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Date: Sunday, 1st November, 2020
Time: 20:00 UTC

The OHLAY team was represented by @Bowkzz and @donnychakras. They both judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also if you have a team, you can introduce them

Ans : Just me I’m a crypto enthusiast. My team isn’t with me today

Hello, my name is Don, and I am part of the OHLAY Team

Q2 : Can you introduce the OHLAY Token, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitve advantage and utility

Ans : The OHLAY Token’s mission is to gain crypto adoption into our widespread, global community. Many scooterists are shredding it out there and doing very well, and we would like to give them a platform to showcase their talent. We plan on sponsoring active scooterists for competitions and compensating them in the form of OHLAY, which will grow in value if it begins to become heavily adopted.

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you want to achieve with timelines, also share your roadmap if available

Ans : Firstly, achieving the presale soft-cap would be the first milestone we would like to achieve, so then we can move forward to the Uniswap listing. We are still working on our detailed roadmap, but after the Uniswap listing we plan on marketing the token more officially, and attending scootering events as we have been, and eyeing out well known professional scooterists to get our name out there a little more. A top milestone we would like to achieve, would be for a commentator at the X-Games, or whathaveyou, on live TV, introduce a scooterist and mention that he is currently sponsored by OHLAY, and that we’ve entered the crypto space

Q4 : Can you share more details on the presale, how we can join... The basic things we should be aware of

Ans : The presale launched today at 00:00 GMT. Our presale is a crowdsale contract, which means users will send their ETH to the address specified in our telegram, and our smart contract (which has been audited) will send them the proportionate amount of OHLAY in return. The tokenomics and all other presale information can be found in the pinned message in the OHLAYToken telegram. 50M initial supply, with 20M locked liquidity, and unsold presale tokens will be burned. We have provided our own liquidity and locked it for 1 year. We want to remind users to use fast gas when interacting with our crowdsale contract.

🚨🚨 Presale is officially live! 🚨🚨
Hello guys and gals, we are pleased to announce the official presale launch of OHLAY Token! 🚀🚀 We wanted to thank everybody again for supporting the development of our project since day 1. We have a very large following, and we plan to use that to tap into the crypto market. These are just the first steps for us in this space, and in the past 2 years, we've already had EXPONENTIAL growth in our company. Presale will be running exactly 1 week from launch, which was about 2 hours ago today, or until we've met our presale hardcap. We are very excited you are joining us, and we have some very special surprises coming up, so stay tuned!

💸Presale info:
contract: 0x764973a1dbb8a7fe82aa42db606c8ea86b0bc48c
use fast gas

It is a crowdsale contract, which means you will send ETH to our smart contract address, which has been audited✅, and you will receive the proportionate amount of OHLAY in return.

✅Liquidity locked
✅Team tokens are locked
✅Audited by solidity
✅Non-anon team
✅40,000+ pre-existing Instagram followers


Total Supply: 50,000,000 OHLAY (fixed supply)
Presale: 20,000,000
Liquidity & Development: 20,000,000 🔒
Audits/Marketing/Partnerships: 5,000,000 🔒
Team: 5,000,000🔒


💸 Presale Pricing: .0000125 ETH (.005 USD) (80,000 OHLAY per ETH)
🦄 Uniswap Pricing: .00002 ETH (.0075 USD) (50,000 OHLAY per ETH)
Hard Cap: 250 ETH
Soft Cap: 25 ETH (Unsold Tokens will be burned.) 🔥
Max Contribution: 5 ETH
Min Contribution: .1 ETH

If anyone has ANY questions, please do not hesitate to ask! 😊



Q1 : OHLAY presale is officially live. How will I benefit from this presale and what are the utilities behind the token?

Ans : You will make money, I am making a steady ecosystem

Q2 : What will be my own profit If I Buy in Ohlay Token?
What Are The Available And Avoidable Things I can buy in Ohlay Token?

Ans : The price of presale is .005 the price of uniswap is .0075

Q3 : OHLAY is hosting an online-contest with $10,000 cash prizes,
Can you share a bit information about the contest and how users can participate in it ?

Ans : Literally this is a complete side project lol

Q4 : Q1. Of the 50 million OHLAY token, how many would be allocated for the Presale, team, marketing and Uniswap listing?

Q2. Should incase your soft cap of 25 ETH isn’t met, will you still continue with uniswap listing or the Presale would be terminated and refunds would be made?

Ans : 20 million allocated for presale. 20 million locked liquidity. 5 million for the team, 5 million for marketing and audits and all that jazz.

If the soft-cap is not met, we will refund the tokens, and work out from there

Q5 : While i was gong through your contract address, I saw that OHLAY token is already in 7 addresses. Why is it so? I thought the Presale just started an hr ago or distribution has already started?

Ans : We’ve already raised roughly 10 ETH. We need 25 ETH for soft cap and 250 ETH for hard cap

Q6 : 🛹 #OHLAY also has sponsorship if I am a professional skateboarder to carry your brand What requirements do I need to meet to be taken into account to bring your brand to the X-GAMES?
🛹The #OHLAY brand will also have physical stores where we can see their products to buy them, can I also be a seller of their brand to create my own DApps and benefit each other?

Ans : I would contact our founder for a sponsorship, we can communicate directly for that.

If you would be interested in providing us with a DApp that would be beneficial to the ecosystem of OHLAY, we would welcome it.

Q7 : Is there any Hidden fee?
crypto are scam day by day....what can we know OHLAY is a legal project?? Have any prove or licencesor other?

Ans : No lol

Q8 : 1. Honestly it’s the first time I’ve heard about your project 😅 and looks interesting and also don’t know much about #Scooterists and most of us may not be a fan of it , So I wanna ask you why should I buy OHLAY tokens among all other projects like will it gave holders long term benefits which is really important cause we’ve seen lots of new tokens dumping so quickly these days?

2. What are you going to do with the remaining unsold tokens. Can we expect them to get burn so holders can be sure that our OHLAY price value is not going to fall?

Ans : Lol I did math good buy

Q9 : Biggest bottle neck now is high gas prices and not enough tools for Maket Making.. How do you handle this?

How do you attract investors?

Ans : Lol ETH 2.0

Q10 : ⚡Q1. Today social networks are the new and best form of advertising, in just under two years its social platforms are well established, how have social media impacted on the development of OHLAY? How do you plan to continue growing on social media?

⚡Q2. OHLAY Brand are focused on a specific type of user or not? Who are the ones who feel most identified with the OHLAY objective?

Ans : Absolutely Insta is huge right now

Q11 : Some Ethereum platforms lost its utility or got problem with "adoption" due to high ETH gas prices, so do you think that this is an a chance for OHLAY and how will you take this opportunity?🤔🤔

Ans : ETH 2.0

Q12 : One of the trends currently are the staking and burning of Tokens.

1) its total supply is 50,000,000 $OHLAY, so my question is ... Do you plan to do a token burn to increase the value of the token and attract investors?

2) One of my favorite trends is staking and my question is based on it ... Can I do Staking with your $OHLAY token or you have not implemented staking yet and are you planning to do it?

Ans : I’m going to create a steady ecosystem

Q13 : Why should my members not be scared of rug? And another, what’s the shilling plans you’ve got for OHLAY?

Ans : The OHLAY company is very well established, and our token development team is not anonymous, so I feel as though that shows some transparency in our project. We would not do anything to tarnish the reputation of our business, or to hurt other investors.

We’ve arranged some shilling with BitBoy, so keep an eye out for his TikTok post.

Sorry for some rough answers, we are new to the space and these questions help us to better guide our direction.


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