Recapitulation of Omee PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Thursday, 11th November, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The Omee PROJECT team was represented by @Matthewjamesward and @Jared_Walker who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about Omee PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on Omee?

ANS: Sure, good afternoon everyone and thank you for joining our AMA session with AMA Lovers Club! By way of introduction my names Matthew Ward and I’m the co-founder and COO and my business partner is Jared Walker, co-founder and CEO of our new project O-MEE, the first social subscription and NFT marketplace.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 16 years old (now 26), I’ve got a degree in international business and a masters degree in real estate development. For the last 3 years I’ve been right hand man to a very successful property tycoon in Manchester, UK managing projects in excess of £20m. However, I have always had a passion for cryptocurrency. Myself and Jared been involved in crypto over the last 3-5 years, researching different projects, exploring the new technology and building up our portfolios. Cryptocurrency is very much still in its infancy years and the continuous innovation is something that we always thought was really cool and interesting. This is just the beginning and we wan’t to contribute to the space.

To build a successful project, you need to build a successful team around you. Speaking with our close connections we managed to pull together a team that are not only passionate about their jobs but also passionate about blockchain technology. Our core team includes Legal, business & real estate executives, MediaCom senior executive, Assistant vice president at Barclays Bank, Senior business developer at Iris Software, Blockchain Developers and NFT veterans with links to NFT gaming and metaverse.

Q2: Can you introduce Omee, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Initially, we began looking at gaps in the market and where we could add significant value by creating a product that could be used by everyone. Our first thought was social media because who doesn’t have some sort of social media right? Whether that be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even telegram. The social interaction, engagement and free content is what everyone likes to watch and create every single day. But then you begin to realise, all the content you are watching can be or should be an NFT. So if we create a social NFT platform for people to use that would be a really cool concept. Then we began to think, everyone creates and watches free content, but about content that people pay creators to gain access to? and this is when we thought it would be even cooler to add our subscription model. And the best thing about all of this, we can integrate cryptocurrency products and services such as staking, farming and loads of cool features that add to our token utility.

We built on the data from our competitor landscape analysis and we came to the conclusion that a subscription based service will create a whole new platform for creators, gamers, artists, influencers and most importantly the community.

The cryptocurrency industry has failed to recognise the need for a social-driven platform that brings community interconnectivity whilst promoting e-commerce subscription services and cryptocurrency spending. Not only is O-MEE intercepting and innovating this market, we provide a content subscription service and NFT marketplace that promotes a user-friendly and interactive community to access unlimited content and exclusive NFTs.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: We are still in the very early stages of our project. Our private round is extremely close to being finalised, we are closing in on a number of top launchpads and we have already agreed a partnership with a top tier exchange. And we have many more ongoing discussions in the background. So for us, we are extremely happy with the progress we have made in such a short space of time. Everyone involved in our project from team members and advisors to KOLs, partnerships and investors have and will add significant value to our project. Our main target milestone right now is to release the NFT marketplace, this will be the first stage of our platform. Our second phase will be the integration of the subscription model leading on to more socially driven engagement and interaction tools. However, the more connection we make the more ideas we are looking into such as NFT gaming, NFT films and so on… we have the potential to make O-MEE whatever we want it to be and its great that all our partners bring this value to us. We’re finalising staking and farming programmes too which will be a great addition to our project. I’ll share our roadmap for you guys now.

Q4: How long since the project was flagged off?🤔

ANS: We began our project around 3 months ago, preparing our WP/PD and making as many connections we can within the space. In the last 4-6 weeks, our project has just catapulted and the interest we are recieiving is high. Like i said, the more connections we are making, the more ideas ourselves, our team and our parnterships are providing. It's a busy few months ahead but we cannot wait to launch our project, our token and take O-MEE to the next level.

Q5: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: Sure - here is a little insight into everyone involved in our project so far… Darkpool Ventures, Liquid Ventures, Vivian Capital, Maximum Capital, AU21 Capital, Ardura Ventures, DCI, Kangaroo Capital, BTS Labs, Sky Vision Capital, Panony, Simboc, Lossless, Block Tides, MEXC & DuckDao. This includes investors, launchpads, exchanges, marketing agencies and other cool blockchain projects. One of our most recent announcements was with Lossless - Lossloss are the first Dei hack mitigation tool and give our investors and community token protection. Their cyber security code is integrated into the smart contract through their token minter to maxis on trust, security and protection. And, a little exclusive for AMALOVERSCLUB, we received our Hacken audit yesterday and we passed with flying colours. Not a single concern was raised. We are extremely confident in Lossless and the security foundations they have set for our token.

Furthermore, we have ensured we have partnerships all around the world from the USA, Australia, Europe and Asia and this only adds to our exposure. We have secured partnerships with marketing partners block tides and panony and we are in discussion with other marketing agencies to ensure maximum exposure. A number of VCs and investors will be incubating our project too so we can not wait to work with them. We have some pretty big partnerships that we have secured in the last week and we will announce them once we have finalised our marketing campaigns so stay tuned.

Q6: Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics, and Utility of $OME tokens?

ANS: Our tokenomics have been structured to ensure the longevity of the project. You can find a little more about our tokenomics in our pitch deck here - give you a little insight, there will be 800,000,000 supply with a public sale price @ $0.05. We worked closely with our market makers and partners to ensure our tokenomics was designed for everyones benefit.

