Recapitulation of P2PFinance PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Saturday, 18th September, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The P2PFinance PROJECT team was represented by @Cryptowaton who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about P2PFinance PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on P2PFINANCE?

ANS: Hey all

Im Waton Christof Founder & CEO of P2P Finance
Im in crypto for 7 years of which 4 years professionally. I started my professional carreer as co-founder on a private investment group being the person responsible for the due diligence on projects and signing the agreements for our allocations. Followed by 3 years CBDO in a liquidity framework and exchange.
Performed consultancy as CBDO in 2 other projects where i wrote out a DeFi ecosystem before.

In the P2P Finance team we have Laurynas, our CTO that was CTO in the liquidity framework where i got to know him and got aware of his skills.

Gytis as content writer who'm I know for 4.5 years now. Great skills and he was my ghostwriter for hackernoon articles.

Eva as Investor Relations, which I just took over from OKEX where she was Business Developer.

I use 2 marketing agencies. 1 for dedicated in-house time and 1 in case we need to outsource to speed up deliveries. I have the CMO position open currently and interviews start next week.

From development side i have Dominique, backend dev who I know for 17 years.

For the smartcontracts / haskell development i have a team of 4 people, who'm I can't reveal because the competition and need for haskell developers is HIGH.
Since my team has delivered a product already to testnet and was the first team that managed to get coding going on the main net -> revealing them would cause other projects to go chase them which can cause a distraction 🙂

Q2: Can you introduce P2PFINANCE, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Cardano is a new ecosystem. Every new ecosystem is battling with eachother for growth, liquidity and user activity.
P2P Finanace is the first DeFi ecosystem on Cardano and the first DeFi ecosystem in the whole industry that introduces an Affiliate (referral) program and address milestones.

P2P Finance delivers innovation to the DeFi industry that rewards users on acativity and provides multiple passive earning opportunities which are new aswel.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: The top milestone in every startup is setting up the team.
I'm lucky to have worked with top people that delivered to expectations in the past, which was the mean reason to assemble this specific team.

Roadmap is packed for at least 1 year where we release 2 products (P2Pswap and Cardanow - IDO Launchpad)

We bring multiple DeFi features such as:
Farming (liquidity staking)
P2P Lending by smartcontract, which feeds the margin trading requests on P2Pswap)
and a DAO program

Currently we are working on the staking smartcontract. We have a deadline to run the haskell code in a blockchain simulator by the end of this month to verify the functionality of the code. Then we aim to have it on the testnet on the later half of October.

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: The partnerships so far
- Four-Leaf Network
Alex is a top business developer with a strong network of connections. I worked with Alex plenty of times in the Four-Leaf Network consultancy as I was the CBDO that got outsourced to projects (I am one of the 4 leafs)..

- LKI Consulting
LKI is the consultancy of Laura Inamedinova. They designed the whitepaper and are performing the Institutional Marketing as content writer + getting the placements out. Further are they managing in-house marketing tasks and stand for the communication of the marketing

- P2P Solutions is the consultancy which is HR for developers. Since I am P2P Solutions it is easy to make myself a partner.. so that is free of costs

- Amazix performs marketing activities, i worked with amazix in previous projects and know the for the quality and quality communications

- Sanmax projects is the webdev company. Dominique is lead-backend there for nearly 8 years I think
And is also the Godfather of my daughter. The people of Sanmax itself i know for over 6years and I can get things done quickly with them at a discount for bringing them their first blockchain project.

Further we have an important announcement on Monday 8am EST which partnership allows us to focus 100% on the P2P Finance products and features, which benefit the users of the platform and motivates the growth.

We work with ground-zero as VC introducer (website update is on Tuesday)

And with 021 agency we have an entire marketing agency working 6h / day, every day for the marketing activities. They literally can do almost everything, are fast and deliver quality. We engaged with them since Thursday. The first days with such partnerships is tough as you need to get a structure / workflow going..But it amazes me how quickly they picked up the speed and quality requirements.

admin, could you go to 'deleted messages' and copy paste that answer?

Sure, So Monday, 8am EST, keep an eye out for our partnership announcement on twitter:

The partner is branded in the Cardano ecosystem for their product, was successfully 1 of the 4 products on testnet and has brought out as first project pieces of their code on the Cardano mainnet.

They take over one of the product developments, which is required for offering margin trading and lending.

Q5: Can you give an overview of YOUR Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $P2P Tokens?

ANS: I'll give a sneak peak on the pitchdeck that is coming out, together with the website update, on Tuesday.


Team tokens release explained.

Token utilities

As you see, the P2P Token utility is to get access to more passive earning opportunities.

