Recapitulation of Project TradeX AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Friday, 27th November, 2020
Time: 13:30 UTC

The Project TradeX team was represented by @choiG, @Aircatchdroper, @bravo_tradex, @chauhan20, and
@mapacoinok. They judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the Team working on TradeX project

Ans : Hello Everyone again , My name is Bikram Basak founder and CEO of Tradex Ecosystem and I am from India. Being started my career with the banking field, I was already very much eager to know much more about the Global Finance and how it worked but was not satisfied with my work due to control of authorities to decide on blocking account transactions in short notices . Later on, joined the BPO voice department as a trainee, promoted to the management field. Subsequently, started my own BPO, was monitoring crypto from 2010, but was a little reluctant to get involved.

Later in 2017, I started following crypto news closely and founded Cryptcoin news which was a good start of Crypto in India. By spending considrable time in crypto ecosystem for trading and knwledge, in 2018, Exited BPO business and got involved with fulltime trading in Cryptocurrencies. Eventually in 2019 started developing the Tradex Ecosystem and we are here today with an aim to thrive crypto awareness all over the world.

Q2 : Can you introduce the TradeX project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitve advantage

Ans : Yes , Project TradeX is a crypto currency Ecosystem which is solving major issue that common problem facing that why one need or hold cryptocurrencies , because currently there are no real use case of crypto Currencies for common people. So we have created the ecosystem where one can play , bet , buy , sell even exchange .. so we can understand that with usage of Ecosystem value of token will increases..

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap

Ans : So far, we had our tradexsports application, and more features and platform will be unlocked and launched as we have developed more and evolving it into a something that really fits on the TradeX community. We had an endless roadmap since we believe a more adoption can be add more unto our platform

Well our first milestone we achieved by launching TradeXsports during this covid19 pandemic , and we are not stopping here , kept target to launch new product every quarter. As a whitepaper reference for you


Q1 : TradeXecosystem and TradeXsports are the launched platforms of TradeX.Could you please tell us about the uses and features of your upcoming platforms Tradexstore,Donor chain and Xchange?

Ans : Tradexstore is a platform and a mobile app
Whereby you can use your tradex token(TXH) to buy products....
More so, TradeX Exchange is a built and developed app to Store and exchange for your tokens

TradeXstore is another product of the TradeX Ecosystem where you can buy your favourites. And even merchant can join to sell their products. Donorchain is a management of blood donation and supply.

We will have Tradex Exchange to hold any exchanges in TXH tokens and TradexStore were anyone can buy on local goods through online access

And about tradexsport:
It's a platform where you can hold a local contest in your community about a particular sport
Maybe football, tennis, rubby and so on

Q2 : New this year BSC (Binance Smart Chain). What do you think about this BSC in Blockchain progress / development? Will you join the BSC later?

Ans : We are community oriented project so if the community asks for BSC, we’ll definitely make it happen. However, BSC is much more like a centralised blockchain where users may lose funds - this is the reason we are not considering it at the moment

Bcs may not be on our options since Tradex is an ecosystem the demands for it will continuously increased. We have Tradex Exchange, TradexStore and so on.

Q3 : How Does Project Tradex Generate Revenue From To Develop And Upgrade?

Ans : Nice point. Project TradeX is generating revenue through platform fees after paying back community and technology partners.

Q4 : Is your website currently under development? Do you plan to release your roadmap soon? What are your plans this Q4 of 2020? When will the TradeX website be ready?

Ans : Yes, some features on our website were underdeveloped depite of that, our website were accessible for those who’d love to test some features that were already on it. You can download tradexsports on our website. For more information and more exploration, I suggest that you take a peek into it on this link:

Yes but you can still access our website and download our app
Though more features are coming soon

Q5 : What are some of the major achievements that the TradeX project has achieved and what milestones are planned in the upcoming months/years?

Ans : Well our first milestone we achieved by launching TradeXsports during this covid19 pandemic , and we are not stopping here , kept target to launch new product every quarter. As a whitepaper reference for you

Q6 : In Blockchain Industry there are 3 core issues: security, scalability and interoperability which will bring competitive advantages to blockchain projects. So, how does TradeX Project will solve these problem?

Ans : Sure
We will solve them by getting more expert into the team
Very soon we will be recruiting experts.

Even we partnered with big technology partners for further safety and security

Q7 : Currently ETH gas fee is a great problem. Since TradeX is mainly operate the ETH network. So, any plan to move on other blockchain like Tron? How are the commissions for the smart contract used by Project TradeX?

Ans : Tradex are an ecosystem. Transsctions will be made within it. There are options to change TXH in Dash, BTC, ETH and even fiat, without worrying the gas within ETH blockchain

Q8 : What are the terms of partnership and integration between DashNext and TradeX, and How will Dash users be able to bet on the TradeXSports app thanks to the integration?