We made sure $OME has integrated as many token use cases for our user base and community to benefit from and this is just the beginning for us. To give you a little more info as to what you can do with our token you can; Buy NFTs in our marketplace, subscribing to content creators, pay-per-view for those who want to view a singular post but don’t want to specifically subscribe to content creators, tip and donate with your favourite content creators and within the community, earn $OME rewards through our tiered staking programmes to receive exclusive rewards and benefits and watch our for out future farming too. As the project develops and our community grows stronger, they will get the chance to influence business operations through governance tokens. However, the more we develop our platform and evolve into different NFT sectors more token utilities will be made. For us, the greater the token utility, the greater the project.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: We can know Together that O-MEE is built on a single network namely ETH, Will O-MEE really focus only on adding value to the Ethereum network ecosystem? and what are the plans for O-MEE in your cross-chain integration to get a lot of adoption bulk?

ANS: Thanks for your question! Whilst initially we are building on ETH, we understand gas fees are ridiculously high and expensive. As a start up, building on Ethereum, it's one of our main objectives to provide cross chain intergrations to the likes of binance smart chain, polygon, solana and so on. If we can remove the barrier to entry for all our community then it allows our project to be more interchangeable with different communities and helps us grow quicker. We've been introduced and working closely with another project, which I cannot say at this moment, but they provide NFT cross chain solutions and can easily be intergrated into our platform. Keep your eye out for a partnership announcement in the next few weeks

Q2: Do content creators have to pay any fees to O-MEE? How is the distribution of the fees, what does the project earn, and what does the exclusive content creator earn?

ANS: Hi, great question and of course it’s at the forefront of everyone’s mind what are the costs, who earns what and how fees are used.

There is no fee for creators directly with the platform. Only gas fees are applicable here for minting NFTs but there are no additional costs from O-MEE.

Upon sale of an NFT there is a minimal 2.5% fee.

As for the subscriptions, again there is ZERO cost, ZERO commission and no fees. We do not take anything away from the content creators, unlike many services where subscriptions are seen a very large piece of around 20%+ is taken but this is not something O-MEE, returning revenue to the creators for their content and work.

To answer you final point an exclusive content creators earning potential is unlimited dependent on their influence, work, following and no charge is made for the creators subscription revenue.

2.5% of sales are applicable however with our tiered program this can be reduced to zero.

Q3: Something that caught my attention about Omee is that users can connect their social network accounts to transfer their latest publications, so could you explain how this process works and how easy it is? Which are the social networks that allow transferring content to OMEE?

ANS: It was important that we made the NFT marketplace applicable for everyone to use. This includes non-crypto users and veterans of the blockchain world. It can be a confusing and daunting place to be and it takes time to learn the in and outs on how it operates. Content creators use instagram and tiktok to create cool content, whether this be NFT art, pictures, photos and videos. It is in human nature to displike repetetive behaviour. Why would they upload to instagram and then onto O-MEE? Then we began to think, how could we make republishing content, minting an NFT and selling it on the NFT marketplace as simple as possible. So, working with our Dev team we came up with an API connecter to mainstream media platforms. This gives users the ability to republish content and sell that content to their followers as an NFT. It's a simple but effective tool that will generate more content onto our platform and gives our community to earn in the process.

Q4: I see Max Supply: 800,000,000 $OME. so Do you have a Token Burn plan to increase Token value & attract Investors to invest? how can you ensure for us that holding $OME tokens will be more beneficial in the long term and what are your plans to increase demand and token scarcity?

ANS: Thank you for asking. We are working hard in the background to ensure we have the foundations to create a systematic buy back and burn feature that is integrated within our token utilities with different cryptocurrency products and services. However, we want to ensure the best possible route for our ecosystem. We understand and recognise the need to reduce supply overtime and a burn mechanism implementation will help us achieve this goal.

Q5: Hi #Omee!!

What brought you to the idea of ​​combining #socialmedia with #NFTmarketplace?

Do you consider #Omee as a social networking platform with an integrated NFT marketplace, or an NFT marketplace with an integrated social network?
Which part will you focus on more?

ANS: Hello, again thank you for the question. I chose this question because it essentially give you all the opportunity to understand our direction.

The idea of O-MEE being a collective of social media, NFTs and subscriptions came from the fact that during our market research phase there appeared to be a gap at the time, you would see social media projects, NFT marketplaces (in abundance) and yet there was no subscription model we could find.

We therefore came up with the idea of platform or ‘home’ for crypto users where followings, fans and groups could form and interact from the crypto space in a crypto based environment.

At the time of research of course NFTs boomed and in came the idea of a visual/image based social media platform where all the content is minted as an NFT and an integrated marketplace styled platform would mean all this could be purchased, sold and shared as NFTs.

Finally we needed our USP and this was the subscriptions. We couldn’t see that this had been done to the extent of which we imagined. This also gave us an opportunity to stand out and provide something new to the community. Subscription accounts across the globe equate to around 2.65 billion users which isn’t a figure to be ignored and tells us a lot about what people want and how they want it.

So, moving forward our focus will be more so on NFTs and subscriptions, while the social interaction and engagement will seemingly fall into place with the use of both these services. We will be focusing more on what to bring to you all, what to project through or platform to make the social media more engaging for you all and many other projects beneath this.

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