Recapitulation of MYSHOWCASE PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Sunday, 18th April, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The MYSHOWCASE PROJECT team was represented by @Rkora who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about MYSHOWCASE PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on Showcase?

ANS: Sure, so I have been working in digital media for many years in the field of graphic design, web design, motion graphics, visual effects, digital signage and marketing for many years in NYC and Los Angeles prior to entering the blockchain space. I started working full time in the blockchain space in 2016. My co founder @meir_bank was leading mobile app development teams in NYC and has been a security researcher for years. He entered the blockchain space in 2013.

Q2: Can you introduce showcase, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Showcase is an invite only social marketplace and app designed to empower influencers and fans by enabling a friction free NFT experience for the masses. Influencers can create their own unique "Badges" as we call them, and offer these to their fans who can then trade them. Our goal is to create new revenue streams for micro influencers and empower them with NFTs as a new source of revenue. The competitive advantage is a mobile app, fiat integration, a curated influencer experience, simple UI/UX, scalability and branding that people will know and understand.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Yes as far as milestones we have recently completed our raise and will be doing an IDO on DAO Maker (more will be announced in the coming days) and as far as the project itself we have just hired 3 new developers and have already registed hundreds of micro influencers from a wide range of creative backgrounds. We plan to release fully around Q3 of this year.

Q4: Can you disclose how much was raised?

And did it meet or surpass your expectations?

ANS: We will be making a more public announcment about that soon - please stay tuned. Yes feel we will be well enabled to create an awesome experience for our users.

Q5: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: Yes, so we have partnered with The Giving Block which is one of the largest crypto donation platform - with well over 100 NGOs aligned. We plan to integrate social impact causes into the app which will empower both the causes and the influencers that back them. We are technology partners with OpenSea who has been advising us on Ethereum bridging, as this will allow a more decentralized user experience for native crypto users. The Graph for data, UMA for DeFi utilities, 0chain for storage, and of course Polygon for scalability. We have more which we are super excited to announce soon.

Q6: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $SHO Token?

ANS: Sure, so $SHO is a staking token that can be staked on verified influencers on Showcase. Users who stake SHO on influencers are called "OGs" and receive access to exclusive NFT drops. Influencers are incentivized to create quality NFT drops, including airdrops, for their OG fans, with SHO rewards. Additionally there are extra social gamification and status features that will be conveyed.

Q7: Whats the supply?

ANS: 120,000,000

Is it deflationary?

Any fee on each transaction?

ANS: It's fixed supply and users are incentivized to stake their tokens for NFT drops

No profit sharing, it is purely a utility token.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: If I'm right, showcase primary focus is on mass adoption of NFT's, however, I think this is not an easy task to accomplish, could you tell us some of the measures you've put in place to help ensure you achieve that? Have you started receiving great response from creators?

ANS: We have been working with influencers for well over a year and recieved a very enthusiastic response. Also, much of the mainstream is now hearing about NFTs making it easier, but this does not come without challenges!

Q2: Is your token going to be a fixed supply forever or additional tokens to be issued?

ANS: 120M is a max/fixed supply.

Q3: ⭐Showcase is built on Matic Network, why did you choose Matic Network over other platforms, what are the benefits it represents for Showcase and its future growth?

ANS: Matic network (Polygon) offers the best scaling solution for NFTs currently.

Q4: What areas did you focus on to make Showcase respected and adopted project all over the world, do you have experienced members in your team for the effective use of tools such as marketing, media, promotion, social networks?

ANS: We've focused on working with influencers from around the world and letting them bring their audiences to our platform.

Q5: Q1) How can i Create a custom badge, and Launch it?

Q2) How SHOWCASE can make an impact in social standard?

ANS: Our app has a built in NFT creator tool influencers can use to seamlessly mint NFT badges.

Q6: 1. About the Showcase application, when will the application go live? What will users be able to do with the application and is it going to be available in Android, web or IOS version?

2. In what ways can users obtain the Showcase DAO tokens?

ANS: We are a mobile first application - so IOS/Android as this enables more adoption than just a desktop platform. The tokens will be available soon after the upcoming TGE. Follow our Twitter for updates!

Q7: When is the Ico start?where can I get more information about this?

ANS: In the coming days on DAO Maker.

Q8: Is SHOWCASE only for those who has some fan followers? What about people like me who has no fan followers. What's the role for people like me in SHOWCASE?

ANS: You can speculate on NFTs as a fan, and trade. Showcase is designed to enable influencers to further build their communities around the NFTs they create.

Q9: The Showcase platform is changing the paradigm with a new way to connect influencers with their fans through the use of NFT. Will using NFT really manage to connect fans with influencers? Wouldn't it be better to use sponsored posts?

ANS: You actually own something with an NFT. When you just sponsor a post you pay a one time fee and it will soon disappear. There isn't longevity with this model alone.

Q10: In its early days when the platform was founded in late 2018 ShowCase’s main goal was to create an open donation platform for charities using NFT. As a result of which problem did ShowCase decide to change its north? What are the problems that are being solved now? How does it benefit users?

ANS: Originally for charitable causes but we changed our roadmap into a full social marketplace that allows for donations on a larger scale.

Q11: Liquidity factor is a problem for DeFi projects with their tokens, so does your project have any liquidity program to encourage natural token demand and liquidity?

ANS: We will be working with DeFi partners for this.

Q12: Millions of people use social networks without receiving anything in return, with showcase can anyone monetize by creating only content, as you can do for your benefit?

📲How do we create these badges what would be the procedure to follow?

ANS: Yes those who are joining the app as a creator will have the ability to offer their NFT badges to fans.

Q13: How can SHOWCASE connect fan to the creators? And why a creator choose SHOCASE to get connected with his fans? There is so many other big platform like Facebook, YouTube etc where he can get connected with his fans.

ANS: We are not trying to be Facebook, we are similar to Patreon as this is focused on digital merch as we call it.

Q14: The human resource is one of the greatest asset of an organisation. Kindly enlighten us on the experience of your key team member and previous projects that they have handled that gives us the impression that this project is being handled by reliable and experienced personnels?

ANS: everyone on our team is highly experienced in the blockchain space, we are active participants in all that is crypto, including development, graphic design, marketing and finance. We also have strong networks that allow for more resources.

Q15: Influencers can develop their own badges on your platform. Do you have any mechanism on your platform to detect if the content developed by influencers is protected by copyright or is explicit content?

ANS: This is one of the reasons why creators are invited to the app. It allows for us to examine their content and see if it is a good fit and authentic.

Q16: What sort of partnership relationship do you have with #Matic, #Opensea, and #0chain?

Do they render any service or have any product needed by SHOWCASE?

ANS: Matic for scalability, OpenSea for bridge, and 0chain for storage.

Q17: I'm a Youtube content creator. Can I get support from Showcase? How Showcase will help me to grow up my youtube channel? Can you describe this?

ANS: If you are a YouTube content creator feel free to apply to our ambassador program through the website


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