Recapitulation of PULLTHERUG Finance AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB


Date: Friday, 16th October, 2020

Time: 19:00 UTC

The PULLTHERUG Finance team was represented by one of the core members of PULLTHERUG Finance project. He judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background in crypto space? Also if you have any team members, you may introduce them also.

Ans : So I am @SPACERUG. I have been a crypto investor/enthusiast/marketer since 2015. I recently pulled a team together to create $RUGZ. The team wants to remain anonymous (for security concerns). We have myself, 2 full stack devs, 1 web3, and 1 main website developer.

Q2 : Can you introduce the PULL THE Rug project to us, what is special about the name, and what’s the utility and problems it is solving?

Ans : So the pulltherug project was just a special idea at the beginning of the DeFi surge. There were so many defi (finance) coins popping up, with the majority of them being complete and utter scams, but there was also some beautiful NFT projects from crypto kitties to ghst. Our idea was to create a NFT project and move into DeFi the right way. We wanted to use reverse psychology,so to speak, to bring in investors for the presales and that’s how we came up with the name. The name is a direct relation to all of the scams/rugpulls/contartist that have popped up using .finance as part of their token name to trick investors into their projects.

We are looking to signify all the scams in crypto via minted art on the blockchain and have $RUGZ as a utility to farm and mint new NFTS

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines? Also do share your roadmap.

Ans : Sure, so our main objective to kick start our project was to partner with as many legit projects as possible to collaborate on limited edition and premium NFTS for loyal holders. As of now, we have partnered with $yfBeta, $, $CLV , $NOOB and

our MAIN target milestone now — 1st.) is to have our own farming pool 2.) to open a NFT marketplace. Both of these projects will be done by early December. At that point $RUGZ will be pretty much a autonomous project, with $RUGZ being used to swap for NFT as well as the farming to produce more $RUGZ to hodl or swap for NFT. We aim to create 2 NFTS per month after our collab kick start program ends in 2020.

Going into 2021, We will be running monthly NFT community contest and releases our branded $RUGZ NFTS monthly with some exciting stuff we have in store, but cannot disclose yet.


Q1 : You recently partnered with a new NFT farm token ( What prompted this partnership and of what benefits will this partnership be to RUGZ holders?

Ans : So we recently partnered with $NOOB, We were looking for liquidity issues to be solved and realized a lp staking pool would be our best option. They are also a NFT based token with the addition of farming, so why not collaborate on future NFTS as well as to fix lp issues.

This partnership helps in a few ways:

1st.) It will allow us to have our own lp farming pool $RUGZ/ETH to farm more $RUGZ that can be used in the marketplace. The first month of the market place we will be doing a special promo to take 50% of RUGZ used in the market to be added BACK to the pool and 50% of RUGZ to be burned.

2.) All $RUGZ holders, holding at least 10 will be able to receive a free airdrop of $NOOB at a 10 to 1 ratio.

3.) We will collaborate on future limited edition NFTS that can be bought in sold in our marketplace or any other existing marketplace.

Q2 : What problems is Pulltherug trying to solve to make it easier for Crypto users? Please let us know how evolving the roadmap is right now. What will happen this year and in the future?

Ans : $RUGZ is looking to bring all the scams/rugpulls/conartist to a higher light, by slamming their stunts into art to be minted on the blockchain forever. As a individual who witnessed the Bitconnect fiasco and was a victim to a few rugpulls, I wanted to form a team to help stop the madness, but in a fun/artistic way, while also added the DeFi space as well.

Our Roadmap -

So we are a community project, as a team, we took 0 team tokens. The main reason for this was to prove to our community that we werent necessarily here for the money, but to prove a point

so our roadmap will change as the community wants to make additions to our vision in the future

Q3 : Can you please clarify the relationship between Rugz and Noob? Token distribution similarities, and Rugz willingness to collaborate with a project pre token suggests that rugz is more of a co-developer of Noob then merely a collab.

Ans : So I answered most of this question previously, but:

Our relationship is strictly to help grow our vision. $NOOBs will not be the last partnership we have. We aim to partner with 100’s of projects of the course of the coming year.

As far as token distribution similarities, $NOOBS is going to be taking team tokens, but will be locking them with $SWAP , Trustswap, while we have 0. But you are right, we are developing our marketplace and farm together. Once that is complete, we will be strictly collabing on a few NFTS to be airdropped to holders.

Q4 : Community support is an important factor in the development of a project. how do you convince the community to always faithfully support RUGZ products and its ecosystem, what programs do you offer to the community?

Ans : So this is a interesting question. Prior to the presale, it was difficult to convince investors to get in. We probably could have received double or even triple the funds had we chosen a different name. But we stuck to our guns and sold out both presales. We aim to keep community support by sticking to our word and doing as planned. With that said, we have met every milestone. We will continue to run community projects for NFTS for all of 2021. Once $RUGZ holders see our BEAUTIFUL NFTS, they will want to stick around and support As of now, we only offer contests for the community to create their own NFTS themed on rugpulls to potentially win $RUGZ and ETH. Last prize pool was worth over $500 and the contest is still going! Check our ANN for more info.

