Recapitulation of MULTIPLAY PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Wednesday, 31th March, 2021
Time: 17:00 UTC

The MULTIPLAY PROJECT team was represented by @Mtpanddev who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about MULTIPLAY PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on Multiplay Project?

ANS: I am Johnson from California United States of America.
Currently the lead developer multiplay.

The team is made of up 5 brilliant minds. Myself and 4 others.

We are kyc'd by predictz.

Q2: What do you mean by KYC predictz?

ANS: Yes.
The team is Anon to the public for now. team are aware of who we are for now.
With time we will unviel our identities. We want to get the project blowing the minds of people before unvieling.

Q3: Can you introduce Multiplay Project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Multiplay is blockchain gaming platform that rewards gamers for the utilization of their skill in gaming.

Gaming is time consuming, and tiring to many because they invest their time into it with little or no returns in terms of time invested.

Gaming should not just be for fun alone..

Gamers should be entitled to rewards for their skill

Imagine you investing so much time in gaming without any financial benefits😏

A whole lot of things are affected when you dedicate time to gaming

Family, job, education are all affected.

Multiplay is here to ensure that commensurate rewards are made available for gamers time and skill

Multiplay has got an exciting feature that makes her unique and stand out amongst others..

Playing games against the Ai used to be boring so we thought it's time to introduce the Multiplayer feature into blockchain games.

Now friends at a distance can engage in a duel

With the help of blockchain technology I can challenge my friends in Malaysia to a duel.

Wager a fixed amount and then engage in the contest.

The winner takes it all.

Friends can also get grouped to undertake rescue missions

Chess, checkers and ludo tournaments can hold worldwide without having to bring the users into a physical space..

Let's look at this..

Last year the world was heavily affected by Corona virus, lots of activities where grounded..

Imagine if we don't have to ask people to assemble from nation's for a sporting competition.

The Multiplayer feature can aid this.

Q4: What a detailed explanation! This platform is really huge it amazed me knowing that friend at a distance can host game on the platform conveniently. What token or coin do you reward gamers with and how can those games cash out their reward?

ANS: Awesome right.

A lot is been cooked...

Gamers are rewarded in the native token of the multiplay platform called the MTP.

The MTP token will be the token for all fees and rewards on the multiplay gaming platform.

Q5: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Well milestones accomplishment on our road map.

We have been successful able to upload some of our products to the gaming platform.

Chess, Checkers, ludo have all been furnished to the website.

You can test them out.

Token contract audit is also in progress and will be out soon..

Presale will hold next month on the 12/04.

Integration of blockchain technology to products is currently ongoing.

After presale we will be commencing our full scale marketing plan and striking important partnerships..

One of which may be with the national and international board games bodies...

Q6: Chess, Checkers and Ludo are all nice and entertaining games. Will there be soccer game in this Platform also I will love it if you can throw more emphasis on the pre-sale aspect what do Investors need to qualify for this Pre-sale? what token/coin do you accept what's the minimum/maximum investment?

ANS: For now we haven't developed any soccer games. It will come in Q4.

Okay we are launching bon BSC so you will need to hold to buy into BNB presale.

The presale link will be updated on our TG. @multiplaygame

Softcap 1000 BNB

Hardcap 2700 BNB

Private sale price $0.06

For predictz NFT holders and top 100holders.

Public sale price $0.07
Pancakeswap $1.0

There will be a maximum and minimum of course.

We will release details on that on our TG.

Please guys join the TG for more information.

Q7: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: First partnership was with predictz..

They kyc'd us and
Will be locking liquidity forever to prevent rug.

So investors can join the presale with confidence.

We also struck partnership with fintex team

It's a partnership for the future as we plan to integrate the Etherum blockchain network to enable her users also enjoy the benefits of multiplay

We are working on a whole lot of partnerships and we will release details after pre-sale.

Q8: Final question on the segment: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $MTP Token?

ANS: Okay.

20m tokens to be minted.
9million as circulating token
Team and marketing tokens are 2million each.

Pancakeswap also got 720k liquidity.

The $MTP token will be used for entry fees, wagering bets, purchase of in-game assets, payments of rewards.

We also have only 100NFTs been created.

We are currently developing our multiplay modern warfare.

It will be a shooting game like the COD but with more improved features.

The NFTs will guarantee ownership rights gamers.

We have a goal to ensure 95% of gamers adopt the multiplay network

That's our drive.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: So users will have to lock their assets and stake them for two (2) years. Is there any way that the team can reduce this period of staking? And when can stakers start receiving their 40% fee reward?

2. In the game room, how will it be possible to invite our friends and contact? Is there any provision for this?

ANS: The staking period will be reduced.
The team is on it.

Reward distribution will be announced regularly.

Yes. You just need to create a room and tell your friends your username to search and join.
And you are good to go.

Q2: the goal of Q3 2021 is "Tournament Arrangement". Can you tell me more about this? At what level is the tournament held, global or based on a specific location? And will all kinds of games be included in the tournament?

ANS: Tournaments will be held at all levels.

Gamers of same skill level will be matched to ensure that competition is fair.

Q3: What do users get when they win a game (for example chess)? What is the bet of each user? And what tokens does the Multiplay platform support?

ANS: The multiplay gaming platform supports the $MTP token so users will be rewarded in same token.

On wagering funds. The winner gets 90% of the wagered funds. Immediately after contest. 10% is withdrawn as tax.

Q4: Does multiple have plans to expand its game base in future so as to reach a broader Community?
Do you think NFT is the future of DeFi and would you be willing to incorporate them in your ecosystem and probably add staking features?

ANS: Yes we have plans to expand our Network.

We will be launching groups in different languages to accommodate non English speaking gamers.

NFT is the future of Defi. We all can witness it's growth hence we will be creating 100 NFTs only. To ensure their profitable value.

We also have our staking platform that will go live after presale

100% apy for stakers. Lock time will be announced on TG soon.

Q5: If i don't have any friend to challenge and paly game in MultiPlay platform then how i will play game in this platform and how i will earn?

ANS: Well we also have a leaderboard ranking where gamers are rewarded based on ranks.

Also for engaging in a contest on the platform irrespective of the outcome your ranking is affected which will in turn bring rewards.

We also will be organizing regular tournaments for token holders and once in a while tournaments will be held for the community at large.

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