Recapitulation of New Order Of Finance PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Wednesday, 6th April, 2022
Time: 20:00 UTC

The New Order Of Finance PROJECT team was represented by @Rotschild_BSC who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about New Order Of Finance PROJECT.


✨✨QUESTION1🩸: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on NEW ORDER OF FINANCE?

👉ANS: Hey Everyone! Glad to be here and a pleasure to get a chance to showcase our project in front of such an awesome community. When we were doing our D&D to find solid places to host our AMA, this community was on the top of our list.

- I’m Rothschild, part of the marketing team for New Order of Finance. My role is marketing and community interaction, as well as updating our community via Voice Chats in our main telegram. I hail from the Netherlands, in Europe.
- Our team is a collection of crypto enthusiasts who come from many different sectors of technology, marketing and business. All of us in some way or another have been part of crypto projects in this space and have spent years in many communities such as this learning and sharping our skills. Currently, we are a fully anonymous team but we do have plans to publicly dox as we see the project grow along.
- We started off as a team of 12 core members but today we are closer to around 6 core Members and a ton of support roles and managerial roles that have been added along the way. Today the team is close to about 12 people strong, and growing.

✨✨QUESTION2🩸: Can you introduce NEW ORDER OF FINANCE , what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

👉ANS: $NOF started as an idea to see just how far we can push the envelope for sustainable high APY staking and really set the stage for the everyday investor to make serious gains. Today, projects like SAFUU, TITANO and a select few have shown the model for a successful protocol that can push APY's that were never thought to be sustainable. NOF entered the space with the same idea, but wanted even more. We are the first and only 1 Million APY farm, and thanks to our distribution and tokenomics model, we have successfully built a protocol that allows for a 1 year distribution of rewards at this AMAZING yield!

✨✨QUESTION3🩸: Can you briefly tell us some key achievement of NEW ORDER OF FINANCE since establishment and what is to come in the nearest future?

👉ANS: Absolutely! NOF went live just a little over 2 weeks ago, and within that 2 week lifecycle we have already hit #'s and growth that most projects only wish to see.

✅ Microcap Stealth Launch
✅ Lock Liquidity & Verify Contract
✅ Release Auto-Rebase Function for Rewards
✅ Unlock socials and community access
✅ Release Website
✅ Release Whitepaper
✅ Release Roadmap
✅ Release Dashboard
✅ Release web3 Profile
✅ Release Calculator
✅ First Official Twitter Spaces Campaign
✅ 1K+ Holders
✅ 5K+ TG Members
✅ 1.5K+ Twt Followers

Our current focus since our launch has really been hyper growth and exposure of our community and userbase. Week one saw us skyrocket to one of the top trending projects, just to see a nice cooldown heading into week 2, where we were able to 10x most of our community metrics (Followers, Discord + TG members, engagement). The next important focus for the group has been building additional branding and exposure to continue to sustain our user acquisition and start to move into more marketing and partnership exposure in the following weeks.

✨✨QUESTION4🩸: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS and BACKERS so far?

👉ANS: Today $NOF is not currently backed or sponsored by any key players or projects. We have been a fully organic - and for the most part - stealth driven project, that has finally got to the level of maturity to where we can start crawling towards the partnerships we are looking to procure. Most of the projects and partners we are looking to help build around are more focused on marketing, exposure and brand partnerships. What this means is, bringing on more long-term promoters and sponsors who are looking to carry the brand beyond just a "call or shill". We also, are looking strongly at approaching more of the Titano and Safuu communities as we are trying to become a sponsored fork which gives us legitimacy as an "official" fork of Safuu/Titano. The future is very bright as our marketing team is in contact with several new and upcoming projects also, that are looking to use our current platform to help build exposure and share cross promotions in the near future.

✨✨QUESTION5🩸: Finally on this segment
Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics and Utility of $NOF tokens?

👉ANS: The $NOF tokenomics and protocol has a very unique set of fees and taxes. This was create to help sustain many advantages and key features that each play a role in the longevity of the project. Being able to sustain 1M APY is not an easy feat, especially when you are needing to grow and also ensure that sell pressure and inflation do not overwhelm the core balance. How we accomplished this, is by using 4 taxes and fees, that take place on every transaction, buy and sell.

[Buy Fees] - 15% TOTAL
4% - LP
4% - Insurance Fund
5% - Treasury
2% - Incinerator

[Sell Fees] - 25% TOTAL
4% - LP
4% - Insurance Fund
15% - Treasury
2% - Incinerator

As you can see, we have a total balance for the protocol life. This includes a liquidity provider fee, deflationary mechanics, security and an influx of revenue that can be used to continually grow and evolve the project.

Today, we have spent over 85K with our Treasury and Insurance to do a series of buybacks and burns, and have spent over 150k on marketing and promotions in just 2 weeks!

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

✨✨QUESTION1🩸: Upon entering their website I saw that they show that they offer up to 1,000,000%+ APY. But how real is this? Can I really earn that incredible amount with you or is it just a simple phrase or goal that you have to achieve? Currently I can do staking with your token, what is the process and the profits?

👉ANS: I will start with the first question asked.
The 1 Million+ APY is coded into our Smart contract. All you have to do to earn that APY is buy our token and hold it for 365 days. Our APY is created through our Rebase system, for which you only have to buy and hold our token, no need to stake the tokens anywhere.
To answer your question, the APY is completely real and has been in effect since day 1!
You don't have to stake. You buy, you hold, and through the rebases you continuously receive more tokens, that will give you a total of more than 1 Million APY after holding for 365 days. Your tokens do not go down in value, meaning that if the token price remains the same, the value of your investment keeps going up.

