Recapitulation of OMNI PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Tuesday, 2nd March, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The OMNI PROJECT team was represented by @Mannywisdom who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about OMNI PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the Team working on the OMNI project?

ANS: Sure thing My name is Emanuel Hernandez but most people know me as Manny Hernandez. I am a Direct Response Marketer at the Core. After finishing my time in the USA Army where I served with the 5th Special Forces Group I dedicated myself to build technologies geared towards lead generation for fortune 500 companies.

In 2014 I started Mining Bitcoin and in 2017 I was already an avid ICO Investor with a deep technical knowledge of how Decentralized Ledger Technologies can trully help humanity.

In the begining of 2018 after reading a hacker noon article the idea of OMNI came to mind. I spent 2018 and most part of 2019 working with our CTO Boban and our CFO Sameer building the Model

At the End of 2019 we strarted Building the Omni app and is currently on an Alpha Stage wiht Beta ready to be released in Q3 2021.

Q2: Can you introduce the OMNI project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitve advantage?

ANS: Omni is a never-been-done-before mega social media app, that's full of world-class features and tools.

Inside the app, you can go live, share stories, create channels, chat with other users, video or audio call, sell or buy products in stores, create videos and photos with special effects, and much more. All of these in-app actions are rewarded with Omni Coins that can be used inside the app or exchanged on a DEX.

Social Media has become unmanagable for most people. Very hard to keep up and mantain active profiles in all of them.

but the reality is that most users are in each one for specific Features.

Our Plan is to resolve all the issues by incorporating the best features of all your favorite social media apps into one Mega App that allows you to do it all without having to jugle with many platforms.

Here are some of the Main Features this Awesome Mega App Would Have:

Dub & Duet
Lip-sync to songs, audio from videos and create challenges. Duet with other users or dub to an endless library of song bytes.

Keep in touch with friends by texting or calling, all while having the ability to share images, videos, contacts, and locations with secure encryption

Explore multiple feeds to keep up with your favorite news, friends, and influencers. Discover new content and communities, all on the same app.

Businesses can create stores where users can get a full shopping experience without leaving the app, from browsing products to checkout.

Create or follow channels to post or watch your favorite video content. Channels can be public or for a private audience.

Live Stream
Enjoy live streams while chatting with broadcasters in real-time and reward your favorite streamers with gifts, or go live for your followers.

Stream Music
Listen to Music from all your Favorite Artist. Create Playlists that you cna share with firends and make your sounds go viral in the feed.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: We plan to transfer the Economic Bandwith the company generates back to the users the true owners.

One Top Milestone was Achived last September when we finally had a working Pre-Alpha

Here is a Demo: Pre-Alpha Demo:

From there we Started Working in all the Substrate based Blockchain Technology and that was completed in January.

Omni Blockchain Explorer Demo:

Right now we are Expanding our Backend Infrastructure as we built the whole thing from the ground up to be fully scalable. We aim to deliver a Top Notch Experience just as any of your Tier 1 Apps.

For the Chat Functions we are Integrating State-of-the-art end-to-end encryption (powered by the open-source Signal Protocol) to keep your conversations secure.

Right now we are conductung the Seed, Private, and Public Sale rounds expecting to be on exchanges in May or June.

Once that takes place we will move forward with our Beta Release on Q3 2021

In the next few weeks we will have a Full Roadmap page up on our Website as this is a Never Ending Development Process like any other True Social Media App. We have many more new Exciting features that we plan to incorporate.

For now a Temp Roadmap is show in our Light paper:

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS?

ANS: Right now We have Partnered with Strategic Early Backer investors. Medium Release coming on that later today.

During our Seed round we are already oversubscribed and there are key Crypto based funds that we would be picking up but we can't disclose those names yet.

As we get closer to May and June then our outreach marketing team would start seeking the Influencer Partnerships as we want to onboard in our app all influencers from all the other platforms. We are not tied to the Crypto Space. We will actively contact and invite all your favorite celebs to join the app. When that happens we effectively onboard their communities.

In the Crypto Currency space we are in conversations with several projects about possible collaborations (NFT Market could be huge) but we cannot disclose them just yet. We will be releasing the news one by one as they happen to keep the community excited and looking forward to them.

Q5: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY?

ANS: This is how tokens are allocated at the beginning of the business, wherein the total supply of tokens is fixed up to 1 billion Coins. The Omni’s Coin Allocation will be as follows:

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Early Backers: 32,000,000 (18 Months Vesting period)
Seed Sales: 96,000,000 (18 Months Vesting period)
Private Sale: 103,000,000 (12 Months Vesting period)
Public Sale: 100,000,000 (No Vesting period)
Team: 150,000,000 (30 Months Vesting period)
Tech Partners: 30,000,000 (24 Months Vesting period)
Marketing: 80,000,000 (24 Months Vesting period)
Foundation: 50,000,000 (12 Months Vesting period)
Community Reserve: 30,000,000 (24 Months Vesting period)
Liquidity: 30,000,000 (No Vesting period)
Ecosystem: 300,000,000 (Locked For App Rewards)
Circulating Supply on TGE: 128,250,000
Market Cap on Listing: $3,847,500

30% of the company's profits shall be exchanged into crypto and used to purchase OMNI Coins every quarter. The OMNI Coins purchased every Quarter would be Transferred to the Rewards Engine wallet to be distributed to our Active users.

Omni, Inc. would start making quarterly purchases 1 year after the App is 100% Live. This allows the company enough time to build cash flow and profits to solidify the foundations of a world-class social media app.

Details about the Token Economics and Private Sale are emailed out on a case-by-case basis.

