Recapitulation of PVLACENFT PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Wednesday, 31st March, 2021
Time: 15:00 UTC

The PVLACENFT PROJECT team was represented by @Gunboi1 and @PVLACE808who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about PVLACENFT PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on PVLACENFT?

ANS: Hey guys I’m Denis Berger better known as PVLACE. I’m a lead sample producer for 808 mafia. I‘ve gone platinum multiple times and also produced for #1 billboard albums

In our team we have Gunboi, who is my lead composer and team mate in general, our lead Dev Joe who has worked on Jake Paul’s previous NFT projects, Max is our 3D graphic designer for the art, and another Max working on other video editing projects who works in fashion

I’ve also utilized all my connections to put together music from leading producers in the industry that will be revealed as the NFTs unlock

And just to add my own credentials, I'm a composer that has been playing piano and writing music for over a decade. I've produced for artists internationally working with PVLACE and we work together often in our own personal product analysis in the crypto space.

Q2: Can you introduce PVLACENFT, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: PVLACE NFT is essentially a music NFT. We aim to bring quality compositions that buyers can either utilize in their own music or simply own for their own worth by pairing it with 3D algorithmic animations to simply create one of the most unique NFT art experiences available right now.

We think that the music industries involvement with NFTs have been relegated to being simple cash grabs with artists using their attention to simply try and sell something. We wanted to offer not only the chance to own the music, but a chance to own a variety of different music from different artists and composers while also pairing it too interesting art.

There will be a random element to the NFT drop so all buyers will have an equal chance to get different types of melodies from different artists and the market for these will be dictated only buy the buyers appreciation for the music itself and the artist behind each NFT will not influence the starting prices of the NFT, so this is a great chance for everyone to own a great piece of art simply by being early.

Q3: Music writers or composers can showcase their product with PVLACENFT then interested singers gets to by them?

ANS: No, the NFT itself will be a collection of 350 NFTs which will contain music paired to the 3D algorithmic art. The exact numbers will be 300 melodies, 40 full beats, and 9 collaboration works (Musical works by more than one artist). The last NFT will contain a GOLDEN TICKET which will contain the special reward of getting an all expense paid trip to work with (or observe), Gunboi and I in the studio for 3 days (lodge and travel included, withfull rules to be included on the website launch)

So essentially, yes if you are a writer or a composer you can purchase these NFT's and own the music. If you are interested in owning music assets for your own career, these are essentially some of the best you could get, but for the normal investor, it is simply a chance to own professional quality musical works and we pair it with great art to be interesting to any type of consumer

I can't stress enough how @PVLACE808 went out of his way to use all his industry collections to bring in some of the top producers in contemporary music aboard this project to contribute musical works. Everyone should know that contracts were signed to get this done.

Q4: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: We actually worked super hard to finalize everything in this project in a very timely manner

The last milestone to achieve truly is the website which will be launched today. The smart contract is being audited right now by Core Developer 0xRevert. We are planning to launch next week after the audit is finalized and really the roadmap has essentially always been to get the art out there. Us speaking now is because we are pretty much done and ready for launch.

Our NFT will be released utilizing a bonding curve to incentivize early buyers while utilizing a blind drop so everyone has equal opportunity to acquire the golden ticket and other NFTs that they may find value in.

So to implement this technology properly the audit was necessary and a bit of testing phase but this all happened behind the scene. I only wanted to come to the public with an amazing product— not an unfinished idea 😅

Q5: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: Ofcourse, I have read about connections so I believe there should be some partners in the game

Or probably in the pipe

Well I am signed with 808Mafia which is one of the top production labels in the entire music industry. we have collaborations from multiple producers in the industry and have networked with multiple people in the crypto space so we can launch the product with the best understanding

Everyone in this product has either a history in music or a history in their respective fields of coding and design, and my musical history speaks for itself in ways

Other than me, we have other 808 mafia producers, producer for Wiz Khalifa , Sledgren, is also involved. Producer for Kendrick Lamar, Mike Hector, among others. This is just a short list of names as to not ruin the surprise.

Q6: Can you enlighten us on the relationship between music and NFT and how do you seek to dominate the Bulging NFT industry?

ANS: Right now we've found that music and NFT's are often paired together to utilize the attention an artists get and the hype of NFTs to essentially create bidding wars on limited assets. The problem we've found with this is that it it becomes more about the act of simply "selling an NFT" rather than using the NFT medium to create art experiences as well as giving people ownership of the art their purchasing. We don't particularly seek to dominate the NFT industry, but rather to create music and art experiences by utilizing NFTs that will have different value to different people based on the sheer diversity of both music and artists in the collection. We think that this can broaden the scope of music NFT's to be more than either trying to sell a collectible or the high value auctions we see today. Our way to make a name for ourselves in this space, is by utilizing smart contracts to create the fairest NFT art releases that give everyone a chance to own art that can have value to both working musicians and collectors.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: PVLACE have any NFT sir?if your ans is yes..then please tell me whats kind of NFT PVLACE have?

ANS: Hashmask, Pixls & Superpunks

Q2: Can you tell us about your Golden Ticket NFTs, how it contains rewards and how it's a good Incentive?

Also can PVLACENFT platform be used by both upcoming artistes and rooted artistes?

ANS: The Golden Ticket contains the rewards of an all expense paid trip to work with or observe me and PVLACE in the studio. It has it's own rules based on the legalities of this, and it can also be resold and traded as a normal NFT. We think that anyone who is truly a fan of music or the craft of music will find value in this.

Q3: I found no website of PVLACE NFT PROJECT. don’t you guies have any website yet? When we can find a complete website of PVLACE NFT PROJECT?

ANS: Website is launching today

Q4: How do you intend to sell your your NFTs? What is the probability of getting a GOLDEN Ticket and how will the NFTs be redeemed?

ANS: The only NFT that needs to be redeemed will be the GOLDEN TICKET through our website. Every other NFT will be released through a blind sale with a bonding curve. After the sale is over, all the NFT's will be revealed. All info on the project will be available on our website and are currently available on our medium page

Q5: It is only 350 NFT what will happen after they are sold, will more artists tokenize to make more NFT or just open other ways to generate and arrange staking / farming through the blockchain?

ANS: After these are sold no more will be made and the users can do with their NFT's what they want. The platform will only be utilized in the future for future PVLACE NFT projects.

Q6: Music in crypto sector is totally a unique idea i think. How did this idea came to your mind? How music will be benefited by your project?

ANS: I like this question! NFTs gives us the chance to distribute art in new ways. its our duty as artists to explore these ways for both our benefit and the benefit of consumers of art so they can engage with the art in new ways and also own the art in ways they couldn't before. I think this is inevitable for music but us doing it will give a framework to other artists.


We hope we answered your questions well and that you guys will check out or projects and discuss it among your communities. We are super grateful and honored to be here as members of the crypto space for over 2 years now.

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