✨✨QUESTION2🩸: According to the roadmap, there will be a First Official Contract Audit by RugDoc. How far have you gone with this audit? Is the result already available for users? How can we be sure of the safety of the platform? And when will the Coingecko listing come?

👉ANS: We have submitted our official audit to RugDoc and we are currently waiting to hear back from their team on how we can finalize and better update their results.

In terms of future audits, this is something that the team takes very seriously, and is looking at all avenues to certify moving forward. The original SAFUU code has not been changed in terms of the functions, so the current assumption is that the audit is more for show than security reasons. Safuu and Titano have already undergone audits and have passed with no issues, outside of the known issues with Certik.

Our listings have also been submitted, but we as a team did not want to go the route of paid to accelerate, as we did not want to be flagged for unethical actions and wanted to go the route of a more organic submission. We are in talks with both the CMC and Coin Gecko team, and have been ensured that these listings are just in the processing queue.

✨✨QUESTION3🩸: 🪄🎉🪅📒📒 🪄🎉🪅📒📒
🎊I have a question for the New Order of Finance team,
there are investors with other languages that can't speak English and want to invest in this beautiful project, do you have any quick plans of opening a community for them like maybe starting with a Chinese one?

👉ANS: Thank you for your question. We have been working on a marketing strategy to not only focus on our English speaking community.
As our team hails from across the globe, we understand that not everybody speaks English, and even though some do speak English, it is nice to be able to watch a video in your native language.
Our strategy will consist of multiple avenues, such as targeting international communities through dedicated videos in multiple languages, across multiple social media channels.
Chinese, Hindi and Spanish are among the languages and communities that we will be focusing on soon. Once our international locally focused marketing strategy is in full effect, we will immediately open dedicated channels for those languages across our socials, but mainly in our Discord and on Telegram.

✨✨QUESTION4🩸: Do you have a calculator where I can estimate the profits that I would generate by using your platform? How can I calculate the benefits that I would get from you? When starting with an investment, can I make compound interest? Can I withdraw my investment or earnings whenever I want?

👉ANS: Yes we do! You can check out our Calculator on our website here:

Keep in mind, the protocol is auto-staking and auto compounding. You just have to hold to be able to earn daily.

For more information on how this works, we ask that you take a look at our video here 👇👇👇

✨✨QUESTION5🩸: One of my colleagues said NOF is a Titano Fork. How true is this? And why do you have to fork from a project instead of developing your own protocol's smart contract from the ground up?

👉ANS: The actual fork that NOF is from is a SAFUU FORK, which is a variation of a TITANO FORK.

The reason we decided that it was best to fork an existing code instead of creating a custom protocol from scratch, was for a couple reasons. One, we didnt want to re-engineer an already successful and working protocol, we simply saw advantages that could be tweaked and allow for even greater adoption. Secondly, the costs and overall requirements to build a custom code from scratch far exceeds our initial budgets and costs that we allocated to this launch. The team started with 50 BNB of their own money to get this out and released, much of which was used for the initial liquidity and marketing required. If we had gone the route of building this from scratch, the costs would have been 2-3x higher than what we had as budget.

✨✨QUESTION6🩸: Can you please walk me through the procedures of investing in Order of New finance and what's the minimum amount I can invest? Is the dashboard user friendly or what effort are in place to help make the platform easy for even my grandmother to use?


Purchasing $NOF as an investment is super easy! Not only is it easy to buy, but its even easier to earn rewards and stake! THERE IS NO MINIMUM OF NOF REQUIRED. You can invest $1, $10 or $100, it's all up to your level of risk allocation.

1. You can visit PancakeSwap (PCS), and all you need to do is enter our contract address (0xdb42ff764E0B1e1D63F10135FB0Cf1F848d428DE).
2. Make sure you have BNB in your wallet (make sure your wallet is connected to PCS)
3. Swap BNB for $NOF
4. Add the token into your MetaMask or TrustWallet to make sure you see your balance.

Once the $NOF is in your wallet, you are already auto-staking and compounding without any need to access our dApp or additional staking contracts.

Please see the video for more help on HOW TO BUY!

✨✨QUESTION7🩸: You Have also build the Insurance Fund,
How do you Collect Fund there?
Can you please tell its Benefits?

👉ANS: Yes! This is a critical piece for our protocol and really plays a huge role for investor security.

The FUNDS are collected via the sell and buy tax (4% each way) and these funds are used for 2 main purposes.

1. Buybacks and Burns
2. Ensure the Treasury is properly funded when volume dries.

With the two features, the Insurance fund is always maintaining price stability and ensuring that the treasury is able to re-invest its revenue to garner a higher price floor later.

✨✨QUESTION8🩸: Order of Finance has a Triangle and a eye logo which looks very similar to that of illuminati( a very popular cult). So i was wondering if there's any connection between the team and Illuminati? Are you guys an Illuminati member or why adopt such logo for your project?

👉ANS: Haha, I wish we were part of that group! But, in all seriousness, branding and notoriety are the two most critical needs of a project in this space. With 100's of new projects releasing daily, we needed to find something that is easily recognized and has the staying power required to grow.

Not only that, the symbol of the upside down pyramid, is a symbol for what we are trying to accomplish in "defi". We want to turn the current paradigm and financial structure upside down and give back the power to the every day investor.

✨✨QUESTION9🩸: I understand that it is difficult to attract investors into the project and retain investors is much more difficult.
So, what kind of Strategy do you have to make investors believe in Order of Finance for now, long term and future?

👉ANS: We believe that active community engagement is one of the most important aspects to any project. Most projects are very active leading up to their launch, and in the short time thereafter. Our plan is to remain active in engaging with our existing community, as well as engaging with new communities to attract new investors, as well as to retain our current investors by building a bond with our community members. This is achieved across all our social media channels, in text and through voice chats.

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