Recapitulation of PolkaFantasy PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Tuesday, 19th October, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The PolkaFantasy PROJECT team was represented by @AlexPolkaFantasy who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about PolkaFantasy PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself?

ANS: I am Alex, the CEO & founder of PolkaFantasy, the first-ever Japanese-themed NFT cross-chain marketplace & multiverse game in the world.

I have been in blockchain space for several years. Previously I was doing a lot of blockchain consultation for projects, and was the director of one of the top staking pool in the world.

I also had a dev studio for many years and have been awarded twice internationally. With my strong background in game, I am very glad that I can have this opportunities to introduce PolkaFantasy to this amazing community here.

Q2: Can you share with us what PolkaFantasy has achieved previously and what are the upcoming targeted milestones?

ANS: We are in building mode right now on many things.

We have been working on several products (NFT Marketplace, NFT Wallet, Game) in order to form the holistic ecosystem for our users.

After listening many community opinions, we are also ramping up our marketing efforts in different countries. And we will have some amazing collaboration coming.

Besides, we will have a FANTASY LAND sale coming this Friday!! This event is one of a kind event that won;t happen again soon.

We have prepared some very hot and amazing NFT lands for users. And we have some amazing campaigns so that users can get it early.

Here is the details of it:

Q3: Can you give us a brief introduction about the upcoming land sale? Where do people join the land sale?

ANS: The land pre-sale will be coming Friday.

To participate in the XP pre-sale, you will need to hold a certain amount of $XP tokens to purchase 3 different ranks of land: Standard, S and SS. And each rank has its own requirement for access.

For instance, to join the lowest rank, you will only need to hold 100 $XP to be eligible to access many tiers of land!

Besides this, we will be working with different launchpads, to involve more community members in this event!

And we even have a discounted limited land packs for early supporters!

Q4: Are you collaborating with other launchpads for this land sale? Can you briefly introduce your partnerships with them and whether people who want to join need to hold their tokens or KYC in order to be eligible to participate in the land sale?

ANS: Yes, we are going work with more than 5 launchpads to have the land sale for wilder range of audience. And in some launchpad, you can use $XP to buy land!!

For most of the launchpad, as you know, there will be requirement to hold their tokens. But since most of the launchpads are very famous, many community members may already have their tokens. And by collaborating with them, PolkaFantasy is known to more people, which is a good thing.

Q5: Would you mind sharing more information about the ranks and your land system? What is the major difference between land in different ranks, does it have a big impact later on in the game?

ANS: We have 5 Tiers of land in total: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythical. Each tier has different utilities, Common has the standard usage such as clan battle, farming, build houses etc, whereas the higher tiers have better features and utilities than the lower ones. Apart from that, each tier also includes 3 ranks of land: Standard has 1 tile of land, S has 4 tiles and SS has 9 tiles. The differences between the ranks are not just the sizes but also the benefits each contain.

By holding the lands, users have to benefits of using in multiple games and even partner games! Our plan is to build multiple games in the future. Just as gamers expect AAA game studio will develop many great games in long run. Therefore, owning a land in PolkaFantasy means that you can having lands not for only 1 game, but for the whole ecosystem with many games!

Here are some utilities in planning.

Q6: Finally, How do people purchase the land? Any discounts for the land pre-sale?

ANS: We are going to publish our land sale site very soon. For people who join early in the 10 mins after the sale starts, they can actually get FULL COMBO bundle at a 22% off discount!! And they will also receive a free NFT too.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: In many Wallets P2P Trading is very Complex, Is Polkafantasy wallet is Used Frindly , Can you talk about the UI and UX also ?

ANS: We are putting a lot of effort in UI/UX. And we really want to incorporate some kinds of gamification in the wallet in the future as well.

User experience is very important in PolkaFantasy, and I think user will be happy to use our Wallet and display their NFT in a very beautiful gallery.

Q2: Something really surprising is to see that most of the NFT market is only focused on cryptocurrencies and western arts. So, can you explain how they plan to introduce a blockchain game with roots in eastern arts to the market that the current market likes?

ANS: I like this question.

