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Date: Tuesday, 12th January, 2021
Time: 16:00 UTC

The My Neighbor Alice team was represented by @antler_anna and @lenny_antlerinteractive. They judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the project Neighbor

Ans : Hi, sure! My name is Anna Norrevik and I’m the CEO of Antler Interactive, which is the studio behind My Neighbor Alice. I’ve been 7 years in the games industry including 5 years at Paradox Interactive, as team leader/producer for 7 expansions, including the largest game project at Paradox, Crusader Kings 3.

Hi all! My name is Lenny Pettersson and the CMO of Antler Interactive. I have 15+ years of experience within the media & gaming industrYy. Worked 8 years as Senior Marketing Manager for the Nordic & Baltic region at Turner a WarnerMedia company. Vast experience in launching original IPs (such as Adventure Time, Ben 10 and Powerpuff Girls) for Cartoon Network.

Hello! 👋 My name is Anastasia. And I am working with Marketing together with the Antler Interactive team. My background: I have an MA in Business and Marketing. Ex-professional athlete and gamer. 😊 I am working closely with blockchain, crypto, and gaming and have vast experience in these fields.

Since last autumn we’re working on a new big game, which has a greater scope than any of our previous titles, called My Neighbor Alice. My Neighbor Alice is a creative and social multiplayer builder game, where anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items, and meet new friends. Inspired by successful games such as Animal Crossing, the game combines the best of the two worlds - a fun narrative for regular players who want to enjoy the gameplay experience as well as an ecosystem for players who want to collect and trade NFTs, even if they have no idea what an NFT is.

Our goal is to make My Neighbor Alice not just a game for blockchain players. But a game to introduce blockchain to millions of players.

Q2 : What critical problems does Neighbor solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitve advantage

Ans : In MNA (as we often abbreviate it) you will be able to monetize your creativity, energy and effort that you’ve put into the game as a player. As opposed to Minecraft or Animal Crossing where you can’t really monetize your effort when you choose to leave the game, instead here you may pass on your creations for your monetary benefit. Your creations can live on forever with someone else taking care of them. That is a competitive advantage compared to non-blockchain games. Plus MNA will be free to play.

Compared to other blockchain games we are creating a high quality game aimed at non-blockchain players in particular. There will also be a fun creation tool in-game where there is a predefined set of textures and assets that you use to easily make your own customized NFTs.

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines

Ans : One of our most recent titles, Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey, reached about 400k installs during 2020, which we are very happy about. With our most recent release Krystopia: Nova’s Journey, released in July 2020, we have achieved a review score of 4.8 on Google Play, which is proof that we’re increasing our quality with every release we’ve made so far. That’s why we’re now so excited to have started the two biggest projects ever of the studio, one that is still in early pre-production, I can hint that it’s an open world adventure game though. And the second one being My Neighbor Alice, our creative social builder game.

The timeline for MNA is 1) Early prototype on Steam for token holders in January 2) Early access in 2021 summer 3) 1.0 version of the game in end of Q1/Q2 2022

Without being too specific, we aim to bring MNA to millions of players within a few years.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1 : Many Project talks only about their Strenghts, Can You talk about the weak point that You project is Currently Dealing With?

Ans : Hi there 👋 I will start with strenghts 😊 I think our biggest advantage is the team’s experience in making quality and celebrated games on multiple platforms as well as launching new IPs, both under Antler Interactive and from previous companies we´ve worked at. That, in combination with the partnerships we’ve secured on the Crypto and Blockchain side as well as from an investment standpoint gives us a good foundation to stand on.

A risk is that we still don’t know how popular the game will be for our target group and that it’s hard to estimate the time taken to implement blockchain features for this type of game. Our weakness is that the Antler studio hasn’t made blockchain heavy games before, but fortunately ChromaWay are experts and support us with that.

Q2 : Being a multiplayer builder game based on blockchain, so why did you decide to make non-blockchain people your primary target audience? Onboarding those that haven’t heard about blockchain before isn’t an easy task to accomplish, what approach will you be adopting to help make it possible?

Ans : We target non-blockchain people because they are a huge market and we think the market of Animal Crossing-players that we’re looking for is currently underserved. By having the game being free to play and offering a cute and appealing art style we think people will notice the game and give it a try. What they don’t expect is that later they will have great reasons to learn about blockchain and find it fun and rewarding to use it to trade with friends and use their creativity to create their own assets.

Q3 : Many users wants rewards from adventure games like $Alice, Tell me How do gamers get rewarded from the game My Neighbor Alice? Is there any ways to get rewarded from the My Neighbor Alice Game?

Ans : For new users we want to make sure it’s as seamless as possible to start playing the game. One feature we have is the "Creative Mode" in order for people to try the game’s mechanics without having to buy a plot etc. In addition, first time users will gain some Alice tokens for free so that they can get started quickly, and in order to make sure the plots are not all purchased immediately you’ll have to log in to the game three days in a row to claim the land which has previously then been reserved for you.
And of course all new users will get a warm welcome by Alice herself and will help onboard new players with fun quests to complete which will let them find out more about the game
After all she’s your new neighbor😃

And will receive "Alice welcome package!" with in-game items 🛍

check out MNA trailer!

Q4 : Can i get real money by playing My Neighbor Alice game? Is this game available for Android and iOS or we have to play it in your website...?

Ans : You´ll be able to play to earn in the game: There are a proportion of the tokens reserved for user incentives. By completing quests in the game, players could earn ALICE tokens. This design is to encourage user participation in the game and to maintain traction. Besides that, as Anna mentioned earlier you´ll also be able to earn by creating your own assets in the game such as with the NFT creator. The game will initially be available on PC via Steam but in the future we intend to bring the game to more platforms as well, such as mobile platforms.

Q5 : It’s quite unfortunate that many projects have infiltrated the market with just white papers without having any genuine use cases. What are the main utilities of your coin?

Ans : ALICE token is the native currency in the game. It allows token holders to play, invest and also be part of the game. There is a fixed supply of ALICE tokens. Token utilities includes:

Payments: ALICE is the game currency that players use to purchase assets and land in the game.

DeFi: Staking is a way to lend a currency, and receive interest in return. Token holders could participate in staking and earn rewards as a certain percentage of platform revenues will be given out as staking rewards. For instance, the gaming platform would have revenues from plot sales, asset sales, transaction fees etc. and that a fixed proportion would be distributed to the staking pool. NFTs will also have DeFi features such as collateralization and buybacks.

Governance: Owning Alice enables the player to participate in the governance process through a decentralized organisation, with proposals and voting structures. There are issues related to the platform operations and development that could be decided based on the preference of the token holders. In order to encourage users to participate in the voting process, there will also be rewards for voters.

Play to earn: There are a proportion of the tokens reserved for user incentives. By completing quests in the game, players could earn ALICE tokens. This design is to encourage user participation in the game and to maintain traction.

Q6 : I notice that you have done many AMA my question is what do you expect to get from so many AMA and what are your goals with the community? Do you consider the community to be a fundamental role in the project?

Ans : We want to raise awareness about the project as well as getting valuable feedback from the community as it´s very imprtant for our development of it.


Can share all link where buy token presale social media

Ans : Telegram:
Telegram Announcement:


Thanks everyone, great questions😃🔥

Here it is. Please join. We will be happy to have all of you in our groups! 👋 Many rewards and airdrops coming for the MNA members 😉

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