Recapitulation of RisingSunToken PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Wednesday, 14th July, 2021
Time: 17:00 UTC

The RisingSunToken PROJECT team was represented by @Speci4lK, @Guanique, @Daviddev12 , @Lat_0x, @T_EUR and @Freddy9s who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about RisingSunToken PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourselves and your background, also introduce the team working on the RisingSun Project?

ANS: I'm David, the founder of RisingSun. Professionally, I work as a software engineer and have worked on various distributed systems at Amazon/AWS. My background has given me a strong base in software principles and have helped me learn solidity/smart contract development in a short period of time.
The RisingSun team has a wide breadth of experience in various fields. We all have careers that lend to our abilities to contribute uniquely to the project.

Cool fun fact: some of the projects I worked on at Amazon are on very common code paths, so a lot of you guys may interact with my code on a daily basis!

The team has 3 developers who are all excited to make cool stuff for RSUN :)
We also have an incredible designer who is responsible for our artwork, trailers, and amazing stickers.

Guys feel free to introduce yourselves too :)

Hey, I'm K from France and I'm the designer/animator for RisingSun. I'm a freelance motion designer with well over 10 years of experience, usually working for clients such as HSBC or Samsung. I've initially joined the team on a freelance basis to work on a prior project and decided to stay with them full time to launch RisingSun, because of its great potential and the incredible team. Basically I'm the guy doing all art for RisingSun : stickers, videos, NFTs...

My name is Yannic. My research oriented medical background and entrepreneurial marketing experience gives me an unique background to the benefit of RisingSun. This is also the case for all our team members. A very talented collective with a hearty team spirit, that’s the RisingSun team.

Hi everyone, I'm Thijmen. One of the doxxed team members from RisingSun. I am a 20 year old full-stack developer. I currently study computer science at a university of applied sciences in The Netherlands. I started coding when I was just 14 years old with VBS / CMD. Now I work with stuff like Java, Python, Typescript, HTML / CSS etc. I am in RisingSun to create awesome things on the blockchain, my goal is to set the bar higher for projects on the binance smart chain.

Hey, I'm Freddy and I'm a part of the Rising Sun team. I've been working as a professional writer for a few years, and have written for all kinds of projects in and outside of crypto. This means that any posts, articles or announcements relating to Rising Sun are usually written by me. Put simply, I'm directing a lot of the creative ideas here at Rising Sun. I'm also contributing to marketing efforts and helping out with the community in general. I met this team a few months back and have been really impressed by everything I've seen, so getting on-board with Rising Sun was a no-brainer.

Q2: Can you introduce the RisingSun Project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: The RisingSun project is an evolution of the buyback trend with (IMO) cooler tokenomics than its competitors. We're coming up with ways to incentivize long-term holding and truly reward those that do. Our contract gives us the flexibility to tune buybacks to be as impactful as possible.
Our first DApp release will be around holder incentives—the ability to buy RSUN with no tax with reflected BUSD.

Our secondary release is related. Diamond handed holders will be receiving NFT Coupons to be able to buy more RSUN tax-free!
Or to sell these coupons on our upcoming NFT marketplace.

We'll also have a lottery for a limited number of coupons that let people sell for 0-tax. But these will be highly exclusive ;)

The next big DApp release we're working on is our Neural Samurai trading cards.

Our team has experience building an NFT marketplace already, so we're confident in our ability to deliver a quality DApp and hopefully impress the low-marketcap BSC space.

We're expecting our trading cards to evolve into a TCG, which we'll carefully design to be extensible and achievable for the right release dates.

Freddy, blow us away. I see you typing haha.

David has delved into the technical side of things nicely there. Another advantage we have over our competitors is our production value. If you take a look at everything from the trailers we've made to the quality of our art assets, you'll see that it's a cut above other projects in the space. We've had so many people tell us already that this is what brought them into our project, and while technical fundamentals are important, in crypto the image of a project can be just as important.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?


