)
All character dialogue & game scenarios

The Aether Wars
All character dialogue

(Audio Presentation prior to game development)
10 x 30min episodes
All storylines, character development & dialogue

Magic V Machine
Character development, world & country history
race types and history

Jagged Alliance
Re-writing character dialogue

Kloey The Corgi
Game scenarios and character dialogue

Kloey in Halloween Town
Game scenarios and character dialogue

Kloey’s Birthday Quest
Game scenarios and character dialogue

Kloey & Santas Elves
Game scenarios and character dialogue

Find The Difference
Tour Guide dialogue
Palaces and Castles
Latin America

King Arthur
Game in the process of being created to be published by Enlight, Hong Kong
Author of -
All Character Dialogue
Character development
Joint Storyline development

Joan of Arc
Game developed by Enlight Hong Kong
Author of -
All Character Dialogue

Game developed by Yager (Berlin) & published by THQ.
Author of -
All Character Dialogue
Character development
Joint Storyline development

X Beyond the Frontier
Game developed by Egosoft & published by THQ
Author of -
All Character Dialogue
Character development
Joint Storyline development

Alan Hanson Football Game 2001
Published by Codemasters
Scripted -
Alan Hanson dialogue, game comments & match summaries

Published by Enlight - Hong Kong
Scripted -
Character development
Joint Storyline development
Currently in development with Enlight, Hong Kong

On-Line Adventure Game - Developed by Swift Entertaiment Gmbh
Character & story development

Future Commando 2050 AD
Developed & published by Rage Ltd.
Storyline development

Game developed by G9 & THQ. Never published
Author of -
All Character Dialogue
Character development
Joint Storyline development

Metal Force

The Ghost of Grimmanor Towers
Fully scripted ghost/adventure game currently seeking a developer.

Q2: Can you introduce the Moonnation project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Moon Nation Game is the largest space-based role playing game being built on Binance Smart Chain with Moon Nation Game (MNG) as native token. $MNG is rock-solid utility token with reflection rewards, liquidity tax, burn and marketing & promotion wallet tax.

Moon Nation Game is multi player, role based game where token holders will be issued passports against $MNG tokens and start the amazing journey of unexplored space, with top of the line graphics. $MNG will be used for various features in Moon Nation Game.

There are multiple communities on multiple planets. Users can travel to different planets, take different avatars, and join different communities.

Users can acquire different skillsets. Reach different levels. They can achieve success by doing tasks /spending currency.

There will be rewards, prizes, special powers on reaching certain levels. There will be competitions, war between communities, in game availability of resources, weapons, NFT. There will be lot of aliens to fight with or to align with.

$MNG Token will power this entire space ecosystem.

We are integrating 2 of the most exciting domains of the future. Gaming + Cryptocurrency!!!

We are not just releasing token, but we are building the Space Game. Our project is complete ecosystem of Tokens, Game, Crypto Community, Gamers, in game merchandise, reviewers, and competitions. Our Game is Space game and we are setting our limit BEYOND the sky.

Apart from Moon Nation Game, we are launching Moon Nation Bridge as well.


MNB is a platform that allows any game to integrate with the MNG token. It goes live at the end of June!


1) Connect MNB to your BSC wallet, so you can view your MNG balance on the MNB platform

2) Exchange your MNG tokens for Points (the local currency of MNB)

3) Use your Points anywhere in the MNB ecosystem for a variety of purposes:

a. Use Points to purchase a game and add it to your collection
b. Spend Points to play a game on an hourly basis
c. Exchange Points for in-game currency
d. Win Points from in-game rewards and prizes


MNB will support two types of currency: MNG and Points. Points are an off-blockchain currency, so that any game will be able to integrate their use, regardless of whether the game is blockchain-supported.

Game developers get to choose what they let players do with their Points—the only limit is their creativity!


MNB will connect to your normal BSC wallet (such as TrustWallet) through interfaces such as MetaMask. After connecting to your MetaMask, you will see your MNG balance on the MNB platform.

Additionally, MNB will give you a Points wallet to store your Points off-blockchain. Each game will have its own Points wallet as well, so you can spend Points in each game and receive Points from each game.


