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Recapitulation of NinjaDogeBsc PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Thursday, 15th July, 2021
Time: 16:00 UTC

The NinjaDogeBsc PROJECT team was represented by @Ninjadogetoken and @Bubcrypt who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about NinjaDogeBsc PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourselves and your background, also introduce the team working on the NinjaDoge?

ANS: The core team consists of 2 co-founders - Sensei and Dubs. We also have a team of developers, mods, shillers and designers in house. Bubs and I have been in the crypto space for over a year but we are fairly new to the BSC space - about 3 months. Outside of crypto, we have 5+ years of enterprise tech experience in Marketing & Sales.

Q2: Can you introduce the NinjaDoge, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: NInjadoge is a charity utility token aimed to help local non-profit organizations around the world.
We are unique in the BSC charity space because we will have our Ninja Doge community involved in choosing the animal organization we will donate to.

It’s also unique because we will not donate to organizations that have over 200+ employees. If you look at many of the other token charities, they are donating to some of the BIGGEST organizations. We believe that donating to more local organizations will have a bigger impact on the surrounding communities as these donation funds will go a lot further for them.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: For Phase 1 milestones, we've rolled out whitelist/bnb contests, contract audit, AMAs & community engagement, paid ads & promotions. These are ongoing goals that we are working on everyday to continue growing our community in preparation for launch.

Since beginning marketing 6 days ago we were able to grow our telegram to 1300 organic members. As for an audit, we will use Techrate. The results will be available to the public prior to our dxsale launch.

Phase 2 and Phase 3 are launch and long term growth.

Some of the main events we are looking forward to in our roadmap include: AMA’s, ICO presale/launch, contract + kyc audit, expansion to larger exchanges, ny times square billboard, partnerships, and animation videos.

You can view our entire roadmap on

Q4: So far, has NinjaDoge donate to any charity?

ANS: Our first donation will be after launch. We will continue to donate to local non-profit animal organizations when we hit certain milestones - every 5,000 holders increment

We have some charities in mind, and our holders can participate in recommending their favorite local non profits!

Q5: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: As we start to donate to non-profit animal organizations, we will begin to seek partnerships with these organizations. These partnerships will expose us into the public eye that have not heard about us or know about the BSC space. We are hoping to create an ecosystem of these partnerships where both parties will get exposure. Additionally, they will be receiving donations.

Other partnerships we aim to have as we grow are with certain animal personalities with big followings. A couple we have in mind are Brother Nature (2mil+ followers) or Kody Antle (4.4mil+ followers)

Q6: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the NinjaDoge Token?

ANS: Our Tokenomics is as follows:

- Total supply: 1,000,000,000 Tokens
- Tokens for Available to buy in Presale: 52%
- Tokens for PCS Liquidity: 33%
- Small percentage Allocated to Charity/Marketing wallet: >3%
- Allocated to Private Stakeholders: 1%

All remaining tokens will be burned!

As for our utility, as mentioned earlier, Ninja Doge Token holders will be involved in the selection process of our donation to the local non-profit animal organization.

We don’t believe any other charity token has this process like ours. We will be conducting a survey at every 5,000 holders increment with the Ninja Doge community to nominate a local non-profit animal organization to donate towards. We will randomly draw a winner and verify they are legitimate + local.

Additionally our token offers the following per transaction:

5% reflection
1% to liquidity
1% to marketing
1% to charity

We have a low tax rate of 8%!

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: NINJA DOGE is a charity project. And we all know charity project need more publicity because the more people know about it, more fund will be raise. So what plan you guies take so far for marketing? And how you aim for global expansion?

ANS: So far for marketing we have done paid ads(poocoin,etc), sponsored posts(CMS, Tiktok, etc). as well as community engagement events. We also have some unique marketing content that we are very excited to share with the community.

As for global expansion, this is definitely our goal. We see the need for NinjaDoge to be available globally and we understand not everyone speaks english

Therefore we have been building our international community, specifically we have done this for China,India, Pakistan. Many more to come. To do this we will build our mod team to aid with translations

I will let my cofounder Sensei add on to any of these points!

We've planned hard for Phase 1 and 2 - before presale & post-launch. These include what bubs has mentioned. It's all general and standard marketing that every token does. Promotions on reddit/coinsniper, etc.

Phase 3 is long term growth. This is where we will stand out. Partnerships with animal organizations + animal personalities with big followings. Animated storyline. and more to be announced.

Q2: On their website you can see these words:
Special marketing mystery that has never been done in this space. Surprising, what exactly do you mean? Are you in charge of selecting animal organizations for donations or is there a way to get in touch with you?

