Recapitulation of Only Ten AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Sunday, 1st November, 2020
Time: 14:00 UTC

The Only Ten team was represented by @Lewis904, @Aramis46, and @phoenix_up. They judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also if you have a team, you can introduce them

Ans : We are a young team of three friends coming from different countries.

I (Aramis) comes from France, XAU comes from England and Phoenix from Singapore.

We’re all in our early 30’s and we met a few years ago.

Phoenix has a developer background while XAU is specialized in marketing and me in finance

It is our first project (we started working on it mid 2020) and we’re trying to build a community and reputation through this project.

Do you want to know anything else about us ? oh yes, Phoenix is coding in Solidity for the devs other

Q2 : Can you introduce the OTEN project, what is the utility or is it a MEME coin

Ans : Excellent question! During the 2017 ICO hype, we saw hundreds of start-up created with the aim of disrupting every market thanks to the “blockchain”. We even saw some companies transiting from traditional market to blockchain in order to create hype around their stock price. Many of those start-ups were just trying to raise lots of money and didn’t had any real product at the time (and still don’t).

We’re not here to try to solve world hunger or anything related. We are a small team who wanted to create a new store of value to give back power to our community hence the low supply and low presale raise. We had a .5 ETH cap per investors as we believed community needed a real project.

To sum it up with some key points :

-It’s a community led project

-We only raised 20 eth for liquidity (we didn’t asked for 1000eth we didn’t need as many scam clones project.

-Liquidity is locked for 30 years meaning it’s truly a long term project

-We are an international team with connections to many different markets

Q3 Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap

Ans : As I said we started working on the project in may-june 2020. It started with an idea from Phoenix and he spend his summer coding and testing while we worked on graphic and marketing, tokenomics.

Presale ended a week ago. And we already have achieve some greats thingsCoinmarket cap

We listed on blockfolio two day ago. We have more listing pending: Coingecko, Coinmarket cap, Coin DeFi, and Livecoinwach. All have been applied. We’re are also in advanced discussions with two DEX.

We have an amazing community of 650 + on telegram who are all so loyal and supportive. They have been a tremendous support to our team since day 1.

We are currently in advanced discussion with 2 other Tier 1 decentralized Exchange (DEX) for Oten listing. However, the main objective is to be listed on a Tier 2 Centralized Exchange by the end of the year before listing on main exchange in Q2 2021.

Our roadmap can be seen on the pinned message in our telegram group.

Updated Roadmap:

Telegram: @onlytensupply

We are still very early in our price discovery and we have already tipped $32000
We are still in the early days so our project price will be breaking history in no time


Q1 : At the end of this year you hope to add more liquidity to OnlyTen, as I read in your road map. Where will the funds you hope to inject into your project come from? Will they be provided by the users or by a specific investor?

Ans : That’s a very good question thanks for asking ! We’re already ahead of schedule with the start of our competition ending December 1. I’ll just put the rules again so It’s clear for everyone.

“All Liquidity providers will share 0.6 OTEN between all Liquidity providers according to their percentage in pool”

Since the community voted to increase the prize pool for liquidity providers, liquidity as already increased by more than 30% !

We also have another ongoing surprise which will come before the end of the year that will increase liquidity a lot.

Being a Liquidity provider on uniswap you naturally earn a 0.3% fee on all trades proportional to their share of the pool.

Q2 : $OTEN is not traded on major exchanges. Total supply is only 10, website information is only a little. How do you respond that the OTEN is a scam project

Ans : First of all, Uniswap became a major exchange in 2020 with a more daily volume than Coinbase. I’ll use some pictures for you to visualized.

You can clearly see that Total Value Locked (TVL) by investors providing liquidity is close to 3 billion.

It is the best exchange to list a project nowadays as many other centralized exchange ask for huge listing fee (and sometimes don’t have 1/10 of Uniswap volume).

We addressed rug risk by verifying the code in Etherscan so everyone can check it.

We also locked liquidity we raised during presale for 30 years to address every possible issues. Yes it’s not a mistake. It’s not for 1month or 3 months, even a year. We locked it for 30 years !!!

We’re really trying to build something different with a growing and supportive community.

