Recapitulation of OneRare PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Tuesday, 16th November, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The OneRare PROJECT team was represented by @GauravGupta1 and @Supreetraju who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about OneRare PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourselves and your background, also introduce the team working on OneRare?

ANS: I’m Supreet Raju, co-founder of OneRare. I’m a Gold Medallist in Design, and head the complete Creative strategy for our Foodverse.

I am Gaurav Gupta, Co-founder of OneRare. I am an engineer and have worked across the world for Technology startups at the intersection of product, marketing and technology. I was the head for the Developer Program at Dash before becoming an early investor in the Defi Space.

Always wanted to build something fun and interesting and here we are with onerare!🍕🍿🍱

Q2: Can you please tell us how big is the OneRare team?
Or provide a link to where we can get more information about the team😄

ANS: We are currently 18 people in our team, working on Design, Tech & Marketing.

You can check out more about us on

But we will be hosting our Meet-the-team very soon too !

Since we are a a food project and it's such a fun topic, we have planned a campaign around that :)

Q3: Can you introduce OneRare, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: OneRare is the world's first food metaverse, aka, Foodverse. We celebrate Food from across the world in a very unique game divided across four areas - Farm, Farmer’s Market, Kitchen & Playground. Users can interact with Food in different ways on OneRare to play, earn, trade and battle.

OneRare will celebrate Dishes from across the world - from the Costa Rican Cassado to our beloved Sushi from Japan. Our menu will tokenize global cuisines, special diets (keto/vegan), & exclusive collaborations with celebrity chefs, restaurants and Web3 projects. It is an inclusive project that aims to unite the blockchain world with food.

As for the critical problem solving, OneRare opens up an entire Web2 Industry to Web3 audiences. The Global Food & Beverage Industry is worth billions, but they are only able to monetise local audiences. A Japanese celebrity chef may be famous worldwide, but he can only engage with locals from his restaurant area. OneRare creates the first opportunity for Chefs & restaurants to come onto the blockchain, tokenize their Dishes as NFTs, and earn in crypto.

Also, we want to use our platform as a voice for world hunger. Our collaborations with world chefs & restaurants will raise funds for this cause, and we think the Crypto community can really come together to ensure food for all.

Q4: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?


OneRare Roadmap

In terms of our product - we have been live with Version 0.1 (MVP) where you can go and check out recipes, see what ingredients they need, and cook them up !
By next week, our Version 1.0 with the Farm, Farmer's Market, and Kitchen will be live as well.

We plan to come to Mainnet by December

In terms of our Raise, we have successfully completed our private round, and are conducting our Public Sale next week. We are being hosted by Enjinstarter launchpad on 25th November and Trustpad launchpad on 27th November.

We also have our pre-Ido with Genesis Shards on 24th November, so lots of exciting things for us in November :)

Q5: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: We have partnered up with 2 Chains - Polygon & Enjin, to help us build our Foodverse. We strongly believe that the future of blockchain is multi-chain, so we are working with quality partners who can help us build faster and stronger. Our main game will be on Polygon, but we plan to work with Enjin & other chains in the future for expanding our Foodverse.

One multi-chain activity we have planned is our Mini-Game, Hippo Full, which is the world’s first NFT Slot machine. Our plan is to have OneRare Friendship Hippos, where our friendly Hippos will be deployed on different chains across the ecosystem. We want to spread Food and smiles everywhere !

We also have partnerships with other Web3 Projects to bring Food into their universe. We have a 7 game partnership with Kardiachain for their top games like MyDefiPet, Thetan Arena, Mytheria and more. We have also partnered up with WiV, a beautiful Wine project that aligns with our F&B theme. Our core concept is to foodify the blockchain, so we have many exciting ideas for different game characters, and pop-ups in metaverses.

Q6: Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics, and Utility of $ORARE tokens?

