Recapitulation of OD1N Protocol AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Monday, 28th December, 2020
Time: 13:00 UTC

The OD1N Protocol team was represented by @Loki0x. He judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the Team working on OD1N project

Ans : I am one of the Co-Founders of OD1N. I have been working as Project manager / Software Engineer in the last 4 years for different companies including startups. I am in crypto since 2018. My teammate Thor is in this business since 2017. We have been helping some DEFI projects.

Q2 : Can you introduce the OD1N project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitve advantage

Ans : OD1N is a soft fork of RFI. It has improved tax of 3% to reward holders with higher fees. Its a complete protol which is sustainable with high volumes. OD1N is the beginning. It was always intended to be ownerless. We have set up a contract, the community is fully operating it. It is fully rugproof token. RenouncedOwnership and Liquidity is locked. Thats what people wants these days after so many rugs.

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap

Ans : What we have achieved is that we have created a rugfree Project and created a very active community that helps on getting more investors. They even applied to Livecoin and Blockfolio listing before us! I think this is very important. We dont have a Roadmap at this moment. Our idea was to create a RFI fork for people who had missed the RFI train like us and follow the same route like them. But our community wants more from us and we are now working on a plan to create a project which also add liquidity to OD1N. Its still concept and we will try everything to get this live. Also we will post a Medium article soon for OD1N.


Q1 : Did your projects have any roadmap...and what’s the total supply of this token and how about the price? Where we can check it’s prize anytime and where we can tread it?

Ans : I have explained the Roadmap question with Q3.
OD1N Total supply is 10000. 55% were sold in Presale and 40% was added to Liquidity along with 20 eth which was raised in presale (80% of 25 ETH). Presale price was 0.5 eth = 110 OD1N / Listing price was 0.5 = 80 OD1N
Price was above the presale price until 2 days ago. After ETH started to pump it dumped like all other coins did. Even RFI dumped by 50%. I think we are doing it good for our 4th day.
Our coin is listed at and blockfolio.
CoinGecko request form has been sent. Hopefully we will be listed in the coming days.

Btw DEXTools is giving us Score 1. This is because of the Etherscan information. We have updated all information after listing. But Etherscan didnt updated it yet. Once it is updated we will get higher score.

Q2 : What’s about the OD1N ecosystem and what’s about your main plan? Do you give any extra facility for the holders and Treader..and which market it is listed now?

Ans : OD1N is a completed protocol. If there is enough volume all holders will receive the fees. More trades more fees. Holding is being awarded since the fees are devided by the holders. Like you know, crypto projects are like butterflys. They hype for 2-3 days and after that most projects are dead, 0 volume. Like i said in previous question we will start a project which can add liqudity to OD1N protocol by the tax fees. With all our new projects we will try to reward OD1N holders.

Currently OD1N is only listed on Uniswap. Since we’ve only raised 25ETH for OD1N we dont have budget to list it on CEX.

Q3 : What is your future plan ?and how can you get this position? In covid time how can you handle all neassary think in your Project? More over what are you doing to get your Project in the top list??

Ans : We are focusing on the marketing at this moment. In the future we will do more AMA’s with other active crypto groups like AMA LOVERS CLUB and Youtube channels.

Q4 : In the midst of a pandemic like this, and the number of Defi projects that have emerged, can you rely on your project if we choose, how to farm and bet on the OD1N protocol, is your project good for the long term and good for future investors?

Ans : Since our project gives 3% of the transaction amount to the holders it is good at long term. We just need more volume. And we can achieve that with marketing. We have 5% team tokens and we are only using this for Marketing. There are so many projects these days we cant even count. They release 100s of projects each day which 80% of them are scam. And the other 20% are PnD tokens. After presale Dev’s are vanishing and investors are left alone holding a bag of tokens that they can’t sell. Thor and I are trying everything to keep our Project alive. We always listen to our investors. They asked me to do marketing and i scheduled this AMA. More will follow.
After we finish our AMA i will announce a news which is in favor of OD1N holders.

Q5 : OD1N is still a new platform with few people in its community. What marketing strategies will you use to grow your platform and users? What incentives do you offer your community to stay part of OD1N

Ans : We recently did a MEME competition. We received alot of good stuff. We wanted to reward top 5 MEMEs but we made it top 6 because we couldnt leave the 6th one without a reward. I will distribute the tokens after this AMA.
More competitions will follow after this. All rewards will be paid by the Team tokens. We as devs wont use the Team tokens for our selfs. Only Marketing and Mods are being paid with it. As answered in previous questions More Ama’s are coming soon


Q1 : Does the Od1n Protocol team have any plans for the future to bring the $ODIN token to the major exchange market and can you give me an overview of tokenomics or token Metrics?

Ans : Major exchnage is not possible

Q2 : Hello sir, i am most concerned about the SAFETY issue ??? Because I see that even in many BIG PROJECTS, in the field of Lending or Loans it is always GREAT FOOD, for many HACKERS, So how are you going to solve this problem?

Ans : It is rugfree project. We dont own the contract anymore. RenouncedOwnership.

Q3 : What are the main benefits that OD1N offers to investors? Why should investors consider OD1N as the first choice?

Ans : TX fees to the holders. Holding more tokens give u more fees.

Q4 : What are the ways for $OD1N project to generate revenue in the long run?

Ans : We will build projects which will help OD1N get more volume. More volume more fees to holders

Q5 : All project's coins/token have their main Utilities & real-life use! So, Can you tell us what the main role of your coin/token is in your ecosystem? Explain its Utilities & Real-Life use cases? and Why should i invest in your project for the long term?

Ans : This project has no Real-Life use. It is more volume more fee structure.

We need community to help us do marketing also. Thats going to help our project.

Q6 : What are the requirements for staking? What are the daily returns? Is there any lock-period for withdrawing my asset? And for claiming my rewards do I need to pay extra fees?

Ans : We have no staking.

Q7 : What is the no.1 means on your project name? Does it represent the teams ambition to make OD1N as one of the top project in the cryptospace?

Ans : ODIN is the KING of Valhalla. King of Norse gods. So we wanted to call our project ODIN. All other projects will have other norse gods names

Q8 : One thing that my opinion the most important in a project is about safety + security. Did you already do audit for smart contract? Because small error possible to make user loss all of his asset

Ans : We contacted some auditors for this. But the price was too high to get it audited.

But this is a RFI clone. We have the same security as them

Q9 : OD1N Protocol is a fork of RFI. Which project is RFI and what do they do? As a fork of RFI, what will OD1N do different from RFI or does OD1N plan to do exactly what RFI does?

Ans : Yes we are following them

Q10 : Q1.Regarding your presale, I saw that your hardcap is just 25 ETH, this gives me concern, isn't this amount too small for a project with great products and plan as you?

Q2. How do you aim to continue to fund the project in the long term, let's say 5 years and beyond or you dont plan staying for long?

Ans : Q1 yes it was pretty small. We could have raised more which could help with marketing etc.
Q2 With creating other projects that supports OD1N


Do you have any Final Words for the community? Also, kindly share every useful links to project.

Ans : We always been honest to our Investors. We will offer them rugproof projects. But we will need support of them to get more investors and get people know about OD1N. We will conduct more Compeitions soon so please come to our group regularly.

Thank you for all for taking time to watch the ama and ask the questions.


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