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Recapitulation of POLKAWAR PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Tuesday, 22nd June, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The POLKAWAR PROJECT team was represented by @Jacksonmohr who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about POLKAWAR PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on PolkaWar?

ANS: I’m Jackson Mohr, CEO & Co-Founder of PolkaWar. Graduating from the National University of Singapore in 2002, I have many years of experience in the field of Game programming.
Knowing the cryptocurrency market in 2016 as an investor, I have a lot of experience in the field of investment and management.
In addition, I have more than 5 years of experience in the field of Blockchain programming.

Our team comes from many different countries such as India, Colombia,..., has many years of experience in the field of game programming and desgin.

Q2: Can you introduce PolkaWar, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: PolkaWar is a decentralized fighting game platform on the blockchain network. Inspired by the NFT subfield, PolkaWar will create a vivid fighting game world. Players will build character systems with weapons and equipment with different levels, to engage in combat with other
players; participate in quests in the game as well as buy and sell items in the marketplace.

The current statistics show that less than 20% projects are related to gaming with most projects having mere concepts and no working products. We realize that the NFTs combined with gaming will be the catalyst required for mainstream adoption and will contribute to the development of the general nascent NFT market, in the coming years

We create a completely different game platform, a game with high real combat, not just as simple as other NFT gaming.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: our project has been running for more than 2 months and has raised 1.4M$ from strategic sale and private sale

MVP launched on June 1st and attracted over 3000 early signups

In Q3, we will release testnet of the game and marketplace. Of course, testnet will run on Binance Smart Chain. It’s good blockchain with low fee and fast speed.
In Q4, we will run mainnet of the game and marketplace. And we will also develop the game on Casper network.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: With the present market condition, a project that wants to still be existing for the next 5 years and beyond must have enough financial resources to help develop all aspect of the project. So will the $400k you just raised from your strategic partners and investors be sufficient enough to cater for the project development, marketing, salary, exchange listing etc, or which other revenue streams are in place to help ensure you guys don't get cash-strapped at a point in the future?

ANS: The current market situation is quite bad and pessimistic. It is likely that the downtrend season has arrived. We also anticipated this and also have some backup solutions.
We have raised 1.4M$ and this money will be very valuable during the downtrend.
PolkaWar is a project that takes a long time to develop and complete, which will pay a lot of costs in terms of salary, marketing, product development...
We will do our best to get through this difficult period. With our current reserves, we can last more than 5 years if the market is downtrend for a long time.

Q2: The idea of creating a game platform that combines entertainment and income for gamers is indeed amazing, I strongly believe that PolkaWar will bring value to the NFT ecosystem in general and investors in particular. However, one thing that bothers me most is the issue of security, I could see that you guys haven't done any form of auditing whatsoever, could you tell us the steps you are currently taking in this regard prior to your mainnet launch to help ensure the platform is secure and functioning as expected?

ANS: PolkWar is a decentralized platform, data is stored on the blockchain, so there will be no worries about data security.
Users interact with the game through their own wallet (we support Metamask), so there is no risk involved.
Smart contract security issue, we will do an audit before mainnet.

Q3: The present gaming system on Polkawar was developed to have 3 characters which are warrior, archer and magician, each with different strengths, weaknesses and range of weapon systems and equipment? Is there a possibility for the development team to include include more gaming characters in the future? What is the reward of a user for successful completion of a quest/mission

ANS: Currently, Polkawar only directs and focuses on building 3 characters that are magician, warrior and archer. In the future, we will open many levels for the characters, maybe up to level 50, 100. And moreover, focus on building equipment and weapons for the character, open more levels and more maps.
When you join a battle, if you win the battle, you will receive the battle bet money (PWAR, BNB ) and gain experience points.
When you complete the mission, you will get experience points and PWAR tokens.

Q4: How will you use the Chainlink VRF integration to customize the look of NFT items and will we soon be able to trade characters in the marketplace besides weapons and gear?

ANS: We have integrated ChainLink VRF to drop random items for users participating in the airdrop for-nft-airdrop-campaign-9feb666dbbc4
We will continue to use ChainLink VRF in solutions related to randomness, such as increased experience points for completing missions, randomness of item drops...
Marketplace only supports buying and selling weapons and equipment, not selling characters.

Q5: Casper network being a new blockchain, I see there's a plan to launch your game on their platform by Q4, 2021. What benefits do you think the team, retail investors & the gamers will enjoy from the collaboration?
What are the steps for the public sales?

ANS: Casper network is a new blockchain platform that has many advantages and differences compared to the rest of the competitors. It inherits the good aspects of the Ethereum blockchain and improves on its weaknesses, such as the problem of almost zero transaction fees and very fast speeds, using POS.
Moreover we wanted to try something new, especially the Casper ecosystem is small, so we decided to aim to Casper. I believe that if PolkaWar successfully builds on Casper NetWork, it will be a very significant breakthrough for us.
Next time, we will coordinate with the Casper team to conduct construction. Of course, the first step is still to run on Binance Smart Chain first.

IDO Public sale will take place on 28th June, on 3 platforms PolkaBridge, Yellow Road and DAOStater.
All have opened whitelist. You can fill it out here
✅ Yellow Road Whitelist
✅ PolkaBridge Whitelist
✅ DAOStater Whitelist

Q6: 🚦PolkaWar has roughly 11 Game Items, namely:
🔹Big Knife
🔹Bow and arrow
🔸Magic Vase
Could you please tell me, if there are only five levels of the game, how many levels a player would have to pass to acquire all of the game items? Are each of the items redeemable without limitations?

ANS: There are 5 levels of weapons and 3 levels of equipment. As for the character's level, there will be no limit (first will open up to level 100)
To upgrade weapons and equipment, you need upgrade stones. Stones are only obtained when participating in quests or staking. Or you can also buy higher level weapons and equipment in the Marketplace.

Q7: 1) polkawar is expected to launch on Bsc chain with transactions made in BNB and $pwar token. why is 2 000 000 of your token allocated to uniswap liquidity as stated in your tokenomics on your white paper? explain the discrepancy please.
2) what is the coverage of the polkawar logistics? worldwide or only some selected regions and countries are covered?
how will polkawar logistics handle a case where an ingame NFT is paid for to be converted into physical item but then never arrive at the destination?

ANS: 1. It's PancakeSwap, not Uniswap
2. PolkaWar Logictis system allows players to directly own their NFT items in the real world
All NFT items on the market can be converted to physical items. Example: You have a sword (NFT item) level 1 and you want to own that sword at your home. You just need to send the request to the PolkaWar Logistics system. PolkaWar team will process and deliver it to you at the required address.

This is how PolkaWar Logistics System work

We will provide service to some countries in Asia first

We have also updated PolkaWar's landing page, you can try
You can also join the MVP experience at

Q8: Is the fighting game a 1v1 or team vs team game? Will users be allowed to use any stablecoin to play games on the platform? Also, will there be some kind of levels in the game? Perhaps you can help with a summary of what to expect as far as gaming is concerned on the platform.

ANS: Both. There are 2 fighting scenario : 1v1 and team vs team

CONCLUSION: I am happy to share information about PolkaWar today at AMA LOVERS community. It is my honor. I hope you will support our project and accompany us in the long run.
Remember, our IDO will be on 28th June ❤️

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