Q5 : Could you tell us about the rugztoken team and some of their backgrounds? I have personally seen many projects launch with inexperienced team members, and some of those didn’t go so well due to easily avoidable mistakes.

Ans : So, we are a anonymous team, but have lots of experience all the way back to 2015. We have solid professional markets, fullstack devs, and a web3 dev. We will be hiring on NFT artists in the near future as well. Whats nice about launching a crypto project NOW , is that we have had the ability to see MANY projects fail and by noting those failures, not do the same thing. We also take feedback from our community very seriously, so if something is being done wrong we will fix it as best our ability. We look forward to growing $RUGZ into a monolith of the Defi/NFT space and will do whatever it takes for our RUGGIES to come out winning.


Q1 : The PULLTHERUG community is growing, so How can we as a community donate or provide assistance for PULLTHERUG success?

Ans : So like I said, we have 0 team tokens. As of now our team is working probono. This will change when the marketplace for NFTS open. Users can use RUGZ or ETH. For the first month we will run a promo with RUGZ to burn half and half go into our lp pool. After that ETH and RUGZ will come back to the team.

Q2 : Where can I buy $RUGZ tokens? will there be a reward for holding $RUGZ tokens for investors.

Ans : You can swap eth for $RUGZ on uniswap. There is rewards for holding $RUGZ which is staking $RUGZ to earn premium NFTS that we are creating. Right now we are in our “crypto thugs” batch, which there will be only 3 of that lineage made. Right now we are 2/3, but you can still earn the CLV/RUGZ nft by holding 20 $RUGZ from november 1st to november 30th

Q3 : Adoption is one of the key factors that any blockchain project will focus on to become attractive to investors and users. So, what is PULLTHERUG plan to apply for more adoption?

Ans : By launching our own farming portal to farm $RUGZ, this will bring in DeFi enthusiasts.

Q4 : Many projects promise about long term benefits but in fact they are not. Can you please explain whether $RUGZ is able to provide long term benefits? What are the benefits for long-term holders of your token?

Ans : Long Term Holders will be apart of future partnerships and premium NFT drops. This space isnt going anywhere and we are at the forefront

Q5 : What plans do you have to help drive demand and scarcity for the token?

Ans : Drive demand by introducing our premium NFTS and offering the buy nft and burn $RUGZ promo starting in december

Q6 : What features your competitors fear the most in your project and what make you believe that your project is not easily beaten by competitors?

Ans : So we really don’t aim to “compete”, the NFT/DEFI space is just getting started and we are one of the projects at the lead of this phenomenon. Our main features will be our NFTS and we cant wait to show them off :D

Q7 : Are there any plans for future partnerships which will give benefits to $RUGZ holders?

Ans : Yes, we are actively looking for new partners every day. As this is a community project, if you know any, send them our way! A struggling project? WE CAN HELP. No project deserves no attention unless its a rugpull then it gets our NFT attention

Q8 : The importance of community members in any project for it to attain it Mission and Vision cannot be overemphasized. Can you briefly tell us how much you value your community members?

Ans : Our community makes our project what it is. We have grown exponentially and are not even a month old project.

Q9 : What is your strategy to marketing and for Mass Adoption? What message do you want to send to community through AMA today?

Ans : To make as many partnerships as possible. This will bring adoption organically.

Q10 : RUGZ is having a collaboration with who are aiming to add another layer of value to NFT crypto space. How will this collaboration work and what should we expect from the collaboration?

Ans : Expect a scamtastic, rugpull themed audio visual trippy NFT

Q11 : Are you looking to expand more globally and what’s your long-term vision regarding PULLTHERUG adoption around the world?

Ans : Of course, world domination is our goal.

Q12 : How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates about $this project?

Ans : Yes, join our

Q13 : Defi is the trending, Yield farming is the top traffic, Decentralized Finance is the future so PULLTHERUG is confident enough to lead to fulfill its goals and mission?

Ans : 100% we are working every day to finish our farming project and it will be ready by early december.

Q14 : Security of Funds are very important factor ! So How much secure PULLTHERUG walle is ? Is there any pin/password protection for wallet

Ans : We currently don’t have our own wallet, but any erc20 wallet such as metamask/trust wallet or very secure. Just keep your private keys OFFLINE


Q1 : Please before Going, do you have any Final Words for community? Also do good to send every useful links to project and also Uniswap trading link.

Ans : $RUGZ is aiming to be a success for everyone involved and we look forward to growing our community exponentially throughout the next year.

Useful links:



NFT Contest Details and Rewards. 3 DAYS LEFT RUGGIES!

We will be accepting artwork to , include telegram name!
Remember, the theme is crypto rugpulls of 2020

We will hold voting October 18th for the top 5

The team will pick the winning NFT


— 25 $RUGZ for the winning NFT 🥇

— $200.00 in ETH :

— A Free Premium NFT

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