Please Make Sure to Fill the Strategic Partners Form

The Coin is at center of the app. Users receive Coin Rewards for all in app actions. These coins can be used to make purchases in App Stores, Send Digital Gifts to Live Streamers, Boost your Posts in our Self Serve Ads Platform, Stake Coins and Become a Node Validator, Buy NFTs in the Marketplace, Buy Music from your Favorite Artists and much more.

Q6: Can you explain more about the Omni social media App, how does it compare against existing social media?

ANS: Our goal is to deliver an user experience that is at the level of what you see in other Tier 1 Apps like Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram and others.

Inside our App Users will be able to Dub & Duet, Lip-sync to songs, audio from videos and create challenges. Duet with other users or dub to an endless library of song bytes.

Chat to Keep in touch with friends by texting or calling, all while having the ability to share images, videos, contacts, and locations with secure encryption

Businesses and users can create stores where users can get a full shopping experience without leaving the app, from browsing products to checkout.

Enjoy live streams while chatting with broadcasters in real-time and reward your favorite streamers with gifts, or go live for your followers. Here you can send the streamers Digital Gift like an NFT FLower or if you don't like them throw them an egg.

Stream music like you would on Spotify or similar services and discover new songs from sound bytes that go viral on the OMNI Feed. Make playlists that you can share with friends and much more.

On this video I demonstrate how the app will look and feel for the user.

Omni App - Where is the Value:

Q7: We see the investors form above. Can you walk us through your Tokensale, how can we invest in OMNI, How much is the Minimum and maximum to invest?

ANS: Details about that are emailed on a case by case basis to interested parties who submit the form. We cannot disclose many details about the token sale out in the public. 😉

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: The security and protection of users data is very paramount to users in projects like this. What kind of security protocol does Omni use? How does Omni secure call and messages for users? And how are posts, videos and user data encrypted?

ANS: Audio or video calls, as well as chat messages to other users, use State-of-the-art end-to-end encryption (powered by the open-source Signal Protocol) to keep your conversations secure.

Social Media posts like Videos, posts, and other customer data in the platform are encrypted using SHA-256 encryption Algorithm and hosted on decentralized environments, preventing the system from having a central point of attack.

Q2: I love all the amazing features that the omni app is coming with, but I'm more curious about its buying and selling. Does a user need to go through a KYC to be able to buy or sell on Omni app? Also, is payment to be made with any cryptocurrencies or strictly Omni token?

ANS: Great questions. Since OMNI is at the core and the currencie that would be accepted in these stores no KYC is needed but if in the future we add any traditional fiat optiosn then the user would have to do KYC in order to enable those options.

Q3: Omni plans to monetize users' efforts spent on their social media, but, do you have all the perfomance advantages of big platforms like TikTok like easy-to-use, wide variety of filters and content and highly customization of taste?

ANS: Is important for people to understand that we are a Social Media App first not a Crypto coin with an app in the middle (like others). Our goal is to deliver a Smooth UI/UX that makes the user feel at home. We are also an AI company and we have 4 different AI Algorythms working on differnet parts of the app to deliver a Personalized OMNI Feed that is enjoyable and keeps the user engaged.

Here we dive deeper into that topic

Omni App - Where is the Value:

Q4: I love that the chats on OMNI are end to end encrypted. However, I'm a little more worried about OMNI wallet. How secured is it? Would I be able to hold other tokens/coins on it outside OMNI tokens?

ANS: OMNI Blockchain Tech was built on top of Substrate by Parity Technologies. The same Tooling Framework used by Polkadot. We are not inventing a wallet we are tapping in already secure and existing opensource wallet technologies for the integration. Users would be able to move their Coins to any Polkadot type wallet of their preference.

Q5: OMNI means everywhere So tell us What's your plan for global expansion of your project? Do you have any master strategy for this? Please tell us. Thank you

ANS: We have the best Marketing Team in house. Is my forte and we have a well defined plan inhouse that we cannot cover in full. Some of the things that our team is workign on are.

Directly targeting customers via Direct Response Marketing using in-house marketing technologies and other conventional methods based on their interests or intent. TV Ads in all Major Networks is also plan of this strategy

Aggressive campaigns of influencer and peer-to-peer marketing, involving influencers on college campuses, Growth hacking. to reach the target audience on each country. We get the Influencers of each Country to join first then follow with Traditional Campaings in all Local Platforms of the country we plan to penetrate.

Thanks to our Influencer/Brand matching engine the technology would serve as a great incentive that our Outreach Marketing Team would use to convince Celebrities and Influencers with well-established communities on other social media platforms to move over into the new people-driven Omni Social Media App.

Q6: Some digital platforms have made it clear that they sell or use their users' data. What are OMNI's principles in this regard, how will you ensure the confidentiality of user data?

ANS: We plan to do the exact same thing facebook, TikTok, Twitter and all others do. We will use the best AI technologies to ensure we deliver an ads platform that keeps the users engaged with our ads without feeling intrusive.

Companies will never stop monetizing your data no matter how much people push against it. At Omni we belive that you are the true owner of that economic value that is being generated thanks to your data and we plan to transfer that value back to you in the form of Omni Coins.

Q7: The Omni coins has multiple uses and one of them is making purchases on the app buying from merchant stores, is this an integrated function of the platform? Can be connected to big stores around the world and then ask for shipping?

ANS: This Function is integrated. We plan to partner with Major Brands that would list their latest collections to be sold right inside the App. For example a Brand like Loreal can List their latest Make Up, then using our Influencer/Brand Matching engine they can hire makeup influencers to make Sponsored Videos of their latest collection. Users can buy right from the store from the influencer post giving the brand a pletora of analitical data about how well that influencer campaing performed. We will save major Brands Millions on unnecessary Advertising costs.


Thank you So much for having me in your Community.

It was a true pleasure and I hope that Omni is of the likening of you all.

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