Recapitulation of MY NEIGHBOR ALICE PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Wednesday, 24th February, 2021
Time: 12:00 UTC

The MY NEIGHBOR ALICE PROJECT team was represented by @Antler_anna, @Lenny_antlerinteractive and
@Anastasiazudina who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about MY NEIGHBOR ALICE PROJECT.


Q1 Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the Team working on the My Neighbor Alice Project?

ANS: My name is Anna Norrevik and I'm the CEO of Antler Interactive, which is the game studio developing on My Neighbor Alice. I've been 7 years in the games industry including 5 years at Paradox Interactive, as team leader/producer for 7 expansions, including the largest game project at Paradox, Crusader Kings 3, which was released on Sept 1st 2020.

I am working with Marketing together with the Antler Interactive team. My background: I have an MA in Business and Marketing. Ex-professional athlete and gamer. I am working closely with blockchain, crypto, and gaming and have vast experience in these fields.

Antler Interactive was founded in 2016 and we are an interactive game studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. Conceived from and previously known as SVRVIVE Studios, a pioneer in VR with globally best selling and award-winning titles. Antler Interactive is a revival of our passion for immersive experiences and a transition into a focus on mobile tech and games.

Since 2016 we have released six game titles, including both VR and AR technology. We have always loved experimenting with new tech and in 2018 we started looking into what we could do with blockchain.

Q2 Can you introduce the My Neighbor Alice project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitve advantage?

ANS: My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer builder game, where anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items, and meet new friends. Inspired by successful games such as Animal Crossing, the game combines the best of the two worlds - a fun narrative for regular players who want to enjoy the gameplay experience as well as an ecosystem for players who want to collect and trade NFTs, even if they have no idea what an NFT is.

In my opinion, our primary feature to make our project stand out from other blockchain gaming projects is our clear focus on a target group that doesn't know blockchain already. That is a big market and they would benefit from playing and spending time on games from which they can get rewards in the end. We plan to make it super easy and smooth for those players to start playing and to get into the game and enjoy it. No need to buy tokens just to get started.

Q3 Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: That´s a great question and a very important milestone was reached when we secured both financial support as well as strategic partners that will be of great importance for this project. Another milestone we reached recently is having a Steam version of our early prototype of the game available for investors in the Alice token.

Upcoming milestones include releasing an Early Access version on Steam to the public in the upcoming summer as well as adding lots of features during the year, such as the DAO (community council) functionality, multiplayer features, activities etc.

Q4 Can you explain more about your Tokenomics, Release Schedule, Vesting Schedule and Supply?

ANS: More details regarding the tokenomics can be found in our whitepaper:

We have a roadmap filled with a massive amount of content. Both blockchain specifics but also multiplayer aspects such as socializing, trading, doing activities and quests and much more. Half our day is spent equally into Research as Development, as its important to understand what other games have done well, and what they have not. We loan a lot of good inspiration from Animal Crossing on their game design, as an example.

The timeline for MNA is 1) Early prototype on Steam for token holders in January 2) Early access in 2021 summer 3) 1.0 version of the game in end of Q1/Q2 2022

Without being too specific, we aim to bring MNA to millions of players within a few years. 🚀

You can always find more info on our website:

Q5 What roles does My Neighbor Alice play in the NFT ecosystem, how can we get an NFT?

ANS: The NFT sale we´re concluded at is our very first NFT sale for My Neighbor Alice. 🎉 We´re aiming to have more NFT sales where you can adopt these cute animals so please check out our announcement channel.. You´ll of course also be able to buy NFTs when the game is launched:)

Q6 For the Investors amongst us, how can we invest in the My Neighbor Alice project, also if you have any plans for Airdrops, you can share?

ANS: We are working to exceed our social media and community outreach for as many new members as possible. Our game can be interesting not only for crypto communities but also for general casual gamers and fans of the genre. In plans: to have regular airdrops, NFT giveaways, Treasure Hunts, more AMA's 🙂 Please stay tuned on our Twitter to not miss any of those! 😉

We also prepare a lot of fun giveaways and other activities for our gamers 🙂 We will share more info soon!

Lots of people, investors and partners in crypto who have shown a lot of interest in the project. And lots of people signing up on our early prototype game test campaigns.
The private sale for My Neighbor Alice was already concluded. But keep an eye on our telegram announcement channel and the website for updates!

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: I want to know how the security mechanism of My Neighbor Alice, can you make sure that the assets of the users are not targeted by hackers and the NFT tokens that the users have are still protected?

ANS: Hi 👋 To answer your question, it is not clear what safety & security means here, of course nothing can ever be secure enough, we can although compare ourselves with the direct competitors.

Originals is Chromia's non fungible asset protocol, it allows to decentralize complex logic and information (such as values).
This means that your non fungible assets (what in Ethereum are known as NFTs) are much more decentralized than other blockchains, this translates into shifting the control over these assets from us (the game developers) towards the users.

The bottom line is that you have more freedom to use the assets and - should the company ever fail - you'll be able to play the whole game with your assets on blockchain forever. 🚀

Should we get hacked, this would not change much for the users. 😅 The process of full decentralization will be progressive (and probably slow) but the whole point is to transfer the ownership to the community that will be able to take more and more decisions autonomously in DAO like fashion (atm called Chromunity).

Q2: My neighbor Alice is accessible for everyone, no wallet required. How can the game have tokenized assets without a wallet to store them and making further connections with foreign sites to commercialize?

ANS: Hi Alice (great name by the way!), in order to use your tokens in the game you will need a wallet but in order to just get started to play the game you don't need to buy tokens. There will be a creative mode in the game where you can try out the game without buying anything. So that you can easily find out if it's a game for you or not. When you want to get your very own island you will need some tokens though.

Q3: Seeing that MY NEIGHBOR ALICE has a connection with Steam. Is Alice just going to be a PC game? Or is Alice planning to integrate into mobile mobile devices?

ANS: Hi! 👋 We´re developing the game in Unity and will initially distribute it on PC via Steam but we´re looking at other platforms as well, mobile of course being one of them, as we want the game to be as accessible to as many players as possible. We also have a plan for bringing content partners onboard which is not limited to the gaming industry only, it could be any brand or strong IP that we see have a good fit with My Neighbor Alice and adds value to the community..
Please stay tuned on our social media for more news about potential platforms and partners!
our Telegram:
our Twitter:

Q4: Do you have any plans to develop other types of games besides the island theme (MyNeoplesAlice)? Or maybe (Neighbor alice) will be your only blockchain based game?

ANS: Hi Daendels, great question. We are currently working on a second project which will have blockchain integration. It's not based completely on blockchain, such as MNA, but it has features that will be meaningful. It's an open world RPG game in a magical setting. My neighbor Alice and the second project will be our focus points for the next two years.

Q5: What is the most important thing on the roadmap of MyNeighborAlice and how can we help the project achieve their aims?

ANS: That´s a great question and a very important milestone was recently reached when we secured both financial support as well as strategic partners that will be of great importance for this project, Kyros Ventures of course being one of them. That combined with our current team aboard makes us really excited about the future of this project. You can read more about it in the Announcement channel for My Neighbor Alice. From a marketing perspective I'm really excited for the early access release later this year (summer-autumn 2021) when the game will be open to try for the public but there are many more milestones that will be reached and revealed before that so please stay tuned for more news:).

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