ANS: OneRare has a fixed supply of 100 Million Tokens, attaching an image below to show everyone the division :)

We have raised 15% from our Private round, and plan to conduct a public sale for 1.25%. We have focused on our community and the ecosystem fund is 40% to fuel our growth.

Our entire Foodverse will run on the $ORARE token, which is a utility token for users. PIt is used in various aspects of the game : from the Farm to the playground. You can speed up your farming, trade at the farmer’s market, play mini games at the playground, and do much more.

Alongside, holders of the ORARE token will have significant powers in our governance and community decisions, like voting on which recipes go live, festive celebration airdrops, as well as, staking for celebrity recipes!

Q7: So token Launch is 24th of November?

ANS: Token Launch will be after the IDOs are completed, so everyone starts at the same point :)

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: ONERARE is Really Very Unique project , I want to ask you that As this Project is Based on the Foods , Have you made any plan to help the Poor people so that they Can also access the food for free , Are you planning to Launch any Charity program and How Can We as A community can help in this. ?

ANS: Thank you ! OneRare is focused on doing their part for the cause of world hunger. All revenue and proceeds from our collaborations with F&B industry will go towards this cause. We are in talks with Crypto charity funds to be able to do this with full transparency for our community. We also plans to engage our community in this. For example, a Food Fridge, where users can stake their NFT in a fridge, and it will allow us to create a Food Fridge in the real world where poor people can take out free meals.

Blockchain can do so much good around the world, and we want our food project to be able to contribute in whatever small way possible.

Q2: One of the things that attracts me the most about OneRare is that apart from foodify the Blockchain, you mention that you take action against hunger in the world. But, could you tell us more about how you will do this? How will the funds be used to actually eliminate hunger in the world? Since many organizations like the UN do not succeed.

ANS: Thank you for this question - We think there is enough food for everyone in the world but the distribution remains a problem. I think most organizations see this a top down challenge thinking funds alone will solve it.

At Onerare, we believe in the power of community. We feel that if we can get even a small but active community behind this cause, it can be tackled through new socially conscious project model - which is what OneRare Aims to Pioneer!

Q3: Will the Foodies Game be having a RECIPE BOOK where all farmers can get recipes from and will farmers need to buy these recipes? And will it be possible for farmers add new recipes to the existing ones in the game?

ANS: OneRare will have an open & free Recipe book, so no one has to buy anything :) Each recipe will feature a set of ingredients you must collect in order to claim a dish. Farmers cannot add their own recipes, but we will be publishing new recipes every week, some of which will be voted in by our community, and eventually our DAO. So yes, the users can be involved in decided what goes live :)

Q4: If I wants to Really Join the Platform than Is there any Necessary to be a Chef Or I should know How to do Cooking , Will You please tell me Which Section of Users Can be a part of this platform ?

ANS: OneRare is a Foodies game, and you dont need to have any chef skills to enjoy our foodverse :) Our game is open to anyone who enjoys a fun and interactive time, meeting other foodies, enjoying discovering new foods, and playing food-themed games !

Q5: Since OneRare is a Foodies game, what are the special skills required by users to be a part of the Foodverse? And apart from foodies, who are your other target audience/users?

ANS: OneRare is a Foodies game, so you don’t require any skills. So if you love Food & gaming, you will fit right in.

We believe food transcends every artificial barrier we have created between ourselves like nationality, language, age, gender & religion. Onerare sees all its gamers as just foodies coming together to celebrate food.

Q6: I was very interested in the objective of your project and Foodverse but it’s not clear to me how it can be related to gamification. So, can you explain this formula where food + games + Metaverse equals success in the crypto space?

ANS: Great question, Patrick ! If I break it down in the same way, for OneRare = Food (a universal theme that everyone in the world identifies with) + Games (making blockchain engagement simple & fun) + Metaverse (creating a foodie community).