For game developers:
• Add creative game features and expose your game to a new audience
• Any game can integrate MNB, even pre-existing and non-blockchain games
• Use MNB APIs to send and receive Points easily, with minimal development and no steep learning curve

For players:
• Use one ecosystem for all your crypto games
• Spend one currency for many purposes in many games
• Win Points that you can cash out for real money

For investors:
• See an increase in demand and valuation of the MNG token

So Moon Nation Game is out Crown Game and then Moon Nation Bridge will have hundreds (if not more) of third party games available to play to crypto community.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?


We have successfully launched our token. We done 446BNB whitelist and 600BNB presale successfully.

We have built solid community till now.

We are listed on CG, CMC

Q2 – Token Release & Fund Raising, Website Launch, Social Media Accounts, White Paper Release, Token Contract Audit, Listing on CMC, CG, Coinhunt, Charting sites, Community Building, Marketing Activities
Q3- Onboarding of Gamers , Development of Game Starts, Expansion of community, Release of Game Story Boards, Early Prototyping, Milestone Scheduling, Regular marketing activities
Q4- Modeling, Designing, Audio/Vidual Effects, Physics/Mechanics designs, Rendering of Game, Release of Beta Version of Moon Nation for Web version, Marketing Hype, Onboarding of Game players, Online / Offline (If covid situation permits) events for Game Launch, Tie up with Top Tier Game reviewer, Release of Next Road Map

We have already achieved more than what we planned in Q2.

Our MNB platform going live next week.

Game development already started.

Game Plan released.

We are certainly ahead of our committed roadmap as of now.

We like to surprise community by delivering more than we commit!!!

Q4: Cab you brief us about the Game building progress?

ANS: Sure, We have finalized the Game Plan (Broad Game Story) and same has been released.

Game Plan
Survival – Home, Oxygen, Water, Food, Energy, Transportation (Monor-Name of Special Moon Vehicles)
Health Score (Die if not maintained healthy state) – Daily Intake of oxygen, Water, Food,
Save from other player to player attack, alien attack.
Currency – Moonies.
Buy necessary supply or trade with others. Exchange with MNG tokens.
Each player will get fixed free Moonies and Passport at start of Game.
Journey to Moon–
A – Complete the journey – on self – Lot of tasks to be managed. (Path, speed, oxygen, asteroid collisions).
B – Hire Professional Pilot (PAID).
Reach Moon.

Home – Build / Buy / Rent (Different types of Home for each level).
Manage daily requirement of water, food and oxygen.
Explore Moon for resources.
Transportation – Walk / Buy Monor
Make friends – Friends help to attack other players/ Save from attack of other players. Players will have ability to make friend request, accept/deny request. Friends can connect with each other and make strategies.
Attack – Players can attack and kill other player to grab resources. No attack in home. 4 people can attack single player. 3 friends can save from attack.

Treasure Hunt – Collectibles available on moon at various places. Collect those, Hold or trade with Moonies.
There will be lot of valuable items in the form of NFT in the game spread at different locations of moon.

Oxygen Factory – Player can be partial owner on meeting the required criteria, and will receive profits from it.
Restaurants – Players can build Restaurant and earn by providing food.
Water Reservoir - Player can be partial owner on meeting required criteria, and will receive profits from it.
Alien Attack – Aliens will attack at some times. Special Bunker (having fixed capacity for each level player) will protect from alien attack. Exact 10 Player group is also protected. Rest all will be killed. All resources of killed players will go back to Game.
Game will have 5 Levels.
Need to have level specific home, Monor(Special Vehicle), Ownership of restaurant, oxygen factory, water reservoir, Level Specific NFT valuables from Treasure hunt.
Rewards – There will be lot of rewards on achieving different levels in the form of MNG tokens.

Detailed story (written by Graham Rhodes) will be surprise element at release.

Whatever you do


We are building this game on Unity Engine.

Our game developers and 3D artists+animators are onboard.

We are stitching together the tech required to build this massive game.

Moon Nation Game will have top of the line graphics.

This is what happens when you run out of oxygen.

Quiet a huge progress has been made! 😎


Most of crypto projects are about website and whitepaper.

We are building actual 3D multiplayer game and also giving bridge to other games.

Excited to know about your partnership progress 😄😄

Q5: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?