If you haven't seen it already, here is a little trailer for our upcoming Neural Samurai trading cards.

Thanks K :)

We're just a few days old, so our biggest milestones are yet to come! Our first DApp releases around tax-free buying and possibly the tax-free NFT coupons we expect to release sometime next week.
The initial release of Neural Samurai Trading Cards should arrive within the month. You will be able to mint Trading Cards then.

I would say our best milestone so far is the overwhelmingly positive response to our branding and artistic assets.

Q4: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $RSUN Tokens?

ANS: Absolutely. I'm really excited about this project because not only do we have a token with great technical fundamentals and pumpanomics, we also have a team of proven DApp builders that can continue to expand the project and add fun and valuable use cases.

Yes, what Freddy said. We are a really powerful team where each member has lot of experience in their own sector. We go very well together, this is a major advantage for RisingSun.

We have all the popular tokenomics, plus one unique of our own:
* BUSD reflect
* Buyback tax
* Dynamic auto-liquidity that only kicks in when the liquidity % drops below 20%
* A sell tax that decreases by 1% for every 2000 holders with a minimum balance of $10.

RSUN utility will shine with our DApp releases. It'll be the core token that drives our Neural Samurai Trading Cards.

The cards will be mintable by swapping BNB for RSUN, so every new mint puts buying pressure on RisingSun!

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Can you give me more information about the upcoming Samurai NTFs with smart tokenomics and their benefits for the holders involved in your project?

ANS: We have a clever model where NFT's are minted by essentially buying+locking RisingSun. The popularity of our NFT's will draw marketing attention and buying pressure. Both of which our holders should be excited about!

Q2: What specific methods or system does the RisingSun development team implement to provide optimal triggering in the event of a price drop and how will this implemented system ensure healthy price action over the long term?

ANS: We're utilizing price movement indicators to fireoff buybacks in key moments in the chart. Our buyback system is continuously evolving. One new system we're developing is "whale watch," to track our biggest holders and to balance out whale sells with buybacks. Something in the works 👍

Q3: You made mention under your team's buy TAX that only 1.5% will be added to autoliquidity (when ratio is above 20%), what happened when the ratio is below 20%? Does it mean that it won't be converted to buyback tax?

ANS: When the liquidity ratio is above 20%, the 1.5% auto-liq tax goes to the buyback engine instead.
When the liquidity ratio falls below 20%, the 1.5% auto-liq tax is activated. This is to prevent unnecessary auto-liquidity.

Q4: Auditing is an integral part of launching this kind of project. It assures the security and the longevity of a project and attracts the investors. Didn’t you think about that? Your token was launched and is available on Coingecko , but the platform is yet to be audited! How can We rely on your concept and the team? What are the availabe security measures? Do you have plans to conduct some audits in the future? Don’t you think some investors must be waiting to join with you until they receive a security verification from you?

ANS: I agree with you that the security of our platform is of utmost importance. We've already conducted a free audit with TechRate and have a fully paid audit in the works. I believe that the reputation of our team can set investors minds at ease. We've worked on multiple successful projects where we won the trust of our communities and we believe that this reputation has carried over.

Q5: The truth is not everyone wants to be a trader but are looking for passive income. So what series of product do you offer to users to earn passive income on RISINGSUN platform ?

ANS: Once an investor of $RSUN holds our token, they will get reflected in their share with $BUSD instead of our own token, which makes us really special. You can check rewards we've already distributed at
Basically you get paid for investing in a deflationary token, how cool is that?

Q6: Periodic holder snapshots will differentiate the strong from the weak. What do you mean by differentiate the strong from the weak and how it works?

ANS: Great question! Holders will be differentiated between by time and amount of holding. Long term investors of $RSUN will be detected by our system and selected for rewards. The specific value and frequency of rewarding (for instance Neural Samurai NFTs) are yet to be determined. But we will surely let you know that we appreciate you!

