Recapitulation of Price Go Up AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB


Date: Friday, 23rd October, 2020

Time: 05:00 UTC

The Price Go Up team was represented by Mr.Price, CEO of the PriceGoUp token. He judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background. Also if you have have a team, please introduce them

Ans : My name is Mr.Price, CEO of the PriceGoUp token. Our project intends to create a token the first of its kind where price only goes up. The team for this project has chosen to stay anonymous!

Q2 : Can you introduce the price go up project, is it a MEME coin, does it have any utility and what’s the competitve advantage

Ans : It is certainly a meme coin! It’s to be seen as a social experiment as it is the first ever rebasing token with an ascending peg price, meaning we intend to force the price up over time. Rebasing has never been used in this manner before, so we believe this is a competitive advantage. The Stonks meme was the perfect choice for this project :)

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines. Also share your roadmap

Ans : Well this is a very new project which has not yet launched, so the milestones we are looking at are all in the future. We are building our community of “spenkulators” and intend to launch with a bang! Our first target is to raise $150k for our presale on Oct 29th. Once successful with that, we will launch on Uniswap on Nov 1st. A little more on the roadmap, in Q4, we will implement a liquidity token geyser on our website to reward liquidity providers for $PGU


Q1 : Is it a requirement for developers to know the underlying architecture of #Price_go_up to be able to quickly and safely integrate #Price_go_up?

Ans : We will post our contract on Github for any developers who want to see it. You will be able to see the architecture and use with full understanding.

Q2 : In your website, you stated “Every first and fifteenths of the month, we’ll boost the price even higher for the next pay period”, what will enhance the boost in price? Are there sponsors to this project so it doesn’t fold up in months?

Ans : Yes, great question! What this means is that we will increase the peg price by certain increments, which will increase on the 1st and 15th of the month:
For example from Nov 1–14th the price will increase by $.10 per day. From the 15–30th it will increase by $0.12 per day. From Dec 1–14th each day the peg price will increase by $0.15 per day etc etc.
So the peg prices see a boost in daily increase every 1st and 15 of the month.

After one year, we will level off the increases to a static dollar per day!

Q3 : Price go up say it’s first of its kind rebase token whose price can only go up. What goes up must certainly come down, so how come your own token only goes up without coming down? How does the Rebase work in this scenario?

Ans : Great question! Our token will use BOTH positive and negative rebases to force the price up. It will depend on the market action of the previous day. Since the token supply is elastic, the price can always be moved up.

A little more detail actually! There can be days/hours where the price does decrease before or after a rebase, but long term it will always go up.

I would suggest researching the $AMPL project to further understand how rebasing works!

Q4 : I noticed that written english on your website and twitter page were kinda unique. For instance token was written as tokin and tokenomics was written as tokinomiks. I’m certain this was intentional, so I want to know the reason for it?

Ans : hahaha thank you for that question. This all plays into the meme aspect of the “tokin”. We got creative and created our own spellings of words in the style of the Stonks meme. For example Blonkchain :D

Q5 : In your website it’s said that the price will only go up due to “smrt rebase maths” . But what’s the main reason for choosing it and give some information about it so that buying tokens from your pre-sale will be easier for us.

Ans : Thanks for the question! You should choose to invest in Price Go Up if you want to take part in the first ever rebasing token where price always goes up! Keep in mind this is a new concept and only invest what you are comfortable! We think this has so much potential to perform in the market. Especially when all the candles are green!


Q1 : Does Price go up sees any project as it greatest rival? If yes, how are you better than them?

Ans : We do not see other projects as rivals! We see them as friends and possibilities to collaborate. Some Other tokens we would love to partner with would be Noob and

Q2 : Can deep dive a little into your Tokinominks? How much tokin would be allocated to the teem, marketings and linquididdy and would they be locked?

Good question! We will allocate 150k tokens to presale, 150k tokens to liquidity (which will be locked) 125k for marketing, and 75k for the team! Thank you

Q3 : Most of the new projects are just duplicates, duplicates of existing projects, they don’t stand out. So, what is your project unique and what makes Price Go Up so reliable as a long term project for users and investors?

Ans : This is the first project to ever create a rebasing token with an ascending peg price! That’s what makes it unique

Q4 : Anonymous team again. I have been duped of my earnings twice by different projects that happens to have anonymous team. Here is another anonymous team of a project. How can I trust the PriceGoUp project?

Ans : I’m sorry to hear that happened to you! I, too have been on the wrong end of a scam and I feel your pain. The reason we’ve chosen to stay anonymous with this project is because we are all developers who work on more serious projects and the silly nature of this one, led us to deciding to stay anonymous.

Q5 : What is the support that Price Go Up has and how do you generate confidence in investors? Do you plan to do any kind of audit to the project’s smart contract? Has the algorithm been previously tested?