We have partnered with various influences to market our project,

I hope you guys understand how huge is this 🔥

We got Graham Rhoades to write the game story.

We have engaged with lot of communities.

We have running joint marketing campaign with Coingekho.

As we progress, we keep partnering with related people.

Currently we are partnering with Game Development people also apart from out team to bring the best of tech.

Once we approach the release, there will be lot of famous Game players twitching their game play of Moon Nation Game.

We keep announcing these engagements on our tg group. We request everyone to join us and follow these from time to time.

I’m currently talking to banks manager from faze clan to review our game when it’s released

Expect huge marketing very soon.

Q6: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $MNG Tokens?

ANS: Token – Moon Nation Game
Contract - 0x5941f87eb62737ec5ebbecab3e373c40fe40566b
Symbol – MNG
Decimal – 9

Total Tokens- 384,400,000
Whitelist sale – 117,274,615 (30.5%) @ 262517 Tokens per BNB
Dxsale Presale – 151,837,800 (39.5%) @ 253063 Tokens per BNB
Liquidty Tokens – 96,100,000 (25%) @ 228809 Tokens per BNB (This will be starting point on PCS)
Marketing, Promotion, Ecosystem Development Wallet – 19,187,385 (5%).

Total Transaction Tax – 10%
(Liquidity – 3%
Rewards to existing holders – 3%
Burn – 2%
Marketing & Promotion Wallet – 2%)

MNG has 2 utilities. 1 - Currency for our Moon Nation Game. 2 - To buy MNP (Moon Nation Points) which will be used to play third party games.

We have already burned more than 7% tokens.

Once the Game goes live and other games are available on Moon Nation Bridge, utility and burn of tokens will soar!!!

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: No scam zone ! With Moon Nation Game is to be a legally registered company in England, I believe this will promote community confidence in your project ? Do you share the same sentiment and believe with me ? Aside this, what other advantages does having a legal registration in a strict country like England offers you ? Are you planning on extending this to other parts of the world ?


Good observation. Yes, we are legally registered company in UK. We are taking this as proper business venture than short lived hype. And yes, we will be exploring other parts of words well as and when required. Having legally registered entity reinforces community confidence as well.

Q2: I want to trust this project before I invest in it, what is the potential of moon nation, how hardworking is your team,
I need a project that will give me a safe investment opportunity with endless growth potential, is moon nation the go to go project?

ANS: Not to brag, but our entire team is hardworking to the extent of, our CEO did not take a single day off even during his covid illness. We are more than 100% committed to this project, We welcome you to join us.

Q3: I learnd Moon Nation is the largest space-based role-playing game ever. It’s my childhood dream to go to space one day. Can this game give me a feel of space? And to make it more real can i play the game with VR technology?

ANS: Yes, Our entire game is designed (surroundings, sounds, objects, tasks etc) to give feel of space. We will be too happy to fulfill your childhood dream😊 We will explore VR integration in future, but not with first release.

Q4: Can you list 1-3 killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?


Q5: Just to be clarified... Is this Game need to be played on website or like other Games (like Call of Duty or PubG) by installing on PC and Mobile?
Thank You!

ANS: Our first release will be PC based. We are planning to release app versions subsequently.

Q6: As i understand about Moon Nation is that it is a blockchain based gaming platform. And blockchain based gaming platform is growing fast. Many big companies including their name in this space. So to stand out in this competitive platform one should do promotional activities and game development at the same time. And it need sustainable long-term growth. Is your project capable to do this?


This our surprise for you guys

Q7: You have successfully launched your token. All of you done 446BNB whitelist and 600BNB presale successfully....its a huge amount... Solid project... But my quetion What is the deference betweens MOON NATION GAME and MOON NATION BRIDGE??

ANS: Moon Nation Game is actual 3D role playing game. Moon Nation Bridge is a platform where third party games will be available to crypto communities to play.

Q8: On Moon Nation tokenomics I saw that Moon Nation has a total supply of 384,400,000 tokens. Do you have a reason for the number of tokens? With such a large number, do you have a Burn Token mechanism to overcome Inflation and increase value?

ANS: We started total tokens as distance between earth and moon in meters😊 And we burning the tokens with every transaction, effectively we are getting closer to moon!!!


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