Q3 : Does $OTEN currently have alliances with other exchanges in the market? Are more alliances coming in the near future? Are you currently working on one?

Ans : As we said a bit earlier we are currently in advanced discussion with 2 other Tier 1 decentralized Exchange (DEX) for Oten listing. However, the main objective is to be listed on a Tier 2 Centralized Exchange by the end of the year before listing on main exchange in Q2 2021.
Steady milestones =
Steady growth

And I am %100 sure once our project starts attracting the masses and we create history with our price action . More exchanges will throw themselves our way


Q1 : What features or technologies does ONLY TEN have against hackers? Defi is great but I think super thieves often enjoy difficulties and challenges!

Ans : We chose the ETH blockchain as it’s one of the most secured rn. There is no risk of 51% attack. And with ETHV2 coming soon. We think it"s the best choice. We don’t have to implement other security mesures as it’s taken care off by ETH blockchain already

Q2 : Southeast Asia is a very vibrant market and most exchanges are competing campaigns here to entice users and grow,with Axie you see how Southeast Asia is and do you plan to develop & expanding here?

Ans : Phoenix is from Asia and as a lot of connections with local markets. We do plan do expand and make this market our priority.

Q3 : Why do people have to choose and joined OTEN over others? what are the advantages for us ?

Ans : Because it’s a community lead project and even a fraction of OTEN can bring us great profits !!!!

Due to the limited supply and
Neich of the project
We believe that the earliest investors will be huge gainers
Don’t be late for this one
Imagine you got in BTC in 2010

With the competition going on also , everyone that is involved in Providing liquidity will get a percentage of the prize

These prizes could be worth a good amount in the near future

Q4 : Community is key to the project’s success, there have been some people interested in OTEN and adding liquidity on Uniswap. So in the coming time, do you have any plans for community development? What will you do to make users more aware of OTEN and the benefits of holding OTEN?

Ans : We do have plan for our community with the expansion of the OTEN Ecosystem. We can’t tell more so soon as we want it to be a surprise but there is a lot of stuff to come for our supporters.

For minimum supply have you see any problem in blockchain platform?

Ans : No as we got 18 decimals, you can trade only a fraction of OTEN. Everyone wants a full one but it"s hard to achieve but we also have a competition for top holders.

Top 10 holders will share 0.65 OTEN
Position 1 - 3 will be 0.1 OTEN
Position 4 - 10 will be 0.05 OTEN

All Liquidity providers will share 0.6 OTEN between all LPs according to their percentage in pool

Q6 : Do you plan to generate liquidity in another way, than asking for 20eth?

Ans : So as we said, we do have multiple incentives for liquidity providers, competitions, nft coming, and also the surprise coming in december after competition. It will grow the ecosystem bigly and that’s why you’re still very early to this project.

We’re only 1 week old and sub $200K market cap. Our code is verified and mint function free. Liquidity is locked and increasing every day.


Also before leaving, do you have any Final Words for community, also do good to share every useful links to project and also Uniswap direct buying link for those who would like to buy and join the holders competition

Ans : I want to thank everyone for taking time today to learn more about us. I truly hope you’ll become part of our community. We have great things coming.

For all of those interested, it’s a community led project meaning you’ll have a vote in every decision.

You can find every link to look or buy just here

— Welcome to the OTEN Army —

Name: OnlyTen
Ticker: OTEN
Total supply: 10
Contract: 0x061206cfF531AfE9b69F1c82CEDD036a15a7C4a9

— Updated Roadmap:

— Website:
Telegram: @onlytensupply

— Uniswap Trading:

— Pair info:

— Dextools:

— LiveCoinWatch

— Liquidity locked for 30 years:

— Youtube:

Top 10 holders will share 0.65 OTEN
Position 1 - 3 will be 0.1 OTEN
Position 4 - 10 will be 0.05 OTEN

All Liquidity providers will share 0.6 OTEN between all LPs according to their percentage in pool

We’re now listed on Blockfolio
Now listed on LiveCoinWatch
Coingecko pending
To help with Coindefi listing, please vote and comment :

Coingecko should be next week and provide a good pump to the price. We’re already on Blockfolio.

And now on Livecoinwatch too


Telegram Group:
Telegram Channel:



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