There are 4 utilities, which are 4 more than any other swap 😅

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: in your white paper you talked about liquidity provision by users, can you tell if it's possible to provide liquidity for margin trading alone, the reward associated with it and this also the risks?

ANS: Providing liquidity, only for margin trading, is the P2P Lending.

Users that provide liquidity to P2P Lending, put orders that are consumed by margin requests on P2Pswap.
This is feature NOBODY in the industry has.

When you go to a centralized exchange margin trading, the margin is coming from the liquidity of every user that has funds on their account. A centralized exchange makes SO MUCH MONEY by taking users assets to offer margin trading on their exchange.

We want to exploit that completely by offering margin trading on P2Pswap. Every trade is confirmed on the blockchain.

For security, which is explained in the whitepaper on the website, we have our partnership on monday 8am est.

Q2: Why did you choose to go with Cardano Blockchain? Why you didn't choose Bsc, Solana, Eth, etc? What features did you find in Cardano and not in others chains?

ANS: Bringing out an ecosystem on another network would be tough to fight against the big ones because people are used to things already and have their fa=vorite platform.

Cardano is a new ecosystem, in which we bring the first DeFi ecosystem. With the innovation that we bring to the entire DeFi industry, we are here to set a new standard to any DeFi product to come.

Any swap or DeFi product which is not in an ecosystem AND has affiliate program AND address milestones I don't even consider as competition. They can be branded and quality in their single product but we have a golden card with our growth and activity features, which makes every user earn a passive income in many many many ways.

Q3: What steps are you taking for the cardanow Launchpad to ensure that projects that are incubated on it are safe and free from rug pull and exit scam? How do you guarantee the success of projects launched through cardanow launchpad?

ANS: 1. I perform the due diligence
2. need to have an MVP or close to finishing it, where they require development funds for the final push
3. The smartcontract gets audited
4. the raised funds are distributed.

Q4: P2pFinance's mission is to fight manipulated liquidations of
centralized entities by offering derivatives in a decentralized
way on P2Pswap. But how can we trust that there is no manipulation at your end?

ANS: Are you asking me if I would be manipulating Cardano blockchain... where every action and interaction is recorded on the blockchain?
I'm sorry, but we are talking about the highest grade of transparency and you question how we can insure you about not performing manipulation? 😂

Please understand that EVERY action on P2P Finance happens on the blockchain by smartcontracts. I am bringing you real DeFi.. real benefits... real passive income opportunities.
Come to and read the whitepaper and if you need help understanding it, I will be more than happy to have a video meeting with you to explain the pieces you doubt to be manipulated 🙂

Q5: As an ecosystem and development team of your P2P FINANCE project, you have decisive plans to continue offering your services to more blockchains where the DeFi space is already there or are you only looking to offer your DeFi services on blockchains where DeFi is not yet present?

ANS: I dont feel the need bring my product to another network.
Crosschain is something that requires development time and i focus on being the #1 on cardano. I have the features, team, and innovation to make it successful. I don't do second places.

Q6: As at this moment, which community are focusing on, what's your area of interest. Can every one access Your project?

ANS: Communities im focussing on are all, because DeFi is global.
I know with the affiliate and address milestones i'm bringing an incentive for growth and activity, but also something that is hot in SEA.

We will have translations of the website and documentations in multiple languages. We are bringing an update out on Tuesday first and then backend starts on SEO. Once that is completed the Angel program can start.

Q7: What new things does the Cardanow Ido launchpad have? We already have many launchpads in the market, so which things will make Cardanow the leader of Launchpads?

ANS: Cardanow Launchpad is connected to P2Pswap.
That means within 24hours the fundraising is over, the token gets listed on our swap.
We perform due diligence on the project, get their smartcontract audited, and deploy a distribution schedule of the raised funds.

The Cardanow launchpad is just 1 of the 4 utilities of the P2P Token.

Q8: P2P Finance's platform is currently on its developmental and MVP stages. When can we see the full version and release if your platform? Also, will there be major changes and upgrades compared to the one you have now?

ANS: The roadmap has been verified and priorities have been put in a logical form to deliver at a continuous pace the next feature or product. We are not changing the roadmap priorities at all.

the currenct P2P Finance is going to become the landing page of the actual platform. Once people connect their wallet they enter the platform where there is the swap and launchpad, along with staking, farming, DAO, lending, affiliate, address milestones, voting.

Q9: p2p Finance is built on cardona blockchain with few/limited numbers of wallets, how do you plan to reach out to more users.

Do you consider integrating other wallets to help get more users. ??

An what actions/plans do you have to be the best of your type among competitors in the space?

ANS: It is not about the wallets but the amount of projects that are developing on Cardano.
The limited amount of wallets available is already a lot compared to when ethereum just came out.

To be #1 on Cardano is the dedicated goal we have.

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