Recapitulation of NULS AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Wednesday, 6th January, 2021
Time: 07:00 UTC

The NULS team was represented by @Berzeck1. He judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the Team working on NULS project

Ans : Hello everybody! My name Is Mario Blacutt but everybody knows me as Berzeck
hopefully we have a good time learning about nuls and nerve (2 blcokchians one vision)
please join @nulsio and @NerveNetwork if you want to have a chance to earn rewards

I am software engineer with 20 years of experience (yes i am old for crypto standards 😒😒) , I am the western director of nULS and founder of NerveNework. I designed and developed the microservices infrastructure on which NULS and Nerve are based on which is called Nulstar

Q2 : Can you introduce the NULS project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitive advantage

Also, kindly Tell us the Relationship between NULS and NERVE

Ans : NULS is a blcokchain written from scratch that provides modern features like 800+ TPS 10 seconds for block creation, it has the only implemented microservices infrastructure in crypto which allows us to adapt and evolve faster than anybody else, each module can be developed in any language. In fact NULS has modules written in Java and C++.

thanks to this we provide unique products like Chainfactory which allows people to build their own blcokchain in few minutes ( )

designed for NON DEVELOPERS, with a few clicks you can download your own blcokchain and also a web wallet and explorer ready to use!
Chainbox is more powerfull version designed for developers

in fact Nerve was built using this tool

we also have the SCO program on which projects can register their tokens ( ) and our investors can stake in these projects and earn the projects tokens, in retunr the project receive NULS

Nerve is the cross chain DeFi ready solution for our ecosystem, we support several assets like eth, bnb, dai, usdt, pas, and many more

it offers 2 seconds for blcok creation and 2000+ TPS and also just ONE CONFIRMATION to be considered secure

NErve is one of the few DeFi ready blcokchains solutions right now

NULS and Nerve complement each other and our partners build using both blcokchains

its important to highlight that ALL our products are ready to USE RIGHT NOW and not just a good idea on a powerpoint presentation

we focused our resources building actual unique products instead of pumping

Q3: Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap

Ans : Our development team has built 3 blockchains in 9 months each (nuls 1.x , nuls 2.x and nerve) WITHOUT a single SERIOUS issue on mainnet

something that projects with a lot more budget were not able to achieve

for NULS we are planing to modify the core infraastructure so it can compete in the new BaaS market (blcokcahinn as a service)

we will also offer in 2021 compatibility with ETH2 smart contract engine called EWASM. so developers from ethereum can easily switch to our network that provides extremely low fees with great spped

for NErve we plan to integrate more tokes and blockchains

also we are finishing NerveDEX which is one of the fastest cross chain DEX out there (and cheapest)
just 2 seconds to finalize a transaction

another mileston we achieved is that our tokens ( NRC20) have the ability to travel between different blcokchains like Binance smart chain, Ethereum and Huobi

so projects building with us can target investors from ALL of those blcokchains seamlessly

even that we knwo ETH is great, why should projects restrain to choose ONE single blcokchain? NULS and NErve is the solution for this and partners choosing us instead of ethereum and other bigger projects

2nd Segment: TWITTER Questions

Q1 Kindly explain about NULS consensus mechanism PoC? What is the determining feature of NULS to choose PoC consensus? What are the advantages of PoC as compared to other Consensus like PoS, dPoS ?

Ans : PoC is a dPoS derived consensus scheme that has also embedded a mechanims that punishes bad behaving nodes something that ETH2 is trying to do.. well we do this already

its also fast and has provisions to make protocol upgrades a lot easier and less painfull


Q2 : NULS sets a new industry standard for optimizing blockchain adoption, but as NULS takes advantage of its competitors, what are those new optimizations you say?

Ans : I will answer this way: do you know what is the difference between a shi* coin and a blcokchain solution?
a blcokchain solution solves real problems for real companies, we manage to achieve this thanks to our unique infrastructure (microservices) that allowed us to create unique extremely flexible products liek i described above

as you can see we already provide a lot of innovation in the crowded crypto space


Q3 : What’s is NULS Chain Factory and what’s NULS ChainBox solution provides ? What l the NULS ecosystem with outside ecosystems and other blockchains for fluid circulation of information and assets?

Ans : ChainFactory as explained above allows NON DEVELOPERS to create their own blockchain solution with just a few clicks ( )
they choose a few modules from a menu and introduce a few parameters and BAM! thats it you can download your blcokchain 9 a web wallet + eplreer ready to use

nobody in the 6000+ projects (as far as we know) offer this capability for non developers

Chainbox is more powerful version designed for DEVELOPERS, Nerve itself was created using this tool

for the last question:
we don’t consider ourselves "eth killer" because we understand that several good projects will urvive and thrive targeting different use cases

so the notion of "one chain to rule them all" is essentially flawed, we understand this so what we offer is the ability to use other blcokchains seamlessly... NRC20 tokens can travel freely (after regustration) between different blcokchains

this allwos our projects to target investors outside nuls, including binance , huobi and ethreum (more will be added in the future)

Q4 : Recently NULS announced their partnership with Cobalt Lend (CBLT). What was the main reason behind established this partnership? What kinds of positive result can we expect from this partnership?

