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Recapitulation of NEXT PROTOCOL PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Monday, 10th May, 2021
Time: 12:00 UTC

The NEXT PROTOCOL PROJECT team was represented by @Shaikhamdan and @Swashbuckler999 who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about NEXT PROTOCOL PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on NEXT PROTOCOL?

ANS: Hello, I am Shaik Hamdan, Director and CEO of NEXT IT and Systems. I have done my MBA and B.Sc in Information Technology.

Since we have nearly 10+ years of experience Robotics and AI, we plan for Blockchain with Robotics.
The team has vast experience in Blockchain Technology, AI, Robotics, various technology, and driving business. They have successfully deployed NEXTiBOT in multiple organizations in the Middle Eastern region. With this they are well-aware of the best practices need to be followed in this industry.

The combined team has experience of more than 50 years in Information Technology, Consulting, and very importantly executes projects as per the roadmap.

We are non-anonymous and you can check our profiles on LinkedIn:

Masters in Telecommunication and Computer science

JOHN BARTON (Non-Executive Director & Digital Advisor)
MBA and BSc in Project Management

Certified Business Information Security

SUNIL LOBO (Technical Advisor)
MBA and Bachelors in industrial Engineering

YVONNE MATHER (Marketing Head)
BA in Marketing

SAYAN MAJUMDER (Marketing and Operation Manager)
MBA in Business Strategy and Marketing

Who is handling this AMA from your end? Robot or human?🤔

We are a robotic company but whenever we prefer to interact with humans we try to avoid bots. We enjoy interacting with people.

Q2: Can you introduce NEXT PROTOCOL, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: NEXT Protocol is the DeFi based Protcol for Fractional ownership of Robots. NEXT IT and Systems, the company behind NEXT Protocol, has an extensive experience in Robotics, AI and Machine Learning.

We have developed customized ROS for Robots and deployed in various organizations across the Middle East which got overwhelming response
We are the first company in the world to develope DeFi based Protocol for Fractional Ownership of Robots. And after tokenization it is become easier.
The robots are getting deployed in the commercial places as rent, making the entry barrier low. And the owners are getting rental yield from their ownership staking.

We aim to change the world by integrating robots into the daily lives of everyone for a more intelligent way of life through Blockchain, DeFi and Robotics. And to do that we married DeFi Investment Protocols, Tokenization, Fractional Asset Ownership into a Robot Operating System (RoS) for easier adoption of robots into business and homes

NEXT Protocol has collaborated with driving robot makers worldwide to modify shrewd virtual robots that can rapidly bring human consideration through these difficult stretches while keeping up staff or clients' wellbeing as a need.

We comprehend that the mechanical technology industry is unwinding unlimited prospects, particularly at a time like the COVID-19 pandemic, with ventures taking a gander at sending administration robots for genuine use cases for the wellbeing and security of representatives.

We bring NEXT Protocol to assemble, make and work together cutting-edge robots and their related application to genuine critical thinking use cases like Covid situations, Design Robot Gaming, and Robot NFTs. NEXT Protocol permits simple distribution of Robot Services utilizing our Robots (NEXTiBOTs) and other OEM Robots, empower the Robots to run with its tokens (convey and Mint business explicit BEP-20 Robo-tokens) and, sell these Robot administrations in commercial centers.

Our robots have been deployed at many organizations across the Middle East and Europe where they are helping guiding visitors, transporting office staff, and taking care of patients by monitoring their health, which is crucial in this pandemic situation.

Can you briefly give the process by which a user can own a fraction of a robot?
What does the user have to do?

So, when we deploy the robots through our DeFi Protocol, the details of the robots has been stored in the blocks and tokens have been assigned to the robots. The users are buying the tokens for a specific robot, based on the amount of tokens they are buying and the tokens that have been against the total tokens that have been issued the fractional ownership will be defined. Once the robots will generate rental revenue, 50% of the rental revenue will go to the fractional owners based on the share they are holding.

While deploying our solution with many organizations we have seen there are various barriers to entry, one of which was the ROI from the commercial or home users.

But when we are distributing the ownership through DeFi protocol, then we are anle to break the barrier. The previous buyers now also can go for part owner + rental model. And the tokenholders can also get rental yield or even yield through staking.

