Recapitulation of Prasaga AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Thursday, 26th November, 2020
Time: 18:00 UTC

The Prasaga team was represented by @TheJayMoore and @michaelholdmann. They both judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the Team working on Prasaga project

Ans : Sure, I am Michael Holdmann Founder and CEO. I have been involved in Telecom, network, internet and software for 5 decades now including sitting on boards at international standards bodies writing the standards for Internet of Things and Smart City.

Did you know, the individual who first to implement Network Address Translation (NAT), wrote Port Address Translation (PAT) is a Blockchainer?

Did you know the Founder of Garage Games whom coined the phrase “Indie Dev” and built a community of 250k game devs creating their games on the open platform is a Blockchainer?

Did you know, the individual, while an owner of JV Routerware that wrote/co-wrote/participated in, the high performance full TCP/IP, various network protocol standards including MPLS, OSPF, BGP, RIP, VLAN, NAT, IP, IP Load Balancing, SNMP, RSVP, ARP, ICMP, LLC, X.25, PPP, TELNET, TFTP, FTP, HTTP, etc.

Did you know, the individual that returned, along with the personally loaned operating manuals to Dr. Wang, a tape of WYSIWYG in 1978 at 14 yrs old (Can you guess what WYSIWYG may have become) is a Blockchainer?

They Are! @prasagaofficial

I am a serial entrepreneur, Prasaga is my 12th new venture. I am the most excited about blockchain changing our world than I have ever been. Many of my ventures have been in video games and all we change is fantasy virtual worlds (using our own digital gold of course). We have a global team many of us veteran entrepreneurs.

Q2 : Can you introduce the Prasaga project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitve advantage

Ans : We’ve designed the next evolution of blockchain architecture. A blockchain that actually achieves the promise that all blockchains have aspired to. One that provides the highest level of resistance against attacks. One that rewards its ecosystem of contributors. And, one that, perhaps most importantly, scales in throughput as more resources are added to the network, providing the maximum possible increases in speed.

The DataGrid Blockchain catalyzed by our eXtensible Blockchain Object Model (XBOM) builds a ledger that puts the coding, execution and settlement of all asset transactions directly onto the blockchain — delivering an evolved approach to Smart Contracts that provides increased speed of development, higher quality, and a future proofed development infrastructure.

The Product suite of Prasaga creates an underlying global foundation for all transactions financial and other while protecting individual sovereignty and ownership/access of all assets.

We Scale, stay Secure and have a Stablized Currency.

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap

Ans :

A little history on the project
Started Nov. 2017
* Integrate blockchain into IoT message bus
* Commercial WP release March 2018
* Token pre-sale- 850k through May 2018
* Token purchasers asked us to solve blockchain scale
* Research, design finished in Jan. 2019- 200+ of pages, 100,000 word notes documents of all major chains and projects scaling, consensus, economics (monetary supply, tokenomics)
* Wrote design of tech, submitted 4 patent pends

Looked at Smart Contacts
* April 2019 realized it was not possible to scale through sharding with current Smart Contact approach (everyone realizes this now, but too late)
* 2 patent pend. XBOM™️ and XSOA™️
* Design an First Class Object Model, Decentralized GlobalOS and Object Oriented Blockchain™️ (OOB™️)
* State resides with account objects, we can move accounts and all individual account state from parallel chain to parallel chain.

First thing we architected a scalable blockchain based on parallel chains producing blocks independently while sharing the PoW hashpower amongst a plethora of shards creating long term attack resistance.

Secondly, we realized the issue ALL current blockchains are running into which is the incredible difficulty to move state, which resides in the smart contract, from shard to shard. That is solved with XBOM™️ technology which references all state of accounts in the class object instances (assets) on the blockchain allowing movement of the accounts (state) from shard to shard.

How hyperledger falls into this mix? We integrated XBOM™️ into Hyperledger Fabric specifically to prove out XBOM™️ (scale would not work if state can not be moved) prior to building the DataGrid Blockchain (DGB)™️. It is now a proven architecture, we will offer a SaaS enterprise license for the Hyperledger community while we build out the DataGrid Blockchain (DGB)™️, XBOM™️, IoT/Smart City message bus and launch DataGrid Token ($DGT)™️.

Next step is the current pre-sale for Non USA citizen token hodlrs to start our DeFi $DGT 12-month distribution event. We need you, the Prasaga community to help introduce the project to your networks.