Ans : We have finished testing on test-net and it was a success. We will be getting an audit and making the code public on github for investors to see when we launch

Q6 : Is the system used by Tokin like MLM? Because every first and fifteenth of every month. the team will raise the price even higher for the next payment period. Is not this a system that is used like MLM.

Ans : This is certainly NOT an MLM. We will not ask our buyers to sell our products! The 1st and 15th is just a fun way to boost price and make investors feel like those days are special. There are also some secret holiday bonuses we have planned!

Q7 : Does this project really have a real value in the future? Or this project is only made temporarily as a social experiment? Can you guarantee that this project will not be a scam project like many other previous projects?

Ans : Like many tokens, PGU may have value but should be considered primarily as a social experiment.

Q8 : On what exchange is “ PRICE GOES UP “ token currently listed ?

Ans : We have not launched yet! We will do presale Oct 29th, Uniswap listing on November 1st

Q9 : I’m a fan of the Rebase system and so many projects offer rebase. How unique is your Rebase and is the process automated?

Ans : Thanks for your question! Our rebases our automated and will pull data from a price oracle to determine the rebase amounts. It’s unique in that the peg price always goes up

Q10 : Are #PriceGoUp a global project or local project? Can anybody anywhere use Your without any restrictions?

Ans : Thanks for your question Edwin! We are a global project, meaning we will not impose any restrictions on anyone in regard to our tokens. However users will need to mind their local laws and regulation with cryptocurrencies.

Q11 : DOES your Token PRICE GO UP Include Token burning or token buyback?

Ans : No, it does not include burning or buy back. It utilizes rebasing. See $AMPL for another example of this technology

Q12 : Price Go Up is very unique. From the logo and name alone it is something different from the others. Can you tell the story behind the name and the logo?

Ans : The name price go up comes from the concept of the token itself! We used the stonks meme as a fun way to tie that into our branding

Q13 : Your aim is to make an unknown coin and forced it to go up. But what will happen if it’s gonna dump a lot instead of going up ? Can you guarantee us for its price?

Ans : Market volatility is always a factor. If a dump were to happen, the next day a negative rebase would be performed in order to nudge the price upwards again. Long term, the price should always increase.

Q14 : Does Price go up has any strategic partners in the industry because I Couldn’t see any on your website?

Ans : We certainly do! Due to the meme branding, those partners have chosen to stay anonymous

Q15 : Have been trying to buy the PGU token but it keeps taking me back. Can you put me through the steps I can take to buy the PGU tokens? What is the minimum I can buy?

Ans : We have not yet launched, so the buy button is inactive! Join our Telegram or Discord for updates and when to buy!

Q16 : Marketing is important, but one thing before sales, feature updates etc .. there is one thing that is more important than all of that, namely capital. Does PRICEGOUP have enough capital for this project?

Ans : We have sufficient capital, and we will use the presale to fund liquidity.

Q17 : Do you have any plan to do Ambassadors program for users who want to contribute in growth of PriceGoUp?

Ans : It is something that we are actively looking at!

Q18 : On what blockchain network is “ PRICE GOES UP “ token built ?
What are your plans to launch your MAINNET?

Ans : $PGU is built on the Ethereum network and is a ERC20 token. Our public launch will be on November 1st

Q19 : What role do you think PriceGoUp will play in making blockchain highly adaptable for the worldwide stage?

Ans : There are so many great projects out there that will help with mainstream adoption. This project is more for niche crypto investors.

Q20 : How does PriceGoUp evaluate the importance of the user community? In the near future, does PriceGoUp have any special plans to attract and expand the community?

Ans : Thanks Jimmy! We are continually working to expand our community! We have other AMAs, marketing incentives and press lined up!

Q21 : What is the approximate month or date for the launch of tokens?

Ans : Exact dates are: Presale on Oct 29th, Public launch on Nov 1st!

Q22 : What are the core features that create the value of #Price Go Up ? What does #Price Go Up have that other projects don’t

Ans : We a peg price that always increases. It’s the first of its kind!

Q23 : Do you have any plan Airdrop /bounty for Community? I asked this question Because You have small community but for increasing community Airdrop /Bounty is the short way. So what is your plan for that?

Ans : I do understand that our community is small. However, we are focused on quality over quantity. It’s more important to have an active and engaged community of investors than a bunch of inactive accounts. We have an airdrop planned for holders of $YIELD and there are others in the works!


Do you have any Final Words for community and also do good to share every useful links to project including presale details

Ans : I just want to say thank so much for taking the time to write these thoughtful questions!

We hope that you have the answers you need, if not, feel free to message us on our Discord or Telegram and we will do our best to answer any questions that have not already been answered.

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