Recapitulation of reKeep3r AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Saturday, 14th November, 2020
Time: 14:00 UTC

The reKeep3r team was represented by @ralph_hartley. He judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also the team should be imtrocuded

Ans : So we are a team of people with coding skills at varying degrees of knowledge That decided to try the building side of things. Although through forking projects. We have been in this space as investors since 2017

Q2 : Can you introduce the reKeep3r, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitve advantage over other solutions

Ans : The platform is a fork of same code really but with supply cap of 100k tokens and now with a governance contract on top that limits the addKPRcredit function also

Different is the fact that I think we were the first to actually fork it and also I think to this date we are the only fork that can’t mint more. All the tokens are out and in the hands of holders that bought through Uniswap. Probably that is one of the reasons why we were so FUDed. Because this seems like a very lucrative project for platforms that can mint

We can solve the same problem as the original platform. Albeit we need more deployments for that. But having the same code helps

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap if available

Ans : We managed to fork the code I think we were the first team to do it now there are more.

We managed to raise 137 eth in presale and put 135 in liquidity.

Yesterday we put a governance contract on top of the token contract to further limit addKPRcredit function to the same limitations as the mint.

Roadmap is:

  • If the community wants we are going to lock liquidity for 1 year
  • We are discussing pooling and staking with a major farm
  • And we are discussing with Vidar the auditor to back us up to fight the dirty fud
  • Also implementing in the spirit of the original protocol is something that is planned


Q1 : Will you implement non-crypto-natives and NFT into you ecosystem? How do you keep a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of your token?

Ans : Sorry to be blunt but this project has nothing to do with NFTs so no that is not a plan. This project is possibly one of the most innovative things for DeFI and I am talking about the original one, we just forked it and there are enough avenues for value creation on that path

Q2 : ReKeep3r Network other than that it has a maximum limit of 100K issued per owner. what makes this project so special? what noticeable improvements it has in its services compared to Andre Cronje’s original ?

Ans : The project is an ecosystem of contracts it is not just one contract that is the reason why the first so called forks are not even forks just name similarity. So the implementation going forward is what matters as I took the decision to fight the fud through limiting one of Andre’s functions also other steps of this nature can be taken

This is not just a 100 lines code project that people hype and then move on. The vision is far grander than most uniswap “investors” can currently realize

Q3 : “Keep3r Network is designed as a decentralized coordination ecosystem for projects to find Keepers that will help with their upkeep.” How do you intend to make investors hold onto their investment for the foreseeable future?

Ans : You need to keep the value in the ecosystem but also you need adoption. Original implementation favors adoption we plan to favor value capturing through limiting payments made through the system. This is something pending development

Q4 : What makes ReKeep3r Network special is the Maximum Cap of 100k tokens that can be issued by the owner. Can you explain further about this statement in your medium article to give justice how ReKeep3r become special? Thank you!

Ans : Those were the percentages that we kept but we did a bit more for uniswap and marketing that ended up eating from the rest

As we were not raising at first we needed to get more help on the marketing side

Then we added on Uniswap a bit more than intended by mistake

Q5 : What makes ReKeep3r Network special is the Maximum Cap of 100k tokens that can be issued by the owner. Can you explain further about this statement in your medium article to give justice how ReKeep3r become special? Thank you!

Ans : The Mint function is capped from the moment of deploy so the deployer i.e. the dev team has never controlled more than 100k

But through original design there is another function that mints tokens and assigns those to jobs

That was also limited by us through the governance contract

I am not agreeing to this vision but I did it to stop the nonsense fud


Q1 : You say "The vision is greater that most" investors "are not interchangeable. Can you explain the vision and mission?

Ans : Investors flocked to mint capable projects without any workable code. People what number go up. Can’t really say more

Q2 : Can I do without KYC when registering a job via contract interface in rekeep3r?

Ans : Yes

Q3 : How will you handle the security theme in your project, is it open source for developers?

Ans : Everything is open source as the original

Q4 : On your website it says that your project is in beta and that we use it at our own risk so I want to know how safe it is to deposit our KP3R tokens and use your governance system without any danger? Is there a minimum and maximum number of votes that your platform allows?

Ans : You can’t we have a different token same implementation different ecosystem

Q5 : Where can I get KPRcredit? Is it listed on any exchange? From where can I buy it?

Nowadays main problem us enough liquidity. Many projects face this problem and as a result "rug pulled" scam. So, what's the plan to ensure sufficient liquidity on exchange?

Ans : That is the function you need the token rekp3r which is listed on uniswap

Q6 : You say reKeep3r is so FUD because all the tokens are already in the hands of the holder. I’m still not with this problem. Wouldn’t it be a good thing if all tokens were owned by the holders (investors). So what exactly is the FUD problem that reKeep3r is experiencing?

Ans : All tokens are held by the investors that is what I am saying

Q7 : In today’s modern era, everyone has Android mobile available. An application has been launched by your team to understand your project easily?

Ans : No this is not intended for mobile accessibility

Q8 : Aside the purchaser of ReKeep3r token on Uniswap, will you have ReKeep3r token listed on more reputable exchanges ?

Many projects got audited and still their security failed, how can you really guarantee the 100% trust and security with ReKeep3r ?

Ans : You can’t really but this is the same code as for the original project that listed on Binance recently


Now please before leaving, do you have any Final Words for community

Ans : Yes don’t fall for lying and deceive projects. Use diffchcker at least but look at the code before investing

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