Recapitulation of Playcent AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Thursday, 7th January, 2021
Time: 15:00 UTC

The Playcent team was represented by @sandeepio. He judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the Team working on Playcent

Ans : Hi AMA LOVERS CLUB, I am Sandeep, co-founder and CEO at Playcent, thanks for having me. About me - I have worked with kratos partners since early 2017 and has a vast network of Blockchain industry and gaming connections.

Currently we are a team of 5 based out of India. We started playcent over a year back and recently we integrated a token ecosystem on our platform.

Currently our beta is live on matic blockchain

Q2 : Can you introduce the Playcent project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitive advantage?

Ans : Playcent is a template based content creation platform tooling around interactive content, dapps, NFTS, social tokens, memes etc built on blockchain. We focus on democratizing software development by allowing people to easily create/enhance interactive dapps, games and other user generated content within a couple of minutes.

We also provide a visual interface for those who aren’t familiar with creating software, to fork the existing software, and customize using visual controls to their needs and publish it.

Playcent dapps and games are just Web urls, so these work anywhere on the internet, end user dosen’t need to install any 3rd party application to access the content.

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap

Ans : We started playcent development in q1 2020 and have been quite active since then. We have launched a beta version of the product with over 20 templates in Q3 2020.

Recently we have integrated a token ecosystem around our platform and we are currently in testnet ( matic chain )

Here is our roadmap for the upcoming months :

Here is a quick guide to get started

We are also working on few video tutorials to demonstrate working with playcent

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1 : Games, mini apps, e-sport , polls, memes,
All these different features I found in just one platform, what is the concept behind coupling so many features together in one platform and will users be able to earn while they use these features?

Ans : All these templates are form variants for creating interactive content. Creators and users will be rewarded based on the content and the activity they perform on the platform

Q2 : I’ve noticed quite a number of projects with similarities to playcent. Why should we choose playcent over the competition, what edge does playcent have over then and what are the top priorities for playcent for 2021 to make it
a top project and why matic?

Ans : We choose matic as it’s scalable, secure and has low transaction fee. Playcent templates might be comparable with other products but we are not competing with any platforms. our apps and games work on all social platforms

Q3 : For Q3 of 2020 according to the roadmap, +20 interactive games were launched. The objective of the launch of all the games was met? How can I access the games and enjoy the entertainment?

Ans :

Q4 : In order to create content on Playcent, what is required of me? And what benefits are in place for content creators?

Ans : No technical expertise is required.

Q5 : What is the wallet solution provided by Torus #directauth that Playcent will present to facilitate a frictionless experience for end users? What structure will this wallet have that makes it different and better than any other wallet?

Ans : By integrating torus we provide blockchain wallets with social logins, end users dosent need to interact with metamask

Q6 : Playcent gives a space to advertisers to purchase playcent tokens to promote their content. Where will this content reach? Is it limited for the Playcent platform o will we expect to see advertising in social media?

Ans : Playcent apps and games works on any social platform ( fb, insta, telegram ) So the ads will work everywhere

Q7 : How does creator kit work for social token creators?

Ans : Using creator kit, social tokens creators can monetize from their community by accepting paid messages or donations, and video shoutouts with their native token

Q8 : Playcent is a user-generated content platform, so I’m interested to know, do you have any mechanisms to preserve the copyright of each developer? And avoid copying the content.

Ans : All templates that are on playcent comes under open source licence, however assets used within the templates might be private and be accessible for those who pay for it.

Q9 : I have understood that the $PCNT is deployed in Ethereum and Matic Blockchains, so the Ethereum is a typical network, but why do you need your Matic version too?

Ans : Transaction fee is too high on ethereum while its negligible on matic

Q10 : You stated on your white paper that through PCNT, Playcent will gradually evolve into a community-owned Decentralized Organization.

In what proportion is PCNT distributed among users? If Playcent becomes decentralized org, What value would this add to Playcent?

Ans : We want the community to govern the platform, To start with we will distribute around 20% of the tokens using Playmining campaign.

Q11 : Part of Playcent mission is allow non-techies to easily create apps, games and more content so fast. I’ve seen you encouraging creators to make templates that others can "Remix". What are your plans to diversify those templates so it won’t came over time all repetitive?

Ans : We will be having a developer reward program to have a element of deversification in the templates. users who would create meaning full would be greatly appreciated and get rewarded by playcent

Q12 : Regarding the resources you offer to create, I have a question, is the development of the content the sole responsibility of the developer, or does the PlayCent team participate in the creation, under the instructions of the developer?

Ans : We will be having a developer reward program to have a element of deversification in the templates

Q13 : What role does Hyper Casual games play in market share, and why does Playcent offer creators the ability to Remix to customize existing game apps?

Ans : Hyper casual games present real, quantifiable value to brands, businesses, and influencers to engage their users. These groups currently commission the creation of hyper casual games as marketing tools for $15-150k per game, with a development lead time of 4-12 months. By reducing the cost and development time, Playcent gains market penetration, early revenue.

Q14 : Can Playcent platform support in the future to hardware equipments something like maybe 3D-VR-addons?

Ans : We will be looking at 3d asset marketplace

Q15 : Projects frequently use the staking mechanism to control the token value and supply. Do you have staking plans and incentive plans for $ PCNT token holders?

Ans : Yes, we have. Users who stake on the platform will be able to participate in governance

playcent team dosen’t participate in the creation of the template. However we provide with few libraries that developers need to integrate with their app to get listed on playcent.

Q16 : Could you please share with us some of the latest developments & achievements made by the Playcent project so far this year? Also, what are your plans for this development & for the years to come?

Ans :

We have launched a beta version of the product with over 20 templates in Q3 2020

Q17 : How do app developers go about contributing to the platform? What is the process to register their app on playcent? And how does the platform ensure that developers are well paid for there apps, do consumers pay to use playcent?

Ans : We will be having a pre defined developer reward program to define the quality of the templates. Once we have enough templates in place the platform in itself would be self sustained.

Q18 : For Q1 of 2021, Playcent will launch its SDK to convert applications into dapps. How easy will it be to create a DApp with the Playcent SDK? What tools will you provide to make these DApps safe but still transparent?

Ans: Using visual intefraces it takes less than 30 minutes for non techies to launch dapps. All the templates will be open source to enable transparency.

Q19 : I want to learn more about Playcent but very little information, the community is relatively empty and little information is shared. What strategy does the Playcent team have to develop the community and retain users for the long term?

Ans : we will be onboarding influencers once we launch the creator kit.


Before leaving, please do you have any Final Words for community, and also do good to share every useful links to project

Ans : Thanks for the opportunity and great interaction. For any further queries ping us at @playcentglobal on telegram




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