Q7: SIR, What are the benefits of holding $RSUN and are there any rewards or airdrop for investors ??
Good luck $RSUN 🚀🚀🚀

ANS: We do not do airdrops, but as mentioned above our token distributes a fair share of $BUSD to our holders.

In this context, a diamond-handed holder refers to someone who has held RSUN long-term. We want to reward people who have believed in our project, and airdropping NFTs to these people will be one of the ways we do that.


Q8: sir, Investors are afraid to invest a new project because of so many rug pull and exit scam. How can you sure that there will be no chance of scam and I will be profitable???

ANS: We are a very legit and competent team, we strive for quality and want RisingSun to succeed, our liquidity is locked too (dxsale).

Q9: What is Diamond-handed holder and how to become a Diamond-handed holder and Periodic holder? What is the benefit of Periodic holder??

ANS: A diamond-handed holder is one who only increases their RSUN balance over a period of time. I see that Yannic has just addressed this, but we're using both snapshots and on-chain analysis to find our diamond handed friends :)

As a reminder, our diamond handed holders will receive benefits like NFT coupons (the ability to buy more RSUN tax-free)! And possibly extra benefits with our NFT trading cards (To be determined).

Q10: Tell me about your security system how safe it is for the community users?
Do I need KYC for joining in RisingSun? Or I can join without KYC in this platform? Where I can get $RSUN token?

ANS: RisingSun is a token, not an exchange platform so you won't need KYC. You basically invest in us and you get rewarded in $BUSD relative to your share of the market. You can buy it on pancakeswap, you can get our contract on BSCscan.

Q11: Do you agree with me that Creativity, marketing and community are three vital measures to ensure success of a project. I have seen a lot of creativity on Rising Sun credit of Mr Freddy. However, do you value creative input of the Rising Sun community ? I have an idea towards improvement of your platform, who do I contact ? Is there an incentive for me if I make useful contribution towards the growth of Rising Sun ? Is your Neural Samurai Trading Cards similar to iTunes card or Google play store card ?

ANS: Hello there sir. Thanks for the kind words. We really value the creative input of our community, and we're focusing on this as part of our marketing plan. We've done a few Twitter contests and have seen some great original content from members of our community as a result. This has been a really good way to market our project and engage the community, and it's something we'll definitely continue in the future.

The samurai trading cards will be collectable NFTs and not redeemable like iTunes or Google play cards 😁

Q12: There are so many projects that give rewards in BNB, and most of them failed to moon. Aside from giving BUSD as reward, what are your difference from them, or what are your plans to not fail like the other projects?

ANS: Our buyback engine is designed to take input from the outside world. This way we can hook up multiple trading algorithms for multiple market conditions. This gives us a huge advantage to our competitors which do manual buybacks.

This means that we can also host the algorithm on decentralized servers together with IPFS if we want. For now we will run them on a centralized machine. This has no negative effects anyways, really.

Q13: Why did the team decide to go Anonymous? Will it be only long term holds that will be able to mint NFT? What passive income does this project offer in form of farming or staking?

ANS: Some of our members are fully doxxed! Long term holders will get free NFTs airdropped but everyone will be able to buy them on our very own marketplace. Concerning the passive income, there already is free BUSD reflected to you every hour simply by holding RSUN in your wallet. However we're looking into additional ways to give our holders even more income.

Q14: Talking about community influence, what power resides with the community in the Rising sun project? How well do you cherish your community?

ANS: Our community is what carries the project. We have stimulated creativity and group activities from the genesis of our project. One fun example of our community strength is that the community created haikus (short Japanese poems) which were later made into stickers by our great artist @speci4lK.

Follow Us On Our Various Social Media Communities For More Update;

Website: (Bilingual will be in the works soon!)

The website contains a lot of useful links, like our tracker (

It also contains the matching buy buttons to purchase our token (we supoprt pancakeswap and bogged).

If you like our project, join our telegram!

Our contract address:


Let me add a pancakeswap link as well 😁




Telegram Group:

Telegram Channel:






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