Recapitulation of ProjectInterLude PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Thursday, 24th June, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The ProjectInterLude PROJECT team was represented by @Duckofnormandy who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about ProjectInterLude PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on the Interlude Project?

ANS: Yes, I'm Charles and I'm the CEO and game designer at Interlude. My background is basically half gaming, half crypto. I did my bachelor in Math/Computer Science, and went to a master's degree in Discrete Maths that leaned heavily into crypto (the "-graphy" one, but the two are linked), but after graduating started to work on 3D and video games, and eventually founded my own game studio. I was the main dev (although working with freelancers), and we released one VR game and one PC game.

But I was always interested in crypto (the blockchain one) though, so after that I went to work at iExec as an engineer, working on TEE and SGX in particular. And this is where I met my partner Julien. Julien was head of marketing at iExec, where he handled one of the first big ICO (maybe the first in France).

The rest of the team is mainly in marketing at the moment, with two full-time and several part-time collaborators. We also have several technical profiles involved in the project but they're only helping us on a part-time basis.

and that's it :)

Q2: Can you introduce the Interlude project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Ok so, At the core we're not exactly solving a problem, we're just trying to make a cool game!

But if we want to see the project through a "problem solving" lens,

I would say the main problem we are tackling is the discrepancy in the video game industry at the individual/solo dev level, where tools like Unity allow solo devs to create very cool content but the market for that is almost non existant - because video games are a winner take all business, everyone wants to (and can) play the best games.

So the main problem that led to this project is basically: tools like Unity enables millions of devs to create small games, but there is no market for millions of small games, can we do something cool (and that makes money :)) with all this content?

Interlude is basically our attempt at doing this, a very simple gaming concept you could do with that.

Q3: Are you modifying existing game, or we are expecting something new entirely?

ANS: Yes so, just to clarify, we're building a scavenger hunt between all these games with a prize in crypto

(for those that didn't see the project)

And yes that's a good question. It's actually very possible to simply take existing games, and hide a key inside - that's a couple minutes of work and a few lines of codes

but you could also build games specifically for that

It's very open and easy to do. Any game where you can have web (http) requests, you can integrate to our network

for example mods in minecraft, or other commercial games

alright, I guess that replies the question at a minimum.

Q4: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: in terms of milestones so far, I would say our main selling point is that there is almost two years of dev work between the blockchain/protocol part and the game part (cause we are bringing our own games to "kickstart" the network).

so we already have a good basis to work on, without talking of milestone reached

Now for the future roadmap here are the main stops:

-private demo in ten days (with a whitelist, for big supporters and influencers)

-opening of the demo to the public (no whitelist)

-release of dev tool, deployment of alpha version of smart contract

-listing on DEX (PCS to begin with most certainly)

- and lastly, the first scavenger hunt with several known influencers (that we will partner with)

Q5: Finally on this segment, Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $SHI Tokens?

ANS: In terms of tokenomics I believe we have an attractive profile. Since our product is already developed, we don't have outsized funding needs, so we can afford to sell only a small share (read about 3%) of the total supply of ISH, and lock the rest (for at least a year)

For the utility, it's a more complex question because we would need to describe the whole protocol.
But basically you need ISH to play the game (buy a ticket) and also to participate in governance.

For example there is a staking system for the keys, to avoid spam ("bad" developers that put fake keys, or spam, will lose their stake as a punishment).

And so on, basically for all the governance and interactions in the network.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: For the scavenger hunt game players on the Interlude platform, is the duration of time spent in finding a hidden key taken into consideration when determining the amount of $ISH the user gets rewarded with when he/she finds the key? Or put in a better way, what factors are considered in determining the amount of $ISH that players will be rewarded with when they find keys?

ANS: Ok this is a good one, because this is something we haven't determined completely. A big problem we have is deciding how much $ISH a key should bring to its developers, and to the player that found it. And the answer is different for both: for player we want to reward keys that are harder to find, and for dev we want to reward beautiful games, that took more effort to build, even if they're easy. So that will be our main focus when polishing our protocol.

Now to answer your question more specifically, there is a possibility of penalizing the keys that are found too easily, this is something that is implemented already. So a key that is found very quickly on average would indeed bring less shell.

Q2: On your website " Hide key on the web, or inside your games with just a few lines of code" Does this mean one have to be a programmer of tech geek to be able to write a code to use your platform ? Is the user interface UI/UX designed for be suitable for beginners like me ?

ANS: You have to be a developer to hide a key yes. This is done through code! O,n the other hand to participate as a player you don't need a technical background.

Q3: From your website i learned that The only way to mine new tokens is to play the game and find keys. But here comes the question what if players continuously find so much key? Don't you think it can effect the market and it can unstable the market. What solutions you guies provide to protect this type of thing?

ANS: Well yes, the protocol takes care of that. Basically it makes sure only a certain amount of Shells are distributed every month. This is similar to the hashrate difficulty modulation in Bitcoin.

Q4: From what I have been able to understand about the Interlude project, players earn $ISH tokens by finding keys, but in what way do the developers involved in the Interlude project benefit, could you please elaborate on this?

ANS: several questions in one.
Developers receive $ISH too! Actually even more than the players, as it should be since they're putting much more work.
Also this is a way to bring traffic and exposure to your game, this is something that from my experience a lot of developers might find useful!

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