In our Foodverse, we have brought together all these elements to create a first of its kind experience on the blockchain. The success in cryptospace is hard to predict, but we are happy to explore a brand-new space, and be the first of our kind :)

PLAYGROUND are the Four Areas of the ONERARE , Would you please Talk in Brief about these Four Areas of the Onerare Platform and What are their Main Role in the Ecosystem ?

ANS: Our Foodverse has four areas - The Farm, which is play-to-earn and you can grow Ingredients. The Farmer's Market, where Farmers can sell their harvested crops, as well as, exotic ingredients. The Kitchen, which is the soul of OneRare, and you can read recipes and claim Dish NFTs. And lastly, our Playground where you can play mini games using ORARE tokens and your NFTs.

To claim a dish, your wallet needs to have all the ingredients needed to make a dish. The dishes will be listed in the OneRare Kitchen with pre-set recipes. Each Recipe is a list of ingredients you need to make the dish.

Once you have all the ingredients, you can go to the kitchen and combine them - watch the magic as your ingredient NFTs disappear and the Dish NFT is delivered to your wallet.

Q8: I understand that you have 7 games in collaboration with Kardiachain, which generated me several questions. So, can you explain what kind of products OneRare can offer to these games? How working together with these games can help the development of your metaverse? In the future will you partner with more games?

ANS: As OneRare, we take pride in being the first Food project on the blockchain, which means we can make a custom food offering for other projects. In case of a metaverse like Sandbox, we can host a pop-up restaurant. In case of a Splinterlands tournament, we can be a kiosk with energy drinks. In case of Kardiachain, we have partnered with 7 of their games which feature characters. We are creating custom food menus for them, which will come up as NFTs. In phase 1, these NFTs can be airdrops to the community, or created on OneRare. In Phase 2, the game characters will start using them as boosters in their game play. And in Phase 3, we aim for composability where the characters can also come as skins into our mini games.
We feel like Food is a great binder, and our collaborations allow us to meet some great builders in the space, and also help build the blockchain cooperation. And yes, we plan to partner more and more projects till we foodify the blockchain :)

Q9: Don’t you think native dishes and cuisines are at a disadvantage compared to seafoods and burgers and the world’s popular food on the OneRare NFT marketplace because only those who know about them would want to buy an NFT related to their recipe and not the general food.

ANS: I think everyone has curiosity to discover new foods in the same way when we travel to a new country and try their local foods. I believe OneRare can actually propel native dishes & cuisines to bigger audiences because people will get something new to see & learn. We are trying to make the platform such that we give descriptions about each dish, and with interesting artworks, we think we can open up niche cuisines to Web3 audiences !

Q10: When researching their project and realizing what they want to develop "FOODVERSE" I couldn’t help but wonder, why the development team behind OneRare is so interested and motivated to develop something that at first glance could be considered a niche sector? How can their project be a paradigm shift in the food industry?

ANS: Food has no language and no barrier. Every country has a dish or multiple dishes that the people always talk about. Hence we are very focused on covering foods from every country across the world. We will be diving deep into various cuisines, and taking help from our community to identify local favorites & traditional foods.

Surprisingly, we have gotten an amazing response from Chefs & Restaurants who are becoming increasingly aware of the mainstream news coverage of NFTs and Crypto. So they are very excited to join a Food-inspired project. Since the F&B industry is so broad and globally spread, we are making our first steps into the market, and have already brought 5 chefs onboard that we will be revealing soon. We are confident that the growth of OneRare and these chef collaborations will help us spread the word faster.

Q11: OneRare adopts a model called the "Free Market Economy" that favors farmers. Can you explain to us what advantages it brings to farmers? What does this model of economy allow?

ANS: Free Market economy refers to the power of farmer to determine the pricing of their harvested ingredients in the Farmer's Market. So if too many farmers are farming for potatoes, there is abundant supply which means potatoes will likely be cheap. But if some farmers move to Cheese, they might find a better price there, because Cheese demand is more. So it works like the real life market.

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