Recapitulation of OkEx AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Sunday, 13th December, 2020
Time: 20:00 UTC

The OkEx team was represented by @liezel0414 and @Mapacoinok. They judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1) Can you explain the 200$ bonus New User Event to our AMA LOVERS CLUBS Community Friends?

Ans : My name is Oluwaseun mapayi from OKEx exchange

I will be introducing and explaining our 200$ bonus event to you guys

Step 1: Register
User must register from our CM link to be eligible for our bonus

Then after registration
They have to download our app for easy use of our service

Step 2: Deposit and Trade to win 40$

Deposit ≥100$, you will get 20 USDT trading fee rebate card.

Trade 100$ spot, you will get 5$.

Trade ≥100$ swap with 10x under the help of your club manager, you will get 5$.

Continue to Trade ≥100$ swap with 10x / day in 5 days, share your trading to the group, you will get extra 10$.

This is where to monitor your trading/order

Bonus 2: Every new and old user who register from our Club Managers all can join!

Top 10 Traders Share 300$, if you are double TOP 1, you will get 100$ in total!

Top 5 Traders in trading volume will get 50$ (1st) - 40$ (2nd) - 30$ (3rd) - 20$ (4th) - 10$ (5th)!

Top 5 Traders in trading times will get 50$ (1st) - 40$ (2nd) - 30$ (3rd) - 20$ (4th) - 10$ (5th)!

This is for new and old users that join with our CM link

This is for bonus 3

Step 3 Buy Crypto to win 10$

Click “Buy Crypto” in the home page, choose the currency you use to buy crypto.

Choose the payment way you use to buy crypto, and the best offer cost the lowest fee.

After you buy more than 100U crypto successfully, you will get 10U bonus automaticly!

This is automatic bonus for you🤑🤑

Step 4 Final Big Bonus 50$🤑🤑🤑🚀🚀🚀

After finishing the tasks above, click this link,

Everyone will have a different trading task to get 50$ bonus.

Q2 : I heard OKEX is recruiting Content and Video partners, can you help explain?

Ans : We will post tasks everyday in this channel

You can forward the post to telegram groups, twitter comment, facebook groups, every good post (not in ads group) can get 0.1U.
You can earn 5-10$ by doing this small tasks

And also

🎞If you are a YouTuber or TikToker with more than 100 followers, join, make an English video with the content in the pin message, give your video in this group, after checking of Community Manager, you can get 20$/each video+0.05$/view (maximum 200$) Bonus!💎

Q3 : I heard that besides CM help new frds get 110$ new trader bonus, we also have trading classes everyday in our OKEX new trader clubs?

Ans : Yes

We have Top Crypto Analyst Give Trading Singals and Classes Every Day! Help you Learn and Earn to Beat COVID and Lockdown!
Mr. Hiemingway will give classes about basic trading knowledge and how to place orders on OKEX.
Mr. Brain will give classes about market analysis and trading signals.

Q4 : As I am also a Trader, What is your vision about the future of trading? How do you think to migitate the risk of someone manipulating the symetracial liquidity pool? And are you taking steps to prevent liquidity wash trading?

Ans : It is very hard to prevent in small exchanges
But in big exchanges like OKEX, we have so many traders and so many trading volume, it is easy to solve the problem. But some times when market is moving much, it is still hard to solve. I believe OKEX is trying its best to improve.

And trading fees charged by OKEX from Traders is very low, you can check in

By the way, you can learn and earn free BTC in OKEX academy.

Q5 : How do #OKEx plan to enable blockchain adoption in daily life to transactions in the Commerce online and offline ?

Ans : Average of transfer money all over the world is terrible 7%!
Means if I transfer 200$ from one country to the other country, I need to pay 14$ to the banks who helped me pay
This is data from world bank,

Post office is most cheaper, but still need 5.7%

Most money flows from rich country to poor country, by the people who work in rich country to raise their family


Q1 : Is KYC a must requirements before I stand a chance to win this $100 welcome for new okex users ?
And when will this great offer expires ?

Ans : For some bonus mentioned in our event
There are some you can't get with kyc
Like the buy "crytpo option"

We always have event every two weeks

Q2 : How the 200$ bonus works? Can we receive the bonus one time or partially?

Ans : I already explained in AMA
And bonus is sent after 10-14 days

Q3 : Am i eligible for $200 bonuses if I trade below $100? And is it mandatory to have kyc to be elegible for bonuses?
Ans : Yes you are but there are some bonus you won't have access to sir

To get all bonus completely
You have to pass your kyc

Q4 : $60 in free BTC! Will also be shared, how can earn from this free BTC ?
What precisely can I use a rebate card to do, purchase or trade cryptos ?

Ans : You have to complete your trading task to get the free $50 in btc
About rebate card
It’s used during trading as fee
When trading instead of deducting fee from your asset they deduct it from your rebate card

Q5 : Why is your bonus program only for new users? What do you have for Old Okex users?

Ans : Because we want to encourage more people into crypto world and old user that registered from our CMs link can participate in trading volume program

Q6 : From Bonus 2, is there any Leaderboard Rank which update everyday to see what position are we now? If not, can you please tell me how we can check out our rank ?

Ans : Your position is checked by our risk control team
So if anybody cheat...the person won’t receive bonus

Q7 : well for bonus 3 ... the first point I have to talk to the manager ?? because there is not yet complete what tasks should I do??

Ans : Yea
You can contact your manager
They will explain better to you

Q8 : If I have traded for the first time of $100 and second time for $200, will the bonus getting for me in both trading is same?Also does the $200 bonus pool is mainly targetting traders?

Ans : This bonuses are for first time traders
So if you deposit 100$ then trading for the first time
You will only get bonus for the first time
But after that even if you deposit 500$ no bonus

Q9 : Can I refer people for this particular campaign so I can earn more?

Ans : Yes sir
You can do that
Try to PM me about it

Q10 : How does okex ensure the security system detect people who cheated this okex trading bonus program?

Ans : No matter the system you used to cheat
Our risk control team will get you and you won’t get any bonus

Q11 : OKEx 200 $ Bonus to New Traders

There are 3 bonuses that can be obtained by users / traders. One of them is the "first bonus" point 1

"Deposit ≥100 $, you will get 20 USDT trading fee rebate card"

Previously, I received this bonus in the Okex English group. But I don't really understand the function of "trading fee rebate card". What are the fees meant for trading or withdrawal fees? Can you explain in more detail about the trading fee rebate card.

Ans : Rebate card can be use during trading for fee
Either spot, swap or future

Instead of deducting fee from your balance
OKEx deduct it from your rebate card

Q13 : These bonuses seems pretty high for doing that easy tasks. Will we be available to withdraw them instant after claiming it?

Ans : Yea
Whenever you received our bonus
You can withdraw it immediately sir

Q14 : What are the steps to take in order to be qualified for the $200 bonus?

Ans : Register from one of the Club manager’s link then deposit minimum of 50$
But to get bonus 1 you have to deposit 100$

Q15 : Top 10 Traders Share 300$, if you are double TOP 1, you will get 100$ in total!
How will the traders be chosen, what are the criterias ?

Ans : We select the winners according to their trading volume

Q16 : To claim welcome bonus on Okex, one needs to buy/trade crypto. Can I trade with $200 bonus if I win?

Ans : Sure sir
You can also withdraw it if you want to☺️

Q17 : Looking at the scenario Will you provide bonuses for the first stakers and holders on your platform?

Ans : Yea
This bonus is for new traders


How to Get OKEx $200 Bonus for new traders! (Details


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