Ans : Cobalt will use our platform to build a lending application

they are also registered as SCO partner ( )

so people that has a few nuls can stake it and receive Cobalt tokens in retunr

they will use our unique features and minimize their development costs using the tools we already provided that i described earlier

Q5 : Security & User Interface are the Most Important Aspect that Users see on a platform. How has #Nuls and Nerve Network worked on this? Is Platform suitable for Newbies in the crypto field?

Ans : We offer PoC dPoS derive d system which has proved to be very secure, we just had a single incident in the past but nobody lost tokens

we disagree about user interface, we think its more important to offer tools to developers to create products and enhance the ecosystem

in fact do you know why btc is alive? its not for the thech but its because the huge ecosystem it has managed to create around

we are oding the same and that will survive any bear market it presents i the future

3rd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1 : Can you give information about NerveDEx? Features, speed and transaction fees are very important for users.

Ans : NerveDEX requieres just 2 SECONDS to confirm transactions, the UI needs some work that is scheduled for january and february but the engine is working perfectly

its, as fas as we know the fastest and cheapest cross chain DEX out there

also people have the ability to ADD their own pairs

it costs 200 NVT (like 16 usd at current prices)

Q2 : Hello I am interested to stake in Nuls pool, can you please tell me what is the reward for stake ? Is there any minimum requirement to stake on your pool?

Ans : there are 3 staking options:
1] stake on nuls network to earn NULS: you need 2000 NULS for this

2] Stake in our SCO projects : you need 100 nuls for this and you earn the project tokens that you chose,

3] stake on nerve: you need the equivalent of 1000 NVT and you earn NVT

the interest rate is moe than 12% per year

for nuls an nerve and maybe higher for pocm depending in the project tokens price


Q3 : Do you have any agreement with any centralized exchanges for staking nuls and getting interest?

Ans : Kukoin, the thing is that despite general opinion, investors purchase a coin not because they can earn 1% per month like exchanges can offer, they buy because they expect to earn 10x - 100 x their original investment

so we discovered that allowing staking in exchanges does not help at all, it just creates a initial pump that is dumped in the upcoming weeks
while traders lower the rewards for everybody

in other words it doesnt work as expected long term, thats why we are not pushing for stakes in exchanges
sadly we cant stop it and we already have been approached so maybe in the upcoming months some other will do this

Q4 : NULS can process 800 -1000 TPS, and has a 10 seconds block creation period while Nerve has 2000+ TPS, it requires 2 seconds for block creation. So can you explain why Nerve is faster than Nuls?What are their commonalities and differences? How Nuls being connected to Nerve Network?

Ans : Nerve also offers the most important feature for DeFi projects: you just need ONE confimration to be considered secure, its allso Cross chain and we integrated with tens of other projects

but to achieve this we had to make some compromises, for example it doesnt have a smart contract engine

so developers need to use nuls for smart contract and nerve for the cross chain and insane speed and security

we split in two blcockhains because we discovered that instead of building a single bloated, slow blcokchain that tries to do everything it was better to have 2 blcokchains

with different goals and features and different development cycles
this proved the right decision as we have unique featires that no other has

Q5 : You focused your resources to build great products right now but what price is important too. What will you do about price?

Ans : Trying to manipulate the price directly always backfire long term, other wise every project would be millonaire right now hwat happens is that most projects manipulates the price expectin a pump so they can dump their tokens a have gerat profit

we wont do that because we dont care about short term pumps, we care about creating a huge ecosystem that will survive no matter what
the same that happened with btc and ethereum

the mroe projects we have the mroe likely the price will increase ORGANICALLY

so we target INVESTORS instead of TRADERS

and thats why we focused our resources BUILIND ACTUAL products INSTEAD of pumping beautiful power point presentations

and thats why we will succeed in the future no matter the short term price action
Also please notice that i am not asking for you guys to jump on and purchase NULS and NVT right away, what i would like is for you guys reasearch and understand more about our solutions

This way, in the future if you decide to purachase then you will understand that no matter the price action short term your investment may have great odds for the future and never be worried about ctypto volatility
that creates a true community and a true blcokchain solution
other stuff is just blatan pumping
that goes nowhere in the end


Can share all link where buy tokens and all social media

Ans : you can purchae NULS at biance among others:

nerev at uniswap:

and mxc:

i already provided telegram links, for twiiter:
NULS: @ nuls
Nerve: @ nerve_network
and also if you want to have some information and news before ffcial release you can folllow me on twitter at @ Berzeck5

Telegram Group:
Telegram Channel:

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