Recapitulation of Ruletka AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Sunday, 6th December, 2020
Time: 14:00 UTC

The Ruletka team was represented by @Fnx01. They judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the Team working on Ruletka project

Ans : My name is Don and I’m the team lead of the Ruletka project. I have a background in project management of Engineering firms, specialised in systems engineering

I lead a diverse team of individuals, all with different backgrounds, going from marketting to back-end and front-end programming

Ruletka is community run though, so many people have been helping and supporting us

Q2 : Can you introduce the Ruletka project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitve advantage

Ans : Ruletka is an incentive-based deflationary currency. it solves the problem that many deflationaries have, which is that they only focus on the supply side and not on the demand side.

RTK is also a gaming currency after all. It also rewards rewards players and holders due to its deflationary properties, as the token is expected to increase in value as is utility increases.

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap

Ans : We expanded the project’s team on October of this year and started looking at the problems present at the time. Then we came up with the Improvement Proposal that’s being implemented now and is called Operation Fenix

This week we are about to achieve 50% of the roadmap for this proposal and expect it to be fully launched in weeks from now

There’s more going on in parallel though, so please check out our roadmap on our website and follow the project on our telegram channel.


Q1 : I don’t understand your concept of burning the token when transaction number comes to 6, and all transactions will send to 0x address and will burn? Is it mean i can lose my token when I execute any transactions?

Ans : RTK’s burn mechanism is what makes the games provably fair, so it’s a feature needed to make the gaming platform transparent and trustless. But trading on Uniswap is completely risk-free, as will be any other AMMs that we whitelist for trading in the future.

You are only at risk of burning transactions that are sent between wallets that are not whitelisted. So, you shouldn’t send tokens to a friend unless you are ok taking the risk. The best alternative is to sell the tokens on Uniswap and buy back with the new wallet as recipient of the RTK tokens.

RTK is a fun token to use and play with it, but holders should be well informed about how to use it.

Q2 : What characteristics distinguish $RTK from other deflationary tokens? What economic incentives will its holders receive?

Ans : RTK is a highly deflationary token that unlike most other deflationaries out there, also addresses the demand side and not just the supply side. There’s no point in having a deflationary token that no one wants to burn, because then there’s not enough supply deflation to influence the token price; there must be equal or greater demand over time for a decreasing supply to have the expected effects on price.

The economic incentives are based on several factors, such as gas fees, jackpot sizes, assets prices, player behavior, etc; but these incentives change as the utility of AMMO changes with the market conditions. The incentives are dynamic and all other things remaining equal, they are designed to change with the market and produce game volume under different market conditions

Q3 : How do you plan to increase the in-game use of Rouletka token assets and how does in-game use contribute to farming prize pools? How will RTK supply and price be affected by greater use in games?

Ans : AMMO introduces a synergy between economic incentives and market conditions that will result in a self-sustainable feedback cycle where sell pressure from farmers and buy pressure from players are constantly at odds with each other, which increases the in-game usage of the Ruletka token assets without relying on the unsustainable depletion of project reserves. The more AMMO is used in the games, the more AMMO is added to the farming program; this increases rewards for farmers, which of course will dump on the market, but also increases the utility of AMMO and therefore, its in-game usage.

This picture shows how the price of AMMO is inversely correlated to its utility, which increases the lower the price of AMMO becomes

For more details please refer to our tokenomics article

Q4 : How are the ways that Ruletka generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model? How can it make benefit win-win to both investor and your project?

Ans : There’s a 1% fee on the farming program that will go to the team. That will keep us funded and motivated to keep innovating so that our games generate volume and the platform tokens capture value from their in-game usage. Increased in-game usage of the assets will also increase the project’s treasury; a portion of those funds can be used for further development and outsourcing if needed, the rest will be burned in consultation with the community

Q5 : Is Rupletka token developing other games besides "Pot Shot"? What are the important plans and long-term vision to be achieved in 2021?

Ans : We are expanding our infrastructure now in order to have a healthy gaming ecosystem with aligned incentives for all its stakeholders, which will serve as a strong foundation to keep building vertically and provide us with more options to build different game types. We will continue expanding the infrastructure with our next RIP, while building new games will take place in parallel, based on the foundation provided by this RIP.

Besides Pot Shot we have another fun game live that called “Hell Gates”. When AMMO is fully integrated in Pot Shot we will focus on improving the user experience of both Pot Shot and Hell gates, as we also pursuit other game ideas we are currently working on.

We are exploring a possible integration of our token assets in completely different game types though, but we can’t disclose anything at the moment until we have made a final decision with our partners.


Q1 : - How is it determined which $RTK transaction will be burned? Where do those funds go that are taken out of circulation? Are they actually taken out of circulation or does the team have access to them?

- What is the role that $AMMO play within Ruletka? Does it prevent me from losing my funds when making transactions?

Ans : The contract generates a random number between 1 and 6, if 6 comes up the tx is sent to the burn address. the team has no say in how this works, it’s all managed trustlessly by the code

Ruletka total supply was previously 1,000,000 RTK . More than 80% of supplies are given free of charge to members of the Telegram group. Can you explain the mechanism? How can I get RTK supplies for free.

That was during the initial distribution. The team cannot mint any new tokens, so that airdrop is over now

Q2 : Why did you name your project as Ruletka? Are you a Russian group:) ?

Ans : We are not a Russian group. As I understand it from the founders (I just recently got involved) they chose Ruletka because it means Roulette in Russian/Polish and since RTK simulates the Russian Roulette game it was fun to give it a russian name. I totally agree btw! It’s fun and good for branding as well

Q3 : Since 2019, I’ve seen there’s a lot deflationary token projects (with less supply like yours) are stuck, die slowly and then get Failed. Based on my experience above, with what statement does Ruletka convince its users that the your project is not only exist for a while, raises funds, and disappears? Any guarantee that our funds are safe?

Ans : You should read the tokenomics article, that explains how we address the demand side unlike other deflationaries

Q4 : I can buy and sell RTK at the gun store ... after clicking the link to uniswap ... I really like this method ... are there any other features that will be added besides this?

Ans : You will be able to add bullets to your gun as well (that’s what AMMO is for). In our next RIP we will add more functionality to RTK as well!

Q5 : Can you explain at what profit you get when the farmers throw away their prizes? and how about the game in the utility on the $RTK AMMO token itself?

Ans : You profit as a liquidity provider of the pools, especially the AMMO/RTK pool, because AMMO’s price is inversely correlated to its utility, so the price should fluctuate constantly between market-based incentive thresholds. You also profit as a holder due to the increased deflation rate

Q6 : Could you tell us about Operation Phoenix, What are the benefits offered to the Ruletka ecosystem? What inspired its implementation?

Ans : We noticed that there was not much volume in our games due to the fixed economic incentives and came up with a way solve this issue by making them dynamic, while capitalizing on the fact that farmers always dump their coins but are still needed in a healthy crypto ecosystem (liquidity is important as well)


Thanks for great answer you can share where can buy Tokens and all social Media.?

Ans : Project links🔗
Uniswap trades are RISK FREE of getting shot!
RTK token contract:
Team liquidity locked:
All the project links:

The website is and you can find the link to the farming dapp there (this will go live 2 days from now)

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