As a Japanese ACG (animation, comic & game) lovers, I also enjoy the beauty of the eastern elements. In blockchain market, it seems that most projects are done with western elements in mind, and this make the market a little bit too similar in some senses. Therefore, our team, with strong background in Japan, decided to make difference and introduce PolkaFantasy.

Our vision is to build the BEST GameFi ecosystem in the world. And with the support of strong fan base for Japanese ACG culture, we hope we can make a paradigm shift which will surprise people!

Q3: Wow !!! Great intro. Feels good to learn about PolkaFantasy. Where can I buy the token and NFT land ?

Does PolkaFantasy token holders enjoy exclusive access to sales and reward benefits? How much of PolkaFantasy token would you recommend for holding or needed to participate in DAO Governance ?

ANS: We are on Uniswap V2.

And on this Friday, you can go to our website for the land pre-sale if you are $XP holders.

100 $XP can also guarantee you a spot in getting our normal rank land. Holder for 2,000 $XP will give you access to the highest rank of land.

And in future, we will have some surprise for $XP holders. In PolkaFantasy, we love to delight community, so it's also good to have some $XP in the pocket! After all, we are confident in PolkaFantasy future. Just like Axie Infinity, early supporters go so much benefits, and we will surely have some plan in this regard too 😉

Q4: I Found that Your total token supply is very low at 200M tokens , Can you please tell why you had planned to keep token supply Low , Are you planning for the Token burn to increase the value ?

ANS: We are very serious at doing our Tokenomics right. And we have studied a lot of model, and think that low supply of tokens will be good to price in long run.

For instance, Axie Infinity (AXS) has a total supply of 270M tokens, which is very similar to ours. In that sense, we can learn a lot from other models and scale up the $XP utilities to make it move in good direction.

Q5: Is there a limit to how many bids a user can place regardless of the tier where the bid is placed? Can a user sell an NFT from PolkaFantasy to a user who has no affiliations to PolkaFantasy, no XP tokens?

ANS: For the land pre-sale, there is no limit of the bids. But there is limit for the discounted bundle which is only available for the first 10 mins.

And the NFT can be traded to anyone.

Q6: Since lovers and lovers of Japanese animation, comics and games (ACG) culture are not only present on Telegram and Twitter, but also on other social networks of more mass use worldwide such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, I would like to know exactly what other social networks they have apart from TG and TW?

ANS: We have YouTube channel, though I have to admit that it's not too active. but later we will add more videos. And we have a good plan to start our Facebook to reach more audience in future. We actually have Instagram, you can follow us here:

Q7: Polkafantasy vision is to build AAA titles that will last for years to come. To achieve this you would be needing alot of funds from time to time, so what strategies have you put in place to help secure a heathy source of revenue for both the creators and PolkaFantasy itself?

ANS: Since we are building an ecosystem, we have many ways to secure revenue in difference sources.

For instance, we have plan to work with celebrities and famous IPs, this will draw a lot of attention to the project.

But most importantly, our goal is to build good products. With good products, people will come to our ecosystem and bring revenue and support to make our AAA titles possible.

Q8: Currently the blockchain gaming sector or industry is at a very early stage so I would like to know what approach PolkaFantasy brings to change this model of unremarkable games that do not appeal to the traditional market at all?

ANS: We have a very strong team with deep know-how of traditional game. Our top advisors are from Square Enix and SNK, which are two of the most influential game companies in history.

In addition, I am a gamer with 30 years experience. And I respect good games so much. Therefore, as the CEO of PolkaFantasy, I hope I can lead the team to bring authentic gaming experience to the community.

And our goal is to make a game series as famous as Final Fantasy series.

Q9: Can you please explain how the standard, S, and SS rank affect Gameplay? Also, is it possible for a user in common tier get a SS rank of land or a legendary tier user get a Standard rank of land?

ANS: You can use the land in the game. Simply speaking, you may 'equip' the land to the characters to boost its power. Or you can use your lands to fight against other players.

Our land system is built with one thing in mind. It is to be used in many games and the whole ecosystem in future. So by owning even one piece of the land, it can have effect in many games in many ways.

And we planned this land sale as an one-time event, so there is no way to secure lands in coming months probably. So if you are interested to get some lands, please take a look at our intro article:

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