ANS: The special marketing mystery was hinted at in Sensei's previous reply

We will share our secret today with the audience! If you look at our logo our adorable and fierce NinjaDoge is an Icon. We will be creating an unique promotional animated short video of NinjaDoge. This will be a multiple part video and is already in production. We will be dropping videos closer to launch to build big hype for launch and well as creating growth for the long term

These videos are not cheap. As we grow, we expect the quality of the videos to be better, more expensive, and lengthier. Nobody in this space has done this and you all here are the first to know about this

These animations will be building a world where Ninja Doge lives and comes to life. It is an animated storyline

Details of this animation project will be kept under wraps. That will be all we will share for now

As for charity selection, our team has several of our favorites such as local dog rescue shelters and an organization to save bee's.

But yes, our holders can definitely reach out to add more! We will provide a form for our holders to add their favorite local non-profits to our pool.

In which 1 would be randomly drawn and we would donate to that organization! Proof of course will be provided as we will maintain full transparency.

Q3: Your Project Plans to operate in a Public and transparent way, which is Good, but how involved will the Community be best Decisions and thus strengthen the ecosystem...?
Do You consider the Community to be a fundamental Role in the Project?

ANS: The community, specifically NinjaDoge holders definitely have a valid say in our project. If you have seen our telegram, Sensei and I are very active there, engaging with our community.

That being said, Yes, we consider the community to be a ESSENTIAL role in our project. In order to sustain long-term growth this is vital.

We have an idea of how we want to involve the community with the project and have them stick with us.

1.) They get a say and nomination in organization we donate to.

2.) Animated storyline that will keep investors and new ones coming. We expect these videos to go viral - at least that's what we are aiming for.

3.) Community events such as meme competitions, polls, raids, busd giveaway contests, etc.

Q4: You said you are quite new in bsc space and crypto. Before crypto you have 5+ years of enterprise tech experience in Marketing & Sales. So can you tell me what's makes you come in this space? And how confident you are about this project? And as a new comer in this field what challenges you had to face so far? And how you overcome those?

ANS: "You said you are quite new in bsc space and crypto. Before crypto you have 5+ years of enterprise tech experience in Marketing & Sales. So can you tell me what's makes you come in this space? And how confident you are about this project? And as a new comer in this field what challenges you had to face so far? And how you overcome those?"

I never had much interest in trading crypto. I would leave it and forget about it. It's not until one of my buddies recommended that I put some money into Shiba Inu. Several weeks later my investment 30x and that was the inception of my fascination with the BSC space. Since then, I've been a hardcore investor in this space and have seen the turbulence, ups & downs of this market and tokens here. We've seen the goods and the uglies and what makes a project fail/succeed. We've studied this. We've built a solid roadmap and team, now we have to execute. We're confident that our project will succeed.

One of the biggest challenges is assembling a team you can trust. Luckily, I had a good friend of mine I have a personal relationship with, dubs, to come onboard with me. We've gathered mods, designers, and a couple devs who work closely with us but are not part of the core team.

To add on to the team building for Ninjadoge, we strive to have a team that's values professionalism, and takes this role seriously to grow Ninjadoge long term. The challenge that this came with is that we had to let people go who did not share this same vision and drive

But nonetheless we now have great team and a solid marketing roadmap to continue growing Ninjadoge!

Q5: When opening the NinjaDoge website, there is an invitation to join the WHITELIST GIVEAWAY 🎉.

My questions are

1.) Is this GIVEAWAY 🎉 accessible to all users? Are there terms and conditions that must be followed to enter the Giveaway/Whitelist?

2.) Can you explain the mechanics of your Giveaway and what rewards can users get? And is there a referral program for this?

ANS: 1) Yes this this giveway is open for our entire community! To be considered you must complete all the mentioned tasks such as joining our TG, etc

Entries that do not complete all of the mentioned tasks or have any fraudulent or bot entries will be deleted. We will definitely be checking our data to ensure these entries are removed

Bots recently attacked our sweepwidget but with our data analysis we identifed them and they will be disqualified

2) Winners of the sweepwidget will be awarded a whitelist spot so they will have first access to our presale allocation that will be on Dxsale on the 19th

There is a referral program, once you complete the sweepwidget entirely the last task will give you a unique referral link. You can shill this as desired and anyone who signs up will give you additional entries for the opportunity to win a whitelist spot. Again we will know if theses referrals are botted so we can give a fair chance to our real community members! - this is our official page to enter into the whitelist contest

For anyone who isn't familiar with whitelist - when we randomly draw the winners you will have access to contribute in our presale on dxsale in the first round. After the first round is over, we will open it to the public.

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