Recapitulation of Predictz AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Sunday, 6th December, 2020
Time: 16:00 UTC

The Predictz team was represented by @Defiking and @s2bomb. They both judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the Team working on Predictz project

Ans : My name is Brad, I’m a content marketer by trade in the traditional work and once I fell in love with the crypto space I am bringing my skills here.

We have a team of 5 developers that have a passion for the DeFi space, and a new small crew of marketers that will become officially part of the team after our successful presale on the 8th of December.

I’m Julio and the co founder of predictz.

Q2 : Can you introduce the Predictz project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitve advantage

Ans :

Being investors ourselves, we found that scams and rug pulls are holding back the world changing potential of Defi.

Most projects list without contract audit which end up bad for investors. Predictz will implement mandatory auditing

Predictz is a ecosystem of services that aims to bring security to the investor.

This will help anyone follow along because our ecosystem is extensive.

Our primary focus is the Presale Dex.

Most projects have failed to succeed due to lack of dev or inability of the team to engage actively with investors. Predictz governance system aims to curtail this.

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap

Ans :

We have many services ready for to launch when we list.





These are all milestones we hit and have ready for launch. FARMING will come later this month. BORROWING & LENDING early next year.

The team have been working for around 6 months with over $100k team fund, this have enable us to get some partners and develop some projects that will launched on mainnet after presale.


Q1 : What types of investments can be made in the cryptomoney baskets produced by predict? Any kind of cryptographic asset can be traded with this protocol, even the less used ones, and still get rewarded?

Ans : Yea we have some and we will be implementing more soon, I think you will see that in our next roadmap update.

Q2 : Governance rules exist as a failsafe should the founding team leave or abandon the project.' Can you tell us what governance would do prior to this rule sets in? How much control is vested to governance? How much control does the team have?

Ans : Once a projected is listed on our dex. All presale buyers get allocated a voting credit by the smart contract.

Governance is implemented from the very beginning.

All contract that are being deployed will have to be audited buy our partners.

Incase of any issues with the founding team, the token holders can use the proposal section of the discord to call for a vote which will bring the governance into play.

Token holders will vote on the future of the project through the governance page

All is done through the smart contract so no interference by predictz team to ensure trust.

If team keeps to their roadmap, then token holders will be safe and feel happy. But if they keep missing deadlines then token holders have the ability to cut devs off from team token vesting and hire a new team.

Q3 : How do you ensure that locked funds will not be tampered with, by the current team if they decide to leave? What measures are being taken to ensure that the new team earns from the locked funds?

Ans : This is one good thing about smart contract once deployed it keeps to the terms. The token locked is vested for over a period with a certain % released over time base on team road map.

Team token will be transfered to new devs once it pass on the governance section

Q4 : Predictz recently announced a partnership with my question is what is the main reason behind this partnership? How this can be beneficial for both project?

Ans : All Presales that go through our dex will be audited for free by our partners.

Techrate and Solidity.Finance are our Auditing partners.

We want to give developers many benefits to launching on our platform, from auditing to marketing. We will have partners that strengthen their presale in every way possible.

Most projects suffered hack because only one firm audited the contract which can caused them miss some lope hole but our partnership ensure that 2 auditing firms and our in house devs carry out a thorough audit for maximiun security.

We currently have making deals with marketing firms.

Partnerships as a whole is a major part of our business model.

It decentralises how we help developers.

Q5 : "The non custodian prediction market allow holders to earn additional reward by predicting the price of ETH, BTC and PRDZ token."
How much is the reward? For how long would they earn it?

Ans : You can choose to predict based on Half-Hourly, Hourly or Daily Periods. How much you earn is based on how much you wager. This will last forever as the reward system cannot be depleted

As you predict you will also earn Premium Points which will be used on our leaderboards and be exchanged directly for ETH.

Prediction was designed based on a centralized system which has over 2 billion dollar turn over and 300k users all we did was just to decentralized there system.

Reward will never deplete


Q1 : What security does the Predictz team use to safeguard and protect these investors' investments? then on your pre-sales platform has it been audited?

Ans : Yes our presale dex was audited by two firms and all audited is on our github.

Q2 : Can you share more info on PREDICTZ pre-sale ?
How can I purchase $PRDT ?

Ans : The presale will done by LID protocol and will happen on 8th December 9 pm pst

Q3 : I see KYC plays an important role on your platform, so how long does it take for our data to be verified on your platform, do you have a dedicated verification team for 24 hours?

Ans : The KYC is for team that want to use our launchpad not really for investors.

Q4 : How to get the premium points, what must the user do?

Ans : Use the non custodian prediction. You don’t have to win to earn points, the more you predict the more points you earn.

Q5 : When is the pre-sale at #Predictz done and how can we follow the pre-sale is there a minimum amount to buy? and we know investors want to profit on every purchase, what is the advantage when buying at that pre-sale time?

Ans : Great questions.

Presale Launch Date and Time
8th December at 9pm PST

Outside of postive price speculation. We are most exicted for our top presale investors to get our NFT!

They will get early access to Presale DEX listings.
Any token listed on our Presale Dex will have a 24hr window for The NFT holders to buy in if they want.

Airdrops for NFT Holders
- % of predictions from Predictions Market.
- % of interest earned on Borrow/Lending.
- 1% of token listing on Presale DEX.
- 1% of ETH raised on Presale DEX.
- % of ETH from Liquidity or Team Locking fees.


Thank you for joining the AMA, but before leaving, can you please share every useful links to the PREDICTZ project and also A Guide on how to Participate in the Presale on the 8th December

Ans :


📰 Presale Details :

📰 Introduction to the Predictz Ecosystem :

📰 Presale NFT Details :


We have been approved by LID as a Premium Sale for the 8th of DECMBER.
This means we did all their KYC requirements to get this approval.

🛏 Soft Cap - 100 ETH
💎 Hard Cap - 900 ETH
💰Tokens per ETH - 10

More details coming soon ✌️💜


📰 Introduction to the Predictz Ecosystem :

📰 Presale NFT Details :

📰 Presale Details :

Predictz is a non-custodial DeFi auction protocol, which offers multi-layered system of safe guard against project failure and which protects the project and the investors investment.

Or put more simply,
The Safest Presale Launchpad for Investors in Crypto, and The Most Useful Launchpad for Developers to Raise Funds and Get Their Projects Off The Ground.


Key advantages to our presale investors:

💎 Presale platform is already audited and on rospten testnet -

💎 Non-custodian prediction platform for crypto betting on ropsten testnet

💎 Team lock and liquidity pool lock contract done undergoing in house testing

💎 NFT for TOP Pre-Sale buyers that offers passive ETH from each presale.

💎 5 dev teams with strong experience.

💎 Team KYC by LID protocol.

💎 Straight out of the gate we will have utility for your PRDZ tokens.

💵 $100 ETH Discord Invite Challenge 💵

All you have to do is join our Discord and then invite people using your own link.

We have a bot documenting it all.

💵 $100 ETH up for grabs

🏆 $50
🥈 $30
🥉 $20

Join now ✌️💜


💰 $100 ETH up for grabs

🏆 $50 ETH
🥈 $30 ETH
🥉 $20 ETH



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💠 LID PRESALE : 🔜 8th Dec

🦄 Buy on Uniswap : 🔜 SOON


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