It is a win win situation for both.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: We have developed NEXTiBots and deployed them at many renowned companies across the Middle East. They are helping the companies with greeting visitors, delivering, and sanitization.

You can check the following videos for the functionalities

Presently with DeFi Protocol, and our NFT and Gaming Platform, we are expanding to an extended solution for the Creators, Designers, and Engineers. Through this platform, they have the opportunity to create and deploy digital robots and various functionalities. Also through this platform, they can have partial or full ownership of our NEXTiBots and gain yield based on the business.

We are preparing for third-party integration, Mobile App Integration, IoT Integration, Home Automation, and many more. The details of the Roadmap have been provided on our website

The snapshot has been provided in this medium article

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: We are discussing with large community, and various technology companies for compliance, security, and other probable solution. We will have the announcement once the formalities will be done.

Q5: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $NEXT Token?

ANS: For the tokenomics you can refer to

NEXT Protocol has comprehensive use cases to generate greater demand of tokens – there is no mindless burning but real business use cases which will need the tokens to work.

1. Developers to build their Robot Application with their customized tokens in the marketplace for business and companies to consume and deploy.

2. Companies can onboard and deploy Robot with its prebuilt applications. They can float projects for the developers to build new functionality as well.

3. Gamers can build Robot games on the ROS and run them on Hexacore processors and play as well as compete in events.

4. As I have already explained earlier - Robot token holders by staking NEXT Tokens can earn partial (50%) Rental yields for Robot applications that are being in used business scenarios through Blockchain Wallet Node (tracker) for each Robot.

Current NEXT Tokens will be used in our developed Service Robots NEXTiBOTS which provides the following services: Greet-iBot, Safe-iBot, Ster-iBot and Carry-iBot.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: With NEXT protocol, my concern and worry lies with the non-robotics savvy developers. Does one need sophisticated knowledge of robotics to be able deploy robots on NEXT protocol platform? As a developer, what is(are) the basic programming language(s) required for me to know to be able to navigate through the NEXT protocol platform in a bid to build robot applications?

ANS: The platform is developed in such a way that it can be used by both robotics savvy and non-savvy developers. We will be providing predefine functionalities for developing the custom solution.
Once the prototype is completed then we will be able to deployed the solution.

Q2: I understand that the NEXTiBOTs will help alot in maintaining social distancing at work and minimize human contact which will inturn help curb the spread of COVID-19, but have you thought about it negative impact on the economy? Won't this contribute largely to unemployment because you don't expect a company that has invested largely in replacing it workers with robots to rehire for that role?

ANS: Not really. Actually our robots help the organization to continue the business and that will help the economy. Our robot will protect the valuable resources of the orgnaziation.

Q3: New academic branches are being created in the best universities in the world in the field of artificial intelligence and robotic technologies. Do you plan to cooperate with these universities to improve your technology and meet your needs in the field of human resources?

ANS: Yes, couple of academics from Griffith University and Bond University is in talks with us. We definitely will partner with couple of Univesities.

Q4: Next protocol is involved in some real big and advance tech. Reading about Robot been used in our day to day activities creates some fear in me because of what we have see in the fantasy world (sci-fi movies) where robot eventually turn against human. Do you think such scenerio cannot occur?

ANS: I understand your concern. But think it this way - if you have a baseball bat, you can play with it or you can hit someone with it. So it is completely based on the creator. But the robots going against human by himself, it is long way to go. Presently there is no such possibility, not in near future.

Q5: Among the features of NEXT Protocol, I was intrigued by the world's first robot Social media platform available for purchase on the Marketplace, where all Robo-Characters showcase their achievements and showcase their creations.

Can you share details about this platform, how can we join the platform and with which tokens can we buy robots?

ANS: Plase follow us on our channels and you will get the updats about this. We wanted to keep it as a surprise.

Q6: Next protocol can provide solutions to problems like Covid scenarios, which other kind of problems would be solved by the platform, and what about entertaining services like Gaming or NFT?

ANS: You can read about them in our website

Q7: Do you still find any interesting questions?

ANS: But, due to time constraints we have to fold for today.

Please visit our site for more information

And please feel free to ask questions as much as you can in our telegram group

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