Q1 : Many project got shut down in many situations because not using right regulation and license. In order to goes worldwide how does Prasaga team handle these issue? and what Are the Target Prasaga Aiming for?

Most new project allows full participation of the communities at the very beginning of the project but when they become successful, the communities are gets neglected and they decide only what happens, will the communities stay relevant always?

Ans : This is our organization structure and locations are chosen for regulatory blockchain friendliness.

-Token sale, EU enterprise branch

Prasaga Foundation
- Governance Boards
- Development
- Treasury
- Philanthropic Fund
- Chain Master Support (Root Chain) – Future Proofs blockchain by running a full copy of the chain.
- Full nodes listens to all blocks from all chains and stores and archives the immutable chain.
Doesn’t create or burn tokens.
Contributes its own hash power.

Prasaga Enterprise
Prasaga DataGrid Collaborative
- Research Institute for Smart City, IoT, Blockchain
- Localized to key communities globally

Virtual Accelerator/Incubator w/integration in research studies

We don’t have the same regulatory vulnerabilities as a permission less open native chain.

Our decentralized governance allows “one person one vote” on all on chain voting and off chain votes. We detail our governance approach in our commercial whitepaper.

Q2. With datagrid blockchain as I see, you aim to dominate the defi market without relying on eth system. What’s your future plans?

Ans : Our monetary policy is designed to create a stabilized currency and solves the gas price shocks.

We have designed our general purpose blockchain for scalability and it ends up offering a superior DeFi solution as we both allow for a more robust Automated Market Making (AMM) and expands the scope of markets to other classes of assets beyond just tokens. Beyond DeFi, we have designed a blockchain equivalent to a hybrid of Amazon, Ebay and Nasdaq type marketplace. Think if you could track, buy and sell all securities and physical commodities in your own blockchain account.

In the future we intend to build a robust developer community that will bring a large variety of DeFi and other applications to market. Our goal is to grant the world a new and improved blockchain and also incentivize our community to build the future you want to live in. We’ve excited to have already discovered a developer community in enterprise blockchain arena that wants to use XBOM on HyperLedger.


Q1 : I read that your next steps are to complete DataGrid Blockchain (DGB), mainnet; starting with pre-sale for the defi pools (no USA citizens can participate).
The public pre-sale will begin approximately December 15th.

1. Why can't USA citizens participate?

2. Is there any mechanism in place to stop whales that will buy and dump after pre-sale?

Ans : 1. The US doesn’t have a clear regulatory framework and we are US citizens so simpliest way to not get into regulatory "difficulty" ie jail is to not allow purchase directly from us. They can buy on exchanges.
2. We are going to partner with Balancer to launch a Liquidity Bootstrap Pool to establish a fair market price before we go into other DeFi swap pools.

Q2 : How was the idea to create this project born? It is very interesting. What do you want to prove? What are your expectations?

Ans : We first entered into blockchain and crypto to assist in decentralizing IoT and SmartCIty. Originally we were going to integrate a blockchain into our IoT message bus. Found blockchain could not scale to the limits we need to be successful. Through our research we discovered the faults in moverment of state, monetary supply and economic policy. We fixed all of that.

Q3 : Did you build your own programming language for building a flexible system?

Ans : No. We are using a classmanager infrastructure that can be interfaced to by most programming languages. Our XBOM PoC used GO programming language because the blockchain platform we did the PoC on happened to use GO.

Q4 : How do you maintain the security of $DGT? Can you reach the security of bitcoin?

Ans : That is the design of our D-PoW. It allows the same security as bitcoin at the same time creating blocks in parallel across chains. It will use the same overall processing power of a single bitcoin block but the per block power consumption is reduced by the number total chains as opposed to bitcoins 1 block at a time.

Q5 : How much investors and $DGT holders can earn in your defi project?

Ans : We have many projections, but the market will tell all of us what our returns will be. All of our models do not require speculation to gain value. Our monetary policy will potentially give between 120-144x before we move from deflationary to inflationary currency. "A token you want to invest in becomes the currency you want to invest with."


Thanks for answers can share where people can buy Tokens and all social Media

Ans : We are currently in Private Presale so contact @michaelholdmann and we are setting up in our Discord to have whitelisting for our community sale to begin after Dec. 15th.

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