Ans : Wow this partnership happened just when we discussed about our idea. Dash team just got ready to partner with us just by hearing out the idea. Here is the official announcement


Q1 : As I am a investors. I saw many projects with Anonymous team. And also saw them doing scam. As a user and investors can I ask you why you decided to remain anonymous? How can we sure that there is no chance of scam from $TradeX?

Ans : We are builing an ecosystem, where the founder are not anonymous. In fact TXH token are listed on Bicratic. And the founder were doing more engagement to every community. And more partnership from other companies aside from Dash. On that basis you can tell the credibility of Project Tradex.

Actually we are building the Ecosystem.. see we are anonymous we found the spelling mistake and came to rectify.

Q2 : What are the benefits of buying $TXH Token in this presale period? how many softcap and hardcap targets? and what is the starting price for $TXH tokens in the market later?

Ans : The benefit of buying TXH token is for the purpose of making great profit....
Now you buy at Lowes price and Sell when price goes up for higher returns
Just like you Buy and Hodl
Click link below to see more benefits of buying

Q3 : What Purpose And Reason why you are Launching Project Tradex Tokenomics On?

Ans : We have many purpose and reason for creating this project

1. We want to make things easier for people

Like people that love betting
You can place your bet with crypto currency on tradexsport as we will still add more coins in tradexsport app

2. We want to make it easier for people to buy products online with crypto currency and get it delivered to them anywhere in the world
And the last part I will talk about it that
You should buy TXH token now and hodl for greater profit in the nearest future

Do not miss this opportunity

We are also trying to eradicate poverty all over the world

We are in mission to create $TXH as one medium of payment instrument..

Q4 : With the development of blockchain technology, an infinite number of blockchain projects have appeared on the market. But people prefer/ will accept projects that have real use cases. Can you tell us about the real use of your project or the solutions that contribute to it?

Ans : Yes

The real use of our project are:

1. You can use our token to stake on our tradexsport app

2. You can buy products with our token on TradexStore (coming soon)

You can also buy and sell crypto currency on our exchange xchange( coming soon)

There's are many more features coming soon too

Just follow us and stay tune

Q5 : I am currently holding 550 TXH tokens in my TrustWallet with almost no value, are there any plans to hold Staking Program? How will I get benefit in holding my TXH tokens?

Ans : That’s nice you are holding $TXH , yes at this moment we are not live on Exchange. We are coming up with Staking program for those who are rewards winners. However as $TXH is an utility token will suggest to keep it in TradeXsports platform and use it for playing.

Sure you can benefit from hodling TXH token
There will be a big pump very soon
Just make sure you get some bag of TXH I the pre-sale

2. You can stake on our sport app

Download TradeXSports APP -

Don't forget to enter my Referral code- C53113

You can also PM me to know more

Q6 : Is this project a Global project ? Can local communities partake in it ?

Ans : Sure
We’re Global project and also to the local communities.....Both beginner and pro trades and investors are highly welcome

Q7 : Do you think TradeX has same security level of BTC?

Ans : Sure!
We use ETH based blockchain, users security is our top most concern

Q8 : In your pre-sale, the KYC security method, will not be required nor obligatory, what security mechanism do you use then when a user wants to buy your tokens, through your app?

Ans : Well security is utmost importance and we respect but we understand that cryptocurrencies is for anonymous use and for that reason we are not making kyc mandatory . We partnered with Coinbase commerce and coinpayment for purchasing TXH on TradeXsports app and even fiat direct deposit is available for purchasing through fiat.

Q9 : If anybody thinks your project really likes a scam project, and they can not trust this project. How do you make them believe in your project?

Ans : As you know that our project is base on erc20 blockchain and we are not an anonymous project

We are real and physical
As you know the owner of project tradex

So i think people believe in things they can see the owner and the progress

So we will make more awareness and progress


Well first of all with the current situation we can understand that it’s really hard to believe any new project however we will say that we launched out project with complete proof of benefits for our community , and also we kept revenue option of the project to make sure we can give back to community and enchance the developments. We are bringing real use case of tokens instead some unrealistic idea..

Q10 : Do you have any new partneship recently? And what advantage of this partnership to the project?

Ans : Yes!
We have a partnership from Dash...
Well, the advantage of the partnership is as good as Dash inc. is a well know organization or project respectively
The companys Token (Dash) is one of the popular Token in the Crypto world Today....and in the nearest future
So, this is one of great TradeX project partnership

Q11 : Do you plan to build partnerships with local cryptocurrency developers and local project in each country to make the use of the token more global?

Ans : Yes
As you can see that we have partnered with dash
And we are also planning to make partnership with many other project so that we can go viral alll over the world

Very soon we will be making some announcement about it

Just make sure you follow use on our channel


Can you share where can buy the Token for pre-sale and all social media for follow.

Ans : The link to buy token from pre-sale

All social media

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